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  1. CompulsiveRunner

    More than a week.

    We will be in Seattle too. Easier for us to go to them than them to come to us. It's looking like our nest will be completely empty at Christmas this year. That's OK. It's what we want for them, right? Fortunately, Mr. CR and I still have a lot of fun together.
  2. CompulsiveRunner

    2nd Annual Rick Austin Memorial 5K

    Sounds like a comeback to me. Nice job.
  3. CompulsiveRunner

    I ran a 5K!

    Looks like a fun trip. See you Saturday for Pumpkin Pie!
  4. CompulsiveRunner

    Set aside

    Glad to hear this is about sunglasses and not running shoes. Good luck making it through the dark days of Wisconsin winter.
  5. CompulsiveRunner

    Jim vs. Gwen Race 3

    Love the way you encourage him. He's lucky to have a friend like you!
  6. CompulsiveRunner

    Shamrock Marathon Training!

    Love your excitement! 2019 is already looking good.
  7. CompulsiveRunner

    Lacing help, anyone?

    I'm not a lacing expert either - sorry. I hope you find a solution so you can get back out there.
  8. I'm sure that was a tough decision - but it must be a relief to have made it. Many adventures ahead!
  9. CompulsiveRunner

    NYC Ready!

    Perfect venue for a comeback - there's so much joy in the air - all the way from Staten Island to Central Park.
  10. CompulsiveRunner

    Flashback Friday: Fort Bragg Army 10 miler (2011) Race Report

    Fun to read about a past race. Those temps sound HOT to me … especially for racing. I had a big bonk yesterday when it was 65 and super sunny. I'm not sure I could be a runner if I lived in the south.
  11. CompulsiveRunner

    OK, here's one theory.

    Nice to have the evidence that the comeback is actually going quite well.
  12. CompulsiveRunner

    The Second Annual Inaugural Irma Gerd 8 Mile Classic

    Just think about all the interesting people you would fail to meet if you didn't belong to that gym. Plenty of material for that thing you intend to write (how's that coming along anyway?)
  13. CompulsiveRunner

    Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon RR

    Dang it, John. You definitely had this one. Climate change is messing with the fall marathon. I second Dave's suggestion to choose a later one next year - temps at Rehoboth were perfect for me.
  14. CompulsiveRunner

    It's a Race Report!

    NYC is such a fun race. I think slowing down a bit (if you call 8:15 slow) will mean you'll really enjoy the experience.
  15. CompulsiveRunner

    Switching gears: The glass is HALF full…

    Take the pressure off. Run strong. Have fun. Drink beer.