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    2019 Vermont City Marathon RR

    Oh the lost ice pop! I'd have wanted to cry too. The marathon can really intensify those emotions. The best bite of food I've had maybe in my entire life was watermelon at about mile 22 of Mayor's marathon in Alaska. I could have cried tears of joy on that one.
  2. Congrats! I've been pronouncing your name wrong in my head all along, oops! Maybe now if we ever meet in person I'll get it right.
  3. Good luck. And as long as you are well, you know as well as anyone any run the week of the marathon isn't that big of a deal.
  4. Did they ever fix the race results?
  5. amarie2009

    When Ya Know

    I said this on Facebook already - but go you, Peg!
  6. Thank you Gwen, I'm glad you didn't DNS too! As far as getting that 4:30, a cooler day might help but I need more training too. If I can get a second marathon in this year after another good training season it might be possible or I might just go for the "plain" PR.
  7. Turns out grad school takes up a lot of time. I haven’t written since January (when I was between class periods) and have barely been able to even visit the loop. I feel out of touch. Ultimately it will be worth it, but it’s going to be busy until late 2020 at least. My training has gone relatively well even with working full time and taking classes. All I do is run, go to work, study, eat and sleep. (More or less) It’s a good thing running feels mostly like a break to me and I never had any social life. Otherwise this would never work. After a good training season, I thought shooting not only for a PR but that big 4:30 goal might be a possibility. If the weather was good at least. I ran my spring half at GO St. Louis at goal pace and I ran nearly all my workouts as planned. I think most missed workouts happened due to weather. Travel to NJ went smoothly. My friend Rachel picked me up at the airport on Friday. We went back to her house to have lunch – we considered going into NYC for the afternoon/evening but decided it was better to stick to closer things. Instead we went to Patterson Great Falls National Park. It has the second highest volume of water in any waterfall east of the Mississippi. We spotted a skunk (WAY to close for comfort, but luckily we were way more alarmed than he was – didn’t get a picture because he went into the bushes and I wasn’t going to try and get close again!) Then drove around and looked at some of the beautiful, (and EXPENSIVE) houses in the area and did a little shopping. I got a present for my mom for mother’s day and a gift for my sister for her birthday. Then we had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant (Uncle Momo Bistro). We had a falafel salad and beef shawarma which we split. SO GOOD. (Not pictured is the giant, fresh pita bread that was inflated like a balloon on the beef shawarma plate.) Saturday after we ran a couple miles as a quick shake out run and had breakfast Rachel drove me down to Ashbury Park where we walked along the boardwalk. Friday had been very rainy and Saturday was SUPER windy. Rachel headed home and I headed to the expo. There wasn’t a lot to see there but I got some pictures, and chatted with the Team in Training people and the guy at the table trying to sign people up for triathlons including the Chicago triathlon. I’d like to try a tri (ha) someday, but there is no way that is going to happen until I’m done with school. Soon it was time for the Team in Training inspiration dinner. I found a few other solo travelers to sit with and as always was truly inspired by the stories of just what our fundraising has done – and how much still needs to be done in the fight against blood cancers and other cancers (many treatments originally developed from research funded by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has also gone on to benefit people with other cancers). I failed to meet up with any loopsters on Saturday but I was hoping to catch up with some on Sunday. My alarm went off at 4:45 am (3:45 central time!) but I was already awake. Not sure why this hotel has such hard beds – but it didn’t make getting prerace sleep any easier. TNT met up in the lobby and we rode buses together to the starting area. I walked over to the farthest bank of POPs and got in without waiting. At first the sun was shinning but then it clouded over and got a little colder. I was keeping an eye peeled for loopsters, especially Gwen and Greg, because we had talked on facebook about running together until the half broke off and I knew what they said they were going to wear. I had about given up when I spotted them in line for the coral and called their names. They joined me in the corral and after waiting what seemed like a really long time we were off. We ran together for a few miles before Greg stopped for a bathroom break and fell behind. Gwen and I chatted and ran for the full 11ish miles before she turned and went on to the half finish. Up to this point I was pretty close to on pace for the 