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  1. runDeannarun

    Rehoboth RR

    Great race!! I can’t believe your feet ever touch the ground - you always appear to be flying!
  2. runDeannarun


    Welcome!! Glad you came out of the shadows and said "hi"! Good luck with your 10k! So impressed with anyone who can run on the TM - I don't have the mental toughness for it.
  3. Have fun and enjoy your family. I say shorts for sure - just lube up well with Body glide 😊 Good luck!!🍀
  4. Looks like you nailed the perfect race plan. Nicely done. Congrats!
  5. Hello all! It's been a very long time since I posted and since this is all new, thought I'd jump on the band wagon and share my latest race. I haven't blooped for such a long time because I never felt like I had anything interesting to say. My running in the past year has been pretty mundane (at least compared to a lot of you). I became a "Mimi" last February to twin boys! They are my first grandchildren and they have changed my life and my priorities for sure. Running use to be such an important part of my life - not that it still isn't but it's definitely down on my list. In March I started watching the twins 4 days a week when my daughter went back to work. Needless to say, it is exhausting. It pushed my running to 4:30 - 5:00 a.m. and they are mostly all junk miles. I'm just always tired. I haven't done any speed work or hill work at all this year. Therefore, I haven't really had much desire to race even though I'm on a local team and have to race a few races a year. 😬 Yes this is a race report if you're still reading this 😀 We have a hometown Half Marathon every September and it draws approximately 8 thousand between a Marathon, Half, 10K and 4 mile run. I was very worried about the half because I hadn't run 13 miles since last November when I ran the Indianapolis Monumental Half! I'm telling you - little training going on here. My goal was to break 2 hours. I lined up with the 1:55 pace group and just decided to run my own race and decide how I was feeling as I went. The first few miles seemed so easy - I was in shock. I took a gu at mile 5 and thought just continue the ride until I can't. At mile 9.5 came an uphill and I sure realized right away I had no training in hills. I had to walk up part of it. Also, my stomach was churning and I knew I needed a gu but didn't want to chance it with my stomach. Well, I walked 6 more times between miles 10 and 12 so the gu was needed. I hit the wall for sure. I ran the last mile just praying to get done. I finished in 1:53:21!! Not a PR but much better than I had thought would happen. I was so excited and realize that I still have it in me. I have a 10K in 3 weeks. That is my hardest racing distance. I never know how to pace myself for it. Guess I'll try to be smart and just hang on like usual the last 2 miles. I'm also running the Fort Worth Half Marathon in November. Hoping to not lose the fitness I have and try to have another decent race. (I also haven't been to the gym for any strength training since the twins were born - definitely shows). My new life - I love it! So great reading everyone's reports and catching up! You are all so inspiring to me. Love this new format!! Thanks Dave 😊
  6. I hope you're able to keep up some sort of exercise routine while pregnant - good for the body and mind! Good luck to you!
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