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  1. 10 (very modified) pushups everyday. Easy enough to do that if I forget until I get into bed I will still be able to get up and do it, and my upper body is just so weak I need to do something...maybe by the end of the year I'll be able to do real ones.
  2. amarie2009

    I disappeared again...

    Another trimester of grad school done. 4 of 6 complete. It’s going well. I’ve been running just as much but with all the writing and reading I do for classes (besides the fact that I am also working full time!), I haven’t been to the loop much at all. I always thought I’d find a way to keep up, but I haven’t. This last semester wasn’t quite as interesting, I had Research Methods (which was basically prep for thesis work – and I still don’t feel ready to start that), and Nutritional Epidemiology, which wasn’t as interesting as I hoped it would be but they kept me very busy. Coming up I have “Gut microbiome, nutrition and behavior” and “Nutrition in pain and inflammation”. After that is just one more class and my thesis. (!) Officially I’ve decided my concentration will be more general nutrition instead of sports nutrition like I was initially thinking, but the difference is really only one class and I figure I can get more specific in continuing education classes that I’ll need to take over time anyway. My thesis will still be running related. The main work is still a few months away, but I am going to be doing a survey of runners and nonrunners to compare attitude about diet. Running has been ok. I’ve been mainly injury free – I did tweak my ankle running on a trail, and my knee sometimes complains because it just does sometimes since the Ellie dog incident. I am trying to regain some speed. I’m not sure if it is working. I ran another half at the beginning of October with a goal of finishing under 2:10. I didn’t quite make that but I was close at 2:11:xx. I ran a 5k and was about a minute slower than my PR, on an extremely humid and warm morning. It was good for 2nd in my AG in a relatively small race. I’m doing speed work and hills again in preparation for running the Asheville marathon in March. Fitting in homework while I travel for that might be a challenge, but with a couple extra days off work just for homework I believe I can make it work. I will have to make sure and check the syllabus so I can work ahead on any major projects due around that weekend. I got a couple running related gifts for Christmas – a new pair of running tights and a gift card for the LRS. I’m excited about the gift card, because I need new (road) shoes, but with the gift card I can also buy a pair of trail shoes, which might help me fall down less when I try to run on trails. They might also help with running in the winter weather. We’ve had some snow already – I spent most a week earlier this month running on the treadmill because the sidewalks were icy with that lumpy foot cratered snow that is really hard to run on – both really slick in spots and ankle busting in others. I’m still running with Team in Training too – the more I run with them, the more stories I hear, and the more I want to keep going. As in a phrase one of our local teammates coined (but probably others have said it too) – “Until there are no more sad stories.” Most blood cancers aren’t considered rare cancers, but Gabe’s life struck me this year something fierce. I connected with it in a way that surprised me. So, I will continue. Link is here, but that’s not the main purpose of this post (though you’ll make my day if you donate.) Photo dump from the past few months – Plogging (Late September). There is sadly way more trash than I can pick up on a run. 5k medal and AG award. (Late September - I think) Half marathon medal and shirt, plus medal and shirt from completing the spring/fall half challenge A fall run in Forest Park That tree just glows... Selfie at the Grand Basin in Forest Park with Art Hill (which I ran up) and the St. Louis Art Museum in the background. Sunrise along the trail in Forest Park. Hike with Ellie (trail was definitely too slick for me to run on) Sunrise when I got up to run on Christmas day - no filter, no photoshop, if anything the color was even more vivid in real life During my run Christmas day. (Out near my parents' farm)
  3. That looks incredible!
  4. amarie2009

    Well, that was interesting.

