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  1. amarie2009

    The Cross-Training Chronicles: October Recap

    I'm missing my fall marathon due to injury as well. All because of slipping and sliding all over in the mud during my first trail half marathon. I loved the race, but as for the injury, it's a bummer. My SI joint in my back got all angry. I have not been so enthusiastic with my crosstraining. Hope you are back to running soon!
  2. amarie2009

    Indy Women’s Half: You don’t know, until you know

    Why don't we listen to the voice of wisdom? Glad you are feeling better as of this post (hope you are really feeling better by now). You have the best attitude.
  3. amarie2009

    FIVE MILES! More on the new watch. Hood to Coast.

    As I just started grad school, I can be pretty sure I won't have the time or the money for Hood to Coast. At least not for the next 2 years.
  4. amarie2009

    Sore, flat, broke, but it's going to be ok

    The very first sentence of my grad school reading and it's all about why I finally decided to get started... Workouts have been going well until the last couple days where I guess the miles in the heat are catching up with me a bit. I ran a slow 17 on Saturday, which was actually an extra mile but because of the nature of group runs I walked close to a mile anyway. Monday was on the trail and went ok. For the first time in 3 weeks I avoided some nasty plant (stinging nettle I think) that attacked me the previous 2 weeks. Tuesday’s speedwork was right on what it should have been, but Wednesday’s long midweek run of 8 miles was rough. I never felt good and what would normally be my super easy pace felt hard. I tried to go a little faster and just couldn’t. My left calf and foot were complaining, and later after the run my right ankle joined the grumpy chorus. Today I was supposed to do a tempo run with 2 miles at half marathon pace. I couldn’t get there. I was a minute too slow on each of my tempo miles. Tomorrow is a cross train or rest day. Usually I cross train, but this time I’m taking the day off. I have a half marathon on Saturday – and the remnants of hurricane Gordon are going to make it a wet one. Not exactly looking forward to that, but at least I won’t overheat! No real time goal – I’m not in shape to PR, and I’ve been extra tired and sore this week. I hit almost 40 miles last week, which is a big week for me. (And not even the peak for this training plan). Last month was big, but not huge. Both pairs of shoes I’m wearing are at about 200 miles. They still have miles left in them, but I know that I’ll feel better if I get a newer pair to rotate in. The budget really won’t like that, but injuries cost more. I saw the chiropractor today and because of the high miles, soreness and race he wants to see me again next week. Usually I go once a month. The budget doesn’t like that either. I’ve been using some HSA account money so it’s not quite as bad as it could be, but I don’t have a ton of money there either. You know what else hit my budget? After I ran this morning and got ready for work I sat down in my car, started it and was promptly informed I had low tire pressure. A quick look showed my right rear tire was completely flat with a nail in it. My attempt to change the tire was quickly thwarted by extremely tight lug nuts. Fortunately, my car insurance includes roadside assistance. They actually came really quickly and had the donut tire on in about 5 minutes. I asked the guy how many of those he does a day, and he said 15! No wonder he could do it so fast. I took the car to the repair place and waited and waited and waited. I didn’t have an appointment and there were a lot of people in front of me. Finally they informed me they were working on it, but they couldn’t patch the tire so I had to buy a new one. Budget says ouch again. I made it to work by lunchtime. Good thing I have vacation time… My Master’s Degree classes start this coming week. I’m still nervous about whether I can still do this school thing or not. I finally got my last textbook yesterday. I bought school supplies for the first time in about 13 years last weekend, but I forgot to get some sort of planner. I’ll need it, lots of deadlines to keep track of. I’ve already done a bit of reading today while waiting for my car, but it’s dense stuff. Not sure how much of this I’ll need to know from memory. Once my race is over Saturday I’ll be dedicating time to planning out my studies for the first week. Various trail pics...
  5. amarie2009

    Week 3 Complete: Definitely a better week

    I'd say some sort of tendon/other soft tissue issue. I'm dealing with the same sort of thing in my foot. I'm a little worried because even if it's only that for me, it's what kept me from running St. Jude Memphis last year and it took a long time to get over. (It was MUCH worse last year though).
  6. amarie2009

    Bullet Points

    Yay for pain free running however out of shape you are. Fall may be supposed to show up in 3 weeks, but I hope it makes an early appearance in 1.5 for my first half of the season.
  7. amarie2009

    RR - Cypress Run 5K

    6 months off without any illness would take you pretty close to back to zero. Plus you're still healing. Good job, good progress. Keep it up!
  8. amarie2009

    You may want to skip this one.

    So sorry. (And boo on Blue Cross)
  9. amarie2009

    Doing stuff that scares me (some RR some not)

    I've done it once, but then got hurt (not running related) right after and it really took me back almost to where I started. I think I've also been focusing a lot more on the marathon and I have a hard time running really long and fast at shorter distances at the same time. I'm getting closer. But I don't have any races planned that are good PR races for the half planned.
  10. amarie2009

    Summer Update

    To early to say on paces. The heat holds everyone back, I'm hoping summer breaks soon. (Around here, that's unlikely, probably at least a month to go)
  11. amarie2009

    Doing stuff that scares me (some RR some not)

