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  1. Run2BFit

    So. I ran a Ragnar.

    Glad you decided to join a Ragnar group, and check it off your bucket list. If you ever want to meet up for a run let me know. Now retired my schedule is pretty flexible.
  2. Run2BFit


    Sorry to hear about your friends losses. It's good to put things in perspective and to rember to be gratefull for the many wonderfull things in our lives.
  3. Run2BFit

    Gilda's House 5K Run

    Our Gilda's Family Walk & 5k Run was in-person this year which I ran on Saturday, Sep 18th. Gilda's Club is a wonderful organization located in Royal Oak that provides free support and networking groups, educational lectures, workshops and social activities for cancer patients and their loved ones. One of the women from our running group formed a fund raising team for the event. We had about 11 people associated with our run group sign up. The race starts and finishes at our city high school and since it is only a little over a mile from my home I run up to the race using it as a warmup run. The start time weather was actually pretty pleasant after the many hot summer days with it being in the low 60s and partly cloudy. I started out running with one of my running buddies that's a few years younger than me and who is usually little faster than me. We ran together for the first mile and then he says he is going to try to catch one of the women from our running group that is ahead of us. I am pushing pretty hard and let him go, first mile in 8:08. I keep pushing and after passing through the parking lot of our Gilda House finish the second mile in 8:01. I keep pushing for the third mile passing a few people but not catching my running buddy with my third mile in 7:55. I try to pick it up for the last 0.3 mile trying to catch the runner in front of me and narrowing the gap a little before he also starts picking up the pace and I can't catch him. My last tenth of a mile was at 7:22 pace. Anyways I always hate it when somebody passes me just before I finish, where I alternate thinking I should have been pushing harder to the finish or that the person or people that pass me had been running easy during the race and were just sprinting to the finish. I finish in 25:07 ten seconds behind my running buddy. With COVID the number of in person runners was very small; 107 total, but I still only managed to finish 3rd in my age group of 60-69 (which just happened be the largest male age group with 9 runners). Overall I was happy with my effort since I have not been doing any real speed work for over a year.
  4. Another well run race, and congrats on the second place finish. It's always seem so much more draining when it is hot with clear skies.
  5. Run2BFit

    Devil on the Divide

    Congratulations on conquering the Divide. Love the amazing views, especially for us flatlanders in southern Michigan.
  6. Great Race, way to adapt to running the half and finishing it well, especially after doing the swim and bike portions.
  7. Way to go and finish 3rd in that scorching heat and humidity. I agree that any day we can run is a blessing.
  8. Run2BFit

    Crim Festival of Races

    In Michigan the Crim Festival of Races in Flint is one of the big three race events (where the number of participants average over 10,000) along with the Detroit Marathon and Half Marathons (Mid October) and the Detroit Turkey Trot 10K and 5K (Thanksgiving morning). The Crim Festival of Races includes; 10 miles, 5 miles, and a 5K. The Crim was started by Bobby Crim in 1977 when he was Speaker of the Michigan State House of Representatives (he is now 89 and this year walked the 10 mile race) and his administrative assistant Lois Craig to raise money for the Special Olympics. The first 10 years only included the 10 mile race. Twice it has hosted the U.S. 10 mile championships; the 2009 women's and the 2010 men's . It has a tradition of having popsicles as an after race treat. The races are run on the last Saturday of August (which are usually hot, in the 80s) and goes through the streets of Flint with the 10 miler including some moderate hills. This year's races had less participants; 5500 due to COVID. They originally were going to have a wave start every 15 minutes, but due to predicted high temperatures and humidity opened the 10 mile race for people to start anytime between 7 and 8 am. Me and my friends arrive at the race start at about 6:45 am and started with the 7 am race start. It was warm in the low 70s, cloudy, and very, very humid. One of my friends from South Carolina remarked it reminded him of the high humidity down there. Everyone sooo nice and dry before the start of the race: The race route was change this year due to road construction with the first mile being uphill. I tried to set a pace by feel and didn't look at my watch until the 2 or 3 mile mark where it indicate my last mile pace was 8:30. Based on my training and the weather I thought this was way too fast and that there was no way I could maintain this over 10 miles. My actual splits for the first 4 miles were; Mile 1: 8:32 (uphill but foolishly accomplished by not yet being feeling the effects of the heat and humidity, and with adrenaline from the start of the race fueling me), Mile 2: 8:33 (settled in a little bit but was able to maintained the pace since it was all downhill), Mile 3: 8:37 (the course leveled out and I slowed a bit), Mile 4: 8:34 (mostly downhill). Thankfully there were water stops after each mile, which I tried running through and ended up as I usually do spilling half the of water on me. Mile 5 includes the first of the traditional Crim hills, which I struggled up in 8:56 to the 5 mile water station. At which point I was pretty much spent, and walked through the water station. I started running again in survival mode aiming make it to the next water station at mile 6 running. Mile 6 was mostly uphill and I reached the mile 6 station running in 9:26 and again walked through it. Mile 7 was mostly downhill and I completed it in 8:45 again walking through the water station with the goal of running between the water stations. Mile 8 was slightly uphill and completed in 9:24, unfortunately I skipped a water station that was before the end of mile 8 and decide to push on until the next water station which ended up being at the 8.7 mile mark and again walked through that station. I gutted out the last 1.3 miles and was thankful the last quarter mile to the finish was slightly downhill, with my last mile in 8:26 and a total time for 10 miles of 1:29:12, 8:56/mi. I was just happy it was over, as I was exhausted and soaking wet from head to toe due to the high humidity. Afterwards I actually became a little chilled from being wet and no sun. Eventually the sun did come out and at least warm me but not drying my cloths.
  9. Run2BFit