    Still summer here too. Fall needs to get a move on.
  5. Sounds like a great outcome to me! Congrats!
  6. amarie2009

    trail walking

    Beautiful trails! Nothing like that around here...
  7. amarie2009

    August Recap

    My favorite August run was probably the long run I did starting at my house running all the way to the Missouri River and back for a total of 13.3 miles. It was slow, but the goal of getting to the river and back made it one of the more interesting runs I did.
  8. Gwen is great to run with! Good luck with getting ready for grad school. My program didn't require the GMAT (or any other test). I'm a year in. It's been a challenge. The nutrition program I'm doing is all online. It allows me to keep working, but it scares me sometimes that places are going to look at my degree and think it's trash. (It is a an accredited, nonprofit school with a real physical campus that has a very good reputation but still...)
  9. amarie2009


    Glad things are back to the way they should be.
  10. Classes have started again. I'm taking Research Methods in Healthcare and Nutritional Epidemiology & Health. and Well, technically they don’t start until Thursday, but the courses are open and I have a discussion post due Thursday, so I’ve begun working. This week shouldn’t be too hard but once things really get going I’m sure I’ll be back to my routine of sleep, run, work, study – repeat (with meals and snacks in there of course). It may be less intense than last semester but the stakes might be higher because this sounds like it's going to really be the groundwork for my thesis. Between my last long run and the race yesterday I came down with a cold. It pretty much took over my Labor Day weekend. I had a sore throat on Friday, felt kind of ok on Saturday morning, but felt a lot worse by Saturday evening, all through Sunday and for most of Monday. I skipped running Monday morning, but by Monday afternoon I felt good enough to tackle some yard work that really needed to be done. Once I got started on that I decided I felt good enough to get the mowing done. That went ok, and by Tuesday morning I was back to running. Since this was the week before my half I was tapering I kept it short. Because I’d been sick I also kept it easy. Thursday I worked in some fun when I went to dinner and visited the Missouri Botanical Garden’s special summer event “Garden Party Nights” with a college friend who has just moved to the area. We went to a tapas (and pizza, and Italian) restaurant. We split four different plates of tapas, the most interesting (adventurous) was the charbroiled squid. The squid itself didn't actually taste like much, but the seasoning was excellent. The texture was well, chewy. Not bad, but I’m not going to seek it out in the future. Mmm (?) Squid... Friday I had to get everything packed for an overnight trip out to my parents’ house because I was staying out there since they are 12 miles from the start of the race vs. 60. That’s worth an extra hour of sleep. I also ended up doing a lot of work to help them out, since Friday nights mean getting ready for Saturday morning farmer’s market. So I ended up standing and walking around for 3 or so hours I more than I would have at home. (I don’t think this really hurt my race much.) Flat Angela is ready Saturday was race day. I got up at about the same time I do to get ready on a weekday. I had laid out my “flat Angela” the night before so I got ready quickly and was at the start an hour or so before the race started. It was clear and cool, but it warms up fast this time of year so I knew I’d be hot by the end of the race. My friend Margaret and her husband were also running (she was doing the half, he was doing the 5k). We don’t run close to the same pace, so we weren’t planning on running together but it’s always nice to have someone else you know at the race. The race started right on time with just under 200 runners. Pre race. Totally the opposite weather of last year... It’s a small race on country roads. They don’t close them, but there isn’t a lot of traffic. You still had to be more alert for cars than most races. I went into this race, even before I caught the cold, knowing a PR was out of the question. With the cold I decided was just going to run, and not push too hard. It was a beautiful day. This time of year there are lots of flowers (mostly yellow) blooming along the side of the road and much of the race was just lined with flowers. TONS of yellow sunflowers (and other yellow flowers) along the route with a few purple flowers like the second picture thrown in... At one point we ran past a pasture with a few cows, and they were some of the biggest crowd support we had – it was funny how intently they were watching everyone run by. Since I kept it relatively easy I felt really good until about mile 11 when I started to get hot. But I was also trying to increase the pace just a little at this point. This is a fairly hilly race (for around here). I think we had over 900’ elevation gain (with 900’ loss as well since it’s a looped course.) I finished in 2:21:45. A personal worst for the course by about 6 or 7 minutes. The first three years were all within a minute of each other. I really hope this slower time was because I wasn’t pushing as hard – otherwise I’m slowing way down, and way too soon. This is probably the best weather out of the 4 years – last year was crazy rain and strong winds. That is a BIG medal. I wasn’t at all sore today, so that was the good side of not pushing too hard. I have another half in 5 or 6 weeks. I would like to push harder on that one. A PR still is going to be out of reach – I’d need faster than 1:59:10 to do that. Right now I don’t think I could hold that pace for much more than a 10k.
  11. amarie2009

    Don't know what this is.

