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  1. DrWhiskers

    Taking a Breather

    Oooh I just signed up for a Turkey trot in Palm Springs. Hope the foot pain goes away.
  2. DrWhiskers

    Must. Keep. Writing.

    I enjoy reading! I have few running friends IRL so please keep sharing. Have you done a CA marathon yet?
  3. Surely you can find a 5k along the way?
  4. DrWhiskers

    Once in a Lifetime

    I love your attitude! And that course looks beautiful.
  5. ALWAYS run against traffic! Jealous of your cooler weather.
  6. DrWhiskers

    trail walking

    You sure got to experience a lot in just one run. Keep sharing your photos with us!
  7. I look forward to reading about this every year! If I'm ever living back on the East coast....
  8. Sounds like a fun adventure with some fun folks. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Sounds like school and running are going well. Kudos for surviving and thriving in Year 1!
  10. DrWhiskers

    It was Hell. Literally.

    Is your marathon also hilly? That's a sweet trophy!
  11. DrWhiskers


    I think the cats need their own monthly post 😎
  12. I'm in a similar spot myself right now. Going to let pain be my guide for the next few days at least. Can you still do the stair workout in your house?
  13. I think we need a post on GMHLTH. Any miles are impressive in that weather nonsense!
  14. DrWhiskers

    May (yes, May) in Review

    I love everything about this! (Even the flight issues gave you a longer honeymoon, lol)
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