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    Four Lap Harmony

    Way to break six the hard way. Now start slower next time! Congrats though. A hard mile is a special kind of pain. And you're too young to remember Landy.


    There is also a full. And it is flat and fast! Might be warm-ish, but probably good weather. Come on out!


    Ha ha, no I haven't started running naked. But I'm working out every day. I don't run enough to do a running streak. I think my longest running streak (this century) is 5 days. But I've been trying to work out almost every day; either a run, a bike ride, or a gym workout. Most of the time life interferes once in a while, or I just feel like skipping a day, so I average 5-6 days a week. So I went back and checked for my longest workout streak, and it was 11 days. And I thought I might as well just commit to streaking and maybe go the whole month of May. So starting April 30th I have not missed a day yet, which means I am up to 14 days now with tonight's run making 15. PR! (not counting my youth) Running is going well. My sore butt and hammy finally faded away and is now completely gone. It cost me four weeks of almost no mileage, but I needed that break anyway after the marathon. Now I have four decent weeks under my belt and I'm back to 4 days a week of running. Building up mileage and getting back in shape. I've been to the track a few times to work on speed, but otherwise running 6-8 miles. I will start up on long runs next week with 10 or so. Plenty of time to lay down base before ramping up to marathon training in a few months. I go to the gym once a week, or about every 5 days. There I do mainly upper body and core exercises, but also some leg stuff too. I do circuits through 12 different stations. Three sets, 8-10 reps, very little rest between, so my heart rate stays high and it is a good workout. The other days I do bike rides along the beach. 9-20 miles. I don't work too hard on these usually, but I keep a steady pace. It counts. I figure any exercise that makes me sweat for at least 30 minutes counts for the streak. This Saturday I'm doing a 5K on a fast course. Planning to run sub-7 pace, and see if I can get under 21:00 (6:46 pace). Fun. I've also decided to do the Long Beach Half on October 7th, in case anyone wants to come visit. Our guest rooms have opened up. Life is good.
  4. So great to hear good news. Build that bull!

    Well, it's Monday.

    Well that kind of sucks.

    The psmPR Streak

    Such a good feeling when you're getting into shape! All the cross training is helping. Keep it up! I don't fuel unless I'm going two hours or more. We don't really need it. Water, yes.

    Another of Dave's Great Western Adventures

    White fence for sure. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. It was nice. Best of luck to T-Rex.

    Wake Me Up

    Nice prose.

    SD RnR HM Training

    I still have fond memories of running that race...IN 1986!!! Dang, time flies. Looks like you're rounding into fine shape! Keep it up.
  10. BANGLE

    Rambling because I miss it here

    Thanks for dropping by.
  11. BANGLE


    It's been five weeks since my last post. Five weeks since the marathon. I kind of promised myself a little break from running after that one. No races paid for (except New York in November). I wanted to give my body a break, because soon enough I would be starting another marathon training plan. This will be only my second year with two marathons. Normally I do one a year. In 2012 I did two, tempted by the Twin Cities Loopfest. Ended up with some injuries right after. Coincidence? Probably not. So I'm being careful. The week after LA I went to North Carolina to visit my parents, along with both my brothers. We celebrated my Mom's 80th birthday, but we also went to see how my Dad is doing. He is 80 and starting to have fading health after being super healthy his whole life. He is getting dementia and also getting frail. We checked out the senior living community that they plan to move to, and worked on starting the transition. Lots to do, but my Mom is handling it well, as she has many friends to help her out. I planned to not run that week, but my brother and sister-in-law talked me into an easy five miler which was fine although I was still sore and fatigued from the race four days prior. The next week at home I tried another 5, but had some serious tightness in my right piriformis which caused my hammy to tighten up pretty badly. Same thing a few days later and I realized it was more than just post-race soreness. It was an injury. I decided more rest was needed. A week later I tried four miles, but it tightened up again. Enough to alter my stride. Especially going uphill - the hammy was not working. Took another ten days off. This time I also started doing something about it. I dug out the foam roller and worked my butt over it. Did more stretching exercises. Last week I tried four on Monday and it was better. Still feel it, but just an annoyance. Did 6 on Thursday and another 6 on Sunday and I'm now starting to feel normal. Just a bit out of shape perhaps. I've added a few pounds over the month. So this week I plan to keep slowly adding miles. Plan to meetup with the track group again, but I will be careful. Probably no races until July 4th. In other news, this whole foster parenting thing continues to be a roller-coaster ride. The girl acts like a 15-year old - meaning she wants nothing to do with us. Which might have been easier to take if we'd had 15 years with her. She's got her issues so we try to give her a break, but it is hard to deal with a selfish narcissist who gets suicidal when you tell her no. (Literally. She spent 9 days in hospital after saying she wanted to die.) We came close to giving up, but the system has no where else to place her so we'd be condemning her to a new school and a group home. So we are trying to manage right now with more of a hands-off attitude. Trying to not care so much. Not try so hard. She spends almost all of her time at a friend's house, whose Mom she has "adopted" as her "second Mom". She basically only comes home to sleep and ignore us. But she's doing OK in school and socially, so we try to be content that we are letting her have a foundation. She was on the wrestling team but wouldn't allow us to come to any meets or functions, so that hurt. We want to be parents but she apparently doesn't want parents. She wants to hurry up and grow up and be independent. Who knows how this will play out. Well, I could write all night but thought I'd give you a taste. No one reads this anyway, right? So, yeah, I'm running again, and constantly grateful for all the good things in my life. Life is good.
  12. BANGLE

    The Race

    Kudos for enduring that torture at close to full speed. This is one race you'll always remember - and the time is irrelevant.
  13. BANGLE

    my running club

  14. BANGLE

    Drop it Like it's Unprepared

    That should count for two states since you cross the river to Kentucky.
  15. BANGLE

    ...to Boston

    That was fantastic. I'm ready to sign up for next year! The magic is real. Good luck!