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  1. Moose

    For the Loop only (with pics)

    I definitely don't...
  2. Moose

    For the Loop only (with pics)

    I can't wait for next summer to have some more!
  3. Fellow Loopsters, I heard there was some sort of Loop comeback for Thanksgiving – and so here I am. Plus, Garbanzo’s threats in case of non-compliance are nothing to joke about. Blame it on his scary hirsute looks of late, I’m not taking any chances on upsetting him. But… how do you condense more than two years of absence in a format that’s vaguely interesting enough not to bore every reader to death?And that can be also enjoyed by analphabets worldwide? “Stuff yer bloop with pictures!” I hear you cry. So be it, that’s what I’m going to do, while keeping verbiage to a minimum. This also minimizes chances of any English language mistakes and ensuing jeers directed at the quirky European: Swiss Alps, Sep. 2018. Here he is - warts and all. Apparently, he likes eating. My latest bloop is from September 2017, I think. Since then, nothing too exciting has happened on the running front. If tortured, I would admit to (very slowly) completing a couple of really long races: a 200+ mile trail race in Switzerland last year; a race called Swiss Peaks, as beautiful as it is technical - it took me 5 days, 22 hours, 2 knees and at least 8 lbs. of raclette cheese to complete it. It was totally worth it, though. That hot raclette was to die for. Here are some other piccies - space fillers, nothing more. A friendly Swiss mountain dweller. Another trail running day in Mordor. Finishing a 360km mountain race will do this to ya. You've been warned. This year, instead, I decided to do the infamous Ronda dels Cims (Catalan for "Tour of the Peaks") in Andorra, a tiny country in the Pyrenees, wedged between France and Spain.This was a 105-ish miles effort (albeit with an elevation gain and an average trail technicity I wouldn't shake a lightsaber at), and this time I only spent two sleepless nights to finish it. Good enough for the usual anonymous ranking, well behind ageing runners. But the place was wonderful - and so was the food. Watermelon is the way to go when everything else fails. Sweet, unforgettable, undersized finish line beer. Here's Miguel, my Argentinian pal. In September I DNF'd another attempt at the Swiss Peaks, but I'm totally ok with it. I suppose it's quite optimistic to tackle both a 105 and a 220-miler in the same summer at my age. I can't really tell you any more running-related stuff which would remotely interest you guys. I've had my share of small injuries, but luckily nothing too serious. The last few weeks have been rain-soaked and I've been trying to run nonetheless. I honestly can't remember a November this rainy, and I'm 50 now. Hopefully December will be better! Bloop ya later - and happy Thanksgiving to my US friends! Moose IMG_0429.heic IMG_0430.heic IMG_0435.heic IMG_0437.heic
  4. Moose

    Title required

    Admitting you're injured is the first step towards recovery! Best of luck, mate
  5. Quite a lot on yer plate there, Dave... best of luck to your kid.
  6. Moose

    It is what it is

    Give it some time Gumbo... it'll sort itself out, I'm sure! I used to hate that sentence too... until I read this Erich Fried poem. Looking forward to seeing pictures of you swamp running!
  7. Moose

    LA Marathon Race Report

    un-believe-Bangle! well done B!
  8. I was afraid the reference would be missed and would be above everyone's head! I am very happy that at least you know about that movie!
  9. Moose

    Finding magic in the misery

    Gnats (and bugs in general) are the staple food of every respectable runner.
  10. Moose

    Zebras and the Pirate!

    Of course! You know me well.
  11. Moose

    Checking In

    I hope your dad gets good news! Running can be helpful in stressful times...
  12. Well, you definitely earned the BQ!!!! I'm very happy for you Peg!
  13. You're awfully effective for a forgetful person
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