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  1. Run2BFit

    Well, let's see.

    For what it's worth, when I had achilles tendonitis I healed my achilles tendon by doing eccentric heal drops; first unweighted then adding weight to a backpack while doing them. See link: https://runnersconnect.net/achilles-tendonitis-and-insertional-achilles-tendinopathy-in-runners/. I still do eccentric heal drops daily to help prevent re-occurance. The story that I heard (don't recall where) regarding the origin of using eccentric heal drops to heal achilles tendonitis was that there was a runner who had achilles tendonitis and wanted his doctor to perform surgery to repair the ten
  2. Run2BFit

    Amazing April

    Congrats on a great month and your top race finishes. Glad to hear you are back from your injury and hitting on all cyclinders.
  3. Run2BFit

    Tidewater 26.2

    Congrats on a great 26.2 race.
  4. Run2BFit


    You got this Marathon. Like they say: the hay is in the barn!
  5. Run2BFit

    The project that never ends.

    Ah! the joys of owning an older home. Is that a picture of the annual spring time flooding along Hines drive?
  6. Run2BFit

    New floors! (NRR)

    Amazing difference between the old and new floors. I am looking at doing something similar. Moving a fridge is a pain.
  7. Good job on your floor prep with all your hard work. looks like the toughest part is done. It will all be worthwhile once you get the new floor in. We had our lenoleum kitched floor replaced a couple year ago and it so much nicer now.
  8. Run2BFit

    March Madness

    Congrats on your montly mileage PR and your road wins. Sounds like your back and hitting on all cyclinders.
  9. Run2BFit

    Tiny progress

    I am glad for you, looks like your persistance has paid off.
  10. WOW! I am dizzy from reading about all you running and crossfit workouts. Sounds like your training is going well, hope it makes for you some good marathon times.
  11. Good luck with everything; job search, starting back running, cohabitation, a car and driving in NYC. I don't know if have gotten a COVID vaccine, but I read that it is suppose to help any lingering affects from having COVID. Also, several years ago I lent my daughter a car in my name while she lived in Brooklyn and I received a boatload of bills for parking fines.
  12. Run2BFit

    Shoe Story

    A little background, when I first started running consistently, training to run my first marathon I ran in Asics Cumulus shoes which have quite a bit of cushioning. Back then I was a heel striker and since I am somewhat bowlegged and supinate as well I ended up always wearing out my shoes on the outside of the heals. It turned out back then the Cumulus cushioning would eventually not bounce back after repeated outside heel strikes making the supination even more pronounced. I believe this was a one cause for my repeated bouts with the dreaded PF (plantar fasciitis), sometimes in both feet
  13. Run2BFit

    St. Patrick's Day 5k RR

    Nice race effort.
  14. Congratulations on the win with consistent splits! So there really are live white squirrels? I've only seen black, brown, and gray ones here in Michigan.
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