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  1. I received an email last Saturday that the Bayshore races in Traverse City scheduled for Saturday May 23rd were cancelled. I was a little surprised and disappointed with 2 months to go. Now I hold out little hope that the Michigan Ragnar Trail Relay for June 27-28 that we signed up back in December won't be also cancelled. The Bayshore race director has offered 3 options; 1) defer your registration until next year, 2) receive a refund of half your registration fee, and 3) donate your registration fee to the Traverse City Track Club that sponsors the races (with a guaranteed registration for next year if you sign up by Nov 27th, which normally the half sells out in the first hour). I was going to defer until next year, but after thinking about it, I decided to donate my registration fee to the TCTC so I could do some good during these trying times with my donation. Anyways, the Bayshore half was the race I have been targeting my training for and I have decided to continue my training targeting May 23rd and doing a my own half time trial on the 23rd., but I am going to dial back my intensity a little to keep up a good immunity level (see attach info graphic on immunity and exercise). Week 12 Half training: Total Miles: 33.1 Monday: 41F and cloudy: 10K Aerobic Time Trial run, 6.2mi in 58:44, 9:28/119bpm average. The goal is run this while keeping the hear rate at your aerobic heart rate. I am beginning to think that I shouldn't and don't need to watch my heart beat that closely during my slow runs, that I have enough experience running to know that running at an easy conversational run pace that is equivalent to my Aerobic run pace, and that I should just run easy and enjoy these runs without checking my heart rate too often. Tuesday: 43F and Cloudy; 45min Lactate Threshold run, 1mi warm up and cool down; 7.9 miles in 1:06, Pace/Heart Rate per mile: 9:38/116, 8:23/130, 7:57/135, 7:56/139, 8:08/138, 8:00/140, 8:09/140, 9:09/131. I decided to push myself a little more in this run to see how I was doing, running at my perceived tempo pace and not paying that closely to my heart rate. I was pleasantly pleased with the results. Wednesday: This was suppose to be a rest day, but I decide to do 32.5 minutes of strength training. It's been a while since I have done any strength training, but was pleased that I was able to complete it. I find that with strength training there are parts I don't enjoy very much (detest may be too strong of a word); push-ups and planks in particular but after working out for 30+ minutes I am amazed at how good I feel for the rest of the day. Thursday: 55F and cloudy: 45 min Motor Skill Development run, 1mi warm up and cool down; 6.6mi in 1:11. Friday: This was also suppose to be a rest day, but with the weather man predicting mostly rain for Saturday (and forgetting about the Saturday COVID19 virtual race) I decided to do my Saturday 120 min aerobic threshold run on Friday afternoon when it was suppose to be dry and near 50F. 48F and partly sunny; 12.4 miles in 2:00, 9:39 min/mi, 123 average bpm. I miscalculated what I need to wear going with a long sleeve shirt and shorts with a running hydration vest. My pace ended up not being fast enough to keep me warm during the run and my body didn't feel good/warm even after a hot shower. Not taking my rest day also probably contributed to this kind of feeling sickly afterwards. I rested and took it easy Saturday and I am feeling much better now, but having my immune system weakened is something I want to aviod with COVID19 going around. Saturday: Rest, thankfully. Stay Strong. should-you-exercise-when-sick-infographic.pdf
  2. Run2BFit

    March Covid-19 Pikermi RR

    A solid Pikermi with no rest before it. Keep up the good work.
  3. Run2BFit

    Covid Virus Run

    I love the part of doing interval training with your grandsons. It helps remind me that running should be fun and joyful.
  4. Thanks for your dedication and courage in helping others in these difficult times. Sometimes I wish I could have a bigger impact on helping others, but I focus on doing my best with what I have control of, staying at home, following good hygiene, and praying for the Lord to help all of us get through this..
  5. I am attaching an info-graphic that our fitness center at work sent out with information about exercising and the immune system which I thought was helpful. should-you-exercise-when-sick-infographic.pdf
  6. Run2BFit

    COVID-19 10K

    Way to finish strong, sometimes the first few miles are the toughest.
  7. I understand, our priorities change depending on where we are at in our lives. I did not take running and my health more seriously until the last of my children had gone off to college.
  8. Run2BFit

