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  1. Keeley

    There's always more to come.

    I hope it's something easily identifiable and fixable. Good luck. ❤️
  2. How fabulous to have perfect shoes though! I mean, it must be like a party every time you put them on. I do hope your friend is recovering well. ❤️
  3. Keeley


    Yikes! I hope it all goes really well with your surgery. Good luck with the hungarian. Love the meme. =D
  4. I pop in very occasionally...but I'm not really able to run much anymore so I don't feel as if I have anything interesting to say. Must admit, I thought I posted a Christmas bloop a week or so ago, but it's nowhere to be seen so maybe I hallucinated it. It does feel pretty sad to pop in and see no new bloops. Sad to read that even the fb group is quiet too.
  5. Keeley

    I do what I'm told

    Ha! Sorry. 😋 You should definitely visit Toronto again. So should I. In the summer. I miss the poutine and sushi and the grapefruit marmalade and the accent and super kind people.
  6. Keeley

    I do what I'm told

    Thank you! I miss you all too. ❤️ I don't know that I can bloop much though. I mean, what could I say? "Hi! Today I didn't run again"? 😄 Would get a bit boring after a while... 😄
  7. Keeley

    I do what I'm told

    Thank you! I highly recommend it to everyone, so if you're thinking about it, go for it! You won't regret it. Actually, that's a lie. At the time you'll regret it. I remember at one point fantasizing about a plane coming through the window and killing me instantly just so I could stop pedalling. But as soon as the last ride is done and you lie on the floor kind of out of it and you get that notification saying, "Congratulations! You're a Knight!" it makes you bawl your eyes out and it's all worth it.
  8. Keeley

    Taking a Breather

    Oh mylanta. Foot pain is a ... well, it's a pain. I can't believe how dang fast you were on a gimpy foot. In other news, I was watching this video about the dude from Tool and apparently it was co-produced by Brad Angle. Any relation? ☺️
  9. Keeley

    Renew my membership

    All that and with a couple of cute kids too! 4am Oy. That's dedication. ❤️
  10. Hahaha! Fantastic! =D Congratulations on getting into her head. High fives. You've still got it.
  11. Keeley

    I do what I'm told

    Oh no, I'm so sorry you're injured too. =( It's a pain. Thank you for saying my writing is entertaining! One does worry that it's rather boring and meandering.
  12. Keeley

    I do what I'm told

    Garbo said, "GO WRITE", so here I am. There was a promise of pie. *Looks hopefully in Dave's direction* I just noticed the thingie is called "Blog Entry". How dare it. This is a bloop. Anyway, I have not much to report. A few years ago I blew out my ITB and that was not fun. Then I got kicked off my first 50K for being too slow and that was not fun. I kept trying to run but it was just a cascade of injury, and that was not fun. I did run a bit when we lived in Canada and that *was* fun. There was this trail through the park down the road from where we lived. We lived on the
  13. Keeley

    Wake Me up When October Ends

    Holy f***. Oh girl. Oh girl, I'm so so so sorry. What a horrible sh***y month you've had. My heart broke just reading all the freaking mess you had to endure. I apologize for the bad language. I just want to scream and cry all the F words in your behalf. I'm so sorry. It's not fair. It's stupid. That not only did you have to deal with the pain of a miscarriage, but all the crap and runaround that went with it. =( I find it absolutely freaking amazing that Garbo posted on FB, "Hey everyone, go bloop" and I was all, "OK" because I like Garbo. And then I come here and the first
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