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  1. LurkerInChief

    Comeback 2022 - week 24

    So how is the body after work all day and 10 miles on the bike?
  2. If you are wearing the heel insert you were given, you might want to look into that too. I was told that leg discrepancy is not always truly bone related and mostly superficial. It is different, for most people, from day to day since it is mostly related with muscle tightness ( if you sit , sleep weird ... ) For example, the discrepancy before and after a massage is mostly different, sometimes significantly. After few experiences, I am skeptical of inserts in general.
  3. LurkerInChief


    I hear you Dave! I just remembered and wanted to mention one thing for you to may be consider. When I get ITBS ( including three weeks ago after my marathon- it starts with achy hip then get that acute sharp pain on the outside knee) cupping done by my chiropractor immediately resolves it. I come out of that treatment bruised but it is like a magic that I can immediately go and run after that. But then I have to get my acts together with strength work. I get lazy after few months, then the cycle repeats. If you decide to try this option, find a chiropractor/PT that works with athletes and specializes with cupping.
  4. LurkerInChief


    Very sorry to hear this. I had to stay away from all forms of exercise after dealing with chronic itbs injury where my hip was aching all the time even while not running. After seeing all kinds of doctors, many imagings done, three different PTs over two years period, I just stopped everything including stretching and strength workouts for about 2 months resting completely. I build back gradually starting with my PT workouts then slowly increase my milage and incorporated strength exercise too. I have flare-ups here and there but never lasted more than for few days. I hope the complete rest will do you good. And be patient coming back. Good luck!
  5. LurkerInChief


    Shut up Sammy!
  6. LurkerInChief

    Big news!

    Very glad to read this! The eccentric heel drops + massage seem to work really great for achilles issues.
  7. LurkerInChief

    Tidewater 26.2

    Congratulations! What a great achievement. Your very hard work paid off big time! Thanks for the RR.
  8. LurkerInChief


    Looking forward to the RR. Stick to your race plan.
  9. LurkerInChief

    Just like running.

    Dave, the following video helped me with my achilles issue. The massage part. Check it out. https://youtu.be/qqAlt1k_-gs The bathroom looks great!
  10. LurkerInChief

    And there went July

    Kudos Mayor ( have been a lurker in the loop for 8 or 10 years I think, just created an account to say Kudos)
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