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  1. Double social distancing RR Last week – This was the weekend I was supposed to run the Asheville Marathon. As with every other race for the foreseeable future it was cancelled. I seriously debated over if I would run this virtually or not. Running marathon distance is hard enough in a real race, I wasn’t sure if I could even do it on my own, and I also wondered if it might be a bad idea considering how hard running that far can be on the immune system. I didn’t fully commit to doing it until I was actually running. Once I got going I felt pretty good, and I just kept going. I did stop my watch when I had to wait for lights and for a couple bathroom breaks. Unfortunately, after one of the lights I forgot to restart it until I got to the next light, so I lost a full mile on my recorded distance. I was running a route I have run probably hundreds of times, so I know I covered the full distance. I had some support from a Team in Training coach, though we maintained safe 6+ foot social distancing, I wasn’t fully solo. I ran it super easy, and I ended up barely being sore, so I feel like I didn’t risk my overall health too much. Timewise it was really slow. Initially I thought it was my second slowest marathon but later I realized that didn’t take into account losing that mile. With time for that additional mile it would be my slowest though I don’t know what my time really was. It’s all unofficial anyway so it doesn’t matter. All that matters is it didn’t cause me to get sick. Finishing my marathon. This week - Today I ran the 10k in the Loopville COVID19 race series. I ran this at a harder pace. Between being just a week after running 26.2 miles and the fact that it was 70* and 80% humidity it was a hard pace but mostly pretty slow compared to what I have been able to do in 10k races otherwise. I ran this at Forest Park in St. Louis which made the social distancing part difficult. Here, as in many other places the parks are fairly busy. I was mostly able to maintain distance by occasionally leaving the path as needed when people didn’t move over or when I was coming from behind them. It wasn’t perfect though, so I guess I (or they) lose points for that. I really need to get back into some speedwork. I just turned 37. I hope I still have PRs in me. Bonus Izzie pic - That darn ribbon was teasing her...but she did successfully catch it.
  2. amarie2009


    Hope the hip feels better soon! Inflammation from the illness probably made you more vulnerable to injury. Even though I'm studying nutrition, I've learned that inflammation can end up leading to more inflammation (but if we didn't have any inflammation we would die, because it is also the immune response and how we heal!)
  3. amarie2009

    Closing in

    Honestly I was shocked at the end of February, I couldn't believe I'd run that many miles. I did forget to make one additional discussion post in one of my classes last week (cost me 5 points of 25 on that discussion board too, so kind of a pricey mistake.) I blame the 20 miler on that one.
  4. amarie2009

