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  1. DrWhiskers

    Four Lap Harmony

    I saw a guy on my flight once who looked like he was just wearing all of his clothes LOL
  2. DrWhiskers

    Run, Burpee, Repeat

    Great work! I always find your posts so inspiring!
  3. DrWhiskers


    Shouldn't have clicked on this at work.... And Long Beach Half is now on my radar.
  4. DrWhiskers

    I don't even know what I'm doing anymore

    I like the Liz Logic. Except for the part about having to talk to strangers. Looking forward to following your training!
  5. DrWhiskers

    Four Lap Harmony

    Impressive! I enjoyed my recent mile race but kudos to you for doing it on the track (my realistic fear of getting lapped wouldn't allow for that). Imagine what you could do with a proper pre-race dinner and bedtime...ah hell, nevermind, it's only a mile. You did great!
  6. DrWhiskers

    Cinco de Mile RR

    You should give it a go! The beauty of a 1 mile race is you need no taper and no recovery. And it's not too taxing so I could see fitting it into a much longer run. I don't think I'd ever do one on the track though because I would totally get lapped which would be zero fun.
  7. DrWhiskers

    Cinco de Mile RR

    Triathlons are can be hard to compare against each other (always slightly different distances). DH was very happy with his faster-than-expected swim but his bike wasn't anything spectacular and that's where he's spent the most time in recent months. So good and meh, I guess.
  8. DrWhiskers

    Cinco de Mile RR

    Short and sweet, both the race and the RR. I’ve never run a 1 mile “race” before and had no real desire until I learned that my coach would be the race director for an inaugural local one. The race date ended up, of course, on the same morning as DH’s first triathlon of the season. Luckily, I’m smarter than I look and was able to figure out a way to make it all happen. 5am: wake up! 530am: leave house. Stroller and Garmin for me… 1000 pieces of equipment for DH. Gosh, triathletes are high maintenance! 6am: Intended parking area for triathlon is NOT allowing traffic from the direction we arrive from, contrary to map on website. 6:01: Almost complete freakout by DH 6:02: Few illegal traffic maneuvers puts us in a prime spot. 6:03-6:45: Mill around while DH sets up transition area. Feel thankful that I am not getting in the gross, freezing cold (68 degree) water. Yeah, no. 7:11: DH’s wave starts! The swim is not exciting to watch because you can’t really see anything until they come back in. Spectator failure: I don’t see DH come out of the water. DS and I watch for awhile, about 10 minutes past when he should have come out but don’t see him. I planned on watching him start the bike then head over to my race…I feel slightly off about leaving when I don’t know for sure he came out of the water. Hmmm. I figure he swam faster than we anticipated and came out earlier than expected (which thankfully is what ended up happening but I wouldn’t know this for another hour!) 7:45: I stroller jog to my race which is convienently about 1.5 miles away from the triathlon start. Perfect! DS is 5 years old and about 45 lbs. Not perfect. It’s hard to find an easy pace. 8:05: Easiest bib pickup ever. Coach is at the registration table and hands me my stuff. There are 5 heats for the 1 mile race: Masters men, Masters womem, Open men, Open women, then Kids. I’m slightly nervous that I will be DFL in the Open women’s heat. The race is small, maybe 20-30 people per heat with most of the racers being on race teams or track clubs. I have no idea what I’ll run. My “PR” is from during a 5K a few weeks earlier (7:50). The smart online calculators say in the 7:20-7:30? 8:15: Find out friends that were going to come…can’t. Slight panic as the dad was going to watch DS while I ran. 8:20: Coach finds a volunteer to keep an eye on DS. Crisis averted! 9am: Race! I am normally a solid pacer. Not today. The first half is really fast but as soon as it starts to suck, it’s over! Official time 7:13. Sweet PR! And I liked this a lot better than a 5K. Also, I finished in the lead of the “normal people” pack. There were maybe 4-5 women after me. 9:20: time for the main event—the kid’s mile! [side note: DS ran a mile race as part of a HM and 5K event last year but he jogged and walked with some friends. And the course was about 1.7 miles instead of 1 mile so not a memorable event for a 4 year old.] We’ve been practicing a bit in the previous few weeks, doing one mile with a mix of running and walking. I was hoping to just encourage him to try and run the whole thing. And he did! Coming in at 10:17. His medal is a piñata so he was pretty excited. I asked him later if he’d like to do it again sometime and he said “it was pretty long. Maybe next year when I’m 6”. He's the little guy in the blue shirt on the right side. Just ignore that heel striking!
  9. DrWhiskers

    Well, it's Monday.

    I think the best way to cheer yourself up...at least in the short term...is to go buy some donuts.
  10. DrWhiskers

    Looking for the Heart of Saturday Morning

    Welcome back! I'm looking forward to following your journey! Once a runner, always a runner.
  11. DrWhiskers

    The psmPR Streak

    Glad to hear your training is going well! Keep it up! I usually use the Clif Bloks for mid race, because they are handy and don't require any liquid to take them. Lately, on training runs 2 hours or more, I just eat a damn granola bar 2/3 of the way because I am hungry and no chew or gu or Gatorade really deals with the hunger.
  12. DrWhiskers

    State of Fivestarks Union

    I gave my mom some workout equipment one year for Christmas...it did not go over well, haha I'm always cautiously optimistic for you when I see a run on Strava!
  13. DrWhiskers

    Home Away From Home Half

    Nice work! And I think we could all run more hills
  14. DrWhiskers

    Another of Dave's Great Western Adventures

    My sister had a tough time going away to school and she eventually was able to work things out. Sending happy thoughts to T-Rex! Amazing views during your trip
  15. DrWhiskers

    SD RnR HM Training

    Yes definitely!! I'd love to do a Loopfest but Rehoboth is not so easy travel-wise.