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  1. As long as you know that you will know synchronicity...that's the important part. At that price, you don't have to put on the red light, but I think you might want to. Because many miles away, there's a shadow on the door of a cottage on the shore...of a dark...Scottish Lake... On a more serious note - have you heard of the iHeartRadio app? check it out.
  2. Yup. Calfzilla has the logo, date, and 13.1 from my first half.
  3. Okay, okay, okay...I know...I'm on week three...right...week freakin' THREE...I know. But...still...I can't help but feel...better. When I move around (like, normal moving...not running...when I run, I know I look like a mobile jell-o mold moving slowly down the road), things feel...well...more locked into place. I was shaving the other day (my face...not my back...or my tongue...) and noticed my arms don't look as bad as what I thought they did before...they don't really wave back at me as much as I had feared. That made me smile. And..and...and..calfzilla! Not totally back, but I c
  4. Air of unattainability...I'll have to work on that one...
  5. Awesome! It was my first half! And my third...lol...and now it will be my...8th...lol
  6. I think you'll like the Cumulus. They are very similar in feel to the Mizuno Wave Riders (which I also love). Not as "cushy" as the Nimbus, but lighter and more responsive.
  7. My training, that is. Yup! I'm loving running again! I'm not really in pain (other than sore, which I kinda like), and I was very worried about that given some recent issues I've had. But, those seem to have gone away, and that makes me happy! Yay! So - barring anything horrible in the next few months, I'm thinking I'll be able to enjoy the Pig! Woo hoo!
  8. It will be explained in the next bloop...tomorrow...lol...Although, I did use the wrong word - it's a benchmark, not a threshold...
  9. Mental note - do not piss off Corc...got it. Man...that sucks that happened, but you are a total rock star! Good luck with the hambutt.
  10. This may be stupid, but...are you tying them too tight? I get numbness when I'm tying my shoes too tightly. I'm also a big Asics fan (particulary the Nimbus and Cumulus), but I also like the Mizuno Wave Riders. Similar in feel to the Cumulus, and I've had good luck with them. My son just got his girlfriend a pair of Brooks Ghost, and she loves them. I've never been a big Saucony fan.
  11. So - at Christmas, my brother officially gave me the gift of entry to the half marathon at the Flying Pig this May. Yay! Incentive to get off my ever expanding hind end and get moving for real again. Woo hoo! I've enlisted the help of my Nike + Run Club app to handle my training plan for me. I haven't been doing MUCH lately, so I needed something that would be slow and steady to get me ready, especially coming off the flu and the holidays. Today was day 1. Actually, yesterday was, but due to circumstances beyond my control it got pushed to today... And I'm glad to report that thi
  12. I love the couples massage idea...and happy (early) birthday! Also, glad you ran outside! I'll be doing that tomorrow, I believe.
  13. They are, but it's a gorgeous course with lots and lots of crowd support. And the entire climb, I'll be thinking of the view out over the river that greets me. And thanks! It's brutal, but that's one of the reasons I like it...lol
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