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  1. The Tune-Up

    Running up against your limits is a good way to push them out further. Nice racing.
  2. Snowbuster by the Bay

    Awesome job! The wig - wow - you're crazy.
  3. Age Grading, and Marathon Goals

  4. Age Grading, and Marathon Goals

    I find it amazing that our 10K PRs are one second apart. With AG, I can still hope to beat that 78.50. Just need to get older.
  5. Age Grading, and Marathon Goals

    It's taper week, and I have extra time on my hands. As one gets to my age (55), running for PRs is just pretty dang hard. Even improving year to year becomes a struggle. Over the next few decades I know it will be less about getting faster and more about limiting the inevitable slowdown. So I've been just measuring age group PRs for a while. But sometimes I will see an age-grade % in a race result, and I realized that's a pretty good way to measure my times against past performances. So I pulled up the age-grading calculator and opened my race spreadsheet and proceeded to look up and enter age grades for all 306 races I have done since 1977. Now I can sort by age-grade to really see my best performances. It was fun! And results were pretty accurate. My best grades were still from my early youth PRs when I was 18 and 19. But my races now are pretty close to those, considering my ancient body. My top score was a 78.46% for my 10K PR at age 19 of 34:03. I had six other races in that period over 77%. But then my top old man score was not far behind at 75.45% for a 5K of 20:10 at age 54. All my top scores lately are in the 5K, so I guess I'm under achieving in the longer ones. I have 22 5Ks in the last 5 years over 70%, but only three 10Ks and one Half over 70%. Last year's Phoenix half in 1:35:47 got me a 70.47%. As for marathons, my top score remains my first one at age 18, my PR of 2:58:55. But it's only good for 68.77%. But my next two were my BQ races at age 49 and 53, both around 66%. So now I have a new goal for Sunday, an age-graded marathon PR. To beat 68.77% I need to run under 3:28:33, which happens to be right about what I'm shooting for! So anyway, yes, the LA marathon is Sunday. I've been tapering hard. I decided that my injury-forced 5-week taper from two years ago worked so well, that I needn't worry about running too little these last three weeks. Two weeks ago I dropped to 4 runs and 38 miles with nothing over 11. Last week I skipped a run and only ran twice, 7 and 12, and I'm feeling pretty fresh. This week I will only do two runs, 7 today and 5 on Thursday. I do have a little injury tweak. One foot is a little sore, in the ankle and the arch, but not a big deal. Still, enough to make me want to cut back. The weather looks to be perfect! Colder than usual. 45-55 degrees during the race and partly cloudy or maybe a little rain. So I've got no excuses. Goals. Well, as usual, the main one is to BQ, which means under 3:37 to be safe. But my training suggests I'm really capable of sub 3:30, maybe 3:25. So I will be shooting for under 3:30. And now hoping to crack 3:28:33! Likely I'll be at 3:25 pace for twenty miles, like usual, and then we'll see if the increased mileage helps me maintain better through those last 6 miles. My facebook should be posting tracking if you're curious. The calculator is here if you are interested. Go ahead and wish me luck! I'll be wearing the Loopville All-star shirt and thinking about you guys!
  6. The Mind is the Athlete

    Nice. Btw, I expect to run 3:29 next Sunday.
  7. roger and me

    Well done! The times are different but the suffering is the same. Or similar.
  8. Hooray! Glad to see runner Peg again. Coaching IS pretty rewarding, huh? Glad to hear things are looking good. I'll give you a number to chase next week!
  9. Rainy Friday

    Far out.
  10. Forget It, Jake, It's Chinatown

    Racing is always fun. Way to catch those slackers on the way down.
  11. Vacation Running!

    Great break from "winter". Glad you had a fun trip. I loved Key West.
  12. 2018: Let's Do This

    I'm so excited for you! I think it's a great goal and you are definitely capable. Your reaction to coaching sounds just like the ladies I coached. Having someone push you to paces you didn't think possible is the MAIN benefit! Making the goal and believing in it is half the battle! Your body is capable - you just need to put in the work. Hoping to ride that bus to Hopkinton with you in 2020!
  13. Conquering the Drives

