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  1. ChocTop


    Haha on my second day of skiing my friends said I needed to learn how to snowplow to which I asked why, what’s that? “cos you need to slow down occasionally”😆
  2. Congrats on such a massive PR Sara. Clearly a great reward for smart and dedicated training! Disappointed with the socks btw😉
  3. ChocTop


    Act your age?? What’s that about??
  4. Our weather they put the low first...but it still refers to the low that night/the following morning which I agree is unhelpful.
  5. 🙀You realize next time my parents tell me they hope the surf is dead flat so they can “tea bag”...well there’s no coming back from that...
  6. Haha that’s good cos I’m way over 40...now just need to work on getting my w/up down to less than 20 mins...
  7. Cool. I’m gonna use that & see if anyone catches on!
  8. Assuming tea-bagging is something different over there?
  9. ChocTop

    The Return

    Didn’t enjoy running in the rain tonight😰...but I do miss running in summer rain!
  10. ChocTop

    You may want to skip this one.

    Carrie Underwood’s not running now either?
  11. Froyo = ice Cream?? I gotta lot to learn...
  12. What a little champ Jules is! How's training since the race? Do you think it was a one off or are you struggling with your runs? 40 is old?? I guess it's warm cocoa with a blanky on my lap watching the telly for this dinosaur tonight then...
  13. Nap rooms?? If we had those near my work I know where I'd be heading at lunch time...
  14. ChocTop

    Knee 4, Dave 1

    So frustrating...c’mon PT. Hope it’s sorted soon.
  15. Congrats on starting your new course! Hope it goes well and you find it interesting. Trail looks awesome too!
  16. Just enjoying a good wine myself on my flight home from Sydney...oh ok gotcha. Yeah wait until my age. I ain’t ever gonna catch that guy!
  17. ChocTop

    July in Review

    Where are the race socks pics?
  18. Awesome job & what a fun experience to do it with your mum! Whoopie pie? That just sounds wrong on all sorts of levels...
  19. Don't have to be the fastest...just not the slowest?
  20. Yeah I definitely use HR a lot in my training (just some races I ignore it apparently...). One thing I still haven't figured out though is why it often jumps up during my cool down after a tempo or intervals. Sometimes I have to basically stop or walk for it to reset to normal levels. Not sure if it's me or the watch.
  21. I'd like some warmth please...and a little less wind!
  22. ChocTop

    racing but not running

    Wow - beautiful scenery but that course! We have weekly kayak slalom racing near us in Melbourne but there's never rocks to dodge like on yours. Can understand what a nightmare they would be to navigate, especially in a canoe.
  23. ChocTop


    Just when you think you're out they just drag you back in... Great to see you out & about...and blooping too!
  24. Thanks - and a great article too. It agrees much of what Pfitz had to say but it gave a good explanation of the relationship between ferritin & hemoglobin levels which I wasn't clear about. I was interested in the line "heavy sweating...also increase iron loss". At finish line my shirt was completely soaked and I had significant salt remains all over my face which I've never had after a race (nothing like that anyway), especially for sub 20c temps.
  25. OK now I'm feeling overly precious about my rr...but I can relate to so much of what you've written here. I hate that sinking feeling after all the months of hard slog & sacrifice when you look at the weather report hoping for just an average day (not too hot & light breeze) and suddenly the forecast shows up something else...crikey you really hit a stinker of a day. You look really fit & strong in your photos. Looks like you had such a beautiful time at the wedding. I agree that's a special photo of hubby & Jules. No doubt it will brought out again at significant birthdays &am
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