    Closing in

    Grad school goes on. Couldn’t absorb much information this afternoon after I ran my 20 miler this morning, though I tried. I should have taken a nap, but I didn’t feel sleepy early this afternoon. 20 miles went well, but I stopped my watch at one point while we waited for a light and forgot to start it again and lost almost half a mile. Then my watch gave me the low battery warning at 18.5 miles. It held out for that last mile (remember I came up .5 short), but I don’t think it will make it the hour plus longer I will need it to hold on for the marathon. So a new Garmin will be on it’s way soon. The good news is this is the perfect time for me to buy, since I’m getting a much larger than normal tax refund thanks to an education credit and I have a friend who works for Garmin so I can get the employee discount by buying through her. (I assume this is fine with Garmin because she offered a while back, without me asking) Today's run I ran my longest weekday run ever in the snow on Wednesday. 11 miles. I added the last mile to make it a weekday PR. It was beautiful, but the snow was completely gone by midafternoon. I decided to stay home from work so I could get homework done, and so I could do my taxes. I always feel a little weird/guilty taking a day off like that, but this really worked out well so if I’m ever running double digit miles on a weekday again and I have the time to spare I’ll probably do it. Maybe even if I don’t have homework to do (and these things will probably never happen on the same day again so…) I have 178 miles for this month, and I’ll end up with just under 50 miles for the week. If February was just one day longer it would be my highest monthly mileage. Weekly mileage is probably the highest also, but I’m not sure what my exact PR for that is. Lots of miles. I hope they pay off. Even though I’ve run more, and I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on, I don’t feel quite as drained or sluggish as I often do at this point. That said, I don’t think I have a PR in me either. Asheville is not going to be an easy course. I’ll be pretty happy to come in under 5 hours based on what I know going in. A couple new things I love. I recent found an artist through a Brave Like Gabe post. Her name is Jacqueline Alnes (find her on Etsy at PhDistance). I love her art and bought a few of her prints recently. I also am I big tea drinker and I found a local tea company that has some really great teas. I love the Chai and the Cup of Sunshine as well as the Sunshine Dust. You can make a drink with the Sunshine Dust, warm milk and honey that is really good. A little like a Chai latte, but pepperier and doesn't remind me of drinking a Christmas candle. I like Chai tea in general better without milk I've found. Big Heart Tea Co if you are interested. I’m also making a final push on fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. (I run with Team in Training). I have $62 to go to meet my commitment (the amount I must meet or make up the difference) but I’d really love to get another $400 on top of that, mainly because that would put me over $30,000 lifetime. Given how many races I’ve run with TNT and the minimum amounts I had to meet, it isn’t quite as good as it sounds, but still. Also, I have to say, this wasn’t really me, it took everyone who ever donated through me. If you feel so inclined to help me with a part of that $462 I’m hoping to raise here is the link - https://pages.lls.org/tnt/gat/ashvle20/ABrinker
  5. Love the Bermuda triangle! Sounds like a lot of cool adventures this year.
  6. amarie2009

    To flu or not to flu.

    I have main routes, but when I have to do longer miles on weekdays I often do on the fly "add-ons" to my normal routes, first to keep it interesting and because my longest "normal" route is 5.2 miles and I don't like doing multiple loops of a route on the same day. When I'm running less, I generally stick to the routes where I have the exact mile points memorized. Also for the longer runs which I drive to meet my Team in Training running group to do, I stick a lot closer to pre planned routes.
  7. amarie2009

    Working hard

    I’m tired. This past week was a cut back week for running but there’s no cut backs on master’s degree work for another 9 or 10 weeks* (well I think I get a “spring break” but since it is an on-line class the professors don’t always honor that – last year one did and one didn’t) This isn’t really harder than I expected, but it is just as hard as I expected. Training is going pretty well for Asheville, especially considering how little spare time I have. One 18 miler is done, and I have one more of those and a 20. And a couple cut back weeks. Then the taper. It’s getting really close. I don’t plan on shooting for a PR at Asheville. The course profile I found on MapMyRun looks just as hilly as I expected. It should be a very scenic race. All on the Biltmore Estate. House tour not included. At $79 I won’t be doing that. I’ll hopefully get a chance to get some good food while I’m there though…Fitting in my class work will be the hardest part, but with a day off of work before and after I think I can manage. I’ll still have to do some work over the weekend. There’s just no way around that. Asheville is March 22nd. Don’t count on any updates between now and then. I’m doing better that the last few semesters to check in at all during the time between breaks…If all goes according to plan I’ll be done with my degree at the end of August, though I’ll still have at least one certification test to take. And a job search to start…after 12 years at my current job the idea is terrifying, but the need to do something else, new degree or not is also real. I’ve been so busy I haven’t even taken any cool pictures…I’ll have to work on that. (The feature photo was included in my last post in late Dec.)
  8. amarie2009

    Jumping January

    Wow that is a lot of books! (But as you said, I guess travel and being sick provides time.) I don't know that anyone would be interested in knowing the titles of all the journal/research articles I read...outside of that I didn't have much time to read other stuff. I think I finished just 1 or 2 books in January. I'm at 1 for this month. I used to read so much more for fun, but even when I have the time now I'm all read out. That's something I never thought could happen.
  9. 10 (very modified) pushups everyday. Easy enough to do that if I forget until I get into bed I will still be able to get up and do it, and my upper body is just so weak I need to do something...maybe by the end of the year I'll be able to do real ones.
  10. amarie2009

    I disappeared again...

