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  1. I know you all have been waiting with bated breath to hear about my jaw. I'm sorry to keep you in suspense! It was not scooped. It was scraped. And they didn't cut in through the side of my jaw, they drilled THROUGH THE CROWN to get to the infection. It was so much worse that I thought. And it wasn't a small infection, it was, according to the doctor, "massive". So right now, the void in my jaw is packed with some kind of medicine and I will have to keep going back to have it scrapped and repacked until it heals. Which also is so much worse than I thought because - on the first Mon
  2. If people start buying me dogs because I was wearing shorts with dogs on them, I would not be mad at it.
  3. Your computer is accurate and I AM looking longingly at such an ugly pair of shorts. Sadly (thankfully?) I only run in spandex/bicycle type shorts so these wouldn’t work for despite the god awful pattern. Sigh
  4. Keep Running Girl

    Going to do my part.

    I had covid in March and I am still struggling with running. I can’t tell if I am just out of shape or it is still a side effect but despite several attempts to get back to running, it hasn’t gotten any easier no matter how slow I go. I feel you about the country and about depression. This year has been a struggle. Hopefully we can start to clean up some of the damage now.
  5. They are amazing! It has been years and people in my life are still giving me things in pineapple print or shaped like pineapples because they think I REALLY like them.
  6. I have SO many ugly running tights! They make my heart happy. I’ll have to rustle up some pics.
  7. Keep Running Girl


    I hope so! I almost wrote something to that effect in my bloop but I was afraid to jinx myself 🙁
  8. Keep Running Girl


    Thank you!! 😂
  9. Keep Running Girl


    Thanks! It was better and worse than I expected.
  10. Omg! I love your Christmas sweater!!
  11. Keep Running Girl


    My partner’s family doesn’t speak much English.
  12. Wise words. Happy New Year, Gary! I hope it’s a good one.
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