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  1. Run2BFit

    The Lucky One

    I agree, there are always many things to be thankful for if we choose to think about it.
  2. Run2BFit

    Comeback 2022 - weeks 21-22

    Just watched "The Human Race" on Amazon Prime, a documentary about older runners. It was pretty inspring and gave hope that it's possible to continue running for a long time.
  3. It was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, the day before the Bayshore Races in Traverse City, MI where I had registered to run the half marathon. The Bayshore Races have been deferred (or virtual) for the last two years due to COVID, several running friends and I were looking forward to running it in person this year. Unfortunately, I had injured my foot earlier in the year and had only two solid weeks of running at 25 mi/week, averaging 9-10 minute miles. My niece had invited my wife and me to accompany her and her two children ages 2 and 4 to the Detroit Zoo and see the Dinosauria exhibit (a life-size exhibit of animatronic dinosaurs along an outdoor trail) that Friday. Friday was a beautiful day; temperatures in the mid-70s and sunny with a little breeze. We met at the zoo at noon and toured some animal exhibits. Then we went over to the Dinosauria exhibit for our 1:30 PM tour reservation. The kids enjoyed the exhibit, except the 2-year-old was a little apprehensive at times due to the tremendous size, movement, and sound of the dinosaurs. Afterward, we headed to the zoo playground to let the kids unwind. We all had a great time and we ended up leaving the zoo for our Traverse City Airbnb room at about 2:45 PM. We had told our Airbnb host that our ETA was 7:00 PM, which shouldn't have been a problem since it is about a 4-hour drive from the zoo. We also had 7:30 PM dinner reservations and were going to meet my son who lives in Traverse City for dinner. Our trip started fine, but there were traffic delays as a thunderstorm crossed our path of travel. Google maps now showed an ETA well after 7 PM, but it alerted us to an alternate route which would save us about 15 minutes. Selecting the alternate route, we were almost back on track to make our ETA, but Google had kept suggesting additional alternate routes to save us a few additional minutes. I blindly followed Google's suggestions (while my wife double-checked what she could on a map). Luckily, we were able to reach our Airbnb in Traverse City a few minutes before 7 PM and walk to meet our son in time for our dinner reservations. After dinner, we walked back to our Airbnb and unpacked. I laid out my race clothes, set my watch alarm for 4:00 AM, and hit the sack at about 10:00 PM. I woke up to the alarm at 4 AM did some stretching exercises, dressed in my race clothes, and had my standard pre-run breakfast of tea and cereal with berries. At 5:30 AM my wife drove me and dropped me off at the Traverse City High School. I picked up my bib at the packet pickup in the high school which had no lines since most people picked theirs up the day before. I pinned on my bib, used the restroom, and head to the buses which took me to the half marathon start in the middle of the Old Mission Peninsula. The finish for all races was back on the high school track. Someone pointed me to the line to get on the buses around the corner of the High School. There was about a quarter-mile long line of runners waiting to get on a bus. In the line, I talked with other runners all excited that the race was back and hopeful for a good race day. How I love the excitement and energy before the start of a race. We arrived at the half marathon start area - a field with a big tent and porta-johns, with the temperature in the upper 40s but a clear and sunny sky. I put on some plastic booties over my shoes to prevent them from getting wet from the morning due on the grassy field. I texted some of my running friends to see if they have arrived yet; one was in line for the bus, and the other was being dropped off but was about 20 minutes away. There was then an announcement that the half-marathon start