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  1. good luck in your last semester. i'd be curious to know more about how aging affects the nutritional needs of those who are very active.
  2. CompulsiveRunner

    Spring is Here !!!!

    I have been there - that moment when the hip tells you it's time to stop. Good for you for paying attention. Hope a little rest does the trick.
  3. Nice job. Congratulations on your new house.
  4. You always figure out a way to thrive during injury!
  5. You have everything it takes to be a great coach - authenticity, consistency, exuberance, teaching experience. Your clients will be so lucky to have you!
  6. While Dave and his ilk were busy with the Double Dog thing last weekend, I opted for Tree Girl's challenge: 5K + 10 squats at each mile marker and 10 more at the end. I haven't run a lot since my DNF at CIM. I got sick several times during the winter - we had a lot of snow - and one of my knees was bugging me (my first knee issue in 35+ years of running). So I spent most of my time riding a spin bike and lifting a few weights. But I started running a little more when the gym closed, so the 5K sounded like the best option for me. I headed out the door wearing my JackRabbit running hat, a Secret Santa gift I received several years ago from Keep Running Girl. I decided I'd be dedicating these miles (and squats) to KRG and the other New Yorkers who are in such a vulnerable position these days. I warmed up with a 2-mile super-slow run to the flatter part of my town. Then I hit start and let the fun begin. I had no course in mind; the plan was to JFR on these flatter, wider streets and wait for my watch to tell me it was time to squat. Mile 1 was 9:26. I did 10 fairly quick squats behind a monster truck that was parked on the street. If anyone had been watching, they might have thought I was peeing in the shadow of that ridiculously large vehicle. My heart rate didn't recover much during those squats and it was hard to get moving again after a stop. But I cranked it up to the best of my ability and finished mile 2 in 10:07. That split would have included the time it took for the first 10 squats. There were no vehicles to hide behind for squats 11-20, so I just did them in the street. A mom herding twin toddlers up the sidewalk stopped to watch. One of the girls waved, the other one ran away. It was even harder to get moving this time, but I sucked it up and pushed through the last mile. I hit mile 3 in 10:27. This trend is not good but what the heck. Squats 21-30 were shallow and ugly. I was definitely ready to finish this thing. One more crank-up, another .1 mile and 10 more ugly squats. I stopped my watch at 31:52. It was about 2.5 miles back to my house - perfect cooldown, except it was all uphill. I saw this sign along the way. Not sure how I feel about it. I know it's important to remain hopeful, but I think a lot of the hope-filled messages I see around town are put in place by people who have good health, good jobs and the financial means to withstand tough times. It's easy to spout platitudes about hope from a position of abundance. I wonder how these messages are received by people who are really hurting. I don't know. So this sign did not lift my spirits, but Tree Girl's Squat Madness 5K did ... and so does this view of Long's Peak I'm privileged to see every day.
  7. So many races. You continue to amaze me!
  8. CompulsiveRunner

    Racing in a Costume

    Oliver is spinning some serious webs. Fun way to get your miles in.
  9. For some reason, I thought you lived in Boulder. Evidently not. A 5K time trial on the track sounds interesting.
  10. Sounds pretty darn fast to me. Nice job.
  11. CompulsiveRunner

    Double dog

    Sorry about the PF. Hope it's behind you.
  12. Seems like you're doing a good job keeping your heart rate in a good place.
  13. My basement is about as appealing as yours - and I'm zigzagging all over the place on my runs too. But like you, we're trying to avoid complaining. This is an inconvenience for us - not a health crisis or an economic disaster. So much to be grateful for.
  14. Incredible grit and beautiful splits. I hope you feel proud of your comeback and the way you coped with a situation no one could have imagined. ❤️
  15. CompulsiveRunner

    Birthday Silliness

    A birthday - and a celebration - to remember.
  16. CompulsiveRunner

    Fauxnwood 5k

    Clever race title. :)
  17. CompulsiveRunner

    Virtual Racing

    Staying motivated in a solo race sounds just about impossible to me. Good job.
  18. CompulsiveRunner

    Covid Virus Run

    You should definitely get bonus points for training with your grandsons.
  19. Thank you for the professionalism and caring spirit you bring to your job! Glad you can still find time to run.
  20. Nice job. Looks like you inspired a lot of people to race and write about it.
  21. You DO look terrific - despite the downpour. Nice job, AP.
  22. Good info in the infographic. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Marathon PR at 57. You have a lot of good running ahead of you.
  24. CompulsiveRunner

    COVID-19 10K

    Those are beautiful splits, TG. It is a great feeling to give yourself a long easy warmup, then turn on the afterburners.
  25. CompulsiveRunner

    Attempting A Return...

    Wow. I'm sorry you had such a debilitating illness. But you recovered! Sounds like a bit of a miracle. Best of luck as you get back to running.
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