    Another trimester of grad school done. 4 of 6 complete. It’s going well. I’ve been running just as much but with all the writing and reading I do for classes (besides the fact that I am also working full time!), I haven’t been to the loop much at all. I always thought I’d find a way to keep up, but I haven’t. This last semester wasn’t quite as interesting, I had Research Methods (which was basically prep for thesis work – and I still don’t feel ready to start that), and Nutritional Epidemiology, which wasn’t as interesting as I hoped it would be but they kept me very busy. Coming up I have “Gut microbiome, nutrition and behavior” and “Nutrition in pain and inflammation”. After that is just one more class and my thesis. (!) Officially I’ve decided my concentration will be more general nutrition instead of sports nutrition like I was initially thinking, but the difference is really only one class and I figure I can get more specific in continuing education classes that I’ll need to take over time anyway. My thesis will still be running related. The main work is still a few months away, but I am going to be doing a survey of runners and nonrunners to compare attitude about diet. Running has been ok. I’ve been mainly injury free – I did tweak my ankle running on a trail, and my knee sometimes complains because it just does sometimes since the Ellie dog incident. I am trying to regain some speed. I’m not sure if it is working. I ran another half at the beginning of October with a goal of finishing under 2:10. I didn’t quite make that but I was close at 2:11:xx. I ran a 5k and was about a minute slower than my PR, on an extremely humid and warm morning. It was good for 2nd in my AG in a relatively small race. I’m doing speed work and hills again in preparation for running the Asheville marathon in March. Fitting in homework while I travel for that might be a challenge, but with a couple extra days off work just for homework I believe I can make it work. I will have to make sure and check the syllabus so I can work ahead on any major projects due around that weekend. I got a couple running related gifts for Christmas – a new pair of running tights and a gift card for the LRS. I’m excited about the gift card, because I need new (road) shoes, but with the gift card I can also buy a pair of trail shoes, which might help me fall down less when I try to run on trails. They might also help with running in the winter weather. We’ve had some snow already – I spent most a week earlier this month running on the treadmill because the sidewalks were icy with that lumpy foot cratered snow that is really hard to run on – both really slick in spots and ankle busting in others. I’m still running with Team in Training too – the more I run with them, the more stories I hear, and the more I want to keep going. As in a phrase one of our local teammates coined (but probably others have said it too) – “Until there are no more sad stories.” Most blood cancers aren’t considered rare cancers, but Gabe’s life struck me this year something fierce. I connected with it in a way that surprised me. So, I will continue. Link is here, but that’s not the main purpose of this post (though you’ll make my day if you donate.) Photo dump from the past few months – Plogging (Late September). There is sadly way more trash than I can pick up on a run. 5k medal and AG award. (Late September - I think) Half marathon medal and shirt, plus medal and shirt from completing the spring/fall half challenge A fall run in Forest Park That tree just glows... Selfie at the Grand Basin in Forest Park with Art Hill (which I ran up) and the St. Louis Art Museum in the background. Sunrise along the trail in Forest Park. Hike with Ellie (trail was definitely too slick for me to run on) Sunrise when I got up to run on Christmas day - no filter, no photoshop, if anything the color was even more vivid in real life During my run Christmas day. (Out near my parents' farm)
  11. That looks incredible!
  12. amarie2009

    Well, that was interesting.

    Still summer here too. Fall needs to get a move on.
  13. Sounds like a great outcome to me! Congrats!
  14. amarie2009

    trail walking

    Beautiful trails! Nothing like that around here...
  15. amarie2009

    August Recap

    My favorite August run was probably the long run I did starting at my house running all the way to the Missouri River and back for a total of 13.3 miles. It was slow, but the goal of getting to the river and back made it one of the more interesting runs I did.
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