would be delayed by 15 minutes, from 7:30 AM to 7:45 AM since there were still runners at the high school that need to be bused to the start. I met my friend Paolo and we joined the 2-hour pace group at the start area, with both of us being unsure if we could stay with the 2-hour pace group due to our lack of recent training. I took a GU gel before the start and the temperature had now risen to the mid-50s and sunny, and what appeared to be a great day for the race. The race was off with the first mile pretty much all uphill. I was determined to take it pretty easy because I had overdone it when I had run this half in 2019. The first mile was at 9:25 and Paolo had dropped somewhere behind me. Mile 2 was mostly downhill at 8:03. When running downhills, I try to take as much advantage of gravity as can without risking going out of control and possibly falling or running into someone from behind, and ended up passing several runners. After 2 miles we had reached the East Traverse Bay shoreline which consists of gently rolling terrain. This part of the race is very beautiful and the air temperature is kept a little cooler by being next to the water. During mile 3 my other friend Andy caught me and we began running together. He looked strong while I was just trying to establish a pace that I could maintain to the finish. Mile 3 at 8:47. We kept running together with mile 4 at 9:01, mile 5 at 8:54, mile 6 at 8:57, mile 7 at 8:58, and mile 8 at 9:00. But I was starting to struggle, it was getting warmer and I was not getting much water at the water stops, spilling most of my water as we ran through them, also the cups at the water stops seemed to be unusually small. I had a GU at mile 7, but somewhere between mile 8 and 9, I told Andy to go ahead without me. Mile 9 at 9:15. Mile 10 at 9:10. I began to struggle to keep running, mile 11 at 9:24, and mile 12 at 9:26, and just want to finish without walking. But now I see my friend Andy ahead walking and I am catching up to him, but then he starts running again and disappears into the field ahead. This happens a few more times on the way to the finish. It was almost like he is a mirage that I see and then disappears. Mile 13 at 9:28. I saw Andy again on the track during the last 100 yards to the finish but finished behind him by 16 seconds with an official time of 1:59:40. I am exhausted and glad to be finished, look for, but can't find Andy, then turn back to the finish line where I see Paolo finishing. We slap high fives and head to the refreshments and snacks; it is now in the upper 60s and sunny. Paolo and I went together to the gear drop pickup area. There are lines of people all around the tent with the gear bags and we hopped into a fairly short line of maybe 10 people, but all the lines were moving slowly. My wife found us in line and joins us. I started to feel dizzy while waiting in line and dropped down to my knees sitting on the back of my heels to prevent myself from falling. I immediately start to feel better at the lower altitude but stay on my knees scooting forward as the line moves ahead. Paolo went a got us ice cream which helped me feel better. By the time I reach the front of the line I was able to stand up and retrieve my gear bag. I started drinking as much as I can find in the immediate area and seemed to be doing ok. After meeting up with Andy and friends we watched other friends finish the full marathon from the bleachers. It was now past noon. My wife and I leave and headed back to our Airbnb. I showered, changed clothes, and we got lunch. I drank water and Arnold Palmers at lunch, but was still tired and feeling out of it. After getting back to our room and I pretty much rested in the bed the rest of the day and night. Thankfully I felt much better in the morning. I think I had ended up being very dehydrated, possibly suffering from heat exhaustion. In hindsight, I should have walked through the water stops to ensure I was getting properly hydrated, but on the bright side, my foot held up well and was not sore afterward. About 15 yards from the finish line.
  4. Run2BFit

