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  1. DrWhiskers

    Darien 5 Miles - Welcome Back, Baby!

    Stroller running is badass! I kinda hated it but kinda miss it. Enjoy those miles!
  2. DrWhiskers

    The grass is always greener

    I agree about the headlamp. It's not terrible but definitely takes away from the experience. Glad to read about your comeback, no matter how slow it is!
  3. DrWhiskers

    Irma Gerd Redux

    It's not a bloop without pictures. You can probably get a nice selfie with the gym bros.
  4. DrWhiskers


    I would ride with you! On the bike, that is. Skiing is terrifying.
  5. DrWhiskers

    Sore, flat, broke, but it's going to be ok

    Yay for HSAs! Boo to flat tires. Good job fitting in running with Life.
  6. DrWhiskers

    Estes Epic 24K Race Report - Birthday Run!

    Happy Birthday! I wish more races started at 6am...
  7. DrWhiskers

    In the Darkness

    I've been having a lot of these thoughts too and I can't even blame it on the weather! Although negative diabetes never crossed my mind, Lol
  8. DrWhiskers

    Predicting Times

    I wish there were more mile races.
  9. DrWhiskers

    Of course I ran.

    No. Just no.
  10. DrWhiskers

    Week 3 Complete: Definitely a better week

    Not the lady parts! Haha That trail looks amazing.
  11. DrWhiskers

    'release post dump' and other musings

    I used to get an error message on a lab instrument computer that "the children will be terminated". IT assured me all was fine. Riiiight.....
  12. DrWhiskers

    You may want to skip this one.

    Time to cut it off and be Dave The Blade Runner?
  13. DrWhiskers

    The Second Half of the July Diaries

    I have no words of wisdom. Just wanted to say that I hope some day this will just be small blip on your lifetime running adventures.
  14. DrWhiskers

    Well. Hello, Monday.

    Thanks for not including any pictures.
  15. DrWhiskers

    39.3 Miles of Maine Coast Birthday Fun!

    A true marathon mainiac!