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  1. For the second time in my life, I am signed up to run the Burning River 50 miler. The last time I ambitiously signed up (Jan 2016), I was actually logging sufficient miles… and then I DNS’ed. Ooops! It’s been about that long since I’ve blogged or anything, either. See, 2016 was a tough (but rewarding) year. Good things happened in my personal life, but they were overshadowed at the end of the year with some of my mental health struggles. And, you know, the other things of 2016. My running went downhill. I hated running! I turned to yoga and it became a new passion. But 2017 was
  2. Hi guys! I feel like a lot has changed since I used to post a lot more a couple of years back. The difference between my first marathon (2010) and my tenth marathon: one of them I just wanted to finish, and one I was desperately trying to hit a certain time goal so maybe, possibly, I could come close to a BQ. Just wanting to finish was my goal last week, for the running of my tenth marathon. Isn't life freaking funny? Spoiler alert: I did finish, and it was an hour and two minutes slower than my first marathon, and idgaf. The difference between now and then is that I've realized some thi
  3. i've been playing that game for about the past year. glad you found some motivation again!
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