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  1. Sweet baby! My kids are 4 years apart so I used that baby jogger for about 8 years. Without it, I doubt if I'd been able to run so consistently all those years. Keep it up, Momma.
  2. Lots of happy in those pictures. Hope the foot is still feeling good.
  3. CompulsiveRunner

    The quest.

    You are good guy, Dave. That is all.
  4. That shirt will look fab on you.
  5. Congratulations Momma! It's hard to make it all work with a little one, but you can do it!
  6. I lost the love a bit this past year too - started enjoying spinning and weight lifting much more than running - which no one who knows me could believe. I'm sure my interest will pick up when it's warmer and lighter. (I did find it a little humorous that the all new Peg is contemplating 5Ks and 100Ks in the same bloop ….)
  7. CompulsiveRunner

    Six Weeks to Boston

    These days if I'm running with a group, I need to go 30 mins early and warm up so I'm ready for their warmup pace.
  8. I think you should get bonus points for streaming someone else's workout while you work out. Always fierce, girl.
  9. Perfect pacing. It's good for the confidence to run those faster ones at the end of a 20. Great job.
  10. CompulsiveRunner

    Confronting the fear

    Great picture! Just going to add that your fears are rational - not irrational - so try not to be too hard on yourself. You've been on a long, tough road to good health.
  11. I'm just going to say I love that picture of you.
  12. Something for you the The Wife to ponder on your next morning run.
  13. She would leave you if she ever found out about the sparkle skirt. Your secret is safe with me.
  14. Marathon training always brings anxiety into my life. I can never stop thinking about how far do I need to run this week and what kind of speedwork do I have to do and what else is on the calendar and what's the weather going to be like and where am I doing my long one and what time do I have to get up and shit I hate carrying water and how am I going to fit 3+ hours of running into the weekend and am I going to hurt myself and and and and …. GAH. I like the training, but hate the obsession … I hope you will give yourself permission to enjoy your workouts, no matter what they're geared toward.
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