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  1. DrWhiskers

    May (yes, May) in Review

    I love everything about this! (Even the flight issues gave you a longer honeymoon, lol)
  2. DrWhiskers

    Keep showing up

    Good job on what you've accomplished (in the heat) so far!
  3. DrWhiskers

    Keep showing up

    Or San Diego. We still haven't turned our AC on yet...
  4. DrWhiskers

    Summer Sucks.

    Any luck with rearranging your nutrition to prevent the Cody Abby annoyances?
  5. I was on the East Coast last week....a good reminder about real humidity. We definitely have it made in So Cal! Congrats on being thisclose to beating all the usual suspects. You may be getting older, but so are they
  6. We had those in South Florida but THANK GOD they were only ever in our garage. I mean, flying cockroaches, just wth
  7. DrWhiskers

    Who doesn't love a week off?

    Fancy font for a fancy guy? Congrats to Mrs Dave for choosing your next marathon! NH will be gorgeous in early Oct.
  8. I'm just here for the kitty! 😀 I mean, great job on the fast workout and good luck at Grandmas! Is he super chatty? Every orange cat I've met "talks" nonstop.
  9. Great race! Pretty even splits for such a hilly course.
  10. Great job! Your RRs always keep me on the edge of my seat.
  11. DrWhiskers

    When Ya Know

    That's pretty great that you can do a complete career switch over just a few months! I spent 6 years in grad school...it seemed impossibly demanding at the time but was 100% worth it. Keep on truckin!
  12. Stroller running is no joke! Excited for the RR.
  13. Several body parts changed with pregnancy for me but luckily not my feet either! I'm enjoying reading about your return to running.
  14. DrWhiskers

    The quest.

    My mom had a similar saga for my brother's wedding, it had to be new and perfect. Fast forward a few years, and she wore something she already had for mine, lol
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