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  1. Despite being so long ago, I vividly remember my first year running anniversary. I had completed a marathon, was looking to improve times, and strengthen newly found friendships. At that point, I was certain of two things. 1) I would keep these new friends forever. 2) I would never stop running. So many things have changed over the years. Surprisingly an online friendship formed, and despite the 1600 miles between our homes it has not only lasted, but flourished. The running on the other hand, has been rocky as of late. From a growing family and a time consuming job, there is not much time left for the run. I have also been watching others deal with the same life changes, and sadly, fall away from running altogether. A group that was once upwards of 20 guys, has dwindled down to only four. An occasional text or call will come, a planned meet up with an old friend, 3 to 4 slow miles that are filled with reminiscing of times and fitness that has long left our bodies, then back to our families and the new lives we now live. Nagging injuries always seem to pop up and derail any attempts of a comeback. A couple of marathons were run over the past few years, but the performances were sub par and the effort that once defined me has been lost. The runs were (and still are) sporadic. I was once a runner. A lot of soul searching has happened as of late, and while I know my body wont be able to produce the times I want forever, I know a small window still exists. A UPS tracking number came the other day, it said a new pair of shoes would be arriving tomorrow. It will be the first pair of new running shoes I have received in 14 months. While I like to hope, I have no idea if I will run forever, but I do know I will race a few more times. A have a couple of PRs left in these old legs. Let this final adventure begin.....
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