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  1. Grennick

    Jumping July

    It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun. Fast runs! Friends and family! Friendly pets! Good work young lady.
  2. Grennick

    Running in Grand Haven

    Good work getting the miles in.
  3. Good work on that run, but WOW! That is some view!
  4. Good work getting out there. With no races coming up it’s hard to stay motivated to run.
  5. That’s a great time for a fun Pikermi.
  6. That’s why everyone calls you Miss Elite!
  7. Grennick

    Double dog

    Even a little running is better than no running
  8. Grennick

    Racing in a Costume

    This should have been the DDDDC, but not for me. I asked my 2 grandsons if they wanted to run with me, and after quickly agreeing, the youngest one (Oliver) said we should be wearing costumes. The rest of us quickly agreed, and my daughter agreed to take the picture. Now if I'd known that Oliver was going to wear Spiderman, I'd have worn something else. Embarrassing or what. We headed to their school and ran intervals, and then ran back to their house to drop them off. (Hopefully they had a showed) Anyways, I continued on my 5 k, and finished in 28 minutes and a bit. (I
  9. Grennick

    I didn't know what was wrong.

    Good to hear that at least the last run was a good one. Boy, this getting older sucks.
  10. Grennick

    Birthday Silliness

    Happy Birthday. (sorry that its a little late) Congratulations on that run, and that was a great idea. ps; Nice pictures too.
  11. Grennick

    Dumb Jokes Floating Around

    Those were good jokes.
  12. I suspect you’ll be spending more time with that PT person.
  13. Grennick

    When Will I See You Again?

    It gets a lot tougher to maintain a marathon training plan when there is no definite race. Don’t rest too much, because it’s hard to get started again.
  14. Grennick

    Fauxnwood 5k

    Good work on that race. With a Dunkin Donut location right there, have you ever considered one of those Dunkin Donut races like they do in North Carolina?
  15. Grennick

    Virtual Racing

    Good work on that run. That is a lot of elevation, and very tough to do, 4 weeks after Atlanta.
  16. Good work on that run. What would your ma say about dressing properly?
  17. A virtual run and virtual rain?
  18. Grennick

    March Covid-19 Pikermi RR

    Good work on that Pikermi, particularly as a regular part of your training. Its sure a different world that we are running in now.
  19. Good work on that race so soon after the marathon. (I don't know why ribbons like playing with cats so much.)
  20. Grennick

    Covid Virus Run

    Even in the picture you can see grey in my beard, and I'm afraid to say that in proper lighting, there's definitely grey hair on top of my head too. (where there is hair)
  21. Grennick

    Covid Virus Run

    I should have added that my race was a 5k, and my time was 27:20.
  22. Good work on your run, and especially for your work as a first responder.
  23. Grennick

    Covid Virus Run

    Its not going to surprise any of you, that the most important part of any race is getting in your training. (putting hay in the barn, etc.) In preparation for this race, I was doing interval training on Tues and Thurs with my 2 grandsons Benjamin (7 y.o.) and Oliver (5 y.o.) Our daughter's (and grandson's) house is about 150 yards away, and the school we went to is another 150 yards. The 3 of us ran to the school, took a short breather, and did our first lap of the track (it used to be the teachers parking lot) which is about 100 yards. At the end of the lap, the both sa
  24. Grennick

    Runs in the Time of Corona

    When you say "I read", what do you mean? Is this a metaphor? A simile?
  25. Grennick

    COVID-19 10K

    Congratulations on that run. It is nice that you were able to enjoy it. (although its a little bit lonely on the deserted roads these days)
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