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  1. CompulsiveRunner

    No Doubt!

    OCRG is back in the house. Yay!
  2. That looks crazy hard - way out of my league. Congratulations!
  3. This actually made me cry. Your spirit is even more amazing than your work ethic.
  4. Cupcake!! Perfect reward. In my dream world, they would replace all those stupid medals with cupcakes.
  5. 68 half marathons! That's amazing.
  6. CompulsiveRunner

    It is what it is

    It's a noble way to mess up one's ankle, but crap.
  7. Do not go gentle into that good night.
  8. CompulsiveRunner

    Renew my membership

    I was a 5 am motherrunner … you win.
  9. CompulsiveRunner

    I do what I'm told

    Sorry to hear about your running injuries, but I'm quite impressed with your royalty status in Sufferlandria.
  10. CompulsiveRunner

    Must. Keep. Writing.

    You will always have readers in this corner of the world.
  11. CompulsiveRunner

    Taking a Breather

    That'll teach you to run a trail marathon.
  12. I am so sorry Eliz. This is hard, hard stuff. Peace to you and your husband. (I had two ectopic pregnancies and gave birth to two beautiful children … all during my 30s … so please don't give up hope. ❤️)
  13. Sounds brutal. Bonus points for just hanging in there.
  14. 2nd place out of 99. Holy crap, girl. You are amazing. NYCM is my favorite - even better than Boston IMHO. Plus - KRG. Congratulations!
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