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  1. I had my first physical therapy appointment this morning and while there my doc visited me to give me good news. My posterior tibial tendon is not dislocated! It is still torn and I do still have to wear a boot for at least six weeks, but surgery is no longer in my future. I’m so relieved and so much more hopeful 🙂
  2. Looks like fun! Great marathon too. My oldest loves running. She’s only 4, but one day she’ll be kicking my ass
  3. Gumbo

    swartkoppies slowly

    Wow! What a beautiful place to visit!
  4. Gumbo


    Finally my desire of a boot that fits my calves has come to fruition. I have been waiting two weeks for my mri results and they are just gross. Posterior tibial tendon is interstitially torn AND medially dislocated. I also have a stress reaction on my ankle bone. All of this because I’m a good mom and play with my kids. Surgery is a possibility, but doc didn’t want to talk about it yet. Follow up in 3 weeks 🤡
  5. Gumbo

    Title required

    That’s my go to🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. Gumbo

    Title required

    I have an mri on Thursday🤷🏻‍♀️
  7. Gumbo

    Title required

    I have an appointment with a trusted podiatrist tomorrow. I have been doing tons of research and putting much thought into a cortisone injection for my ankle. I think that when I initially injured it that the inflammation from that caused a domino affect of inflammation all throughout. I’m hoping that if I can get that under control that maybe it will finally heal. I hope so. I’m finally admitting that I’m injured and I’m kinda sad about it. I think that we can all learn from this. Playing with your kids is dangerous. Don’t do it. 😜
  8. Gumbo


    This would be so easy for me to do. Once during Ouachita trail 50 we showed up at the AS coming from the wrong direction. They made us turn around and find where we went wrong and come back the right way. It ended up being the Ouachita trail 55. I ran it again this year and almost made the exact mistake. I stood around debating which way for at least 10 minutes
  9. Gumbo

    It is what it is

    I’m in the Altra Paradigm right now. I was wearing the intuitions and escalantes, but they discontinued the intuition and the escalantes hurt my foot
  10. Gumbo

    It is what it is

    I hate that saying by the way. “It is what it is” is what people say when they wNt to give a smart answer to something that really doesn’t have an answer. I sprained my ankle a few months ago while I was playing chase with my 4 year old. I jumped on the bed and barrel rolled off and slapped my ankle on the tile floor it hurt for a bit, but I didn’t give it much thought until a few days later when it started aching on my runs. That’s what it’s been ever since, an ache. I keep telling myself it will go away. I do the ankle strengthening exercises and I even took a couple of weeks off. Sometimes it keeps me up at night because it’s aching. I probably should have taken the summer off when I injured it in July, but I never really considered it until now when it’s nice out and I want to run. I just got new shoes and they help a little, but the ache is still there. I don’t know. Will I race this season? Will I run farther than 10 miles without my foot falling off. Will I ever be able to play chase with my kid without her taunting me about that time I fell off the bed? I don’t know. Time will tell. Right now it is what it is.
  11. Gumbo

    Renew my membership

    We’re working on it😆
  12. Gumbo

    Renew my membership

    I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I just get distracted easily these days. I’m still doing the thing. I still wake at 4 and run until I don’t want to. I still train for races, though maybe 1 or 2 a year instead of 5 or 10. I still love the woods more than the roads and still love the dawn more than dusk. I still consider the loop the reason I’ll always run. It’s the same old me. Now, where’s my pie? -me
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