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  1. So yeah, it's been a while. It's also been a while since I ran. Neither was intended. I love writing about all my super fun exciting and sometimes hazardous runs and I LOVE running. Unfortunately I've been dealing with an injury since July. It started out as hamstring/but which I then called Hambutt....then it went to my low back....then to my hip flexor. Then all three. I've been chasing around this injury for months. I thought I was better and stupidly ran a 15k, primarily to win money. I know, it's sad. I need the money but need to stay healthy to win the money.....argh. If you're thinking
  2. i feel like you skipped over maybe 12 hours. and smuggling beer back up to albany for a sad loopster left at home
  3. oh my goodness.....how crazy! exciting, disappointing and frustrating! i'm glad it was a workout and not goal race. I can see how it would be confusing to know how to post about it. this was perfect. i had a half PR (much slower than you) but the lead pack, which included me, went off course for at least 30 seconds. i can't help but be frustrated that i'll never get that time back. so the opposite of what happened to you but still SUCKS!!! don't worry, you're going to have some amazing PRs
  4. i'm in my 4th year as a master and never noticed that i should maybe be a mistress. hmmmm. should i be offended?
  5. Training and years of learning how to race are probably factoring in too. Any maybe the desire to beat that girl
  6. corcorama

    7 weeks to Rehoboth

    this just makes me want to go to CO more!! great pics.
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