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    Plaza 10K: "I'm either going to have a huge PR or a huge blow up"

    Love those breakthrough races! Congrats on SUCH a great race! Fun to read about it - makes me want to race!

    Estes Epic 24K Race Report - Birthday Run!

    Wow, that's a lot of swag! Yeah, I'd be pissed with all that asphalt too!

    In the Darkness

    I've been thinking a lot about the "Why" lately too. It does seem silly and selfish and pointless sometimes. And yet it is the focus of my life. OK, one of the focuses. But it is one thing I control. No one is telling me how much to run or when and where. It's my choice. And that makes the accomplishment more special. And it does feel good sometimes. Great post.

    Predicting Times

    I should have mentioned I did 16 miles on Friday. Certainly cost me a few seconds...

    Predicting Times

    As you know, I race a lot. 309 road races so far to be exact. And I usually go into a race with a goal time, and a pretty good prediction of what I think I can do. Most times I come out pretty close to what I expect. But having just read this book: Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance I did some thinking about that. Am I running close to predicted times because of my knowledge and experience? Or is my prediction causing me to run that time? For example, if I predict my 5K will be 20:20 instead of 20:50, and then adjust my race strategy for that time, am I more likely to run faster? Despite my experience telling me 20:50 is what I am capable of right now? So this week I ran a Mile race on the track. The last two years I aimed for sub 6 and ran 5:52 and 5:59. This year I had convinced myself, based on many track workouts and runs with slower paces than usual, that sub-6 was out of reach. I was talking about going out at 6:20 pace with a goal of running 6:10-6:15. I considered going out at 6:00 pace to be suicidal. Race day came and one guy said he was running 6:00 pace if anyone wanted to pace off of him. (He was capable of faster). I didn't give it much thought. I would run my race and see how far away the pace group would be. So off we went and I slipped into my usual spot in the group. There was about 30 people racing, from 4:50 pace to 9 minute pace. I glanced at the Garmin after 100m and it said 6:10 pace. Yeah I got this pacing thing down. First lap was 92 and it felt perfect. Hard but manageable. The 6:00 group was about 8 people in a bunch just ahead. I maintained. Lap two I caught a few people who went out too fast. But the group was pulling away from me. I let them because this was plenty hard enough thank you. Second lap 94 for a 3:06 1/2. Lap 3 is about ignoring the pain and pushing hard not to lose momentum. A few people were falling off the pace group and I caught some which helped me stay motivated. Lots of huffing and puffing and grimacing but the end was near now. 93 for lap 3. I still felt OK and tried to find another gear and get everything I could out of the last lap. Not a whole lot left however. I caught one more guy as my legs tied up and riggy kicked in. The last straight was just surviving and trying not to stumble. I think spit was coming off my mouth and my eyes were glazed. Finished at 6:10 for a 91 last lap. So. My splits tell me I maximized my potential. I didn't have an 85 left in me. I gave everything and 6:10 was my best on this day. Or was it? What if I had gone out at 90? Could I have held on and still been able to finish strong? Or would I have died early and fallen off the pack like some of my friends? I was spent at the end. But it wasn't the worst I've ever felt. I'm sure a few more seconds could have been had. Anyway, it's fun to ponder. Still happy with the 72% age-grade. But I'm already planning to assault the mile again maybe in December. This time I will go in telling myself I can do sub-6. The body follows the brain. Back to marathon training...

    August In Pictures & Loopfest 2019?

    Sounds like we need a second team... Way to maximize your hiking possibilities!

    Running some hills, that's where I want to be!

    and I got the Weezer reference! Not bad for an old guy.

    Running some hills, that's where I want to be!

    Start each rep slow(er) and build up to finish strong. Going out too hard is painful and unproductive and demoralizing. Do a longer warmup, like 2-3 miles.

    Summer Training Update

    I would be very surprised. You win this year.
  10. BANGLE

    Summer Training Update

    Signed up for a friend. Ended up going to a stranger. Deal!
  11. BANGLE

    Summer Training Update

    Hi Loopsters! Only nine weeks left before New York City! I guess I better get serious about marathon training. Actually, the running has been going pretty well. My nagging injuries still nag a little, but not as loudly as before. They aren't going away, but the increased mileage isn't making it worse, so that's good. Still a tight right buttock and a wonky left knee, but they're both kind of fading. The bigger problem has been heat. Not a fan of marathon training in August! Although I can't really complain living here in runner paradise, our weather has been warmer than usual, and we've had a little humidity too. Seems like all my runs feel tough - I'm not getting the paces I'm used to for the same effort. I prefer to blame the heat rather than my increasing age. Still hoping cooler Fall weather will help. But at this point my goals are modest. I have a half marathon in Long Beach in 5 weeks. Plan to race it, but maybe I'll go out conservatively and hope for a strong finish. It worked in Arizona. Anything under 1:40 would make me happy now. As for New York - boy - I'm still at the point where 26 miles seems AWFULLY far. I did 15 last week, and was pretty beat at the end (it was warm). Just hoping to enjoy the experience, try to control myself, and not bonk too hard. Hopefully sub-4. Last week I spent a week in North Carolina visiting my parents. I managed to get three runs in (6.5, 9.8, 6.7) but each was a struggle. Yes, it was warm and humid. And yes, I'm going to blame 2,100 feet of elevation for having some effect. I was reading the book Endure, and he coincidentally talked about 2,000 feet of elevation having an effect on race times, so I'm taking it. I got back Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I did about 12 miles (at sea level) and felt pretty good! Mojo returned. Then I followed it up Sunday morning with 12 more, expecting tired legs, but felt surprisingly fresh and ran pretty well for about ten miles. Bonked a bit at the end. But you know, hot... Took Monday off and did 8.3 Tuesday and again felt strong. So I guess the training is working. Just gotta trust the process and hope for cool weather. Tonight is track night and I have 16 on Friday morning. Then Sunday is our track group's annual mile race. I'll do my best, but I feel like sub 6:00 is very doubtful this year. My track times just have not been up to par. I'll probably go out about 6:20 pace and see what I can do. Then there's the beer mile, but I don't feel the need to do THAT again. Once was enough I think. What else...Well I'm currently bingeing The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon and it's really good. And we're going to see the Carole King musical, Beautiful, in a few weeks. And my wife donated a kidney.
  12. BANGLE

    39.3 Miles of Maine Coast Birthday Fun!

    Love all the pics! You crushed that weekend like it was nothing! Super studly. What a fun trip.
  13. BANGLE

    A Race I Can’t Win – Me vs. Last Year Me

    I'm blaming the summer heat too. It's not me getting old. I keep saying this... Fall will be awesome. Repeat as necessary.
  14. BANGLE


    Running with baby is a great thing for both of you. I did it for 4 years and loved it. Good to see you on the road again!
  15. Enjoy the runs. Do what feels right. The motivation may come back later. Or not. (But I think it will) I'm not feeling very motivated myself in this damn heat and with nagging injuries. But I know it will return eventually. Probably. Hot marathons are the worst. I've had my share of death walks worse than that (4:11, 4:30). Glad you didn't quit. Loved the beer story.