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  1. MAAAAAN I love that shirt!!! Bad year to miss it. Glad you had fun and go get that sub 4!
  2. I wish I could've brought her this time around but there's just no way with her needing all her naps and in and out of the car and all that noise. Oh, the horror! Maybe next year... she'll be what, one and a half? LOL
  3. Completely fine, I didn't even think about it until you asked!! Wahoo!
  4. "Hey Christine." "Yeah?" "Do you remember those shirts I said we should've made?" I thought back to our jokes over text message about making shirts with just a big poop emoji. It's for running AND babies! we'd lol-ed. Equally adaptable! "Yeah." "Now would be a good time to have them." I looked back at E over my right shoulder, huffing away behind her jogging stroller with infant car seat adapter, said car seat and said infant both securely attached. I made a face. "Almost there," I said uselessly. The night before the race was strange. Even though DH made a big deal about me signing up for a 5 miler as my very first race back, I was way more worried about if BL (baby L) was going to be ok. So what if I hadn't run 5 miles yet? So what if I'd been sick for the whole week before? SO WHAT? 5 miles is nothing. 5 miles is... "Oh-my-god-I'm-dying," I panted as I pushed the 8 million ton stroller up a steep incline. "I wish I trained more." "I skipped way too many Sunday runs," E agreed. "I only did like, four?" I stayed silent as I tallied up the Sunday runs I had done in my head. It didn't take very long because I didn't have far to count. The number was, surprise surprise, zero. BL saw a seagull for the first time and did her little stiff bodied excited noise. She was suspicious about touching the beach sand. There was no porta potty line. All in all, a good pre-race situation. Once it was time to line up, we ambled over to the start and took some photos in Superman poses. Maybe we should warm up, we said, and did some half-hearted squats. E jogged in place. I took selfies with BL. At the start, the RD had a portable microphone and an air horn. "I hope the air horn works!" she said. "I hope it doesn't," E whispered to me. I started to feel better at mile 3. It was because I was finally warmed up, NOT because the race turned from north back south, toward the water, downhill. Nope, definitely not that. There were a couple intense looking older guys with double strollers who I ignored as they were clearly superhuman mutants... but there was one regular stroller couple who were taking turns pushing it. Cheating, basically. Their son was older and when he saw E and I draw close at a water stop, he said, "Daddy! Go faster so we win! Don't let them win!" You just sealed your fate, kid, I silently scoffed. Only 50 yards ahead of us with a mile and a half to go, we closed the gap. Stroller Lady heard me breathing (really hard) behind her left shoulder. She turned to look, startled a little bit, and sprinted ahead for a few steps before slowing back down. Ha! I got you now! Her son peered around the edge of the stroller, fear in his eyes. The requisite child cheer section appeared around the corner. As we approached, I held my hand out for slaps while saying, "Watch-out-watch-out-watch-out!" There's only so much I would be able to do if excitable Timmy decided to jump out in front of me. They were by in a blur. Then, the last water station and we skipped it, duh. It wasn't going to help now. I really, really wanted to slow down but I could hear the finish line speakers blaring "Another One Bites the Dust," which was honestly a pretty bad song to be playing at a race finish line. I passed DH taking photos, tried to smile, then made the hairpin turn into the parking lot - which took a lot more muscle than I was expecting - and finally done. Gasping. I high-fived E, who was looking way more composed than I felt. "Great job!" she cheered. "Hrnghurrr," I said. The stroller immediately became a thing to lean on and catch my breath. DH caught up with us and took over for a bit. "How'd you do?" he asked. I showed him my watch. 5 miles in 49:06, just under a 10 minute pace. "Nice," he said. E came over and said she had to go but she had Fridays off for the next few weeks and did we want to run together next week? "The usual time?" I said. "Sure."