    I’ve been stuck and unhappy for a long time. I love my coworkers, but not my job. It’s boring and pretty much a dead end. It doesn’t pay well (money isn’t everything, but it would sure be nice not to worry if I’ll be able to pay rent/car/food/etc. every month. My running is my outlet, but even that had gotten to be routine and I wasn’t really getting anywhere. My personal life was (and still is) lonely. I’ve always been an introvert and not a social butterfly, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get lonesome. That’s the bad, but this isn’t a bloop to complain. I’ve know I need to do something different, but I haven’t even known where to begin. A couple years ago I looked into becoming a registered dietitian but because I graduated more than 10 years ago I would have to retake a bunch of undergrad classes and even if that wasn’t an issue I’d have to go without a full time job (because classes were only available full time) for 2 years at least and probably 3. Not possible. Then I heard an ad for a Master’s Degree in nutrition. While not a RD it would still open up a whole new area of employment that would be a lot more interesting. Could I make it work? Can I? I’m doing it. I start my first classes next month. I’m excited. It’s going to be so interesting and I’m excited to start. I’m a little “scared” too. I’m already busy. How will I fit it in? I haven’t started yet, so I don’t know how, but I will make it work. Some stuff may get cut. Loop time is already pretty low – right now I’m multitasking by writing this at the dealership while the oil gets changed in my car. Almost everyone in the program is also working full time. It’s online, but also a real physical school in the area that has a good reputation. (not worried about it being a scam) I knew I couldn’t keep going the way I was. I’m nervous, but I’m really happy about this. I feel myself finally moving forward. Which is scary, but scary like a roller coaster. I know this is something good. I haven’t and won’t leave running behind. I already run in the early morning hours at a time I’d sleep or not do much besides eat breakfast if I wasn’t running. I’m also doing something in running that scares me – Trails! I’ve always been afraid of trails because I’m clumsy. I don’t fall a lot on smooth sidewalks but running over roots and rocks always seemed like more than I wanted to tackle. But now I’m doing it. I am so slow at it! I’ve fallen a bunch of times already and (mildly) sprained my ankle. The little trail I’ve been running is such a nice change of pace. Except for the spiderwebs. Those aren’t so nice. I’ve tried the stick method, but it doesn’t work very well. There is a new scary goal behind this – I’m running a trail half marathon this fall! I suppose it might have been smarter to start with a shorter trail race closer to home, but this half is near where I went to college and I can stay with (and maybe run with) an old friend. I can’t believe I’m doing this either. But my running had gotten stagnant too. No time like the present to try a new challenge, right? A less scary running challenge is to continue to pursue a sub 4:30 marathon. The fact that I’m running the Route 66 marathon as the “World’s Shortest Ultra” might interfere with that being my official time, but since it’s only about 4 blocks extra maybe not. I don’t think I’m there yet. Running is going well overall. Paces are slower than I’d like, but it’s summer so that plays a role. Summer started early with very hot humid weather all through May, June and most of July. But there have been some more nice days lately. Maybe summer will break early since it started early? For right now, the heat and humidity are back. My tempo was a slog this morning. I wanted 9 minute miles for my tempo pace, and only managed around an average of 9:20. It was warm and humid, but I wish I could have gotten closer. I had been running my weekly tempos at the high school track, but classes are about to start and I think early morning football practice has started already, limiting access to the track. It’s better to be on the road anyway, or at least more realistic, but I liked being able to measure out my pace so easily. This morning’s run was a strong indication that running a sub 2 road half next month won’t happen. Sub 2 there was a long shot anyway, it’s a hilly race and early September is likely to be too warm here for optimal speed. But the half was only $35 with all the usual goodies when I signed up so it’s worth it. I expect I’ll be closer to 3 hours on the trail half in October. Added next day – I didn’t get to post this last night, so I’ll add a little about my run this morning. I had a mostly very nice 4 miles on my little trails. That’s most miles I’ve done at once on these trails. There was a lot of running out and doubling back but that’s ok. I can’t beat the convenience even if there probably only about 2 miles total of trail to run. I was surprised when I saw 3-4 deer this morning – it’s a very small bit of woods. I also got bit by a horsefly which was the only not nice part of my run. I was running along when all of the sudden I felt like I was being jabbed in my calf with a needle or a thorn. I looked down and an inch long or longer fly was on my calf sitting surrounded by a spreading spot of blood on my compression sock! Ouch! Ick! Fortunately I didn’t get a huge welt or have it be crazy itchy the rest of today. The fall line up is set. Vine to Wine Half in Greenville, IL September 8th. F*L*A*T*S (But not flat! It takes place in 1000 Hills State Park) trail half near Kirksville, MO October 6th. Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa OK November 18th. Plus starting grad school. I’ve got some big challenges ahead. I’m a little scared, but also very excited. Finally getting some forward motion! Now to share some pics from my little bit of trail... Not a special effect - it really looked like this. Humidity you can see...
  12. amarie2009

    39.3 Miles of Maine Coast Birthday Fun!

    Congrats on a great pair of races! Sub 2/Sub 4 is impressive.
  13. It's all relative. I've been trying for 4:30 in a marathon since I started and never gotten there. I'm hoping Tulsa in November will be my race. But it might not be. Boston isn't ever going to happen. There's the people it's easy for, the people who can do it but really have to work (and may miss out because it fills up) and the people who more or less don't bother considering it because it's way beyond what they're ever likely to be able to do. There is nothing wrong with you. Reading about your Buffalo makes me feel a little bad about quitting Nashville last year. I probably could have walked it. If they didn't close the course. Then again I had an awful headache for hours after the race. As far as triathlons go, I'm not surprised at all you would consider an Ironman, honestly I figured it was when not if. It may be even harder not to put pressure on yourself there though, because from bloops you've written you might be an even more talented triathlete than runner.
  14. amarie2009


    I still call it blooping...it is loopsters.org after all.
  15. amarie2009

    RR - Donate Life 5K

    Feeding tube+half frozen feet+no spit+after treatment for stage IV cancer = one of the most badass moments on the loop ever. Congrats on your return to running and your return to health.