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  1. Apple Pie

    Better late than never - 100 on 100 RR

    Yeah, it was a blast! Glad you made it back after missing last year.
  2. Apple Pie

    RR - Donate Life 5K

    What a great story! Makes a lot of the day to day BS we complain about seem really inconsequential. Thanks for the perspective. You the man! "Shit, man, it was so awesome just to be here again, never mind the time!" Wow.
  3. Apple Pie

    Ups and downs. 3 miles and some hurt. Other stuff.

    Doesn't Louie know his crankiness is effecting your comeback? Hopefully Louie quiets down.
  4. Hi Peg. Sorry to hear the weather really didn't cooperate with you. I had one race where I knew before it even started it wasn't going to be pretty. That's always disappointing to expend the effort and mental energy and time preparing for a race and then the day before the weather goes crazy and makes your hoped-for time completely unattainable. Try not to beat yourself up about it. I did love the beer story! And the "I'm just taking a moment" part. Good for you for continuing on! As others have said, there's nothing wrong with you. Ride out the current funk you're in and come back to running when it feels right. You'll know when that is. Good luck.
  5. Apple Pie


    Nice. Very nice. 👍
  6. Apple Pie

    our beloved revolutionary sweetheart

    This is what I ran with for years. It was pretty durable but eventually died.
  7. Apple Pie

    This is what slacking gets you.

    Nice going on resisting those cupcakes!
  8. Apple Pie

    Running on Empty

    I'm envious of your naps. Especially with those miles you're racking up!
  9. Apple Pie

    Summer Lovin, white stuff falling & a world record

    Love the pictures! Was down in Australia many years back, really beautiful place. Good luck with your upcoming races!
  10. Apple Pie

    MIA but Found

    I'm not sure I could run by a bakery every morning. I find that I go in waves - I like having goals for a while, and then I like having no goal for a while. Maybe it's good for the mind to not always have a goal? Who knows. Good luck with whatever your running goals end up being!
  11. Apple Pie

    5 Second Break From Winter

    "Normal people stayed inside..." Good job John! That's a nice run. Glad you enjoyed it.
  12. Apple Pie

    2018. NBD.

    I was thinking you should ask Gwen, Ralph, Louie & Henry what they think, but then decided that their insight might not be that helpful. In all seriousness, I find I don't make good decisions when I'm not in a great frame of mind (which it unfortunately sounds like you were over the holidays). Maybe give a month and then decide how you want to approach it? Another thought - add 5-10 minutes before or after each run working on core/crosstraining. It might sound like not much, but it does add up. Good luck Dave!
  13. Apple Pie

    2017 Recap - Getting Back Into It

    What a year! And if you achieve all your goals for 2018, this year will be even better! Good luck.
  14. Apple Pie

    Hi There!

    Yes, I suppose it does make me a la mode.
  15. Apple Pie

    Hi There!

    Good move. Always make sure you leave yourself some apple pie!