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  1. eebtool

    The night that never was.

    The other night I did something that I had not done in more than 25 years, I went cross country skiing. The weather was perfect to enjoy being outside and as soon as the skis were under my feet it all came back to me. The trails across the open white fields were straight and smooth. The back kicks were high and the strides smooth and long. The climb up the hills seemed effortless and the return glide down the other side was fast and refreshing with the wind briskly brushing my face. I commented to myself that the speed felt just a bit slow, but brushed it off as my waxing of the skis is a skill that I never seemed to master. I was enjoying the outing with a few of my buddies and as it is when guys get together, it turned into a competition. Do not think anyone really won or got the best of anyone, just a fun time out. Back at the lodge while getting out of the wet boots and socks I noticed something when tossing my wet gloves on the floor near the fire to dry, the top of my right foot was in great pain. The pain is what I think caused me to awaken suddenly at 2:00 AM and realize that my winter outing was just a dream. I am not too sure why I went skiing in my dreams, but I am happy that Mr. RA let me finish the wonderful time I had out with my friends. I remained awake for the rest of the day and thought about my adventure many times setting around at the office. It still brings a little smile to my face thinking about it now. Just because I have slowed down a lot lately it doesn’t mean that I have given up yet, I still fight on. And who knows, one day I just may strap on some skis and make an afternoon of it.
  2. eebtool

    Can we talk shoes?

    I had a similar issue but now I do this with my laces. I miss the top of the foot.
  3. eebtool

    Post Achilles Surgery Week 2 - This One's Optimistic

    Ouch! Stay positive, heal fast.
  4. eebtool


    Hey Riggers, hope you got off to a good start on the new year today!
  5. eebtool

    Hi There!

    A little slice of Apple Pie now and than is good food for the fast and slow alike. Happy new year!
  6. eebtool

    Mojo Rising?

  7. eebtool

    Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

    Time to get a mini van, the long one where you can fit in a full sheet of plywood, a second hand dishwasher and a brand new snowblower all at the same time? 👍 Oh, and stay healthy too!
  8. eebtool


    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your race with the wonderful writing.
  9. Winter here has barely started here and I can't wait for spring to come. Looks like you have some great camping and outing places to go to. Hope the performances go well for everyone. Break a leg as the saying goes.
  10. eebtool

    Let's talk about periods and training

    🙉🙈🙊! Women be tough people’s.
  11. Sorry for your bad news. Could this be the opertinity for you to refresh an old obsession from years past to help pass the non running time for a few weeks? Heal fast and heal completely. 👍
  12. eebtool

    A RAOK Texas Style: Thelma and Louise go to Houston

    Bless you, your team of helping hands and also Miss Dorothy.
  13. eebtool

    I think its the shoes.

    This past week I was away on a trip to see my little grand baby running buddy and take him and his Gam-gam to the house of mouse. On the day of the flight I wore my slip on deck shoes, the ones with the soft padded soles, just to help getting through airport security easier. Over the next few days I also wore them when we went out to eat and do some Christmas shopping for my little man and do some sightseeing. This meant that we spent a lot of time wandering around malls and shopping centers while carrying that 22 pound bundle of joy, you know, hugs and kisses kind of stuff. At the end of the 3rd day of our outing fun, I noticed and even mentioned to my wife that my knees and feet felt pretty good as I have a history of foot, knee and hip fatigue after a long day of activity. The next day was spent at Magic Kingdom and I decided to put on the Brooks as there was going to be much more walking and standing in lines on surfaces that are smooth but not always level. Plus I did not want to loose a shoe getting into or out of the boat on the Small World ride. After about an hour the feet started to ache, and just not feel well. So I just retired them about a loose as could be and not fall off my feet. I made it through the day without complaining with a smile on my face as it was a wonderfully awesome day! The next day was spent shopping and eating at Disney Springs, and that day I put the deck shoes back on. Even though it had been a busy week before than, I was just a bit tired, but nothing a Venti size Starbucks couldn’t fix, and a system check showed the knees and feet were not to bad. The next day was Epcot! Wine and Food Festival event! Oh Yes! 🤪 I wore the Brooks that day and despite all the tasty goodness from around the world the discomfort was back in my feet. 😩 I think that it might be time too look for a different style shoe to make my running shoe. I have been getting a similar feeling in my feet when running as I got while visiting the happiest place on earth. Oh, and the discomfort generally almost gone 30 minuets after removing the shoes. But the worst thing is that I HATE shoe shopping, I love looking, hate trying to make a decision on the right pair. Help me please! I want to enjoy running it it’s fullest!
  14. eebtool

    First Snow/New House

    So happy for you! This means things are looking up! You got room out back for a small vegetable or flower garden?