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  1. This is heartbreaking and beautifully told. Thank you for sharing. May knowing that others care help you to find peace.
  2. I had a few good years. Lots of age-group awards. I qualified for and ran both NYCM and BOS. Running has pretty much sucked ever since. The last five years have looked like this: Illnesses: pneumonia, bronchitis, arthritis in the big toe Injuries: ITBS, stress fracture near the arthritic big toe joint Surgeries: toe nail removed (because there was a bit of mold growing under the nail!), nasal septum surgery (which did NOT help with my snoring) But the really weird thing is that every time I recover, I keep on running. You'd think I'd give up, even though I can't seem to get
  3. See the Race Report category for The Race that Wasn't
  4. You totally could have run the marathon, but the deferral was the smarter move. And not taking up smoking -- another smart choice!
  5. "running again" sounds like a prize worth the agony
  6. I mentioned that my DH challenged me to a one-mile race at the high school track this past Saturday. I was not excited. The track and athletic fields are locked up, and although it is a simple matter to go around the 20 foot chain link fence, it feels a lot like trespassing. And that is to go run on a track, which takes all the joy out of running (at least for me), not much better than a treadmill. Then there is the whole flashback to high school gym classes, where I was anything but athletic. And for what? To run a mile? One mile? Let's be clear, the first mile of almost any run sucks. And wh
  7. Fierce? Why, yes, you most certainly are fierce.
  8. No meds. Something may have been damaged by the breathing tube. I was sure it was allergies, but all those tests came back negative. Maybe I'm just getting old.
  9. I wish I had an answer for you. Injuries suck. Long-term injuries suck the worst. The weight gain just adds insult to injury. Good luck finding your way back.
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