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  1. Dave - Me Too! I take the blame though, I was not paying enough attention to the Loop crowd at that time, I'm sure there will be other races we end up at together - next time we'll have to meet and maybe even run some miles together! I'm excited for more fulls this spring!
  2. Hello Loopland! Its been a hot minute since I've written a bloop and with the recent location change I figured it was good time to come back and say hello! A lot has happened in my world since the last time I visited Loopville (although I've been lurking about reading and have certainly kept up with some of you via Facebook land). I stopped blooping because life got busy and of course there were the Loop issues... ahem... but mostly I just didn't have time to write. I'm not sure my life is really any less busy at this point, but it is definitely different, and in many ways, better. While every day is full to the brim, I'm spending my time doing more things I love and less things that I don't love. I never stopped running, although for the last few years I had slowed down and shortened my distance while finishing up my Doctoral work. This year, and I realize I can actually say this year as its almost over already, has been a year of resurfacing for me. As a musician, I reached a place where my body, especially my spine after a car accident a couple years ago, and mind were healthy enough to return to the high volume of performing and teaching that I desire and need for my career to move forward. As a climber, I found time to go on adventures, push my limits and teach others the sport. I also found moments of peace and healing that I desperately needed at the tops of some pretty amazing climbs. As a runner, I returned - FINALLY - to the marathon after a 3 year hiatus from the distance, it feels good to have logged 2 fulls this year including one at high elevation (Houston and Salt Lake City). So the three physical elements of my life seem to be balancing together well and have left me feeling healthy and growing towards more daily fulfillment. While I spent much of 2016 in a place of deep depression, anxiety, and frustration, I found a lot of healing as I focused on training for the Houston Marathon, and I started 2017 feeling happier, stronger, and healthier than I have felt in a lot of years. Not to say that training for the marathon was some kind of magical quick fix to my struggles - it was not - but the training gave me time to focus on myself and sort through a lot of stuff that needed sorting through. (Its amazing what can happen over the course of 60 mile training weeks). 2017 has been a good year so far - and with 2 months to go, I'm hoping to wrap up a few more big projects and close the door on some anxieties that have lingered for far too long. I am also looking forward to finishing the year the same way I started it - Running! At the moment I am recovering from the biggest, most fulfilling, awesome event I have ever trained for and completed - CHILD BIRTH! I gave birth to my sweet little girl on October 11th (6lbs 6.7oz, 18inches). I will post a full "Race/Training Report" soon, as I view this year so far as my Baby Marathon training and race. It has truly been a journey, and one that I am excited to share with others - especially other Runner Moms. I was asked many times over the spring and summer "what are you training for" or "oh are you training for the KC Marathon" (as that is the race that many of my peers around here were training for all summer) and my answer was always the same - "no, not really training for anything, I'm going to be a little busy around the KC Marathon, my baby is due that week" By the time I hit my halfway point in the pregnancy I realized I really was training for something. In fact, I was training for what would very likely be the hardest "Marathon" I have ever done. Thanks for reading; I'm excited to be back in this community, and writing again! GiniaQ
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