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  1. Dave - Me Too! I take the blame though, I was not paying enough attention to the Loop crowd at that time, I'm sure there will be other races we end up at together - next time we'll have to meet and maybe even run some miles together! I'm excited for more fulls this spring!
  2. Hello Loopland! Its been a hot minute since I've written a bloop and with the recent location change I figured it was good time to come back and say hello! A lot has happened in my world since the last time I visited Loopville (although I've been lurking about reading and have certainly kept up with some of you via Facebook land). I stopped blooping because life got busy and of course there were the Loop issues... ahem... but mostly I just didn't have time to write. I'm not sure my life is really any less busy at this point, but it is definitely different, and in many ways, better. While ev
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