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  1. I am exclusively in dresses, skirts and stretchy pants right now. Sigh... Good luck!
  2. I can’t see the pictures either. I’m sorry to hear about your sugar! Please be careful with your toes, as well as your eyes and kidneys. I know you aren’t looking for advice, but I agree with Mrs Dave. My dad wasn’t advised to test his sugar regularly either but started doing so to keep an eye on things. He uses that to not only monitor how he is doing, but also to monitor what foods affect him more.
  3. Keep Running Girl

    Tiny progress

    Guys, it happened. I was doing four sets of five minutes, in the hopes of eventually stringing along enough minutes to ditch the walk breaks all together, and it happened! It was my third set. I was chugging along, listening to “Nice White Parents,” and fretting about the world, when I realized that I wasn’t struggling. I looked at my garmin, assuming that I must have slowed down, but no! I was at my normal pace. It just didn’t suck. I didn’t feel like all I wanted to do in the whole world was stop. For the first time, in over a year, I was in that space. I could keep doing t
  4. I mean, as a lifestyle, I am okay with it. It’s my pants size that is suffering. 😂
  5. It depends on how skinny you are 😝
  6. Who knew that staying indoors, driving instead of walking, and having outdoor restaurants be your only form of entertainment, would lead to weight gain??? I am almost unable to deal with myself at the moment on this front. I am at the limit of my wardrobe and I refuse to buy new clothes and accept that I might stay at this weight for a while. I am honestly and simultaneously doing everything I can and having no idea what I am doing. I started tracking my calories and dropped half a pound. HALF A POUND!! Usually when I start doing something serious about my weight, I drop five
  7. Thank you!! Oh! You just reminded me, I have to move my car tonight!!!!
  8. If I had to guess, I’d say maybe five or six bagels. The mini is a fast car and made to keep the driver comfortable. Unfortunately, that means that the back seats are only decorative and the truck is at capacity with my snow scraper thingie.
  9. I’ve been told that my driving can be offensive but I think I am getting better! Erika hasn’t screamed from the passengers seat in a few weeks. (Sadly this is true)
  10. I KNOW!!! No, like deep in Queens! Like off the GCP!! 😭
  11. 1. Thank you!! 2. Oh my god I love that car!!! 3. Me too. I need something stable and sustainable.
  12. OMG! Gwen!! All around bad ass!!!
  13. Or show vaccination cards?
  14. I’ve been lucky so far and praying that continues. Good luck to you, as well!!
  15. Sweet! Now I only have to figure out how one stays at a job long enough to accrue vacation time...
  16. I’m okay with that Here she is! She is grey, which isn’t very fun for a mini, but she makes up for it by having fuzzy dice.
  17. It was and now it’s free again! 🤣🤔
  18. Oh yeah. Sorry, Bangle. 😬
  19. Haha! I got my driver’s license at the age of 29 (I think I blooped about it and it kills me that I can’t go back and read it.) and my first car at 38. I don’t know what’s wrong with people. Same with people who start talking about survival rates or comparing it to the flu. What’s that saying? You can’t reason and logic someone out of an argument who didn’t use reason and logic to get there? Idk. You get my point.
  20. Thanks and thanks!! I need to be here more often. It’s good here.
  21. So... I quit my job. It really was killing me and my boss didn’t believe me when, after months of working six day weeks, I told him that I couldn’t absorb anymore. I really couldn’t. And he expected me to keep my staff in the office through several covid outbreaks. None of my employees were making enough money to risk their life for. So... I jumped at something that came my way. Turns out I went from one extreme to the other. This job is so much more junior than they lead me to believe. The title has no reflection on the responsibilities and my direct boss is an obnoxious, jobworth,
  22. I thought it was you but I thought that I made Spanky because there was some user name shenanigans going on... 🤔 Those days changed my life. I truly don’t think I would have stuck with running or come out of my shell (or at least peeked out of it) if it hadn’t been for the friends I made on the loop.
  23. Keep Running Girl


    I was looking for a cake recipe in my emails today and this gem popped up. I have no idea what it’s about, I vaguely remember why I had Spanky Pancakes, and I’m only half certain that I know who this comment was really from, but I love that it was there for me to find. I miss those days. I miss mentally composing bloops while I ran and spending hours reading and commenting on everyone. I miss when we all hung out here. How did we not get fired?
  24. I was like this for months after COVID. In fact, I haven’t had an easy feeling run in the year since. (This week marks the year) However, I took January and February off entirely and I’m starting back this month with a run/walk program and so far so good. Hang in there.
  25. I know you all have been waiting with bated breath to hear about my jaw. I'm sorry to keep you in suspense! It was not scooped. It was scraped. And they didn't cut in through the side of my jaw, they drilled THROUGH THE CROWN to get to the infection. It was so much worse that I thought. And it wasn't a small infection, it was, according to the doctor, "massive". So right now, the void in my jaw is packed with some kind of medicine and I will have to keep going back to have it scrapped and repacked until it heals. Which also is so much worse than I thought because - on the first Mon
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