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  1. Apple Pie


    Welcome! And thanks for contributing to the Loop! I agree with you on the half marathon being a distance that fits in with life a little better than the marathon. Good luck with your training.
  2. Apple Pie

    Marathon Intervals

    Thanks Dave. This is really helpful. 👍
  3. Apple Pie

    2019 Review: I am MORE

    No pic of the “Running with my Snowmies” sweatshirt?? I think we might need to see that! Sounds like a lot of 2019 was really good for you. 3 PRs is a banner year. So congrats!
  4. Maybe shift to May? To give Sammy some time to work his issues out. Good luck.
  5. Thanks Dave. How do you choose what distance of interval to run? I think I’ve read longer distances if you’re training for a marathon and shorter distances for 5Ks. So if I want to get faster at the half, is there an optimal interval distance (or distances)?
  6. I read Mrs. Pie your comment. She said “heck no!” But I’ve got time to work on her. 😉
  7. Hey all. Its early January of a new year so I thought I'd write out a few goals I'm going to work towards in 2020. 1. Get Faster. I spent last year building up distance and more generally, just enjoying running. Did my first half marathons in a number of years. My times (2:31, then 2:27) weren't great in comparison to where I was about 5 years back (1:57). I'm not hung up on the slower pace, but do want to eventually get back to where I was. With absolutely no scientific reasoning (or really any cognitive contemplation), I've decided I'd like to get down below 2:10 this year. And then mount a challenge for under 2:00 the following year. I'm targeting a local half that looks kinda hilly (but is all down hill the last 7 miles!) in June, and a really really really flat half on the Rhode Island coast in September. If I put in the work, I'm pretty confident I can run the latter strong and end up with a good time. I know that speed work a good way to get faster. I'm planning on using the high school track in the spring, but will need to educate myself on how/what best to do there. Any of you that regularly do speed work, I would love to hear what you do and what you think might work for me. 2. Stay Healthy. Just like every other runner on the planet, I don't like being injured. I think my previous PF & ITB issues were the result of a few things that I should be able to control. The main one was committing to a half when I simply didn't have enough time in life to properly train, and then trying to 'catch up' the miles as the race neared. That was stupid. And I paid the price. I also did very little in the way of general exercise, aside from running. In 2020, I want to incorporate regular exercises into my running habit. I started with push-ups before most runs about 2 months ago and am starting to see some results there. My core is... um... well... let's just say I need to start adding core exercises too! 😂 I also have a series of leg/glute/abductor/adductor exercises that I want to add into the mix. These things will keep me in better shape and hopefully ward of injuries. The only issue is that during the week, I run early in the morning and adding more to the routine may mean waking up even earlier. But I like sleep a lot. 😉 I'll figure it out because I know I need to do these things. 3. Do Everything I Can to Make My Wife's Sojourn into Running Successful for Her! Yup, after many many years of DW not having any real desire to run, she's decided to this is the year she starts running. 👍 In December, I pointed out to her that the Hartford Marathon Foundation, which organizes many races during the year, has put together a series she might be interested in - a 'progressive' challenge of a 5K in May, a 10K in June and 13.1 in October. She bit! She's already signed up for all 3 and has her run plan (a modified none to run program) figured out through the 10K. She's going to put together the plan from 10K to Half as it gets nearer based on how she's doing, which I think is a smart approach. While I was at work today, she sent me a text that she did her first walk/run and "I didn't die. LOL" So it has officially started. I'm psyched for her. I told her that when she starts running outside (in the spring), I'll plan on running with her on the weekends at whatever pace she wants to run, and I will run all 3 races with her. For someone who runs 99% of his runs solo, I couldn't be any happier to have a run buddy! Should be good. I'll report on her progress as time goes by. Her history is accomplishing just about every goal she sets for herself, so I have no doubt she will cross the finish line at the Hartford Half in October. Boom! That's about it from here, Loop. Hope you all have a great week! - Apple Pie
  8. Apple Pie


    Highest yearly mileage ever means you get .......... dancing bananas!! Congrats.
  9. Apple Pie

    New Year, New Me

    Good to hear! Hope it stays at bay as you increase miles. Happy new year!
  10. Any year where snorkeling skills improve is a damn good year in my book. Love that you bloop oozes positive vibes. Have a great 2020 KRG!
  11. Apple Pie

    Happy New Year!

    Hey there Loopsters! Hope you all had a good holiday and are excited for what 2020 has in store for us. 2019 was a good year for me in a lot of regards. I changed jobs and as a result, am in a much better work environment. I like what I do now, feel appreciated, and have much less stress. Can't ask for much more than that, right? Because I have more time - and more importantly, because I've been healthy - I had my strongest running year in a while. On Saturday, I went over 700 total miles for the year! Much better than the 504 miles in 2018 or the 223 miles in 2017, and a little better than the 630 miles in 2016. My high was 1,117 miles in 2014 so I have something to shoot for in the coming year. I made some progress this year getting faster. In the first few months of 2019, my average pace for all distances was 10:15 to 10:20 per mile. I track it by month and it goes up and down based on the length of runs in each month. By the end of the year, I was down just below 10:00 pace. In fact, every one of my runs in December was at 9:59 pace or below! So that was pretty cool and made me feel good. Being an engineer, I obviously like the numbers that I keep track of, but the best thing about this year is the amount of joy running brought me. After a few rough injury-plagued years, running has been so much fun for me this year. Lots of runs where I finished with a smile. Lots of runs where I was really glad I ran. And even those runs where I had no energy, I was content that I was able to run as far as I did. I look forward to 2020 as a continuation of the progress I've made this year. I'm picking out a few half marathons to do. My wife is talking about starting to run (she's a biker, not a runner) so that would be awesome to do some running with her. I expect my pace to continue to drop. And my total miles to increase. Sounds pretty good. So bring on 2020!
  12. Apple Pie

    You Are Enough

    Good advice Tree Girl. I make a few New Year's resolutions each year, but don't really think of them as correcting what happened the previous year. Instead, I figure you're either improving or you're regressing in life, so my resolutions are about me progressing further through life's journey. Yes, I guess its about improving myself, but I'm typically pretty content with where I am. Its sorta like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae - if its not there, its a delicious dessert, but with that cherry, its even better! Happy new year and hope 2020 is excellent for you and all!
  13. That's a lot of long distance races! 😲 Must have been the snowshoeing ... although its never had that kinda effect for me. 😁 Nice going on a great year.👍
  14. Wow, what a mix of emotions on race day! 😮 Yay for your daughter, glad she kicked ass. That photo of her at the end is awesome! I hope your doctor has an explanation for the vertigo. Good luck on that front and in 2020.
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