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  1. Wow - this sounds like something you would really kick yourself for if you didn't go for it. You're a smart woman and you have a good head on your shoulders - check out the first few meetings. I think after that, your gut will know which direction to point you in.
  2. Nicely done! And hey - a win is a win - especially in those kind of conditions!
  3. He was actually out in LA a few weeks ago to race and catch the Eagles game. I can't remember the name of the race though...
  4. meowmom

    It's a tight fit.

    Potato - vodka, whatevs...
  5. meowmom

    It's a tight fit.

    Correction - sammich, not sandwich... ; p
  6. If Troy looks anything like Stella's 'Groove' did...............
  7. meowmom

    It's a tight fit.

    TWSS is universally known - even by me, hahaha = ) *GASP* YAY!!! The shift-enter trick worked! You da bomb-diggety, dude!
  8. meowmom

    It's a tight fit.

    I just walked in to our clerical room to find that someone left a Post It on one of the supply cabinets that read "No green highlighters" instead of walking the 10 or so extra steps to my desk to ask if we had any more. I'll need both the wine and the lawyer after I find out who it was and shove said Post It up..........................
  9. meowmom

    It's a tight fit.

    Please don't remind me of the upstairs ones so early in the morning. Play nice. (How in the hell can I make it stop double spacing in between lines?!?! GAH) It's the letter abbreviations that trip me up like FTW and FML. I can't keep up with you hip kids...
  10. 1. yup!! 2. *derp* oops - my bad. you should hear me trying to call the fur-kids by their own names. i've officially become my mother. 3. it was the end of the day - i was tired. the sun was in my eyes. get off my lawn you damn kids. 4. that kind of sweating isn't really from the 'fun' kind of exertion if ya know what I mean, Vern 5. i'm hoping wine can keep my insides 1/2 as well preserved. my outsides are another thing altogether... *sigh*
  11. I was watching a short documentary on him on NetFlix last night - my GAWD he just looks ancient! Until he smiles and his eyes twinkle. And to me, his laugh - that smokey, whiskey-laced laugh - it's just infectious. To me anyway...
  12. meowmom

    It's a tight fit.

    You kids and your abbreviations these days. I have no idea what you are trying to say except for the relaxation, pie, and beer parts... hashtagjustsayitalready
  13. Why is it so hard to breathe??!!? I end up sounding like I'm in labor or something and am doing the lamaze breathing thing!
  14. One of my sisters who used to be very competitive in triathlons, once told me that if you leave a massage/PT, etc. session and your butt isn't sweating, then they didn't do it right! Last year I think, someone put out a list of musicians who are getting up there - it's not pretty - Sting, Clapton, Steve Miller, John Cougar Mellencamp, John McCartney, I guess Ringo too for that matter... The only ones who will be left will be Mick Jagger and Keith Richards - even with all the drugs they've done, they prolly outlive us all!
  15. That's pretty much what I keep telling myself!
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