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  1. amarie2009

    Guitar, trails, ankles, PR, heat

    Wow, it's been a while since I've written. I've been running, and it's even been a little more interesting than usual, but I've also been filling in for a coworker (but I'm hourly and not allowed to work overtime, so I've got to do more in the same amount of time) and I was doing streak of daily guitar practice that I ended on the 4th at 128 days that left me zero mental energy by the end of the day. I've also been mulling over starting a graduate degree in nutrition. I think I'll actually fill out the application this weekend. Do I have to do that now that I've said it publicly? I've actually started talking about it like I'm really going to do it. The expense and time commitment are the biggest concern. I think I can expand my mental energy to take a couple of classes. I hope so! There are things I may have to drop, but running won't be one of them. I'll certainly have even less time to write here when I start that. (But you might get extra nutrition advice when I do! Or not, because that's so fraught with strong opinions if you're not looking for the advice) This picture is so huge...day 100 of guitar practice. I'm still bad at it. I play more classical style because I have short fingers and small hands and it's really hard to hit the chords. I'm working on it... It's been super hot, but I've been working away. I started on my marathon plan for the Route 66 marathon in Tulsa OK this November. It actually meant a cutback in miles I was doing but soon I'll be back where I was and increasing from there. Running has mostly been good, but the trail running has been...challenging. There are the constant spiderwebs. I posted a picture of the trail to instagram and facebook with a caption about destroying the work of hundreds of spiders. It's not an exaggeration, and it's very unpleasant. I can just picture the streams of webs trailing from my body (and face!) with all the spiders hanging on for dear life as I try to wipe them away before immediately hitting another web. I've tried the stick waving method, but it doesn't help me be less clumsy and it doesn't work well. I'm not the most coordinated person, but running on sidewalks or roads I don't fall down much, make it at all technical and it's a whole new game. Besides the terrain I want to look around because running in the woods is beautiful and that never works out well. It's not a super easy trail (though I don't have pictures of the more challenging portions yet), but I've fallen and twisted/sprained my ankle twice already. I lose focus for a second and I step on something and fall down. This week a walnut took me out. Naturally, it was otherwise the smoothest, widest, flattest part of the trail. I'm cruising happily along and boom! I step on the darn walnut, my ankle rolls and I'm in the dirt. Somehow, when I fall it's my left side that hits the ground even though I stepped on the nut with my right foot. Easy parts of the trail. Close the where the walnut got me. I had a chiropractor appointment already scheduled for that afternoon so I was able to have him look at it. He looked at it, felt around, moved my foot and concluded I hadn't wrecked myself too badly. Partly due to all the balance work and exercises he's been having me do. Turns out "Prehab" works. My body was able to pull itself somewhat out of the fall and I ended over correcting sort of and that's how I landed on my left side with a minor sprain, instead of continuing the ankle roll and probably having to hop out of the woods on one foot. Not sure how I'd have gotten home if I'd really hurt myself. My sister was out of town so I couldn't call her like I would if she was around. (This has never been necessary, hopefully it stays that way) It's so hot it's hard to tell, but I think I'm getting faster. On the 4th I ran a 3k (yup I mean 3k). It started too late in the morning and it was BLAZING hot. Usually I'd warm up, but I felt like I'd be better off just trying to keep "cool" for as long as possible. I also decided to run hard, but not push it because it was already 90* and it's not like I was going to win the thing. I didn't want to feel terrible the rest of the day. However, based on my result I wish I'd have tried just a little harder...for the second time this year was 4th in my AG by less than 5 seconds. Grrr. Oh well. It's not like I need the little plastic trophy. But this one bugs me a bit more than the last because I feel like I had that 5 seconds in me for sure. I did not see the woman who beat me just in front of me, but if we'd gotten in a duel she might have beaten me anyway. But it would have been nice to know I'd tried. I'll never know if I could have beaten her. It was however a PR of about 10 seconds for the distance and the course. I was surprised by that. This morning was another sweat fest, but I felt really good otherwise. My ankle thankfully didn't complain - I hadn't run since I fell on Wednesday, just some elliptical time yesterday. It was good to have my Team in Training group. I like running alone ok, but having other people to run with is nice when I can. I wouldn't want to do either 100% of the time. Lotus blooming in Forest Park a couple weeks ago. Sunrise this morning, already 80*+, dewpoint over 75. Ick. When's fall? Teammates and I at the top of Art Hill. We don't look like it's hot out at all do we? Sorry friends if you stumble on this...I haven't added your names to it anyway. And 3 of the 4 of us took similar photos so it's ok right?
  2. amarie2009

    Canada Day! In Canada!

    I'm not especially afraid of heights but the glass floor thing makes me shiver a little. But I'd still walk on it. (My writing mojo is off, and I've been running. Not sure why I can't get myself to write.)
  3. amarie2009

    Thelma & Louise 13.1 RR

    All kinds of awesome here. Congrats!!
  4. amarie2009

    It's time.

    Hope it gets better soon. It's still pretty early. Louie get your act together!
  5. amarie2009

    San Diego RnR Half RR

    San Diego was my first full 6 years ago. A nice cloudy day. You'll get that really official solid sub 2 soon.
  6. amarie2009

    Goodbye, Mom.

    So sorry for your loss. Good luck with the surgery, hope the inside of your knee is nice and unfrayed soon.
  7. amarie2009

    Hitting My Stride: May in Review

    I've heard that heat training increases your blood volume - indirectly increasing red blood cells, which is what altitude training does more directly. So it's helpful...maybe. Albani in the plastic storage bin "pool" reminded me of swimming in a family friends' (clean! not with the cows!) cattle tank when I was little kid. So refreshing!
  8. amarie2009

    I remember when I used the weekends for running long.

    Glad you're ok now. Hope the MRI shows an easy fix. Go eat a (healthy) snack.
  9. amarie2009

    Further thoughts on my race and some misgivings

    Good luck, hope you did indeed catch it early enough to stop it in it's tracks before it stops you.
  10. amarie2009

    Sometimes Random Decision-Making Pays Off!

    I really, really hope Grandma's gives you a good weather day...awesome job!
  11. amarie2009

    The Brooklyn Half - an unexpected PR

    Congrats on the PR! And on a gross weather day.
  12. amarie2009

    No title

    Good luck with the doctor stuff. Blue Cross Blue Shield used to be good insurance. It's not anymore. More like, we won't pay if we can find any excuse. I had to pay for 2 doctor appointments last year that should have been covered as preventive care. Hope they let you get that MRI soon.
  13. amarie2009

    Three weeks out

    Great ten miler! Sounds like you are ready for that half marathon.
  14. amarie2009

    Cinco 5k Mayo RR and other news

    I can't find a way to edit this bloop anymore - but I mistyped my time. I finished in 26:50! BIG BIG difference. Not sure how I got that wrong. (fixed now)
  15. amarie2009

    Cinco 5k Mayo RR and other news

    Basically I did hit my A goals. AG placemets are great, but at my pace I never go in thinking I've got a really good chance. But missing by just a couple seconds is always going to be a little disappointing. (I see now I put my finish time in wrong! It was 26:50. That's what I get for trying to hurry up and write a bloop right before bed.)