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  1. Bonnie_777

    Rehoboth Beach Marathon #5: Humbled & Happy

    Way to rally back and finish strong!!
  2. Bonnie_777

    Life's a (Rehoboth) Beach. RB Marathon RR

    I think hamstrings can tear anywhere, at least that is what my Ortho doc told me. Insertion points are the norm. I tore my hamstring at the ischial tuberosity insertion point. (AKA by my butt) I am beyond impressed with your tenacity to finish. Not sure I have that degree of mental toughness. Nice job!
  3. Bonnie_777

    Rehoboth - A Hamstring Epidemic

    Glad you went, had an awesome time and ran a smart race!
  4. I think you need to change your Loop handle - Slow runner no longer applies! Congratulations on a huge PR!
  5. Congratulations, Sara! You work so hard in your training, I have no doubt 2:45 is yours. And soon.
  6. Bonnie_777

    You can pause this thing...right?

    Glad you are back at it.
  7. Bonnie_777

    To Sub3 Or Not To Sub3

    So proud of you and happy for you! You have worked so hard for this.
  8. Bonnie_777

    RR Millinocket

    Sounds like a fun race, especially the cookies!
  9. Bonnie_777

    How to Lose A (Non-Runner) In 10 Days

    So glad that you and running were there to help your friend!
  10. Bonnie_777

    Well That Was Fun! Central Florida Spartan Beast

    I am beyond impressed! You have definitely shown that hamstring who's boss!
  11. Bonnie_777

    Marine Corps Marathon 2017 - Going Big

    Great race, Ken!
  12. Bonnie_777

    Swamp Rabbit Marathon RR: That time I ran 26.2 miles dressed as beer stein

    Love love love your beer stein costume!!!!
  13. Bonnie_777

    Ain't No Blues in This Chicago RR

    Congratulations on a great race!
  14. Bonnie_777

    A small hometown race

    You would never know from the awesome race pics that you were hurting! Way to go!
  15. Bonnie_777

    Syracuse Half

    I have no doubt you will get your PR in Rehoboth! I have considered running Syracuse. After seeing the elevation chart, glad I didn't.