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  1. amarie2009

    Tidewater 26.2

    Congrats! What a great race.
  2. amarie2009

    Just like running.

    The bathroom re-do looks great. Matching paint colors is tricky. I've always heard you should buy all the paint at the same time (if possible) and mix some as you transition between cans so any color difference fades together.
  3. The state of Missouri has basically zero restrictions now, although where I am in the St. Louis area still does, but they have eased enough to allow races (with a much reduced capacity and with very spread out waves). So far it seems to be ok as far as infection levels go, but a lot of the state is very vaccine hesitant at best so it could get ugly again.
  4. So if Des hadn't been on a mission to break the women's 50k world record, you would be the fastest woman in North America (*for the 50k distance this year...) Wow. And you ran that course faster than anyone ever...(don't tell Des!) I managed to snag a Strava segment in my neighborhood. It was a slow segment. Only because not that many people use Strava around here I guess. I actually do regularly see other runners now, which is nice. Including one who greets me by name and I feel so guilty because I don't remember his... Congratulations on a great race!
  5. How has it been so long? I meant to do better…honestly although my running has been decent, most everything else has been a struggle. I talked to a career counselor and I have changed some things about how I’m doing my job search, but I still have had no interviews and I haven’t seen a job that just jumps out at me as what I really want – a couple that combine elements of research/human health/nutrition were the best, but nothing has worked out…between days of monotonous data entry and the job search my mental energy is pretty sapped when I’ve had the time to write. Excuses, Excuses…it’s been
  6. You broke a record held by Joan Benoit Samuelson! How cool! Congrats on a great race.
  7. I can't see the pictures, but that sounds like more work than I'd want to do... As far as the diabetes goes, you might have some genetics that made you more vulnerable. It stinks, but as with most things, sometimes you can really do everything right (or that would be fine in the "average" person) and diabetes/high cholesterol/whatever else still develops. Spending a little time monitoring your blood sugar in relation to meals etc. could be really helpful because you could see what affects it most and give you a better idea of what you can change before you start making long term changes.
  8. I gained a few pandemic pounds and some high cholesterol to go with it (and I just finished a master's degree in nutrition so it feels especially like that shouldn't have happened.) Since starting to work on tackling that I'm down a few pounds, but it's been slow. I did buy a new pair of pants because I had no blue jeans I could comfortably wear.
  9. I definitely could not handle that kind of training volume, I am impressed. I want to be a higher miles per week runner, but my body (and pace given the amount of time I have), just won't let me. Everybody is different. Just goes to show, we have to know ourselves and trust what we've learned through previous experience...
  10. Good luck with the job thing. It seems extra difficult right now (I am also job searching, but at least my current situation is tolerable, though not ideal).
  11. Patrick’s Day 5k RR I was very tempted to give this a Friends style title “The One Where…" but it would give away the best part of the story so you’ll just have to read Last year this was the first local race cancelled, just 3 days out. Normally this is a 5 mile race held in downtown St. Louis, but this year it was shortened to a 5k and held at Forest Park. I had not signed up for the race last year because I felt like it was too close to the Asheville Marathon. This year it was set up to run in spaced out waves of no more than 50 runners every 15 minutes from 8am to 10am. Wit
  12. Great job! I ran a 5k on Saturday as well. It took me a bit longer...and I definitely didn't win, but as you'll see in my RR, I got to feel like I was leading...(weird experience for me!)
  13. We had a pretty mild winter - EXCEPT for the almost two week stretch where it never got above freezing. It was the second or third longest below freezing time period on record. We rarely stay cold for very long. Lots of ups and downs.
  14. St. Louis people will know that my pictures are two different parks, but the pictures show how quickly the weather turned to spring...
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