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  1. A sponsor??? OMG. I love you, girl. So very happy for you.
  2. Nice job on the triathlon - have not seen one done in reverse. Your Covid sounds ugly. Glad you are improving.
  3. Congratulations on your comeback. Have fun and be proud that you made it to the start line!
  4. CompulsiveRunner

    Foot Story

    Pretty common running injury - sorry it landed on your doorstop. I have had neuromas on and off over the past 30 years, but they always go away eventually. My husband has been less fortunate. After dealing with MN for long time - and seeing many different doctors, PTs, etc. -- he had that "simple" surgery and it didn't go well. The pain disappeared from the original spot, but the nerve was definitely affected - and the pain just ended up moving to another nearby area. Not saying that would happen to you, but it does happen. Hope you can fix things without a surgical intervention.
  5. Have you thought about trying something else for a while - like spinning? It's not the same, but it will give you a great big endorphin rush - which can be very helpful in the dark world where running is not possible.
  6. So amazing. I think that means we're famous too.
  7. CompulsiveRunner


    Ohmygosh ... what a great love story! I am choosing to be very very happy for you because (just about) anyone can be a good partner when everything's jolly -- but only a few special people can hold you up and help you endure the dark times. So rejoice in the fact that you found each other - life is good even when it's hard. Sending positivity to your sweet Brady. ❤️
  8. CompulsiveRunner

    Just one mile

    Hope there are many happy miles ahead for you in 2022.
  9. You're the epitome of consistency and perseverance, Dave, no matter how your running is going. Very inspiring. Wishing good things for you in 2022.
  10. Maybe you start with a commitment to run 1 mile and see how it goes? Sometimes we longtime runners view 3 as an absolute minimum, but for the rest of the world, 3 can be long way. In any case, please be nice to yourself. ❤️
  11. CompulsiveRunner

    December 5

    So cute! Hope the PT is effective. It's very frustrating to NOT be running and still have pain.
  12. I have no streaks either so yours is very impressive tome. I'm even more impressed that you could find all the pictures.
  13. When our kids can't be with us for holidays, we remind ourselves how thankful we are that they're out in the world with people they love. Hope your test runs continue to improve.
  14. It's definitely a running holiday.!
  15. happy two year anniversary! elf hat is too cute. those shoes will help you kickstart your HM training.
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