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  1. Apple Pie

    It was Hell. Literally.

    Is it better to have a less than optimal race in a place called Hell than one called Nirvana or Bliss or Wonderfultown? Who knows. Trophies are nice so congrats on that! 👍
  2. PR baby, wahooooo! And seeing you this weekend for a 100 mile relay, double wahooooo! 😀
  3. Apple Pie

    Starting to Get Cold

    Winter took a long time to come to Connecticut. It’s now here. Temps are winter-ish but there’s been no snow really, although the forecast is 8-12” tomorrow. I love snow so I’m pumped to finally get some white stuff. The whole family is going snow shoeing tomorrow! As much as I like snow, it makes the runs a little more difficult. I generally run on the treadmill early in the morning during the week, and run outside on the weekends. Last Saturday I ran what I would consider my first cold long run of the season - 8 miles in about 22 degrees / feels like 12 degrees. My overall pace was 10:15/mile. Considering that it was my longest run in 15 months, I was pretty content with the effort & results. My hands (even with gloves) and face were freezing for the first mile and a half, but then started to warm up. In the end, I chose the right clothing because I didn’t think about the temperature for the rest of my run. 👍 I got two runs in during the week, 4 miles and 5 miles. I was bummed I didn’t get a third one in, but when I look back at it now I see it was a week. I had to go to NYC (about 3 hour trip by car/train) on Monday & Wednesday for work, and I met my mom for breakfast before work on Friday. So that left only 2 mornings available for running. I suppose I could run at night, but I’m beat when I get home, and by the time we eat dinner, hang with the kiddies for a little bit, then put the two younger ones to bed, it seems like it’s 9:00pm already. I’ll stick with the morning runs. This morning my homemade training plan for NJ Half had me running 8.5 miles. When I checked the weather last night it was supposed to be mid20s with a feels like in the low teens. Basically the same as last week, so why not wear the same thing? Well because after I got dressed this morning, I checked the actual temp and it was 24 / feels like 22. 🤔 I took off one mid layer and was out the door. As I was driving to where I picked to run, I was enjoying the music on the radio. Oh crap, I forgot the shuffle for music on my run. I wasn’t far from home so I turned around and got it. I sometimes run without tunes on short runs, but I like music on longer runs. During today’s run, I was happy I went back for it. I ran in East Hartland, a little teeny tiny town about 10 minutes drive from my house. I parked at the only restaurant there and ran two 4.25 mile loops on roads through mostly forest with occasional houses. I haven’t run there in a couple years so I didn’t remember it being as hilly as it was. I checked the elevation on map my run last night but I’m not that good with determining how hilly a route is unless it’s pancake flat or crazy mountainous. Oh well, there was a little walking on the bigger uphills. It was a nice loop, even with the ups & downs. Today’s pace (10:56/ mile) was not surprisingly slower than the previous week’s run on a super flat rail trail. I’m still getting back into running longer and focusing on getting the miles in. Pace will come down as I continue. That’s pretty much it from here. Hope you’re enjoying your runs as much I am going to enjoy tomorrow’s snow! 😁🤙
  4. Owls are cool. Hope this week was better than last one.
  5. Apple Pie

    January ramblings

    I like reading old bloops. They give perspective, don’t they? 😁 Glad you’re getting back to where you want to be!
  6. Apple Pie

    Getting Personal

    Sorry you get asked those questions. No real advice for you - some people are just oblivious, others are idiots It took my wife & I 10 years to have a child so we were there and went through all sorts of stages on how we felt about the struggles. It was a few years after #1 that we decided to adopt, and did. Then out of nowhere, along came #3 (my wife was 40 when he was born!). Youngest is now almost 10. But in looking back at it, we think whatever possible ending to our kid story happened, it would have been fine. Good luck on your journey.
  7. Apple Pie

    And done.

    Always up for a virtual race. Is apple pie the appropriate food for a password switching celebration? If so, I’m there! 🤣 I tend to skip runs in the cold rain too. But refreshing rains on hot summer days, now that’s totally different.
  8. Apple Pie

    Starting Off 2019 Well

    Ouch! Those are painful memories, especially when the Pats were undefeated... 🙁
  9. Congrats on starting your training, and for doing your first race of the year!
  10. I love your NRR stories. Even if they don’t involve pie! 😜
  11. Between your bloop and the comments from others, sounds like I might need to look into these cook books!
  12. Apple Pie

    Starting Off 2019 Well

    It’s a challenge. I prefer to run outside, but luckily have the treadmill in the basement when necessary!
  13. Apple Pie

    Starting Off 2019 Well

    I signed up for the half at the New Jersey Marathon in late April. Looking forward to hanging with Loopster friends new and old. In order to get ready for it, I put together a training plan. Its pretty conservative since cranking up the mileage too fast never leads me anywhere I want it to. Slow and steady is more my plan. Anyhow, I was supposed to run 7 miles this weekend. Yesterday was supposed to be one of those crappy cold (mid-30s) and rainy days, so I ran a few miles inside on the treadmill with the intention to run outside on the rail trail near my house this morning. Last night I selected all of the clothes I would need to run in the forecasted 30 degrees but feels like 20 degrees windy weather. Got up around 7:00, got dressed, had a banana, and was out the door. 10 minutes later, I was at the trail stretching thinking everything was going great. About to start when I stepped from the gravel parking lot onto the paved rail trail and immediately noticed the thin sheet of ice on all of the asphalt. Oh crap! 😮 I took a few steps and quickly slid off. Looked both up the trail and down the trail as far as I could see and saw nothing different. Went back to the car, checked the temp - it was 32. Hmmm, if I drive back into town and get gas, maybe in the 15 minutes that takes me the ice will melt. Yeah, I didn't think there was much hope for that, but I needed gas so why not try? Of course, when I came back, it was shockingly exactly the same as when I left. I was running out of time and couldn't think of any other outside options so I went home to run on the treadmill. (On the way home, I saw the roads were no better than the trail but I guess cars are heavier than people so there was no cars sliding on the roads). I got my run done on the treadmill - fortunately there was something to watch on TV, unfortunately it was a 'greatest NFL games in history' special on last year's Super Bowl that my Patriots lost. ☹️ When I came upstairs, thinking I had about 15 minutes to shower and grab something quick to eat before leaving for church, DW says " I've got to go [somewhere] and DS1 needs to be picked up in half an hour at [somewhere]." OK, so no church for us today, eh? I guess I could have waited for the temperature to go up and the ice to melt, and then run outside. Oh well. Kind of a odd way to start the day, but I got my 7 miler in, so that's a good thing.
  14. Those are great goals. Good luck achieving every one of them in 2019! I'm looking forward to meeting you in New Jersey. 👍
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