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  1. onthebusrunning

    The Race

    There will most certainly be more.
  2. onthebusrunning

    The Race

    Thanks, Dave. Ever forward.
  3. onthebusrunning

    The Race

    I'm 100 percent with you. There was something about it being Boston that made me feel like I had to press on (maybe it was because I had bought the damn jacket already). We will most certainly be stronger for it. I'm having a little PTSD whenever I have to step into the rain these days, haha.
  4. onthebusrunning

    The Race

    You most certainly are -- having chatted with Dan, I have no doubt. Thanks for the kudos -- certainly have never run in anything like that for that long before.
  5. onthebusrunning

    The Race

    Agreed, wholeheartedly. I think we learn the most about ourselves when the plan goes south. What can we really endure? And do we grow from it?
  6. onthebusrunning

    The Race

    Thanks, Bangle. That's for sure -- this one is going to be in the mental rolodex for a long time.
  7. onthebusrunning

    The Race

    It started as more of a heavy mist than a rain. But there was no mistaking the wind. It came in gusts, battering at our resolve before we had even begun. Each gust came without warning, or rhyme or reason, which made the situation somehow more unpredictable, more grim, like no matter what we did, there was no escaping it. We walked -- or trudged -- the .75 miles to the start, this misbegotten horde of rejects who seemed for better or worse (mostly worse) to be on the outs with society. Trash bags snapped around us, Mylar sheets pulled snug, mismatched sweat suits and tech vests starting to abs
  8. onthebusrunning

    ...to Boston

    I still remember. It was 2010. With every footfall up Hereford Street, my quads protested. But then I made one of running’s most famous left turns. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. Boylston Street boiled over with noise. The sound compounded as the cheering reverberated off of the buildings. The pain remained but muted somewhat now by this sudden infusion of adrenaline. The finish arch materialized, and I knew it would not be much longer. In the throng of spectators lined four and five deep, I somehow managed to pick out my wife, dad, and father-in-law hanging over the barricade. I fl
  9. onthebusrunning

    The Sword

    It’s Tuesday morning. Steely, gray clouds lord over the sky and mute the dawn. Rain spatters my sunglasses, an optimistic addition to my attire. But none of that matters. I pull my hands from my knees and inhale deeply to slow my heart rate. Sixty seconds left, I whisper audibly to no one in particular. Hands on hips now, I ease over to what had been the finish line of my ninth 800-meter repeat, and now marks the start line of my tenth and final. Eight hundred meters. A half mile. That’s all that separates me from my taper. Since the half marathon roughly five weeks ago, I circled five ke
  10. A friend of mine once said, "If you're not ready to pass out or throw up at the end of a 5K, you're doing it wrong."
  11. onthebusrunning

    The Crescendo

    This was a fantastic read -- I laughed out loud at the bday cake for the car, such a great detail.
  12. onthebusrunning

    The Tune-Up

    Great hill for repeats! Not for half/full marathons, haha. I would definitely be planning routes away from that hill.
  13. onthebusrunning

    Rejected Twice.

    Living life in greige it sounds like.
  14. Ha! Thanks, Dave! And down it went -- was a really solid long run. Definitely got out of it what I needed.
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