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  1. Sorry to hear that things have not been going as intended here, but it has not been a very positive and uplifting year for many of us and I believe most members don’t want to post negative happenings. So with that being said, l have positive plans for the new year that include health improvement, travel, community involvement and snuggles with grandchildren. If we can’t share running tails, at least share our expectations for a better us and new year.
  2. In June of 2012 I began my life changing journey of running. I was drawn into it after going cheer on my daughter as she was running her first half marathon. I did not get to see her train as she lived some 45 miles away and did not get to discuss running with her as she is somewhat of a person who keeps things to herself. Somehow she and her mother talked me into signing up for a 2013 January half marathon at Walt Disney World in Florida. I just think they wanted a winter vacation. With my little girl living away I did my running basically on my own, mostly alone and out by myself. The r
  3. eebtool

    Set aside

    I know, there everywhere, everywhere!
  4. I could name the voices in my head so my conversations make more sense!
  5. I think I will start by setting a regular schedule of just working out, and maybe Santa will get ma an entry to a spring time half. Or maybe a tattoo gift card!
  6. eebtool

    Set aside

    They set right where I left them 3 weeks ago. I have had no reason to use them since then. The cold grey that covers my life has now moved in, in full. I have hopes that I will once again get the chance to use them soon. But the decisions I have made in the past have put me here today. I know that the glow of relief I need will return some day. Until that day comes, they will stay put, but not forgotten. Oh, I suppose that there is a chance of 2 or 3 bright moments that will show up. I look forward to those few short times. There is little that I ca
  7. I use to do something love that at the Y track, instead of a dumbbell, I would go down and back up the stairs 2 times. That would kick my butt.
  8. That is a lot of plans to find, You got a system on how to narrow down the selection to a final list of 6?
  9. But you are “The Dave”. I can only dream of being like you.
  10. Good questions Michael. I had put my running on hold for the summer. Well more like all activities that could be seen as a work out or exercise. But that did not mean I was a couch potato, had lots of other things that needed taking care of. I enjoy running and the structure it brought into my life and mind. It was the long runs, the loss of time that I could spend in my workshop, the time spent alone on the roads and in the gym, and the increased time needed to recover my body from running. I want to get back into running, but it looks like 5 miles may have to be my new long run and
  11. How can I put some fun and enjoyment into a new workout plan so I won’t give up on things to soon? That is all. Ed.
  12. The other night I did something that I had not done in more than 25 years, I went cross country skiing. The weather was perfect to enjoy being outside and as soon as the skis were under my feet it all came back to me. The trails across the open white fields were straight and smooth. The back kicks were high and the strides smooth and long. The climb up the hills seemed effortless and the return glide down the other side was fast and refreshing with the wind briskly brushing my face. I commented to myself that the speed felt just a bit slow, but brushed it off as my waxing of the skis is a skil
  13. I had a similar issue but now I do this with my laces. I miss the top of the foot.
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