    Life During Wartime

    This is crazy, Michigan's governor has just issued a stay at home order effective for 12:01 am tomorrow for all nonessential workers. Was at the supermarket this morning and some items of the shelves were pretty bare. I drove to Costco and the line was very long to get in. Last week I was able to get in 15 or 20 minutes. I know we need to remain calm ,doing are part to be following the guidelines, and to be sure the most vulnerable are protected and taken care of.
  9. No more group runs....for now. I miss meeting up with my fellow running buddies on Saturday mornings and going for coffee afterwards, but it is the best for the public health, we will get through this. Anyways, Week 11 of training for Bayshore Half Marathon: Total Miles: 40.8 Monday: 36F and sunny: 30min Aerobic run, 30min Lactate Threshold run, 1mi cool down; 8 miles in 1:11; Pace/Heart Rate per mile; 9:14/119, 9:20/115, 9:20/119, 8:44/128, 8:14/135, 8:15/135, 8:10/136, 9:21/127. For the Aerobic portion of the run I try to keep my heart rate at 118 +/- 5bpm, and for the lactate threshold part 118 +10/+115bpm. Tuesday: 46F cloudy and windy: 60min Aerobic run: 6.7mi in 1:00, 8:59/120bpm average. Wednesday: 45F and sunny: 45min Motor Skill Development run (pickups to max speed with walking recovery to 110bpm) with 1mi warm up and cool down. 6.26mi in 1:05, Max HR 140bpm. Thursday: 43F and cloudy: 30min Aerobic, 30min Motor Skill Development run, 1mi cool down; 7mi in 1:09 Friday: Rest - yeah, I after those 4 days I felt I really needed to rest my legs. Saturday: 27F (burr), cloudy and windy: 60min Aerobic run, 45min Lactate Threshold run, 1mi cool down; 12.87 miles in 1:55: Pace/Heart Rate per mile: 9:00/124, 9:01/121, 9:10/121, 9:14/121, 9:23/120, 9:29/121, 8:58/126, 8:24/131, 8:22/133, 8:26/134, 8:29/136, 8:35/136, 9:44/124. The Lactate threshold portion of this run for 45 minutes was really taxing as my time/per mile was 15-25s less than earlier in the week. I also felt tired with sore legs for the rest of the day. Sunday morning after a good nights sleep I felt much better. Keep moving.
  10. February Training: Running: 158 mi, 22 runs (7 road, 15 treadmill), weeks of 10 (1 day), 32, 35, 37, and 44 miles. Strength Training: 5 days, 32.5 min/day, 1:34:15 total time. This is the most miles I have done for a month in a long time, as normally I run only 4 times a week and during marathon training 5 times a week. Now I am running 5 times a week and one week in February I ran 6 times in a single week. I am also doing a lot more tempo and interval runs (albeit extremely short intervals, with walking recoveries). The training has been going fairly well with no major hot spots. Recently I have noticed my legs feeling tired, so I took a day off and felt better afterwards. I have started taking cool/cold showers after my treadmill runs in an attempt to help reduce inflammation in my legs. I start with a mild water temperature and then gradually make the water colder so as not to shock my system too much. Its taking a little time to getting use to, but I generally feel pretty good afterward, but I don't look as much forward to my shower now. Me and MDW went on a Caribbean Cruise March 1-8th before this week's escalation of precautions. There were over 5000 on our cruise ship and fortunately no one on the ship came down with the virus while on the cruise. We had good and relaxing time. We were on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Sea ship and they seemed to be extra diligent in cleaning railings and other surfaces which people touch. While on the cruise I ran 4 times; 3 treadmill runs; 4.4 miles (45 min motor skill development - MSD with 1mi wu and cd), 6.4 miles (60 min Aerobic - AB), 6.7 miles (45 min lactate threshold - LT with 1mi wu and 5min cd) and 1 around the deck 7.8 miles (30 min Aerobic followed by 30 min Lactate Threshold and a 1mi cd.), taking 3 days off trying not to be to obsessive about running while on vacation. On this cruise the treadmill runs were a little more challenging as the treadmills were rocking slightly back and forth with the rolling of the ship causing me to periodically to have to slow down a little not to run into the front of the treadmill and to speed up a little to not fall off the back of the treadmill. This week, the Tuesday after I returned to work my company sent out an announcement that in addition to anyone who has traveled overseas now anyone who has returned from an ocean cruise also needs to work from home for 14 days before returning to work, so I had been working from home this past week. I normally run at the fitness center at work in the mornings before work, but with this week working at home I was able do all my runs outside and around lunch time when it is much lighter and nicer out with temps in the upper 30s and lower 40s. I ran 6.86 miles Monday; 30 min AB, 30 min MSD, 1 mile cd, Tuesday 7 miles; 45 min LT with 1mi cd/wu), Wednesday 6.8 miles; 45min LT with 1mi cd/wu, Thursday 8 miles; 30 min AB, 30 min LT, 1 mile cd (yeah in shorts!). Me and my legs were feeling pretty worn out after Thursdays run so I took Friday off (my company also had everyone working from home Friday to test the load on the how well the company systems could handle with everyone working remotely). Saturday with the temps in the low to mid 30s (good running weather) I ran with my running group at 8 am, warning the 3 others about returning from a cruise, running 5mi; 3.5 AB, 1.5 LT, then with a larger group at 9 am also for 5 mi; 1.5 AB, 2.5 LT, 1 mi cd. 38 miles for the week. Today, Sunday me and some other members of our running group were suppose to run the Blarney Stone Half Marathon in Potterville, but like all the other races this weekend it was cancelled. I wasn't planning on racing it and 2 of the other members were hurt or recovering and wouldn't have been able run, so it is probably for the best anyways. The good is said that the race director said he was looking at rescheduling it for some time in May, or we could switch to their other half in October. This coming week another week working from home and running outside with temps reaching the 50s! Run Happy!
  11. Just completed week 6 (8 total) of my heart/time based half train plan, repeating weeks 1 and 2 to time the 18 week plan for the Bayshore half on Memorial Day weekend. Weekly Total 36.8 miles, 6:05 run training time, 32 min strength training. Monday: 60 minute AB (Aerobic Base) run at my aerobic heart rate of 118 bpm, +/-5 bpm, run on a treadmill. 6.3 miles (by Garmin, usually a little more by the treadmill), average heart rate of 118 bpm. When I do these runs on the treadmill after I get warmed up I check my heart rate every couple of minutes and then determine if I need to adjust the treadmill speed up or down. I have to admit these are my favorite training runs, probably since they are the most relaxing from a breathing and heart rate stand point. I can tell my fitness is getting better as I am able to run at fast speeds at my target aerobic heart rate. Tuesday: 45 min AB, followed by 30 min MSD (Motor Skill Development) with a 6 min down, run on a treadmill. 8 mi, 1:22 of training time. The MSD training is were I run up almost my maximum speed and maintain for 10-15 seconds, at total of a little over 1 minute of running time and then slow to walk until my heart is below 110 bpm and repeat for time of the workout. I do these on a treadmill by starting at 7.0 mph for 12s, then 15s@8.0 mph, 15s@8.5mph, 15s@9.0 mph, 5s@9.1, 9.2, 9.3, & 9.4, and finally 15s@9.5 and the ramping the treadmill down to 3.8 until my heart rate recovers to < 110 bpm. Ending up being 13 intervals for 30 minutes. I find these easier than the mile repeats that I normally do for speed, since the intervals are shorter and I able to recover more. Wednesday: Rest Day, but I did 32 minutes of strength train. I am older and need it. Thursday: 30 min AB, followed by 30 min of LT (Lactate Threshold), with 1 mile cool down, run on a treadmill. 7.24 mi, 1:10 of training time. The lactate threshold run should be 10-15 bpm about your AB target heart rate. Based on recent LT workouts on a treadmill I ran the LT part of the run at 7.5 mph. I found this to be hardest workout of the year, and probably should have decreased speed of the treadmill as heart was rising during the LT portion of the run. Friday: 45 min MSD run with 1 mile warm up and cool down, run on a treadmill. 5.4 mi, 1:05 of training time. 22 intervals for 45 minutes. Saturday: 45 min AB followed by 29 min LT and 1 mile cool down run outside with my running group's 5 mi group runs at 8 and 9 am. About 5 mi and 43 min for the AB portion, and 5 mi and 43 min for the LT portion. Was able to run with a couple of the faster group runners for the LT run at 9 am. AB run portion: LT run portion: Sunday: Rest and writing bloop. This half training plan has been going pretty well this far as I don't have any major aches or pains, but is a lot more challenging than what I have been running lately. I am not sure if I will be able to keep this up, but will take one day at a time, and try to incorporate more sleep.
  12. Run2BFit

