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  1. Right. Luckily, we haven't had any of those lately...though I need new tires and an alignment...lol And thanks...I appreciate it.
  2. Now that song will be stuck in my head the rest of the day... I'm still alive. I'm here. I'm...well...I'm struggling. Again. Seems like always, lately. A while back, my wife and I decided that we are getting divorced after 24 years of marriage. Not really a surprise...we've been in separate bedrooms for pretty much 4 years now. Our youngest is a junior in high school, and the other two are out of high school. So, yeah...it's time. I guess. I've been working two jobs for over a year now. I'm tired. A lot. But I've found my way back in to theater, which makes me very happy. it's kind of my outlet and my release lately. But man, it takes a lot of time. I need to start running again. Like...really need to. Those that remember me might remember several years ago when I ruptured the tendon that attaches the bicep to the elbow, and the surgery to repair that, followed by my disastrous attempt at the half marathon in Cleveland the following spring. I did one more half marathon after that, and was plagued by injuries that just wouldn't go away. I quit. I just couldn't do it anymore. I was tired and beaten down. I'm still tired. I'm still beaten down. But now I'm also almost back up to the weight I was at when I first started running, and that has me very upset and disappointed with myself. I don't know when I'm going to start...I don't know if I'll start this month, or if I will wait and start after new years eve and become a cliche or not...actually, that's how I did it the first time, so maybe that's not a bad idea. It worked very well last time. And I've missed all of you. I've missed myself. Hopefully I can find myself again.
  3. As long as you know that you will know synchronicity...that's the important part. At that price, you don't have to put on the red light, but I think you might want to. Because many miles away, there's a shadow on the door of a cottage on the shore...of a dark...Scottish Lake... On a more serious note - have you heard of the iHeartRadio app? check it out.
  4. Yup. Calfzilla has the logo, date, and 13.1 from my first half.
  5. Okay, okay, okay...I know...I'm on week three...right...week freakin' THREE...I know. But...still...I can't help but feel...better. When I move around (like, normal moving...not running...when I run, I know I look like a mobile jell-o mold moving slowly down the road), things feel...well...more locked into place. I was shaving the other day (my face...not my back...or my tongue...) and noticed my arms don't look as bad as what I thought they did before...they don't really wave back at me as much as I had feared. That made me smile. And..and...and..calfzilla! Not totally back, but I can see the vague remnants there, and he's making a comeback...Same with my thighs. Yay! So - training...Training has actually been going fairly well. No big mileage yet, of course...running 4 times a week (ish), and doing some weight training on the other days, so I'm definitely moving all the time, and trying to get back to where I was. I'm "running" very slowly...and here's the thing...I don't really care that I'm slower than my pre-teen daughter when I ask her to empty the dishwasher. My head is in the right place. I mean - it's always PHYSICALLY in the right place, but mentally I have it right. This is my first half in several years, and I haven't been running much lately, so this is more about building and losing. Weight, that is...building my body back up and losing weight. I'm not looking at what my time might be at the Pig in May. I really don't care. I'm more focused on how much I might weigh at the start line. That's more important to me right now - the numbers on the scale are more important than the numbers on the race clock. And...honestly...the numbers will tend to move in the same direction...as the number on the scale goes down, it will be easier to make the numbers on race day go down as well. So - training. Wait...I already said that...okay...Sorry...well, not sorry...I'm excited! Just happy to be here...I've been using the Nike+ Run Club app on my phone, and am following a plan on there for race day since SmartCoach is no longer (insert sad face here...I loved that thing...). All in all, I like it. The only thing I DON'T like about it is that speed work is totally manual on it. When you're doing intervals, it tells you how many and how far, and how long your recovery period is between intervals...but...you have to press the buttons on your phone to signal when you're doing what...WTH? Seriously? When you start an interval, it clicks off the meters for you, but when you hit the magic number, you have to hit pause to indicate the end of the interval, and it then starts counting off your recovery period...after which, you hit resume and start your next interval. Really? You have all the information you need on what I'm doing, Nike...handle it for me!!! On the other runs, you're more than happy to give me milestones and paces and distance and time...why can't you do it on the speed work? You're better than that... So - training...Last week the benchmark run (7 minute warm up, 3 minutes all out, 5 minute cool down) was a slobbering mess of a run...I mean that...I actually felt drool falling off my chin...and my pace and overall effort felt nothing like being worthy of such a disgusting scene (maybe that's the "air of unattainability" Garbonzo mentioned...I don't know...). My other runs felt fine that week, though, and I felt like I was improving. What a difference a week makes...This week was another benchmark...and man, it felt MUCH different! My posture was much better, I FELT better, and I pushed harder during the three minute section. Hardest part about it was the wind...holy CRAP it was windy in one section. Like - enough that it totally took my breath away. It was straight into my face, and made me afraid to inhale for fear I wouldn't be able to stop the onslaught of air forcing its way into my lungs, inflating them like balloons until I popped, then proceeding to fill my body until I looked like Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she turns into a blueberry...and when my entire body popped, the wind would scatter all my bits all over the neighborhood...I'd end up as so many stains on vinyl siding and brick...ew. What was I talking about? I seem to have hit a tangent of some sort...hmmm....Oh well. It's gone. Until next time, adieu!
  6. Air of unattainability...I'll have to work on that one...
  7. Awesome! It was my first half! And my third...lol...and now it will be my...8th...lol
  8. I think you'll like the Cumulus. They are very similar in feel to the Mizuno Wave Riders (which I also love). Not as "cushy" as the Nimbus, but lighter and more responsive.
  9. My training, that is. Yup! I'm loving running again! I'm not really in pain (other than sore, which I kinda like), and I was very worried about that given some recent issues I've had. But, those seem to have gone away, and that makes me happy! Yay! So - barring anything horrible in the next few months, I'm thinking I'll be able to enjoy the Pig! Woo hoo!
  10. It will be explained in the next bloop...tomorrow...lol...Although, I did use the wrong word - it's a benchmark, not a threshold...
  11. Mental note - do not piss off Corc...got it. Man...that sucks that happened, but you are a total rock star! Good luck with the hambutt.
  12. This may be stupid, but...are you tying them too tight? I get numbness when I'm tying my shoes too tightly. I'm also a big Asics fan (particulary the Nimbus and Cumulus), but I also like the Mizuno Wave Riders. Similar in feel to the Cumulus, and I've had good luck with them. My son just got his girlfriend a pair of Brooks Ghost, and she loves them. I've never been a big Saucony fan.
  13. So - at Christmas, my brother officially gave me the gift of entry to the half marathon at the Flying Pig this May. Yay! Incentive to get off my ever expanding hind end and get moving for real again. Woo hoo! I've enlisted the help of my Nike + Run Club app to handle my training plan for me. I haven't been doing MUCH lately, so I needed something that would be slow and steady to get me ready, especially coming off the flu and the holidays. Today was day 1. Actually, yesterday was, but due to circumstances beyond my control it got pushed to today... And I'm glad to report that things went very well! Sure, it was only a half mile to break some rust off, but hey - it was something...and I felt GREAT...it felt nearly effortless, which helps the confidence. Tomorrow is a threshold run, so we'll see what happens with that. Could be fun! I'll keep you posted.
  14. I love the couples massage idea...and happy (early) birthday! Also, glad you ran outside! I'll be doing that tomorrow, I believe.
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