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  1. JoannaRuns

    Chasing Dreams

    The pavement dream isn't public (yet). I also made a goal of running 5200km in 2017, but then I got distracted with lots of hiking/scrambling and not much running during the summer. So now I'm making up for lost time
  2. JoannaRuns

    Chasing Dreams

    I'm fairly certain mattw would beat me in a race, but Timbits win that contest hands down!
  3. JoannaRuns

    Chasing Dreams

    Haha. Now I'm going to have to go and read Dean's book.
  4. JoannaRuns

    Chasing Dreams

    You are right. I have amazing friends and the running community around here is incredibly supportive.
  5. JoannaRuns

    Chasing Dreams

    Thanks. It was a crazy and unexpected experience.
  6. Nice running, as usual. I hope the fun run helps you get your mojo back on a more permanent basis.
  7. JoannaRuns

    Chasing Dreams

    If you dare to dream big, you need to put in the work. I have big dreams, and I am working hard. As Britney says, "you gotta work bitch." It's become my theme song. I get up in the morning, and I run. I finish work, and I run. I go out to a party, I run there and stumble back. Anything to get in the miles. I've been enjoying the grind. It gives me a sense of purpose, a mission. And if my body holds up, I will finish 2017 with a fitness level I never thought possible. (I'm in a good mood, so I converted to miles for all you non-metric folk )
  8. Sounds like so much fun! I also love downhills. Free speed!
  9. How exciting! I love 100s partly because of the uncertainty. You are guaranteed to have something not go to plan, will you be able to adapt on the fly??? It's a very cerebral race distance. Superior is also on my list. Everyone I know who has run it says it is fantastic! I hope your training goes well and you love almost every minute of it.
  10. JoannaRuns

    The Golden Ultra

    Thanks. I'm hoping to get on here more. So far it seems fairly user friendly, and I love reading about other people's journeys as they chase their goals
  11. JoannaRuns

    The Golden Ultra

    I still use that motto when I notice myself slacking off.
  12. JoannaRuns

    The Golden Ultra

    Thanks.I was very surprised to find it.
  13. JoannaRuns

    The Golden Ultra

    After Canmore I have no racing plans, just arbitrary run goals like running around the city (138km) and climbing 10 000m in a day. Next year I'll either be running Hardrock (5th yr in the lottery) or the UTE 100 in Utah. I'm still looking for a spring race... leaning towards Zion 100km or maybe Yakima 50km.
  14. JoannaRuns

    The Golden Ultra

    Hello new Loop! I'm looking forward to catching up on what everyone has been up to. My race report which I've copied below was originally posted on my Wordpress blog, but I thought I'd try cross-posting here. Happy Trails! Recovery from Lost Soul was painfully slow. My quads were exceptionally sore and despite my best efforts to give my body the nutrients and rest that it needed, it still felt like I was barely making progress. In the week after Lost Soul I did absolutely nothing. No walking, no running, no biking, no stretching. I did try yoga one day … but that was a ba
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