4:30 I’ve wanted for so long. However I was already beginning to fade a little. The weather was perfect. I felt ok, but it quickly became clear this was not going to be the day for 4:30. I’m just not there yet. The full course felt a lot less empty that it does sometimes. I felt like there were more people around than when I did Austin last year. We started on the long, long out and back. Except for a couple of quick places where the “out” branches off everything from mile 10 or so on is part of the out and back, although not all of it is quite along the same road. We ran past beautiful houses, and houses that were less beautiful but still huge and expensive looking. Some of the fancy houses we ran past (picture taken on Saturday) Part of the boardwalk I ran along, picture taken Sunday evening. (The race route was going toward the camera) I never got off course but missed the moment when I actually turned around and started on the return part of the course. Just after that point the 4:45 pacers caught up with me. I held on and ran with them for a mile or two but when I slowed at a water stop they didn’t and then they were gone. The chance at 4:30 had disappeared miles ago, but now I knew there could be no PR either (PR is 4:43). My C goal became no walking outside the water stops. I just kept plugging along, my pace had really slowed, but I was still running (and somehow passing people). The ocean was to my right and a nice distraction. I thought of all the people I run for who are battling cancer, and those whose battle had ended. I was not feeling great, but it was still way better than what people undergoing cancer treatment deal with, and that kept me running. Team and Training coaches would join me for a short time every once in a while, which is also one of the great benefits of being a part of this group. Finally, the end was in sight. But I had no kick. So I just kept up my slow pace. I managed to smile and do my “trademark” thumbs up as I crossed the finish line of marathon #8. Again, this one was a long time coming. I need to work harder at cross-training and hopefully avoid getting hurt. Stepping up to the beer table I realized I had lost my beer ticket along the way. So, no free beer for me. I signed out at the TNT table and then headed to the shuttle (provided by TNT) back to the hotel. I showered and was lounging around thinking about lunch (at about 2:30 pm) when I checked facebook and saw that I had an invite to join the loopsters still in town for lunch at the Robinson Ale House that was basically across the street. Yes, please! It was so great to meet everyone. I’m glad I got the chance. After we all left lunch I went down and put my feet in the ocean. It wasn’t as cold as I expected, and no colder than when I did it in Ireland. This trip was the first time I’d seen the Atlantic from the US side. After that I was pretty done for the day. I went looking for ice cream about 7, but wasn’t able to find any place that was open. (I think I should have tried harder, but I went back and ate some of the snacks I had in my room). On the way to the train station, shortly before I tripped and fell down (but long enough before that it wasn't because I took this picture - it was because I was rushing). Monday morning I got up early for the long travel day home. I walked a mile to the nearest commuter train station – tripping and falling along the way, ripping a hole in my sweatshirt, and my NJ marathon long sleeve t-shirt, scrapping my wrist and elbow and bruising my knees. Then I took the train to Newark International Airport, which required switching trains twice. Luckily people were very helpful, and I didn’t have to go down any steps! Then at the airport I took the airport tram to my terminal, got through security relatively easily, bought a sandwich for lunch and waited for my flight. It was delayed and I began to worry about making my next flight. My first flight landed just as my second flight was supposed to be boarding! But I made it, and when I got home I saw my luggage had too thankfully! It was a long day of travel, but I was glad to be home. I didn’t run or workout at all until today. I always take 6-7 days completely off. Today’s run/walk felt really good, though I was glad to take walk breaks. I was sore through Wednesday, but I’ve felt worse. I’m not sure what I’m running next. I’m off classes until the 14th and intend on soaking up the break.
  8. I did! It wasn't as cold as I expected. And no colder than it was when I did the same thing in Ireland.
  9. Congrats and great to meet you briefly at least!
  10. Glad it seems not to be a stress fracture. I was going to take a different path and suggest you might have bumped into something, but since so many others were on board with the stress fracture idea I didn't. Also I got distracted (or rather back on task with the homework I should have been doing) and didn't reply. Did I mention distraction and homework...guess what I should be doing...getting back at it in 3,...2,....1,....
  11. amarie2009

