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  1. CompulsiveRunner

    Hello from Idaho.

    Such a good dad.
  2. Sounds fun. In a hellish kind of way.
  3. Your letter is beautiful. ❤️
  4. CompulsiveRunner

    I love Colorado.

    Glad you had fun. No place we'd rather be.
  5. CompulsiveRunner

    Odds and ends

    Enjoy your time in Denver. (Sorry to say it's going to be 98 here on the weekend - run early!)
  6. CompulsiveRunner

    the new thing

    No caffeine, no alcohol, no strenuous exercise … that sounds pretty grim to me. I'm sorry you're going through this, but appreciate your sharing your experience. All the best to you and please keep us posted.
  7. good luck in your last semester. i'd be curious to know more about how aging affects the nutritional needs of those who are very active.
  8. I have been there - that moment when the hip tells you it's time to stop. Good for you for paying attention. Hope a little rest does the trick.
  9. Nice job. Congratulations on your new house.
  10. You always figure out a way to thrive during injury!
  11. You have everything it takes to be a great coach - authenticity, consistency, exuberance, teaching experience. Your clients will be so lucky to have you!
  12. While Dave and his ilk were busy with the Double Dog thing last weekend, I opted for Tree Girl's challenge: 5K + 10 squats at each mile marker and 10 more at the end. I haven't run a lot since my DNF at CIM. I got sick several times during the winter - we had a lot of snow - and one of my knees was bugging me (my first knee issue in 35+ years of running). So I spent most of my time riding a spin bike and lifting a few weights. But I started running a little more when the gym closed, so the 5K sounded like the best option for me. I headed out the door wearing my JackRabbit running hat, a
  13. So many races. You continue to amaze me!
  14. Oliver is spinning some serious webs. Fun way to get your miles in.
  15. For some reason, I thought you lived in Boulder. Evidently not. A 5K time trial on the track sounds interesting.
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