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  1. CompulsiveRunner

    Fauxnwood 5k

    Clever race title. :)
  2. CompulsiveRunner

    Virtual Racing

    Staying motivated in a solo race sounds just about impossible to me. Good job.
  3. CompulsiveRunner

    Covid Virus Run

    You should definitely get bonus points for training with your grandsons.
  4. Thank you for the professionalism and caring spirit you bring to your job! Glad you can still find time to run.
  5. Nice job. Looks like you inspired a lot of people to race and write about it.
  6. You DO look terrific - despite the downpour. Nice job, AP.
  7. Good info in the infographic. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Marathon PR at 57. You have a lot of good running ahead of you.
  9. CompulsiveRunner

    COVID-19 10K

    Those are beautiful splits, TG. It is a great feeling to give yourself a long easy warmup, then turn on the afterburners.
  10. CompulsiveRunner

    Attempting A Return...

    Wow. I'm sorry you had such a debilitating illness. But you recovered! Sounds like a bit of a miracle. Best of luck as you get back to running.
  11. We have seen a lot of the same TV. Love Schitt's Creek. It's good to laugh.
  12. I'm stoked to read about your comeback.
  13. I crossed an invisible age line and got significantly slower - but I'm older than you. Resist.
  14. Nice that Mrs Dave is always up for the adventure.
  15. That smile of yours. Wow. We all need a joyful person like you in our lives.
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