  5. tinkbot


    :O I'm blooping! (Is it even still called blooping?) It's only been five days and I already have no idea what I did before the jogging stroller. Thanks again to ALL OF YOU and especially fivestarks for organizing such a generous gift. I was a little scared to start - is her head stable? are the parts secure? is it put together right? WHAT IF IT FALLS APART?! - so I made DH do most of the pushing the first time on Saturday. Nobody was hurt in a dramatic stroller accident and L fell asleep so that's her vote of approval, I guess. Sunday I ran for the first time in almost a year. DH had to go twiddle his thumbs at the auto shop so I thought hey, why not try? My plan was to NOT wear my Garmin so it would stay more of an exercise-y walk/run in my head. What it ended up being was a 4.5 mile run with a few hills that I walked and some water breaks. I've had my fair share of comeback runs and mostly they really just are terrible. Feeling out of shape, wobbly, sucking wind and getting cramps in my shoulders. Why shoulders? Who knows. This one... was glorious. I WAS RUNNING. NO ONE COULD SEE POST BABY BELLY BEHIND THE STROLLER. I DIDN'T FEEL TERRIBLE. And perhaps most importantly... ANOTHER RUNNER WAVED AT MEEEEEEE!!! Sidenote: I didn't think through how the post-run was going to be... I'm used to being able to cool down a bit, take some fun pictures to put on Loopville, drink some water and take a nice long shower. Yeaaaahhh hahaha. No. Even my PF-y foot got in on the action and quieted down after the run. I haven't heard a peep out of it since. I guess it got a good stretching. My lower core muscles were a different story and I spent the next two days grimacing every time I had to lift a leg with DH giving me the you started out too fast/far again look. I'm used to that look. I don't care. But then I felt better and ran the same route again on Wednesday and it was equally as glorious and amazing. A tiny bit farther (I don't trust this Apple Watch for GPS) and a tiny bit faster (probably because of the warped distance) but still I'm taking it woohooo!! Here's L's second run face: "ok mommy, is this going to be a regular thing?" Honestly I just want to have something to do that eats up some time during the day and if that lets me get back into shape and enjoy running again, it's a huge bonus. And so I'll label this as cautiously optimistic for me getting back into it. It'll be different and difficult, but when I heard L cooing and giggling and waving Bill the monkey rattle around as I huffed and puffed behind her at mile 3... so so so worth it.
  6. I remember that too!! Like, yes, we know, females have breasts and if they are going to cross their arms it will inevitably be under their breasts. /eyeroll Have you read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss? Similar scope and detail, nowhere near # of volumes but I liked the story better.
  7. As for the pics... I figured out one way to do it. Upload, click on it to insert, then DOUBLE-CLICK (a bit weird) on it to bring up properties. You can adjust the size there; I would recommend ticking that little box that says "keep original aspect ratio" so they don't get all wonky. Play with the pixel size until you get what you want.
  8. Thanks! And ugh I know, I could barely handle it. Eeeee!
  9. I know, right?! Soooo nice out! Thanks Gwen and I mayyyyy have gotten something from KRG to dress her up in Loop-related! Get excited for that!
  10. Tbh I'm kind of afraid to. She's so out of my league I feel like it wouldn't really be relevant.
  11. Did you like Wheel of Time? I tried my best but could only make it through 2-3 books. The female characters were all insanely annoying and it annoyed me in turn to think that Jordan wrote them that way because that's how he thinks of women in general. I couldn't get over it. Doesn't seem like Baconator season yet, I agree. It's been high of ~50 for the past few days. Glorious for getting outside but not really feeling wintery yet.
  12. Tall family challenge! My shortest aunt is 6'3", my dad and one of my cousins are 6'7" and another uncle is 6'9". I am the oldest out of all 8 siblings/cousins and also the shortest, including the 14 year old "baby" girl. My 85yo grandma is taller than me and I'm 5'8"! Ready set GO!
