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  1. Jeff C.


    It's truly unfair, and it's been suggested that even as a man, I'm undertaking risky behavior. Although In truth, I *never* see anyone else out on these trails except the horse tours, so it's probably a very safe place to run (safer than the street anyway). My daughter's been out a few times, but never at night. I'd prefer she run the trails with me, but I'm not the running buddy she's looking for.
  2. Jeff C.


    The sun already set, not below the horizon, but behind the cauliflower clouds, a halo hanging just above the earth. Orange-brown light bled through the thin spots like an iodine stain, and it rimmed the crest with a subtle ember glow. The entrance to my trail shrouded by the gloom. I was late, too late. Helping Eli with his homework, I let the evening slip by. I saw the clock and snapped: “You’re on your own. I need to go run.” Ten minutes later, I stood with my car at the trail-head, contemplating my usual route, wondering what would happen if I ran the woods in the dark. Across the stre
  3. Jeff C.


    Oops, more at jeff.t.cann.com.
  4. Jeff C.


    A long time ago… The four of us huddle in the dorm room, lights low, a single candle burns on the coffee table. The candle sits in a mountain of wax covering what was simply a Budweiser bottle just a few hours ago. Each of us digs at the candle, at the wax-mound with glowing hot paperclips. Heat the paperclip in the flickering flame, sculpt the wax; heat, sculpt, repeat. We’re stoned silly. And profoundly drunk—yet hyper-aware, attuned to our surroundings. Deafening music rattles the room. Screaming guitars, pounding bass. Each note dissected and analyzed. Our sharpened senses regist
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