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  1. I agree with Dave and Sara. Run the hill as a part of your warm up slowing down and/or walking as needed to keep the effort in the right range.
  2. amarie2009

    Treadmill Dilemma

    I ran on snow covered sidewalks and streets again this morning (it was also 17*, cold, but doable), and it was a slip-y, slow run. (Should have been a speedwork day). If I had a treadmill I'd have used it. The weather isn't supposed to get much better, and I'm asking myself everyday if it's time to brave the potentially germy gym.
  3. amarie2009

    January Recap

    I'm not sure what part of the country you're in, but locally (St. Louis, MO) for me we've started having smaller races. The set up is different, rolling starts, small numbers, etc. I ran a half in November that was set up this way, and I'm signed up for a 5k in March and another half in April. Of course with the new variants of the virus numbers could spike again and cancel the races. (I'm concerned the April race could also get cancelled due to flooding - it's mostly on the riverfront trail and at some point in many springs that is underwater...) Granted MO doesn't have any COVID rules, but t
  4. If I had a treadmill in my house I would have used it on some of these days (and the very cold days to come). Since I have to go to the gym to get treadmill time I haven't - but with an extended stretch of early am temps in the single digits (or maybe lower) I may give in and do a run or two at the gym.
  5. Congrats on the win and the great time! Based on (reading) research I did when working on my nutrition degree and the final paper in particular, most people could benefit from taking in more calories while running (at least as long as it doesn't cause digestive upset).
  6. I got my lab tests done and got a nasty surprise. Despite running 6+ hours a week, and a mostly decent diet, they came back with high cholesterol. (Everything else was pretty much normal). The doctor said we could start with lifestyle changes, but I’m already super active, and I’m not sure I can run much more. So that leaves diet. I have gained ~10lbs in the last year or so. Mainly related to working from the kitchen table at home. Not good. I’m hoping getting back to where I was weight-wise will help. Although my diet is “mostly decent” I’ve been snacking more, and some of those snacks have b
  7. I miss the Brooks Pure line. The Pure Cadences were my speedy shoe and I haven't found one yet to replace them.
  8. amarie2009

    Hey hey hey.

    Our biggest local race organizers - GO St. Louis, have promised some form of their spring races in person if at all possible. They've been doing small, socially distanced races since October, but they may limit it to the half distance and it will likely be outside of St. Louis County/St. Louis City. The inner metro area of St. Louis (and I think Kansas City) has COVID restrictions but outside of that, there are basically none in Missouri, not because it's better, but because of how political COVID rules have been. This says nothing about other parts of the country, but I'm hopeful I'll get to
  9. Sorry you find yourself in the group of those who I run for with Team in Training. It is a list that continues to grow. But you'll be in my prayers and you have all the healing thoughts I can send.
  10. I ran a virtual half marathon last week, sort of. I finally got to see (outside, mostly at a distance over 6 feet), many of my Team in Training friends who I haven’t seen since March. They were running their virtual Disney races. Since I wasn’t signed up for any of those, I didn’t really run a virtual race, but I did run the half distance. But I was a part of the larger fundraising team that had all planned on running races in the last year (that none of us got to run) and that fundraising team has raised $260,000+ so we got “Circle of Heroes” medals that I got after I finished my not Disney n
  11. amarie2009

    Just because I promised.

    It's not really a great thing to see "interesting" times.
  12. Ow. Ow. Ow. Hope the infection goes away much quicker than anticipated with as few scrapings as possible.
  13. I kept running in December, but completely quit my job search (at least I am employed, but I need a career change...). Something had to give. But I spent a solid half hour (ok, not great, but I worked a full day from home too) working on it. Small bites...so the 2 mile goal sounds like a great plan to me.
  14. amarie2009


    Like seems not quite the right response for this post when half of it is about jaw scooping...*shivers* Seriously, the only oral surgery I've had was my wisdom teeth and I was in happy distant dreamland for that. Hope it goes well and they give you something that makes you forget they are scooping infection out of your jaw, even if you have to be awake...
  15. KRG is correct. So many wise words here. Happy New Year! I think I need to bake a pie...
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