    racing this year

    Hoping your Tri shows Father Time you still you can still hold your own.
  5. Run2BFit

    Comeback 2022 - week 18

    Getting older and not being able to fix what is ailing you is certainly frustrating - Hang in there.
  6. Run2BFit

    That was April!

    Stuff happens, but you stuck it out and finished Boston - Congrats.
  7. Great racing! Way to gut out those final 2 miles.
  8. Run2BFit

    Comeback 2022 - week 15-17

    Props for seeing your son at 8 places along the Marathon - finding places to park must have been a nightmare. Also like your outfit in the picture -- I have the same one.
  9. Congrats, great perseverance and deterimination.
  10. I had registered for the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race in Washington DC, but was debating on switching to the 5K because I developed bursitis on one of the small toe's of my right foot. After some thought I decided to stay with the 10 mile race, but to do the 10 miles at a comfortable run/walk pace, where I would run for 4 minutes at a 10 min/mile pace followed by a walk for 2 minutes at a 20 min/mile pace. This would have me finishing in about 2 hours, well under the 2:20 time limit and hopefully minimize any soreness to my foot. Me and my wife were staying in Bethesda, MA with my sister and her husband. We came into Bethesda late Friday afternoon . It took us little longer than needed as after we made a stop on the Pennsylvania turnpike for lunch and we then got back on it in the wrong direction where the next exit where we could turn around being 10 miles later. Note, that there is not much notice after you pass though the Pennsylvania Turnpike photo toll booths on choosing your direction and we happened to be in the wrong lane. Friday night we had a nice dinner out with my sister, her husband, and their teenage son. Saturday was the race expo with package pickup, and their son had a rugby tournament. My brother-in-law and nephew went to the tournament and my wife, my sister, and myself headed to the expo early Saturday afternoon. Once we drove into DC the traffic became very slow and congested, at least partly because the Cherry Blossom Festival was also happening. My sister was driving and I was helping her navigate to the National Building Museum where the expo was, and simultaneously trying to located somewhere to park using Spot Hero. As we got near the expo I found a parking garage where we could park for $14 that was only a couple of blocks from the expo. It was a little crazy switching between google maps with the expo location and Spot Hero with the location of parking garage, and ended up making one right turn from the left lane to get to the parking garage. The packet pickup at the expo was very fast and easy. It was a small expo with some booths selling running related merchandise. Afterwards we had lunch near where we parked, headed back to my sister's house where my sister dropped me and my wife off at a church near her for the 5:00 pm mass. As we were walking back from mass to my sisters house my brother-in-law and nephew who were returning from there Rugby tournament saw us and gave us a lift the remaining way back to their house. My nephew's team won 2 out of 3 games with him scoring twice which is called a "Try" in rugby parlance . Since my sister didn't have a TV channel that carried the Duke-NC semi-final basketball game, I was able to log into my cable streaming service on my laptop and watch in bed what ended up being a great game. The Cherry Blossom race organizers had warned participants in emails that parking was going to be difficult Sunday morning for the race and recommended using Spot Hero to make a parking reservation in advance. So I made an advanced parking reservation with Spot Hero that had me parking about a mile from the race start area at the Washington Monument. The plan was that I would drive myself to the race and park, while my wife and sister would later come see me finish the race. Sunday morning at 6:00 am there was not much traffic but I missed a couple of exits before I was able to maneuver back near the location of my Spot Hero parking reservation. Before I got to the location of my parking reservation I notice that the parking spaces on the streets were nearly empty and with parking free on Sunday's in DC found a parking space on the street a little nearer to the to the start than my Spot Hero reservation. I also was able to cancel my Spot Hero reservation while walking to the start area. After using the porta potty and dropping off my stuff at the gear drop I headed to the start corrals. A woman next to me in the corral asked me to take a picture of her with the Washington Monument in the background and we started talking a found out that she was from Bethesda, had previously done some triathlons. For the race I wore my red 2013 Detroit Marathon shirt that said DETROIT on the back, and just as our corral wave started to move forward a young woman indicated that the Detroit Marathon was her favorite marathon and I learned that she had grown up in Royal Oak, MI where I am from. The race was very crowded for me the whole race, probably more so for me since I was back in the race pack, but I received plenty of encouragement with people saying "Go Detroit". The race itself was pretty uneventful for me using my run/walk strategy and I enjoyed running through the Cherry tress along the race course. As it happened my wife and sister arrived at the race finish area before I finished (I had installed the Cherry Blossom race app on my wife's phone so she could track my location during the race), but they didn't see me finish since it was so crowded with runners and they didn't know what I was wearing. I ended up finishing in a little under 2 hours and after the race my foot with the bursitis was somewhat sore, maybe a 2 or 3 out of 10, but it felt pretty good the next day. All in all a very enjoyable race.
  11. Run2BFit

    Marvelous March

    Being from Michigan. I am dying to know what is the "The Michigan with 2 mile tempos" ?
  12. Run2BFit

    Comeback 2022 - week 13

    Good Luck with the PT and thanks for the book ideas.
  13. Run2BFit

    Prairie Spirit 50k

    Congrats of the being the first women and a state record. Best wishes for Boston.
  14. Run2BFit

    Foot Update

    I received a call from my orthopedist's office informing me the results of my ultrasound indicated that I did not Morton's Neuroma, but that instead I had a case of bursitis on one of my small toes with a bit of arthritis. I had been run/walking and then had gradually switching to running some. The bursitis was not bothering me too much, but after running almost 10 miles on this past Saturday, my foot was pretty sore today. I have also been doing Melt Method foot exercises which make use of small soft and hard rubber balls. I think I am going to rest my foot to give it a chance to recover from the bursitis before I resume running again. Ugh! The Cherry Blossom 10 miler that I am registered for next Sunday has a maximum time of 2:20 or 14 min/mile. I could either elect to run walk the 10 miler or switch to the 5K. I am not sure what I am going to due, but switching to the 5K probably makes more sense.
  15. All I can say is respect the marathon, especially since it sounds like you haven't put in a lot of miles.
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