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  1. It's the 2018 Snowbuster!!!!!! (and an MCL injury)

    My MCL is what got hurt in the dog incident. But that was immediately very obvious and very bad. You could also have a cartilage issue. Honestly I think I had some cartilage damage with that incident too, but they never did an MRI so I don't know for sure. Did it hurt before you ran in the snow with all the inconsistent and uneven footing?
  2. Race day is Sunday

    The marathon is Sunday! Forecast for Austin looks ok. Low 47, High 67, chance of rain. It’s going to feel warm compared to what I’ve been running in but should be manageable. Hopefully it doesn’t rain but I’ve run a marathon in similar conditions before (Alaska was steady, moderate rain for the first 13 miles and a bit cooler.) It was soggy, but fine. I’m more nervous than I’ve been for a race in a while, but it’s been more than a year and a half since I completed a marathon. I’m nervous about the travel too. It’s been more than 3 years I think since I’ve flown and that makes me nervous too. I’m always afraid the TSA is going to take one look at me and say, nope, you aren’t going anywhere… Plus flights could be delayed or cancelled. Once I’m on the plane and in the air I worry a lot less. Physically I feel good. Nothing especially worrying. My right shoe was rubbing on the bottom of my inside heel bone, but it seems better with a little shoe adjustment. I think I remember this happening before when I’ve done side lunges to warm up. So no more side lunges in shoes I’m running in. It must bend the side of the shoe somehow…No huge boost in energy. Yet. I did do a bunch of extra chores the Saturday afternoon after my first taper “long” run. The bathroom got a real deep clean, I even washed the walls. I want to paint in there, but I have more prep work to do before I can do that. This morning I ran on the treadmill because we had a little freezing rain over the weekend and there were still icy patches on the sidewalks. Ordinarily I probably would have taken the chance and run outside, but not right now. The run felt really good but really boring since my antient ipod died a couple months ago and I can’t afford to replace it at the moment. I feel like I’m forgetting something important. It’s not packing since I don’t leave until Friday. I was super busy at work today, so that could be why, I’m not used to being that busy. Goals? Mostly to finish. I know I’m not ready for sub 4:30. A PR would be sub 4:43. I don’t see that happening either. Under 5. Under 4:50 would be better. But really, after a DNF and DNS I want to FINISH. And have fun. My camera hasn’t been working very well (since I love photography this is a real problem) but I plan on taking lots of pictures of everything except the race. I may have one more post before the race or not. I’ll update when I can after. I've met my goal for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but a cure for blood (and other cancers) is still to be found and every dollar counts. This is the last time I'll ask here for a while so now is the time if you've thought about it. Even a little bit helps.
  3. Hmmmm.

    The snow sounds like a good thing to blame to me. In the rare cases that I run in it I always have a hard time.
  4. 20 done

    No kidding. Warmest long run of the cycle. I think earlier in the week it was still in the teens. Previous week we had temps around 0. It's been a cold but dry winter.
  5. 20 done

    Here it is. Sorry, I accidentally re pasted my bloop instead of the link.
  6. 20 done

    Instead of copy and pasting my link I re-pasted the bloop contents...so yes, tired.
  7. WILFTB: Love the Splatter

    Good thing you have a dog...
  8. 20 done

    I’m tired. Like really tired. Falling asleep ½ hour early every night and almost falling asleep at work tired. (Good thing I’m not an air traffic controller or a surgeon). Afraid at moments it’s an oncoming flu, but so far so good. I’ve never been more germophobic. I ran my one and only 20 miler for this training cycle on Saturday. It went well enough – I finished at a fair pace for me, but the IT band grumbled slightly again in the last 2 miles. This happened when I ran 15 a couple weeks ago. My 18 miler in between was fine. I’m working the MRTYL routine and core work and foam rolling hoping the IT band doesn’t so much as whisper in the race. I’ve been there and dealt with that, and I don’t want to do it again. My training has been abbreviated, but gone well. The 1 mile PR two weeks ago was a real surprise. It’s very unlikely I have the endurance to hold the pace I’d need to PR in the marathon at this point but I think I have a good shot of at least being under 5 hours. Since I haven’t completed a marathon in over a year and a half that’s something. (And the last marathon I did run was 5:17, but it was at elevation and a “trail” race.) So we’ll see. Just finishing without being miserable is a good goal. But the faster the better. I’m more nervous than I’ve been in a while. Usually getting to the taper makes me feel a little better (for the first week of the taper anyway) because I’ve made it through training without injury. I don’t feel a lot better yet. My freak foot injury happened after a perfect 20 miler when I missed doing St. Jude. I think I’ll feel confident about making it to the start when I’m standing at the start. All the things that could stop me are floating through my head…Flu bug (so much flu around!), tripping and falling, another freaky injury, travel problems (we haven’t had a major snowstorm here in forever, what if it comes the day I fly out?), oh I’m sure I could think of other things but I’m trying not to think about it. My last two marathons were fails close to the last minute (Well I’m past the point Memphis actually went bad for me). Random pains here and there, but since they haven’t lingered in anyway, I can chalk those up to high miles, and my head messing with me. My chiropractor did make a very good point last week when I saw him – he said “Don’t anticipate pain, because then your body will give it to you.” Good thing to remember. Hard for a worrier, worst case scenario anticipating person like me to actually do. Still running for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, making that final push to reach my fundraising goal - I'd love it if you donated, but I get that there a ton of places for your money to go, and I don't plan on asking continuously (here anyway). If you feel so inclined here's the link. Austin LLS fundraising
  9. The Pit

    No 80-100 mile weeks in my life, but I just finished my biggest miles in forever, and this may explain why I've been nearly falling asleep at work despite going to bed at least half an hour early the last few nights. I've begun my taper so hopefully that kicks in soon.
  10. Where It's At

    Oops I did speedwork today. I'm in trouble now. There's a mile road race here that I've often considered and never run. Somehow it never fits in my schedule. I think it might work this year. Good luck with the mile training!
  11. Yep, still winter.

    I'm waiting on one more tax form then I can get mine done. Ice is always bad. We've had hardly any ice or snow here since the winter before last. It's weird. When it finally comes (maybe this year, maybe not) it's going to be a real disaster on the roads. Everyone always forgets how to drive anyway, and now it's been a long time since they've had to remember.
  12. WILFTB: Love the Splatter

    Haha, I read that (I'm not watching the bachelor) and immediately thought, well I know that's not a guy for me as my cat Izzie is sitting behind me purring on the back of the couch. (To be honest anyone who would go on the bachelor isn't anyway, but whatever...)
  13. First marathon! Arizona RnR RR

    Congrats! There is only so much you can really do to prepare for weather. Sometimes it's just hot. That's still a great first marathon.
  14. Not yet.

    I have the Garmin 220. Do they still sell that? It might be more in line with what you're looking for. (After a quick look the answer appears to be no, sadly)
  15. Oh Hi, I Run, too ... and WILFTB

    I ran the Mickelson Trail marathon at 5000-6000'. It was noticeable, but not awful. It felt like I was running about a minute faster than I actually was, but I did ok.