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  1. Moose

    Last Covid Era Entry

    Awesomely inspiring! I loved this
  2. Moose

    Tidewater 26.2

    Fantastic!! So happy for ya 😎
  3. Not yet... booooooooo
  4. You’re amazing!! So much training... 😀
  5. Moose

    For the Loop only (with pics)

    I definitely don't...
  6. Moose

    For the Loop only (with pics)

    I can't wait for next summer to have some more!
  7. Fellow Loopsters, I heard there was some sort of Loop comeback for Thanksgiving – and so here I am. Plus, Garbanzo’s threats in case of non-compliance are nothing to joke about. Blame it on his scary hirsute looks of late, I’m not taking any chances on upsetting him. But… how do you condense more than two years of absence in a format that’s vaguely interesting enough not to bore every reader to death?And that can be also enjoyed by analphabets worldwide? “Stuff yer bloop with pictures!” I hear you cry. So be it, that’s what I’m going to do, while keeping verbiage to a minimum.
  8. Moose

    Title required

    Admitting you're injured is the first step towards recovery! Best of luck, mate
  9. Quite a lot on yer plate there, Dave... best of luck to your kid.
  10. Moose

    It is what it is

    Give it some time Gumbo... it'll sort itself out, I'm sure! I used to hate that sentence too... until I read this Erich Fried poem. Looking forward to seeing pictures of you swamp running!
  11. Moose

    LA Marathon Race Report

    un-believe-Bangle! well done B!
  12. I was afraid the reference would be missed and would be above everyone's head! I am very happy that at least you know about that movie!
  13. Moose

    Finding magic in the misery

    Gnats (and bugs in general) are the staple food of every respectable runner.
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