    August Adventures

    Wow, what a awesome Italian adventure with friends, mountain hiking, and food.
  10. Run2BFit

    August Angst

    Way to go with your monthly mileage in the August heat!
  11. Congratulations on your Wedding Aniversary, such fine looking couple. I also plan on running 10 tomorrow, at the Crim in Flint. Due to tomorrows heat and humidity the originally scheduled 15 minute start windows have been eliminate and now there is only 1 window from 7-8 am for the 10 miler.
  12. It sounds like you gave your best effort, and that is all that you could have done. Sometimes that doesn't produce the result we would like or expect, and it is frustrating. You have had many great races earlier this year and it sounds like your fitness level is great so I expect you will do well in your future master races. Good luck and don't let this race get you down too much.
  13. Run2BFit

    Would you rather...

    Love the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Done three backpacking trips there. Here are couple of a pictures of the tree on the rock formation (I think your first Pictured Rocks picture) taking behind the formation on land from a 2010 trip.
  14. I ran the first Michigan Ragnar Trail relay at the Hanson's Recreation Area near Grayling, MI back in 2019 with a group of friends from our running group and had a great time. We signed up again for 2020 but it was canceled due to COVID and rescheduled for June 25-26, 2021. The Ragnar trail relay is a little different from the road relay where you have 8 member teams and all teams camp out in the same place where the start and finish for all the runs are from the same location. The relay consisted of 3 different trail runs of 2.8, 5.6, and 7.6 miles with each team member running each trail once for a total of 16 miles each. I had been running 25-30mi per week on mostly flat streets before the relay. As a note I was recently listening to the "Six Minute Mile" podcast with an interview of Amby Burfoot who said that he averages 25 miles a week and that finds that very manageable and enjoyable. If that is good enough for Amby it is good enough for me. Most of our group arrived at the Hanson Recreation Area late Thursday afternoon and set up camp. One thing that was nice was that since the CDC and Michigan had lifted mask requirements for fully vaccinated individuals and Ragnar also lifted mask requirements if you were fully vaccinated, which all 8 team members were. It was dry when we set up camp but rain with possible thundershowers was predicted for the next couple of days. Our relay started at 10:00 am the next morning and with the starting time based on the estimated 10K road times each of us provided. The first leg was a 2.8 mi loop, followed by the 5.6 and 7.6 mi loops, and then repeated 8 times until all team members had run each loop. The runner finishing their loop would hand off their bib belt to the next runner. One feature/challenge of the course is there was a partly sandy hill climb and both the beginning (60 ft/0.25 mi, according to my Garmin Altitude graph, but it definitely felt higher than that) and the end (46 ft/0.2 mi) of the course that you had to traverse for each loop since the start and finish were the same for each loop. The weather forecast was for rain showers on both days, but it ended up being mostly dry except for a shower during my first run otherwise it was cloudy with temperatures between 60 and 70 F day and night, with high humidity and some fog during most of the night. To help you be prepared when your team runner is about to finish their run Ragnar has a timing mat set up about a quarter mile before the end of each loop just before the last sandy hill and at the start/finish area. They have 3 large displays in the Ragnar Village which show the team name and time when each runner passes across the timing mat, which ends up being about 3-4 minutes before finishing. I was the number 3 runner and I started with the 7.6 mile red loop at about 11:30 am. When I ran the loops in 2019, I remember the hills being challenging but that I was able to run