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  1. I was about to comment on this too! That is pure grit!
  2. This makes me so happy to read!!! Go get it!!!!
  3. Sorry to hear about Sammy! I hate how the countdown keeps going. Hope it heals quickly!
  4. Great goals!!! Maybe we'll have another runner in VT?
  5. Keep Running Girl

    New Year, New Me

    Glad to hear that the foot is improving!!!
  6. Haha! I wish we could go running! Hey, are you coming into the city for any races this year? I love your resolutions!!! Super excited about your (maybe) 50!!! Ugh... I kind of want off fb also but I want to keep in our group and in touch with like four other people. There has GOT to be a better way.
  7. Thanks!! I've heard that from quite a few people - that it takes a long time. I think knowing that is how it's supposed to be will help. I hope so too! I think it will be really good for me!
  8. Thanks!!! I'm feeling super positive!!! You too!!! Happy 2020!
  9. This is a great one!! You should totally take a picture so you can see your progress!
  10. This year therapy was such an important part of self care. We're very much alike with how we use and view goals! ❤️
  11. As a Goal Person, I have to tell you that I LOVE resolutions. I love them so much, I usually have one round in January and another at my birthday in July. I don't sweat it if they don't happen in the time frame I want (yes, rock climbing has been on the list since 2016) but I always do more than I would have otherwise. And many, many resolutions have inexplicably stuck, like waking up early to run. So 2019 was a pretty bad year in a number of ways and a pretty good year in others. My back went out over and over and over again, I missed countless races, I got so slow, NYRR dropped me b
  12. Keep Running Girl

    You Are Enough

    I love this so much! Happy New Year!!!
  13. Keep Running Girl

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!!! I'm so glad that you had a good year running! Can't wait to hear what 2020 brings!
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