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  1. Nope. BC does bad things to me mood-wise, so I won't ever be on hormonal BC ever again. IUD's scare me because I know several people who have had them migrate. Currently waiting on a vasectomy for T and I'm considering having my tubes tied/removed completely to make doubly sure there is not a third baby.
  2. I took an online quiz to find mine, ha. I like it okay but i’m Not sure it will be a forever thing for me.
  3. Man, caffeine and refined sugar is what is getting me through life right now. I might try it next month. My cycles are somewhat irregular but I know enough about them to be able to stop once I’m reasonably sure I’ve ovulated.
  4. Men, be warned. Lots of lady business up in here. Let's talk about periods and running. Specifically, the lack of running while on my period. I generally feel like death the first two days and it marginally gets better after that, but I want to run during my period instead of taking a one-week break every five weeks or so. I'm also extremely, extremely tired that week and I try to keep my iron levels up because of the bleeding. Today was my first shot at that and it didn't go so well. Everything hurt and my legs were tight, so RBFF and I walked for two miles (because we are on the same schedule, ha) in the freezing cold because THINGS weren't working well. So I at least got a walk in and I might try to run later, but I'm not sure my uterus will allow that. It's not even really the pain, because running involves a certain amount of discomfort. Everything just feels different and my lady parts feel like a truck came through at high speeds. Basically, my insides feel rearranged for about a week and have ever since I had my second baby. So, ladies, give me your tips for period running. I'm already using a cup, which is much better than a pad/tampon for me (I'm super sensitive to TSS). I've even run a race with it in but it was on day four which is loads better than day 1-2 in terms of discomfort and actual flow. I'm convinced that I'll be on my period the day of my race because it ALWAYS HAPPENS when I run a Derby race so I need to prepare and be ready.
  5. I have a former coworker who would complain about her bad knees and then tell me she was running in the same pair of shoes she got in high school. If she was still her I would drive her to the shoe store myself and buy her a new pair because Lord knows she wouldn't do it herself.
  6. Avivocaruns

    I did a thing

    Thanks! I live in Louisville and work near Churchill Downs/UofL, so I'm planning on doing some of my training runs in that area to get used to it.
  7. Avivocaruns

    I did a thing

    First: Good news! My dad does NOT have cancer! His oncologist said it looks like a cyst on his kidney and they will do a follow-up MRI in six months to see if it has desolved or changed. He still has Hep C, so he will begin treatment for that soon. Now. I did a thing. I printed out a marathon training schedule that takes 30 weeks and builds slowly and steadily. I am signing up for a marathon on October 27 (aka payday). It will be the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon on April 28. I planned to do a fall marathon but then I remembered that my husband is gone for work for most of the summer and the thought of pushing my kids in the stroller for anything over six miles in the dead of summer made me cringe and sweat. So I thought, hey, there are 28 weeks until this marathon and I will get to do my long runs with other people and without my kids, lets shoot for it! Also my ultramarathoner RBFF and coworker assured me that I could do it with the right plan (this one) and building a good base (which this one will help me do). And my youngest daughter is doing a lot better with the whole sleeping at night thing now that she's cut two teeth and is on antibiotics for an ear infection. So it starts today with a rest day.
  8. It sounds like things are looking up for you! I really need to work on strength training.
  9. Avivocaruns

    Checking In

    Thanks Dave.
  10. Avivocaruns

    Checking In

    Marshall is very high on the list. I love that race!
  11. Avivocaruns

    Checking In

    I finally thought of something more creative! It's the species name of the frog H is named after.
  12. Avivocaruns

    Checking In

    Checking in from Derby City. Today was my first run in 4 weeks. I was training for the Kentucky History Half, but I got sick and couldn't run for four weeks without having some kind of relapse, be it epic coughing or a return of fever. So, I didn't. I needed the run. I needed to pound the pavement. My father is very sick. Part of it can be cured. The other part...well, we're not sure what it is. He had an MRI yesterday and will speak with an oncologist next Wednesday. Hopefully, whatever it is is treatable. I'm not ready to lose him, and that is my greatest fear. So I've been in tears most of the last few days and doing the bare minimum at work. But today's run was good. my pace was 12:40ish but it felt comfortable and that's where I am right now. My RBFF was with me and did a good job distracting me from my worries. It's also my birthday, so I'm glad I got to run today. I feel more like myself and less... like a drifter, just making my way through the day in a fog. I told her I wanted to run a marathon next year, but I want to take a long, slow training cycle so my body can be ready without dropping off the immune cliff four weeks before the race. I'm looking at Indy Monumental or Marshall. I hope to be around more often as I get back into running. My oldest will be four on Saturday and my youngest will be one next Wednesday (yes, the day my dad talks to the oncologist and it also happens to be his birthday). Hopefully my youngest starts sleeping through the night in the next few months so I can put my running plans in motion.
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