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  1. Ocean_101

    I bought a treadmill.

    I am pretty sure your wife made plenty of accommodations for you as well. 😉
  2. @Dave jealous that you can’t grow one? Zing!
  3. Nice job. Congrats to another finish and kudos for going for it. There is always next year.
  4. Ocean_101

    Grinding it Out

    Hang in there. We all go through slumps, plus increased mileage can wear on you. 6 weeks of consistent training can do wonders for you. And no, you are not that old yet.
  5. Ugh. I am sorry to hear about the health scare. Hopefully, you bounce back quickly.
  6. Ocean_101

    It's a Race Report!

    Maybe your damn mojo took a road trip with my mojo....LOL. See you in NYC...I will be undertrained and slow too.
  7. Remember, there is always beer.
  8. Ocean_101


    Nice; a break once in a while even if it‘s not voluntary can be really good. You will be back in no time and will be better than ever.
  9. Ocean_101

    The Race

    It was miserable...the med tents oh so tempting....Frankly, if this wasn‘t Boston, I would have pulled the plug and called it a day. But somehow this race will make you stronger. Pretty much everyone was 10-20 minutes off their goal time but it still sucks....Heck, I am Stil trying to warm up.
  10. Ocean_101

    LA Marathon Race Report

    Damn, you are one of the more nerve wrecking runners to track, though I have gotten used to Bangle’s famous bank and bonk strategy. Congrats!
  11. To stay focused; create a training plan and execute, no excuses. It’s fairly simple. 4 miles is better 0. Baby steps work.
  12. Good luck!!! 3:25 !!!! (insert dancing banana)
  13. Ocean_101

    Conquering the Drives

    Great job. It looks like there are few elevation changes en route.
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