  13. Things are coming down to the wire. We had our last completely free weekend and now are faced with a baby shower, birth & CPR classes, picking a pediatrician, going to the police department to make sure the car seat is installed properly, a late Friendsgiving/Festivus celebration and other general holiday things to take up the last remaining weeks. I'm slowing down, too. Walks are still happening but definitely no running. The pressure of gravity is uncomfortable even when stationary so I don't really want to experience it when I'm bouncing all over the place. I did scamper down the driveway to take out the trash and that was okay but no further. We met some new local people our age, R & E, through a mutual friend and both encounters have gone well so I'm crossing my fingers that we can manage to stay in touch. They have a 5 month old baby and a dog and like to go hiking and live about 10min away so really, what's not to like? Even socially resistant DH was getting into it towards the end of the second hangout. The first time we met up was to go on a hike with the puppies and they seemed eager to let me pick the place so I chose a nearby park that is humongous but has a relatively short off leash loop. I still have no idea what constitutes a non-runner's idea of acceptable distance for this kind of thing, a fact DH constantly points out to me ("you said a couple miles... FIVE IS NOT A COUPLE") so I decided to play it safe and used my knuckle on the trail map to roughly check the distance. Just under 2 miles. That's ok, right? We met in the parking lot. I'd met R before and she looks pretty fit; E was no exception - a tall and wide dude who does Crossfit, apparently. We suited up and headed up the hill that begins the loop. Oh right, the hill. The pretty long and kind of steep hill. On the way up E was asking if I'd started feeling more tired or out of breath yet going by his wife's experience just a few months prior. I was saying yeah, kind of, it's not too bad though... and he'd reply something like well, if you ever need to slow down just let us know, it's no biggie. And I know it sounds obnoxious but it really was said in a nice way so I didn't think anything of it. The hill kept climbing and climbing and R and E were both dragging a bit and I was feeling totally fine and had to keep pretending I wasn't waiting for them, like oh look at this interesting tree! off to the side of the trail. E had to stop a few times because the baby carrier was adjusted too low and pressing into his stomach making it hard to breath and I thought, well, I have the same thing but can't adjust it.... We finally got to the top of the hill and settled in to a nice walk on the flat loop part. The dogs loved it. They weren't 100% comfortable letting their dog off leash but we let Chewie off because his legs are too short to let him run full tilt into the leaves and underbrush so he's pretty well confined to the trail. Turns out E works in the medical field so I FINALLY had someone to talk to about biology stuff instead of all this financial jargon the males in our other circle of friends seem to make up every time we hang out. Turns out FI-nance and fuh-NANCE are different terms?? On the way back down the boys & Chewie kept getting further out ahead and I was having a nice time chatting with R but was getting a little anxious as we got further apart. I never liked getting strung out from a group and her dog didn't like it either and kept trying to pull us forward to return to the pack. She'd respond by going slower. Omg. If you've ever run trails with me you know my favorite is the downhills and I'm pretty confident about foot placement. I won't ever rush someone who's concerned about tripping but... !!! Come on woman! We finished the hike up in about 1hr 45min and said goodbyes in the parking lot. The next day I returned and power hiked that thing with Chewie in 57 minutes. I guess that competitive streak is still there... The next hike we picked was with all six of us and a ton easier, more like a woodland stroll. I'd learned my lesson, ha! But honestly it's nice to meet some new people and at least they enjoy that kind of thing. We went over to their place afterwards for lunch and had a great time chatting and getting more comfortable with each other. You know how it is. DH played with the baby on the floor for more than half the time and it was seriously so super cute. <3 Somehow the conversation turned to being in shape for birth and R was saying how she was in pretty good shape and still had a tough time, which made my heart kind of sink. And then that little sneak DH brought up my past ultra experience and their eyes kind of bugged out. I had to explain to them what exactly I'd done (no hundos, please, don't assume THAT! just a couple 50ks) and to me it's really not a big deal because I mean come on, it was like... what, three years ago at this point? But E loudly exclaimed, "Okay, now I don't feel as bad about getting roasted by a 7 month pregnant lady!!" and I couldn't help it and cracked up. So that made me feel a little better. Sigh. I just hope I have enough time/motivation to get back into it after the whole shebang. Gotta get me a jogging stroller! I took Chewie to a nearby beach park to scope out the road/trail and it seems solid enough to navigate a hefty stroller... definitely a possibility.
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