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  1. There's got to be a lot of satisfaction knowing you did that well on a tough course after a hot summer. And the strong finish - I've only done that twice in 11 attempts. Congratulations, Dave.
  2. Great idea! Looking forward to hearing how it goes.
  3. Yep - it happens every year. Thankfully. Your weather forecast looks perfect.
  4. I'm glad running was there for you when you were ready!
  5. Good job squeezing the training into a stressful week. Fingers crossed for T-Rex.
  6. Hot weather, high dewpoint, no problem. Congratulations, Sara!
  7. CompulsiveRunner

    August Recap

    Interesting interval workout (the longer run, shorter rest one). Sounds really hard. Glad you continue to show MJ who's boss.
  8. I love that the cows were the biggest source of crowd support … Congratulations on another solid 13.1!
  9. Eyes forward, KRG. Plenty of good times (running and otherwise) ahead.
  10. So many of my favorite people - all in one van!
  11. Well you won the cannonball contest, so there's that.
  12. Nice job moving forward with your education!
  13. CompulsiveRunner

    It was Hell. Literally.

    I wouldn't give much credence to any race time during August - especially in a place called Hell.
  14. CompulsiveRunner

    I bought a treadmill.

    Nice job encouraging your wife, sir.
  15. Sorry about the accident - and the black eye. Congrats on the AG win. First is first, no matter how big the field.
  16. CompulsiveRunner


    Albani is creating a lot of fun summer memories.
  17. Loved everything about this! Your pictures are great - you look so happy - so glamorous - so beautiful! And receiving a professional award at the same time. Winning! (I especially liked the pix of you and your mom. I remember reading about her taking care of you when you had your surgeries. So much love.)
  18. That might have been a state record for bathroom stops too. Congrats to you and Albani.
  19. CompulsiveRunner

    Summer rain

    Sounds like the perfect way to spend 20 minutes. I'm jealous that you might get to race with OCRG.
  20. Dang OCRG. You are putting in some fast miles these days. Good to hear.
  21. CompulsiveRunner

    Sorta scary.

    I guess the upside of urban running is all those drinking fountains. Nice job managing the miles.
  22. CompulsiveRunner

    Week Five Already.

    Clean report from Dr Derm = winning
  23. Who is this cockroach that broke your heart by text? Let me at him ... I really hope extermination does the trick. Sounds absolutely awful.
  24. The base you built from that last marathon seems to be paying off. Nice week.
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