    Probably just an off day, or fighting off a bug. Hopefully everything will be right back to normal.
  12. Due to the injury I've been limited on how many days I am supposed to run, but I think I'm getting to the point where I can increase that again. So hopefully that will help.
  13. It’s been awhile! My last post was my NJ marathon RR at the beginning of May. Shortly after that semester 3 of grad school started and then seemingly every moment of free time disappeared. It didn’t stop my running, but it’s been a busy cycle of sleep, run, work, study without time for much else. This was the most challenging semester so far, with Clinical Nutrition 2 and Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics. Lots of technical reading and then writing about it. Even when I could have found time to write outside of classwork, I didn’t want to. Eventually it got to the point I wasn’t even making it to the loop to read. I want to be better about that, but with year 2 starting in 2 weeks, I’m thinking I’ll probably still fall off of getting here. Classes went well, and they were really interesting. (I just hope this all pays off, in my darker moments I’m really afraid all this time and money I’m investing won’t pay off.) Running-wise I haven’t done too many races, but I’ve been keeping up with my day to day miles. The two races I did run are ones I try to do every year. I ran the Route 66 10k in Edwardsville IL. It was a cool morning for June, and I finished in 56:14 which is not a PR, but good for me lately (and even a “cool” morning in June is warm). I was 7th of 24 in my AG which is pretty good – this race is always on the faster side. The other race was the Steeleville IL Firecracker 3k. This race starts at 9:40am right before the parade so as usual it was boiling hot. I didn’t PR here either but I was within 10 seconds and my dad captured a nice “flying” photo as I ran by. I even got 2nd in my AG - which is still a really nice surprise for me. I’m not running a fall marathon this year. With classes and budget concerns I didn’t feel like this was the best season to work it in. (That said, I am planning on running one this spring and during the semester, which means I’ll likely be dragging school work along.) Right now I only have one race paid for, my 4th year running the Vine to Wine Half outside of Greenville IL. It’s a hilly race, and it seems a PR is out of the question due to a non-running related injury that has somewhat derailed my training. That race is in two weeks. Luckily I did 13.3 miles comfortably yesterday, so I know (baring any unexpected and unpleasant surprises) I will be able to cover the distance. It was a really nice run, best weather we’ve had in a while. But much slower than I would have liked. I ran from my house to the Missouri River. All taken in the park at the river. Much of the rest of my run was average suburbia, or on the bike/foot path under huge powerlines. Not in a straight line, but there are limited runnable routes to do that. We had major flooding this year but it’s hard to tell on the path by the river, it’s been cleaned up very well. Now that my injury is mostly healed, I want to get back to working on speed. It’s becoming more frequent that I feel like my PR days for some distances may be behind me. I hope that’s not true, and staying uninjured for more than a year would certainly be helpful. We’ll see. I’ll keep working on being the best runner I can be. I want to post a little more often and continue even during classes. I think I will probably add at least one more half marathon this fall, probably the GO St. Louis Halloween half. I get an extra medal if I do that one because I ran their spring half. I would want to come up with some sort of costume to run in if I did that. (Especially since I’m likely to be slower than I’d like.) But I want to come up with something really runnable and not to hot (though it is late October) so that may be hard. If anyone follows womenofrunning on Instagram I was the featured runner this past Friday! That was kind of exciting. Luckily, thanks to a Team in Training friend I had a nice picture to send them. Not exactly 15 minutes of fame, but fun.
  14. Congrats one the double state record! I think we've found someone who can potentially make a pit stop as fast as Shalane... Now that sweating contest I think I might be able to win.
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