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  1. Keep Running Girl

    Must. Keep. Writing.

    Come meet you for sure! Let me know far enough in advance and I'll probably run too!
  2. Keep Running Girl

    Must. Keep. Writing.

    I seriously thought this was a farewell post and my heart damn near broke. Keep writing.
  3. OMG!! I didn't realize that this qualified you for NYCM!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON THE AG!!!! It is so good to see you kicking ass and running so strong!!!!
  4. Keep Running Girl

    September Recap

    I really want one but I'm allergic (to saliva not just fur). I imagine it would feel like holding a hot water bottle or maybe a warm water balloon.
  5. Keep Running Girl

    September Recap

    I've been needing a new podcast after Bear Brook (I know, I'm late to the game) Do you own a naked cat??? Do they sweat?
  6. Keep Running Girl

    Once in a Lifetime

    Congrats! What a beautiful course!!!
  7. OMG what an amazing trip!!! I can't even imagine being someplace that beautiful. BTW, the pic where you're sitting with your feet over the edge is giving me anxiety. haha
  8. Hahaha!!! Thanks!!! We'll see how back I am in three weeks! (I'm running the half on nothing but hubris and habit!)
  9. Thanks. It feels really good. Hey!! How are things? I almost put out an apb for you in the group!
  10. Thanks. I'm trying to hang on too. Idk... other Liz is a lot of fun...
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