    The miles are there, anyway.

    Good job getting all those miles in, including enduring the treadmill for a long run. Have you watched the science fiction series The Expanse on Prime about the settlement of Mars and the asteroid belt? I really enjoyed it. * Favorite pie? Michigan Berry * How old are you? 62 * How many tattoos: 0 * Ever hit a deer? no * Rode in an ambulance? no * Ice skated: yes * Rode a motorcycle: no * Stayed in hospital: yes a couple of times, but none in the last 40 years * Last cell phone call: my wife * Last text from: Ryan with Bernie 2020 * Watched someone die: yes, my father in the Hospital ICU. * Pepsi or Coke: Coke * Favorite season: Fall - Summer, so many fun things to do outside * Broken bones: maybe a toe * Favorite color: green * Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset * Ocean or Mountains: Mountains
  13. Run2BFit

    Going backwards or upside down

    A good start to the year. Having the goal to run a race every month sound like a good motivator. There nothing like the excitement of a race to get your adrenaline going. Also watched some of the Millrose Games, some great performances for being so early in the year.
  14. Run2BFit

    Four Days a Week

    I have been running for the last year 4 days a week with 2 days of strength training. My new half train plan has me running 5-6 days a week. After 6 weeks. so far so good.
  15. Run2BFit


    I can sympathize with you. Winter in Detroit can be pretty dark and bleak, but getting to run during the winter, inside or out gives me joy. I have been trying to be more mindful during my runs; getting into a rhythm,, noticing my turnover, breathing, heartbeat, and the my body moving through the air. The winter provides a variety of running experiences and challenges; snow, rain, cold, and ice, but to go out and meet those challenges and sharing them with others keeps me from getting bored.
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