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  1. Flying Tomato

    The journey is starting

    The trails have claimed me too, but at a very slow pace. Thought of your training for the ironman when I was training for Augusta.
  2. Flying Tomato

    I Struggle

    Finding meaning in the struggle is what makes life interesting. Give your self time to get back some of the speed your injury robbed you of.
  3. Flying Tomato

    Finding magic in the misery

    Nice job finding the magic. I always have to remind myself before I go on a ride to keep my mouth shut or I'll wind up with some extra protein.
  4. Flying Tomato

    Weather or Not

    Had the same thoughts before my ride today. I am already wet so who cares if it is raining. Where is your son looking at in GA?
  5. Flying Tomato

    Zebras and the Pirate!

    Avast. Me thinks yee be running only a plank's walk away from Atlanta. Make sure you wave as you pass by.
  6. Flying Tomato

    Cliff Notes from Up North

    Nothing wrong with being "strong and powerful." Hope you have found your niche in crossfit. Hopefully things will progress with the house.
  7. Flying Tomato

    Proud and wistful at the same time

    I didn't know Marshall had such a reputation for working with Autistic young adults. Sorry to hear you are on the sidelines again
  8. Flying Tomato

    My Doctor Asked if I Would Consider Taking Up Smoking!

    Don't get discouraged about falling on the bike. There are two types of triathletes. Those that have fallen on the bike and those that will fall. Sorry your first fall caused such damage.
  9. Flying Tomato

    Grape Day 5K Race Report

    Happy loopiversary and nice job with the 5k.
  10. Flying Tomato

    Giving this a try.

    I guess I am not the only runner who doesn't think of themselves as a runner any more. Glad to see you back.
  11. Flying Tomato

    Wineglass Marathon RR: Chasing the Golden Unicorn, Part 2

    I know you are going to savor this one for a while. Congrats on earning your elusive goal.
  12. Flying Tomato

    You say compulsive, I say complusive

    How could you not run if there is pie after. Looking to hear more about your complusions.
  13. Flying Tomato

    From out of the Corning Fog

    Nice job of pacing on the fly and congrats on the PR.
  14. Flying Tomato

    Improving the site

    Clif, Thanks for setting up this site. I can only keep one message in my inbox. When ever I try to send a second message it says I must erase the first and the my inbox is full. Also I did see a Triathlon genre for a few hours but then it disappeared. Any chance we could bring that back? Scott
  15. Flying Tomato

    Baby Bear Chase 10K Race Report

    You may chill the f out, but you'll still be BA.