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    Last Covid Era Entry

    Tomorrow California opens up. I'm calling it VC day (Victory over Covid). It's been 15 months where our lives changed in many, many ways. But this is a running blog, so I'll just focus on that. The biggest change was the loss of in-person racing. I still ran. Even more than normal, actually. Last year was a record high for mileage. With no vacations, no work (I quit uber driving), no going out anywhere, the highlight of my calendar was my running schedule. So I stepped up to 5 days a week and maintained it for most of the last year. There were a few virtual races, but those were really ju
  2. Must have been nice to get out there, despite the rain! Still no races at all around here for the foreseeable future. Congrats! Love the medal.


    I'm confident you will have an excellent race.


    Well I got fired.

    St. Patrick's Day 5k RR

    Trailing that bike sounds fun! Reminds me of the tiny race I ran where I was leading and the bike took a wrong turn and I followed and ended up running a 1.6 mile 5k...
  6. That's pretty amazing all around! Congrats!

    There's always more to come.

    I always wonder how much to blame on just aging. But with your Covid history, that certainly adds something to think about. These long hauler cases are sad and very strange. Keep at it.

    Virtually the Same

    Hey there. It's been over six months since I've felt like I had anything good to write about. But I'm back. Still running. More than ever actually. Last year I ran 1,647 miles which is a 40-year high. That was made possible by the lack of any significant injuries, as well as the lack of tapering or downtime for racing! I spent the summer thinking (foolishly) I was training for a Fall marathon, but when that went away I just kept putting in miles at a slightly lower rate. So it turned out to be a good year despite the lack of races and race road trips (after Atlanta anyway). I did manage t
  9. Nice work! I had my own rust buster yesterday and know what you mean about feeling good to get out there again. No mention of masks or distancing protocol. Was there any? It's a bit shocking to see that picture now with so many so close together.
  10. BANGLE

    not running & being

    My first race was also a 5 miler in 34 and change. 1977. Heavy and sad thoughts. Surely there are other things worth breathing for. Like writing, which certainly seems to be a passion for you. I'm in the watch football and eat ice cream camp. Or maybe cookies or pizza. Been thinking about when I'll stop running. Or if. I imagine even walking a 5K at 95 might still be bliss-inducing. We'll see.
  11. BANGLE


    Root canals are no problem. My three were easy. Good luck and happy new year!
  12. It has been dying for years although there are certainly more readers than writers. Covid definitely hurt because races are the reason for a great many posts. Without races, I find little to write about. Once races return though, I fear we will still only have a handful of people posting. Many writers post elsewhere and the rest of us can certainly set up another location to write on and share that on Loopville for the interested readers. So I vote to kill it. It is depressing to check it (and I still check it almost daily) and find nothing new. Merry Christmas! Ebenezer
  13. BANGLE

    Not the weekend I had planned.

    I'm in the same boat re running. It seems like all runs feel harder and are slower than they should be. Knocks the joy out of it.
  14. BANGLE

    Starting up. Slowing down.

    I consider it a productive day if I vacuum for 10 minutes.
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