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  1. Stewmanji

    The Cross Country Fix

    Last year, i had the privilege of watching the big ten championship cross country meet and similar memories came to my mind. Also, the competition was amazing
  2. #ditched yes, this will be much nicer
  3. Your metaphors are always the highlights of my reading journey
  4. Awesome race! Congrats on the new PR
  5. Stewmanji

    Taking it back

    There's not much to this blog, but this letter. Whenever I have a fight with running, I find this picture of a letter written by a local boy in Minnesota to a RD of one of my favorite Spring Races called Zumbro. I'm hoping that you, too, can find some joy in the youngsters joy of trail running, and perhaps find a little motivation when times are down that when you are running, you have an opportunity to be young at heart.
  6. Too awesome! You cannot impress me more! Your hard work is definitely paying off each and every time you toe the line!
  7. Beast mode (as in Milwaukee's Best)! Another amazing race! Congrats.
  8. If everything feels solid, why not run? Keep focused as Boston sneaks up quickly on us all
  9. always keep the headphones in!
  10. St. Olaf is a gorgeous campus. It smells of cereal all the time though.
  11. Stewmanji

    7 weeks to Rehoboth

    Makes me miss the Miley Cyrus climb already😔. When i Gerry out there again, is love to do the torreys/grays combo.
  12. Donuts and running almost as good as the congratulatory beer after PR bliss!
  13. Stewmanji

    Go Confidently

    The great news is that your qualifier is good for 18 months, and therefore, you're still able to at least apply for next year. Go get that improved time that I know you have in you. Best of luck my friend!
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