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  1. MAAAAAN I love that shirt!!! Bad year to miss it. Glad you had fun and go get that sub 4!
  2. I wish I could've brought her this time around but there's just no way with her needing all her naps and in and out of the car and all that noise. Oh, the horror! Maybe next year... she'll be what, one and a half? LOL
  3. Completely fine, I didn't even think about it until you asked!! Wahoo!
  4. "Hey Christine." "Yeah?" "Do you remember those shirts I said we should've made?" I thought back to our jokes over text message about making shirts with just a big poop emoji. It's for running AND babies! we'd lol-ed. Equally adaptable! "Yeah." "Now would be a good time to have them." I looked back at E over my right shoulder, huffing away behind her jogging stroller with infant car seat adapter, said car seat and said infant both securely attached. I made a face. "Almost there," I said uselessly. The night before the race was strange. Even though DH made a big deal abo
  5. tinkbot


    :O I'm blooping! (Is it even still called blooping?) It's only been five days and I already have no idea what I did before the jogging stroller. Thanks again to ALL OF YOU and especially fivestarks for organizing such a generous gift. I was a little scared to start - is her head stable? are the parts secure? is it put together right? WHAT IF IT FALLS APART?! - so I made DH do most of the pushing the first time on Saturday. Nobody was hurt in a dramatic stroller accident and L fell asleep so that's her vote of approval, I guess. Sunday I ran for the first time in al
  6. I remember that too!! Like, yes, we know, females have breasts and if they are going to cross their arms it will inevitably be under their breasts. /eyeroll Have you read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss? Similar scope and detail, nowhere near # of volumes but I liked the story better.
  7. As for the pics... I figured out one way to do it. Upload, click on it to insert, then DOUBLE-CLICK (a bit weird) on it to bring up properties. You can adjust the size there; I would recommend ticking that little box that says "keep original aspect ratio" so they don't get all wonky. Play with the pixel size until you get what you want.
  8. Thanks! And ugh I know, I could barely handle it. Eeeee!
  9. I know, right?! Soooo nice out! Thanks Gwen and I mayyyyy have gotten something from KRG to dress her up in Loop-related! Get excited for that!
  10. Tbh I'm kind of afraid to. She's so out of my league I feel like it wouldn't really be relevant.
  11. Did you like Wheel of Time? I tried my best but could only make it through 2-3 books. The female characters were all insanely annoying and it annoyed me in turn to think that Jordan wrote them that way because that's how he thinks of women in general. I couldn't get over it. Doesn't seem like Baconator season yet, I agree. It's been high of ~50 for the past few days. Glorious for getting outside but not really feeling wintery yet.
  12. Tall family challenge! My shortest aunt is 6'3", my dad and one of my cousins are 6'7" and another uncle is 6'9". I am the oldest out of all 8 siblings/cousins and also the shortest, including the 14 year old "baby" girl. My 85yo grandma is taller than me and I'm 5'8"! Ready set GO!
  13. Things are coming down to the wire. We had our last completely free weekend and now are faced with a baby shower, birth & CPR classes, picking a pediatrician, going to the police department to make sure the car seat is installed properly, a late Friendsgiving/Festivus celebration and other general holiday things to take up the last remaining weeks. I'm slowing down, too. Walks are still happening but definitely no running. The pressure of gravity is uncomfortable even when stationary so I don't really want to experience it when I'm bouncing all over the place. I did scamper down the drivew
  14. I feel like I always have more motivation to get runs done if there are ridiculous made-up rules, like your "below 10? OUTSIDE!" rule. Makes it more sadistically fun.
  15. I'll never be able to reconcile those pretty beach and sandy trail pictures with the fact that they're taken in NJ. Glad you're back at it and have fun at Rehoboth!
  16. Oh god that hill up 5th... haha I'm simultaneously impressed and thinking, "well, duh!" that you felt so good the whole way through. It was awesome seeing you the night before and congrats again on such a great race!
  17. tinkbot

    The Cross Country Fix

    Why am I not surprised! haha
  18. tinkbot

    The Cross Country Fix

    Well yeah, bush running would be way too dangerous. Venomous snakes galore!
  19. tinkbot


    I like long slow distance, too. But if you're ever in the mood to go fast and don't feel like putting in a ton of effort, try opening up for some downhills like Dave said. Soooo much fun!
  20. tinkbot

    Mojo Rising?

    Woohoo! That's awesome. Have fun at Rehoboth - I'm sure that'll help the mojo, too!
  21. tinkbot

    Mt. Washington

    I've been atop Washington twice, once as part of a Presidential Traverse in the summer (70F and still) and once half a year later as a winter ascent (3F, sustained 60mph, -29F windchill). I've never RUN up the damn thing, though. You're crazy!
  22. Yeah there's a difference between reflective things so others can see you vs. illumination things for you to see. I know I definitely do not want to get hit by anything that's moving faster than me - car, cyclist, whatever. Blinky lights or at least something reflective makes me feel a ton better even if I don't have a light for myself.
  23. You forgot The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. But all in all, a solid synopsis.
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