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  1. I remember seeming you kill it at Marshall. Good luck in VT.
  2. Scott Bader

    It has been a while

    Embrace the Suck It is cold. I am wet. Why am I out here? These are the thoughts that keep running through my mind as I have almost reached the halfway point of my twelve miles out and back on the Pinhoti Trail. I also keep making the internal observation that this would be a good trail to run. It is a little wider than single track and although it is constantly going up or down it is not too steep. For a moment I lament the fact that my hips can only handle a pace of about 2.5 miles an hour. Those are the cards I have been dealt, so might as well play the hand I have. It is a
  3. Scott Bader

    When Ya Know

    It is not work when you love what you do. Glad you found a calling.
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