    The quest.

    I just read an article about this. Naturally I have no idea where now. But it basically said wrist based measurement is extremely unreliable.
  12. I haven't signed up for this one yet, but I do it most years. Biggest con is it's usually hot. It's more competitive than most 10ks around here because it's the RRCA championship race (so no AG for me!) but they do have some cool prizes. Date is June 8th. It's a great race. http://route6610k.com/ I've done this half all three years and I'm doing it again this year (as long as I'm healthy) It's a smaller race, I don't know about cash prizes (couldn't find info) but you would have a good shot at not just 1st overall women's (last years winner was 1:40 in pouring rain) but possibly beating all the guys as well (last years winner finished in 1:25, but again, nasty weather.) It's only $40 until the end of this month. It's on hilly, rural roads, but probably not hillier than you are used to. I usually stay at my parents because they live close. It's possible you might be able to stay there as well if I ask. (We have the bed space) Race date is Sept 7, so it could be warm. https://runsignup.com/Race/IL/Greenville/VinetoWineHalfMarathon Even though I live in Missouri these are both IL races. Edwardsville is about 1/2 hour east of me, Greenville is an hour. I'll have to look for some more on this side of the river but these are both races I really like.
  13. amarie2009

    "Workin' On A Mystery..."

    Glad to see you back. I'm currently taking master's degree classes to get a job I'll enjoy more. So that fills every free moment just about. My current one doesn't steal weekends but the pay is not so good, and it's boring. My first trail race (a half marathon) this past fall was good/bad. I had fun, but the pouring rain made sloppy, slick trails and I ended up with a back injury that cost me my fall marathon. I thought I'd made it through ok, but days after the race what had originally felt a little sore became much worse. This has nothing to do with you really though.
  14. What kind of dates are you looking at? Any distance less than a marathon? My budget is tight so I don't run a ton of races, but there are lots to choose from here.
  15. Mmm, so basically I only beat the cheater. That's discouraging. Next year maybe I should gut bust a mile so I can come in somewhere in the middle. (I won't actually do that). I do hate being slow(ish) sometimes. In my defense, I was doing a long run, not "racing".
  16. Glad I popped in this evening so I could read this. Sounds like you are on a strong upswing. Keep it that way. (Let me know if you are ever running a race in STL. I can't keep up with you but I'd love to cheer you on.)
  17. I'll do it. I know I'm running that weekend. Remembering to turn in my time might be a problem. I haven't even checked in here lately. So much reading for classes! Lots of writing too...
  18. amarie2009

    Getting Personal

    As a single 35, almost 36 woman who always wanted to get married and have kids but hasn't, I hate when people ask. It's a raw subject. I don't know why I've never met a guy I even remotely wanted to marry. Guys in general don't seem that interested except for a few that seemed to think they could take advantage of some assumed desperation. Nope. People assure me I'll met someone when the time is right (or they say why not on-line dating, because it gives me massive anxiety that's why), but I am to the point where I'm pretty sure my time has passed. My dream is to strike up a conversation with a great single guy during a race or something but that hasn't happened either. Now that I'm in grad school, working full time and running, I have almost no free time. So there's that too. He'd have to be a runner if he wanted to see me...
  19. Super weird they found a similar but older tablet, sent it to you (eventually) and it turned out to be from a business nearby while yours never turned up in any way...
  20. I kept up with the running over the holidays, but I also ate every bit of sugary stuff that I came across. Zero self control. Now I'm paying the price in a few extra pounds...
  21. These are the turkey trot meatballs so at least ground turkey is pretty cheap.
  22. Happy New Year all! A solid week in running. I haven’t really ventured into speedwork yet, but I will soon. I signed up for the GO St. Louis Half Marathon on New Year’s Eve just before the price went up $10. There is a new course that they just released at a special event on Saturday (available online soon). Since I was running at Forest Park where the event was I got to see it without a special trip. The race is staying on the Missouri side this time and is now a point to point from Forest Park to the riverfront downtown, in a roundabout way. It should be interesting. It’s been warm this week. No winter weather here. Miles – Monday – 5 to hit 100 for the month of Dec. Tuesday – 3.5 with a group of runners from right around where I live Wednesday – 0, first day back at work and I had to take my car in for an oil change before work. I could have run while they were working on my car, but I didn’t want to deal with the logistics. Thursday – 4.4 back to running in the dark after almost 2 weeks of being able to wait until daylight Friday – 3.1, my flat easy route. Saturday – 8.1 with Team in Training. Same distance as last week because my weekday total was higher and I’m being careful. Sunday (today) – Rest. I should have walked more, but I have work to do for classes again, and we celebrated my dad’s birthday. I did do my core routine. I really need to make sure I do this at least 4x a week, to help prevent the injury situation that kept me out of my fall marathon. Other news – Izzie seems better. I finished with giving her the daily antibiotic injections on Friday, much to the relief of both of us. Her follow up visit with the vet is tomorrow. I hope he can tell me the infection looks like it is really gone this time (I doubt he can give me complete reassurance but hopefully his professional opinion is that she looks good). Cooking with Shalane I got both of her cookbooks for Christmas and I’ve been trying out some of the recipes. So far I’ve made 5, but I’ll really slow down once work, school and marathon training get going. I’ve tried the Apple Cheddar Scones (good, but I made a couple of mistakes on this one that mean it could have been better), Flu Fighter Chicken and Rice Stew (awesome, will make again), Honey Cardamom Granola* (excellent, but since I didn’t have cardamom, I just used pumpkin pie spice so also different), Turkey Trot Meatballs (so good and I had these for dinner tonight), and Purple Cabbage Slaw (also good, also dinner tonight). I’ve liked everything I’ve tried so far. But some of the ingredients called for are a little hard to find. I plan on making the black bean burgers, but they call for tahini which I wasn’t able to find at the grocery store. She also points out that sometimes they call for more expensive ingredients, which is worth it for quality and health sake, except that when you make less than a certain amount it just isn’t going to work. So far I’ve stuck with the recipes that call for mostly basic ingredients. I am probably not going to spring for bison meat. Beef will have to substitute. Aldi has some organic beef that isn’t too pricey.
  23. amarie2009

    2018 Running Highlights

    Happy New Year! Hope 2019 brings lots of healthy, happy, thankful miles, for you, for me and everyone.
  24. I stayed about that stressed about the classes, but it got worse dealing with the injury and Izzie's issue. Hopefully all of that is behind me now. (Well Izzie's not better yet, and my classes start again in a little over a week, but at least I'm not injured at the moment!)
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