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  1. CompulsiveRunner

    Storm Before the Storm

    So many possibilities for someone with your brains and talent. It's going to be fun to see how this adventure unfolds.
  2. CompulsiveRunner

    Grandma’s Marathon: There's more than one way to success & thankfulness

    You continue to be such a shining example of what it means to work hard, stay positive and persevere. Here's to whatever comes next!
  3. CompulsiveRunner

    "Chris is the girl that runs a lot..."

    Really fun to hear your back story. So many more things to look forward to!
  4. CompulsiveRunner

    Battle of Short Hill Sprints

    Pretty cool way to start your day.
  5. CompulsiveRunner

    Table Rock Trail Challenge

    It would be interesting to hear how the organizers came up with that format -- and how many beers had been consumed when the idea took hold -- so out of the box. Nice job!
  6. CompulsiveRunner

    I Just Felt Like Running – Running with no Plan is Kind of Awesome

    The older I've gotten, the more I've come to realize that ebbs and flows are what make life interesting. Glad to hear you're doing so well.
  7. CompulsiveRunner

    Thelma & Louise 13.1 RR

    Well, that made my day. You've come so far - in running and life - couldn't be happier for you!
  8. CompulsiveRunner

    It's time.

    Louie is a real jerk. That is all.
  9. CompulsiveRunner


    Sorry to hear about B2, Carissa. The downside of our deep love of running is the crazy we experience when we can't get out there. Through the years, I've definitely gotten better about accepting the ebbs and flows of injury-healing-comeback. It's never easy, but it gets easier. This rest time will be over before you know it - best of luck getting through it.
  10. CompulsiveRunner

    Ten years down

    Those splits are quite beautiful. Congrats. Good luck with NYC training.
  11. CompulsiveRunner

    I’ll Happily Take This PW

    Pushups after every lap?
  12. CompulsiveRunner

    Mt. Evans Ascent Race Report

    You are so fierce, girl. That is such a hard climb. Great job!
  13. CompulsiveRunner

    Under the knife.

    Good to hear it went so smoothly. Hope you recover fast.
  14. CompulsiveRunner

    The Bridge Challenge

    I love this story so much! So impressed with - Jim's courage (100 pounds!!) - Your tenacity (effing hammy) - And the way you inspired each other. That flying picture is one of the Loop's finest.
  15. CompulsiveRunner

    Piling Up the Hay in the Barn

    Definitely need a bigger barn. This one appears to be full already. Great job!