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  1. Sounds like a beautiful place to run #19
  2. CompulsiveRunner

    When Ya Know

    It's your time, Peg. So happy you have the courage and strength to take this huge step - and a supportive husband helping you make it happen.
  3. Congratulations! What a great race.
  4. Congratulations on another finish! Hard to fit it all in - work, school, training, sleep - but you did it!!
  5. Cliffhanger! Looking forward to the race report. [I got my 5K PR about a year after I had my daughter and ran with her in the baby jogger. That's close to 30 years ago now. :)]
  6. 1:56 on limited training - very impressive! Sounds like a fun weekend.
  7. CompulsiveRunner

    Remember Marshall?

    I'm just glad you can get to the start, given all the issues you've had over the past year or more. I'm hopeful I can do that one of these days, but my current mileage is 0, so I have a ways to go.
  8. I'm trying to imagine myself knocking on a stranger's door and asking if I could come in and poop. You are really amazing.
  9. Another OCRG adventure. Hope the ankle is OK.
  10. CompulsiveRunner

    Boston 2019

    Life is good.
  11. Next time one of those beasts tries to push you off track, tell them to go talk to your 62 year old running buddy. 😎
  12. Cheers to the father of the bride - and everyone else too! Have fun.
  13. It takes me at least two slow miles to get warmed up. Sometimes I'm at mile 5 before I actually feel decent. I don't have a lot of pain though, so that's a bonus. We really have to get over ourselves and just keep going. (speaking for myself, anyway).
  14. Can't imagine the energy and creativity required to organize all those 5Ks. Very cool to have someone like that in your running world. Best of luck with your business.
  15. I am learning to love three mile runs again. Let's try to meet up one of these days for a short race. I'll be doing my radiation next week, then attempting to get back in decent shape.
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