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  1. Gonzo Runner

    I'm marathon training again!

    Whew, I was worried the time at altitude had gotten to you. One of these days I gotta make it to Rehoboth...
  2. Gonzo Runner

    To the Victor Go the Spoils... and Bragging Rights and Pizza

    Jules is off to a good start, and she's got a great role model to follow. You're gonna leave C in the dust in that half, right? 😉
  3. Gonzo Runner

    I'm marathon training again!

    Just to be clear, you ARE still gonna drink beer after the marathon, right?
  4. Gonzo Runner

    Doing stuff that scares me (some RR some not)

    Doing scary things is good for you. Think about the first person who ate a lobster. Good luck with the new course you've set!
  5. Gonzo Runner

    Summer Update

    I wouldn't bail on GMP yet either, the same effort in the heat and humidity will yield a much faster pace in October. Good luck in Vermont! I also hear they make cheese there. Ya know, to make sure you completely undo all the healthy things you did by running 18 miles...
  6. Gonzo Runner

    Knee 4, Dave 1

    If you run out of rooms to paint, let me know.
  7. Gonzo Runner

    Things Just Got Real -Marathon Training Week 1, Day 1

    I think we all started with a Higdon plan at some point. Good luck!
  8. Gonzo Runner

    July in Review

    That track meet sounds like a lot of fun (and, a lot of racing). I sometimes miss the super fast stuff during marathon training.
  9. Gonzo Runner

    39.3 Miles of Maine Coast Birthday Fun!

    Looks like a great weekend, and some seriously good pacing, congrats! Did you pick up anything at he LL Bean store? I have an embarrassing amount of Bean stuff...
  10. Gonzo Runner

    A Race I Can’t Win – Me vs. Last Year Me

    My first thought was "I guess if he's beyond the 'just happy to be running' phase, he's well on his way back." You got there once before, you know how. You'll get back.
  11. Gonzo Runner

    Well. Hello, Monday.

    You should bring your dermatologist a copy of Merchant of Venice when you have your follow-up.
  12. Gonzo Runner

    The Second Half of the July Diaries

    Breaking rules is one of my favorite things. So is running. So I totally understand wanting to break rules about running. I recommend having a beer when you're considering running while you think it over. If after the beer you still want to run, have 4 more. If after that you still want to run, switch to whiskey. You're almost there.
  13. Gonzo Runner

    Listen to your Heart (Rate) -Running by More Than a Feeling

    I've used HR similar to what you mentioned (pushing too hard/not hard enough or a fitness/over-training check). I know there's plenty of evidence behind HR training, and I am a data geek, but I never had a desire to try it. I think if HR monitors weren't so ubiquitous and I still got to look cool taking my pulse on my neck while checking my watch I might give it more thought. Those guys always looked like intimidating super serious runners.
  14. Gonzo Runner


    In that second pic it almost looks like L is thinking "you know that'll ruin your knees, right?" Thanks for sharing the happy.
  15. Gonzo Runner

    Ups and downs. 3 miles and some hurt. Other stuff.

    This probably explains why my long runs at the river are more aligned than shorter runs in the city (fewer traffic lights in the woods and all that). If you also know where all my missing socks are, it's really gonna blow my mind...