    There is this course here called "The Drives". It involves running around the local peninsula of Palos Verdes. You start on Palos Verdes Drive North, then proceed through PV Drive East, PV Drive South and PV Drive West in a big circle. It's nearly 21 miles and filled with spectacular scenery. It's all rolling hills, with one HUGE hill in the middle and very popular with cyclists. Every weekend there are multiple large groups of cyclists cruising these drives. So basically around this. I ran it clockwise. Running The Drives is quite the challenge. I first tried it in 2013 on a hot May day. It beat me. I finished, but there was a lot of walking and I averaged about 10 minutes a mile. I tried it again in 2014 with a group, but by the time I got up and down the big hill my legs were cement and when I got to 15 miles I was ready to quit. Luckily there was an option to catch a ride back, so I took it. Fail. So I've been kind of intimidated by it and hadn't tried it since. But this year, with a bigger base than ever, I figured I could give it another try. The last long run of my marathon cycle would be The Drives. I had it on my calendar for a few months, but I was never sure about it. I didn't want to trash my legs 3 weeks before the marathon. But the last couple weeks convinced me I was ready. Luckily the weather has turned chilly here so the weather was perfect - 40's at the start, 50's by the finish, little wind, but sunny and beautiful with great visibility. I drove to the start point and got going at 8:00. My goal was to relax and just take it easy, not worry about time. But of course, that's not like me. One of my club rivals did The Drives last week in 8:46 pace, so I figured I might as well make that a goal. I could track how I was doing vs. 9:00 pace. Figured to lose some on the hills, but make it up coming down. I was hoping to get to the back half still feeling strong - practice those late marathon miles with tired legs. Here's the elevation chart: So it starts out with a pretty nasty hill for two miles, so I just trudged along and tried not to breathe too hard while warming up. Miles 1-2 were 9:30 and 8:54. It wasn't easy but I was patient and knew I would feel better once I got to miles 3-5. And I did. Those flat to downhill miles let me ease into cruising pace and I felt pretty good. 8:12, 8:17, 8:00. Preparing for the big climb. Hill #1 was 2.25 miles and almost 500 feet. Just steady, consistent climbing, although not so steep that I couldn't handle it. I maintained steady effort and got over feeling great. 9:22, 9:16. Then there is about a mile of fun downhill (8:00) before the next 1.3 mile hill of 240 feet. (9:06) Finished feeling strong and stopped for a GU and some water at the drinking fountain at the top. I applauded some cyclists who were coming up the backside. Even saw a neighbor cycling up and shared a high five. OK! Major hills done! Felt pretty confident and ready for the next phase - the long steep quad-killing downhill. This is what broke me last time. I drop 700 feet in 3 miles. Starting with the switchbacks. This is the steepest part - but fun! I tried to keep my stride short and minimize the pounding. Had to step off the road a couple time for cyclists. Enjoyed the spectacular views and felt the joy of being alive, healthy and full of vigor. 7:51, 7:47, 7:55. Once I got near the coast there was hard packed dirt path to run on. I took in the view of Catalina Island and cruised. Also went by Trump National golf course and took the time for a spit and two farmer blows. By mile 13 it leveled a bit and became "rolling" the rest of the way. Still plenty of hills though. I assessed my quads and they didn't seem too bad. I still had the oomph to get over hills and maintain effort. I was tired, but fine really. Stopped at 15 for another GU and water at Terranea resort, where I run to often. The rest of the way would be well-known turf. I knew I had this in the bag. 8:14, 8:24, 8:26 got me to 15 and I was averaging 8:30 pace for the whole run! Figured I could maintain that the rest of the way and kill my goal. The last five were endurance training, but I never sunk into suffering. The legs held up, the wall stayed away, not even a water stop for the last 6 miles. 8:25, 8:26, 8:05, 8:28, 8:13 and 8:02 for the last .8 miles to get to 20.8 miles. I could have done another 6 for sure. Finished with an 8:26 average and full of joy. Drank some water and just sat in the sun for a while and bathed in the satisfaction of a job well done. A beastly run conquered. I kind of felt like I deserved a medal. A lot of cyclists and runners were in the area and I REALLY wanted to brag to someone. "Hey, I just ran around the whole mountain!" But I stuck with the internal pride and ballooning confidence. I feel SO ready for this marathon. Bring it on!
  14. Austin Marathon RR

    Congrats on cruising to #7! Long hills at the end of marathons are just wrong.
  15. Adventures.

    Plenty of years left on that Civic. And the knee.