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  1. DrWhiskers


    At least someone is racing. I think it will be years before it happens in CA. RR?
  2. DrWhiskers

    And there went July

    Do you think fitness is rough from time off due to being sick? Or lingering fatigue from being sick with THE sickness? Kudos to you running and writing (mostly) consistently!
  3. DrWhiskers

    Birthday Silliness

    Points for creativity! Happy birthday, old man!
  4. DrWhiskers

    Decision Made, Plans Laid

    I'm in Maine every summer, but in the "populated" part. Hope training continues to go well!
  5. Sending you speedy vibes for Houston! And just curious, what do you consider your max HR? I can't imagine running with HR lower than 130! (I'd be walking)
  6. DrWhiskers

    I said I'd be back.

    Congrats to you and Mr TreeGirl!! The noxgear vest is a solid purchase. Also buy rechargeable batteries (3 × AAA)
  7. That's a great turnout for a no frills race. Must be the donuts.
  8. DrWhiskers

    swartkoppies slowly

    Amazing! I think the spectators would definitely win in a foot race.
  9. DrWhiskers

    Jolly Holly 5K

    And no hamstring issues? Happy that you are returning to your fast self!
  10. Why no dreadmill for Mrs Dave?
  11. I've missed reading your bloops. Which autocorrected to "blood". LOL
  12. DrWhiskers

    Taking a Breather

    Oooh I just signed up for a Turkey trot in Palm Springs. Hope the foot pain goes away.
  13. DrWhiskers

    Must. Keep. Writing.

    I enjoy reading! I have few running friends IRL so please keep sharing. Have you done a CA marathon yet?
  14. Surely you can find a 5k along the way?
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