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  1. I actually had to log in here to find out more about the Ryan Bingham Post It note....what's it about? Also, why aren't your Post-It Notes DayGlo Orange?
  2. Congrats on the monster PR!!! That's an awesome way to cap off a girl's trip!! More importantly, congratulations to you and your dear fiance!!! Looks like all of those lessons you shared from the Batchelor/Batchelorette paid off!!! 😝😝😝 (I'm kidding, of course!!) He's a lucky, lucky guy!!! Wishing the two of you a lifetime of happiness!!!
  3. One of my friends has done CFE and was really successful with it. I think that since then, she's gone back to working with a CF Endurance Coach. In the past year, she's gone from good to BQ and feeling strong. I've forgotten how much cross training you've been doing, but I would remind you that you'll notice that the fatigue will take an effect on your running...especially in the first little bit of it. Once you get used to it, you'll be back to normal...and then when rested, crushing it. Good luck!
  4. I miss seeing you around here. I can't not have time where I'm not peopling. It's way too draining for me. As for the three marathon spree....do what you want as long as it makes you happy....and not hurt.
  5. Ok, TL;DR version to reacquaint: I used to do ultras, I started CrossFit to get better at them. I stopped running and did CF exclusively. I'd threaten periodically to start running again. It never happened. I haven't run in eons. I hadn't done much of anything since November. Last Wednesday, I get a text. We chat...usual convo. Then, outta nowhere, "You wanna run Saturday?" followed by a link to her church's website. I follow the link. First year race...5k and 10k option. 5k plus the shirt is $15 (See @garbanzo a gogo, there are still cheap races). It supports Friend's church's preschool. Her church is within a 5 minute walk. Crap. How do I say "no?" Neighborhood is one of the hilliest places in town to run. It's beautiful outside. So, I text her and ask what the route is. She tells me. It's simple and I know the roads well from all of my running around the neighborhood in prior years. I explained how I haven't run in forever, but told her that I would run it and get back to her. When I got home, I opened the brand new stick of Glide that I had gotten when I had planned on trying to run again months ago. Like at least before September (but, might have even been longer than that). I broke out the running shoes that I got nearly a year before and had yet to take them on their maiden voyage. I knew it was gonna suck, but what the heck. Let's try and do 5k. So, off I went around the race course. Physically, I got tight quickly and lost my wind easily. So, I took walk breaks. I think I ended up with 4 walk breaks over that 3.1 miles. I finished it in like 40 minutes. Despite being slow and out of shape, I was very happy as I walked back to the house in the great weather. Ahhh, endorphins. I decided not to text my friend back until the next day. I mean, you don't not run for a year, and then go out and do a 5k run walk without tearing something or breaking something once you're passed 40. The next morning, I felt pretty good. So, I sent her a screen shot of my Garmin 205. I told her that I "might manage under 40 minutes." She replied back that she wasn't worried about the time, just that she was out trying to help her church. I paused and procrastinated in registering, hoping that Friday would come with an incredible case of DOMS. But, no such luck. After thinking it all through.... $15, tee shirt, walking distance, friend, I couldn't say no and I couldn't procrastinate anymore. I registered online. I woke up early Saturday due to the DK9s, which worked out great, I had time to let them out and feed them, and get myself a cup of coffee. When I arrived at the church, I found the registration table and my friend. She had a bunch of gals with her that she was socializing with, so I went off to get some fresh air. In no time, we were standing at the starting line. Beautiful temps, fresh air, a girl singing the national anthem and we were off. There were only about 50 runners total. I started with my friend and decided that I'd just see what happened. We ran, we chatted, we took walk breaks occasionally. Most importantly, we stayed together the whole time. It was an absolutely great time. The course was well marked, cops were directing traffic, they had appropriately placed water stations for both the 5k and the 10k. It was a great first year event. We finished under 40 minutes, which was the only real "goal." We weren't pushing it...just two friends out running. I missed it. Oh, and I am running another one this weekend, but that's with another friend...and free beer.
  6. I really wish people wouldn't bust on Lauren so hard. (Not saying that you're busting on her, just all the negative comments about her being quiet.) I can totally relate to not having to talk to be happy. I've decided that I would like to see Ross become the next Batchelor...because plot twists. Did you watch the Batchelor Winter Games?
  7. It is so great to see you running so well!!! I love the Big Goal and know that you'll absolutely crush it!! You've got a great 2018 planned out and I can't wait to watch along!
  8. Running Nole Fan

    Not yet.

    You're running...which is good. Hope you find something that you're happy with watch-wise.
  9. Congratulations marathoner!!!!
  10. It's good to see your writing. I have a sneaking suspicion that you're going to crush that goal!
  11. Yay!!! A WILFTB!!! It was enough to actually make me sign in! Yeah, I don't think I like him that much either. I'm glad you clarified about the whole 3rd date thing. *snort laugh*
  12. Running Nole Fan

    Muskrat 2020

    That's a pretty fantastic year!!! Ya did good... lots of it! Thanks for the shout out...it prompted me to peak out of Lurkerdom really quick to comment. Here's to an even better 2018!
  13. That sounds like a GREAT run!! I'm a fellow no lighter...except for trails or when I know I'm running somewhere that I need to be able to see where I set my feet. I walk the dogs in the morning, before dawn. If they've taken care of their business before we go walk, then I don't even carry a light. That's most of the time. There's this one lady who also walks her dog at the same time. She and her dog both wear lights. A couple weeks ago, I was wearing dark clothing and she came up behind me (she and her dog like to run this stretch of sidewalk as its downhill) not noticing the 3 of us (that's a 65 lbs. dog, 120 lbs. dog, and 200+ lbs man). It was clear and I was looking up at the beautiful starry morning. She was all snippy like, "Why aren't you wearing a light? Aren't you REQUIRED to wear a light?" I responded with, "Turn yours off and look up. You can't see that with a headlamp on."
  14. Sounds like 2017 has been an amazing year!! Congrats on your beautiful daughter!!!
  15. A classic, indeed! One of many "SR Reboots" that is needed. Thanks!
  16. Bwahahaha!!! Sounds like you actually enjoyed it, though. You did good to help him.
  17. Running Nole Fan


    Yay!!!!!! Sooooo happy for you!!!
  18. Nicely done!! But, the pre-race would have had me stressed out!
  19. It was. After you posted about it, I spent the next couple of weeks at work reading it from beginning to end.
  20. I thought that once you read that one girl's long abanded blog that you vowed to never, ever, ever get back togeth... err, delete posts.
  21. Running Nole Fan

    Use Your Words

    All of this lingo abuse might lead me to a brain fartlek.
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