up both hills at the start and finish without walking, and generally was abler to run each loop without too much of a problem. I was determined to run the hill at the start and paid for it by being very tired and was breathing heavily at the top of the hill a half a mile into the 7.6 mile loop. I tried to recover on the downhills and flats but stubbornly was determined to run up the hills. Most of the bigger hills were in the beginning couple miles of the loop and after that, it started to rain but the course flattened out quite a bit until the ending hill where I was spent and ended up walking most of it. The last 0.2 miles are thankfully all downhill to the finish. My loop time ended up being 1:18:16, 1:19 longer than my 2019 time. The rain during my loop but ended up being pretty refreshing during the run, although I was soaked by the finish. Thankfully Ragnar had some nifty electric shoe driers set out to dry out our wet shoes. I was pretty miserable at the end of the first loop but changing clothes, sharing some pizza from a food truck with another team member, and getting some rest in my tent helped me feel better. Our team consisted of the same team members as the 2019 team, but I think almost all of us were not in quite as good shape as in 2019, and most of us suffered during some of our runs. I started my second run, the 11th loop for our team, 5.6 miles at about 7:30 pm. It was still light out, not expecting it to get dark until about 9:30 pm. I was determined to run this run easier, but once again I ran the entire first hill of the loop. Thankfully the hills of the first part of this loop seemed easier, but towards the end, I was walking up the last few hills. My time was 1:01:08, 1:16 slower than 2019. 5.6 mile run finish: I felt better after this run and our team captain/chef grilled us venison steaks for dinner with baked beans, yum. I tried going to sleep after dinner but ended up just resting in my tent due to a team across from us being loud and boisterous through the night (except for a period where there was some swearing going on between members of another team near us). Anyways my phone alarm went off at 3:30 am and I was up pretty much ready to go since I was sleeping in my running clothes, had some hot tea and an energy bar, and headed to the start/finish area to wait for our runner to finish. There was a fire pit near the start/finish area where people gathered to stay warm and dry from the damp, foggy air. I started my third run, the 19th loop, 2.8 miles at about 4:00 am with my headlamp on. Although it was foggy previously it had pretty much cleared by the start of my run, but again I run up the first hill and since it is dark I went pretty easy, and thankfully the 2.8 mile course is fairly flat. With it being somewhat cool, 64 F, and extremely humid it was surreal running in the dark with light from the headlamp reflecting off moisture in the air and it almost seemed like it was lightly snowing. Again I am walking up the final hill and finish in 32:09, faster than my 2019 time, but I had gotten confused on that night's run 2 years ago. We were all pretty tired by Sunday morning with our last runner and captain coming in and meeting him at the finish instead of running with him in the last 100 yards as we did in 2019. Our final cumulative team time ended up being 24:35:31, 21 of 122 teams overall, about an hour slower than 2019. We finished at about 10:30 am got every packed up and met up at Paddle Hard Brewing in Grayling for a pizza lunch. It was nice being able to get together as a group of runners and cheer each other on and commiserate on how much harder the course seemed this year, listen to our German and Italian team members discuss the differences in their national soccer teams style of play (who were both still alive in the Euro-cup tournament at the time); Germany's aggressive offensive style versus the Italian defensive style, and discuss our upcoming races. Finishing Metals:
  15. Run2BFit

    Jubilant June

    Congrats on being selected for Rabbit Elite!
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