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    The Last-Minute OTQ Chasers

    Love this. And loved tracking your quest. A guy from my local group was there and ran 2:18:31 to get his OTQ and will be going to Atlanta.


    Welcome! Way to push your comfort zone! I find the pressure to update my "readers" here is a good motivator to get those runs in!

    Magic Cures

    Right? You have to plug in the Lazy-Boy just to recline it? Crazy. Glad Sammy is being a good boy.

    2019 Review: I am MORE

    This makes me smile. Love all the positivity, and the PRs! The 20's are going to be awesome.

    Goals & DW Starts Running!

    Love the positivity for both of you! Keep it up!

    New Year, New Me

    I'm pleased to report that my strategy of "To hell with it, I'm running through it" has been successful. Since 12/1 I've been running every other day, just about anyway. I've piled up 97 miles over 5 weeks, just being careful with easy runs of 4 to 6 miles. Got up to 7 twice now. The foot/ankle pain has slowly faded since I hurt it 11 weeks ago. Six weeks of not running didn't do much, but 5 weeks of running seemed to let it heal a little faster. Or at least didn't setback the healing process. Today's run I didn't feel it for much of the run. Toward the end I felt some, but not enough to really affect my stride. So I'm happily adding miles to my schedule. I had got quite out of shape and it was frustrating feeling so slow and winded. But lately it's getting easier. I still feel slow and out of shape, just not as much. I managed to gain ten pounds, so I need to work on dropping that now too. But it's a new year, time to start stretching myself a little more. Because I have a half marathon coming up in 8 weeks and I'd like to at least make a decent showing. Right now I have a goal of 8:00 pace and sub 1:45. With luck I'll regain some speed and be able to do better than that. But the main thing is to have fun and stay healthy. I was back East for ten days but got lucky with good weather and managed to get all my runs in on beautiful days in the 40s and 50s. Even wore shorts for most of them. Life is good.

    My Left Foot

    Yes, the Half.
  8. I blame Whole Foods. Sharing the weekend with your daughter will bring priceless memories. The DNF will fade away.

    My Left Foot

    still hurts. But I think it's getting better. My strategy of "To hell with it, I'm running through it" seems to be working. Since six weeks off didn't help at all, I have been running every other day since Dec 1 and I'm seeing the fitness start to come back. The foot pain, (below the ankle, above the arch) is pretty minor at the beginning. It gets a little worse after about 3 miles, but it's bearable. On a 1-10 pain scale, it was about a five two weeks ago, and now it's a 4, maybe a 3 during some of the run. I think it slows me a bit too, as it hurts more if I try to push a little, so I back off, shorten the stride a bit. I am probably adjusting for it, but I don't see any other pains popping up yet. But I'm feeling more confident. I did four mile runs for a week, then some 5 milers, then a 6 and a 6.4 before backing off to 5 today. Planning 7 on Saturday. But then I will be travelling to winter climes (Kentucky and North Carolina) for ten days, so I'll probably be cutting back. I'll do what I can. With luck I will be in less pain come January and can continue increasing the miles. Otherwise, life is good. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy 2020!
  10. BANGLE

    Jolly Holly 5K

    All those miles are paying off! Now quit whining! Nice racing! Perhaps an age-graded PR?
  11. What the hell is wrong with you!? Wear it and OWN it!
  12. I still have my 1980 Grandma's marathon shirt and hope to wear it in the 2030 race.
  13. I signed up for the Phoenix RNR Half in 2014, specifically to meet up with loopsters RunDanRun and OnTheBusRunning. Then I got hurt and had to skip the road trip and the race. But Dan picked up my shirt. Months later he was in town and gave me the shirt. I still wear it despite not running it or even being in the same state. Hey I paid for it! But there is a little bit of shame. I'm wearing it today.
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