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  1. amarie2009

    No title

    Good luck with the doctor stuff. Blue Cross Blue Shield used to be good insurance. It's not anymore. More like, we won't pay if we can find any excuse. I had to pay for 2 doctor appointments last year that should have been covered as preventive care. Hope they let you get that MRI soon.
  2. amarie2009

    Three weeks out

    Great ten miler! Sounds like you are ready for that half marathon.
  3. amarie2009

    Cinco 5k Mayo RR and other news

    I can't find a way to edit this bloop anymore - but I mistyped my time. I finished in 26:50! BIG BIG difference. Not sure how I got that wrong. (fixed now)
  4. amarie2009

    Cinco 5k Mayo RR and other news

    Basically I did hit my A goals. AG placemets are great, but at my pace I never go in thinking I've got a really good chance. But missing by just a couple seconds is always going to be a little disappointing. (I see now I put my finish time in wrong! It was 26:50. That's what I get for trying to hurry up and write a bloop right before bed.)
  5. amarie2009

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    I don't wear inserts but my heels do often slide around in shoes. Heel lock lacing makes a huge difference.
  6. amarie2009

    Cinco 5k Mayo RR and other news

    Has it really been a month since I’ve written? I posted in loopville on Monday promising to try to write a RR on my 5k in a few days. Does now still count as a few days? Sunday (May 6th) was the Cinco K Mayo 5k race. This race benefits several cancer related charities including Team in Training/Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so a lot of my teammates were there. I had a big goal for this race, I wanted to PR, and finish under 27 minutes. This was a very reasonable goal since my fastest 5k run happened during my PR half. (Although I’m not at point right now where I could match that half time.) I ran a 5k race PR in January the day after a 15 training run on a really cold day. So I felt confident. The weather was good, warm a little bit of a threat of rain but it only sprinkled after the race was over. We lined up and were off almost on time. This race is close to being an out and back. No huge hills but not flat. Janet paced John and I and I felt like the effort was at a good challenging level the whole way. I did fade more than I would have wanted on the last uphill, and at the end (which ended up costing me) but overall it was a very good race. No mile PR this time. Mile 1 -8:57. Mile 2 -8:52. Mile 3 – 8:07. Last .1 – 55 sec. Official finish time 26:50. A 5k race PR by 23 seconds I think over January. 17 seconds faster than my fastest 5k distance run. I checked the results for AG placement. 4th. But it didn’t tell me just how close it was. I looked on Monday and I missed 3 by 2 seconds! And second by less than a minute! (I was no where close to 1st) Apparently the lady who blew by me just before the finish was in my AG. I couldn’t have caught her. But I could have run a few seconds faster on one of the downhills. Oh well. I still did what I wanted to do. In other news – I’ve got my fall racing laid out I think. I’m signed up for the Vine to Wine Half in Greenville, IL. Third year for the race, and my third year running it. I like it because if you sign up when registration first opens it’s only $35. I can stay at my parents’ house and it’s a quick drive from there. All the swag of a bigger more expensive race. Medal, shirt plus a wine glass and a wine sample. This year there is a charm to put on the medal for people who have run it every year. Well supported on quiet rural roads. Hilly and because it’s in September it has been warm, so probably not a PR kind of race but I’ll do my best to train to be able to run a PR under ideal conditions at least and then who knows? Then I’m planning on running the FLATS trail half in Kirksville MO in October. I have a college friend who lives there who ran it last year, and who I can stay with. I haven’t signed up for this one yet because my budget is tight, and I just paid for my 3rd fall race – the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa Oklahoma. This race has been recommended to me by a couple friends who have run it. My friend in Kirksville, and my friend Margaret who has run a marathon in all 50 states, plus a few other countries, and is on her second round of the states. She’s on marathon #70 or so. I’ve got work to do to be ready for all that. Especially the trail race since that is something I haven’t done before. The Mickleson Trail marathon doesn’t count, despite what Athlinks says. The heat is on here in St. Louis. We skipped spring and went directly to summer. One or two lovely mornings in the 50s and that was it. I do not run well in heat, and today was my first long run in real heat for the season. I wore sunscreen, tried to stick to the shade where I could, hydrated and took in extra electrolytes, eased up on the pace…did all that I could, but I still got a post run headache. Hopefully I’ll get used to the heat and it’ll be easier to avoid that headache, but short of skipping or dramatically shortening my run I don’t think I could have avoided it today. After lunch I took a nap and felt better. I didn’t have a long run last week so I didn’t want to skip it this week. Even better if it cools down for a while.
  7. amarie2009

    Cinco de Mile RR

    That is a pretty awesome pinata award. No wonder he was excited. Congrats on the mile PR. I really need to run a mile race sometime...we have a huge one here (5 heats, Men's Competitive, Women's Competitive, Recreational (walkers, strollers, no AG prizes), Dog mile (for you guessed it, people to do with their dogs), and the Elite wave (Men who have run faster than 4:30 mile, Women who have run faster than 5:30). Plus a kids 1/4 dash. But since I'm always training for long races I've never fit it in.
  8. amarie2009

    Three Times This Week. An Anniversary.

    Hope all the reports from doctors are good. I'm sad I haven't been able to make a loopfest.
  9. amarie2009

    SD RnR HM Training

    I'm not on Strava. I do need to write another post here though. Sounds like your training is going well. If we are ever in the same place at the same time we need to get together to run - our paces are close. (You're getting faster than me though.) The dino with the sign is a good one!
  10. amarie2009

    Another of Dave's Great Western Adventures

    I'm going to vote painting the fence the same color as the shutters, but white would look good too. Hope your knee gets its act together.
  11. amarie2009

    State of Fivestarks Union

    Not flat here either, unless you're actually running in the flood plain. I can't remember, have you tried a sports chiropractor? They also tend to be pretty good at the massage thing, and my appointments are way less than $100.
  12. amarie2009

    On the Cheap

    I couldn't have left it like that. I always repin my bib at least once. That is some tough course. Good thing trail conditions were nice.
  13. amarie2009

    Drop it Like it's Unprepared

    It'll be nice knowing you're almost done when you get to the top of that hill at mile 9 or so instead all those miles left to go. I did the full there several years ago (but not the loop year) and seeing all the half marathoners turn for home was especially rough. It was not one of my better full marathons. (I think they do a good job, but it was too hot that day, and I was undertrained besides)
  14. amarie2009

    GO St. Louis Half Marathon RR

    I know how much my feet hurt after a marathon and they are meant to take the pounding, plus I can feel the ground under my feet. Grateful is right.
  15. amarie2009

    GO St. Louis Half Marathon RR

    I'm trying to remember now if the people I heard cheering for her were saying "Go Tanya!". We were going just a bit faster than 4:30 pace at the time so it's got to be the same person.