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  1. doug in co

    August is like the Sunday of Summer

    exactly.. never had a coach, but almost hired one to train for one of my last goal triathlons, since I finally figured this out, how difficult it is to be objective about training. loved your own first-day-of-school pic, that was funny.. congrats on the new car, the Volt makes sense to me. I'd really like a Bolt, but then need to install solar panels, house battery, etc, to make it work: given that Colorado electricity mostly comes from burning coal..
  2. doug in co

    Predicting Times

    that's a great book.. my experience was the same as Alex's, only slower. All my PRs at distances shorter than the marathon, came from starting way too fast and hanging on grimly. If you go out at planned splits then it's very difficult to get a significant negative split for a PR. Go out at 'it is a good day to die' pace, and sometimes get a nice surprise.. other times, you just wish you could die.. 😉
  3. doug in co

    In the Darkness

    this is sheer brilliance.. reasons, who needs reasons. One of the reasons I used to have is that running is very precisely measurable, and hard work gets results, unlike every other sphere of human effort: where hard work usually just gets you hard work and has to be its own reward. Nowadays that don't work anymore, slowing down faster than I can train harder.. For me it's partly the terror of missing a workout (good point you make here, it really is a terror) and partly there is still joy to be had from running.. slow and hard as it may be. Gaudeamus hodie ! (let us be joyful) not to be confused with gaudeamus igitur, that beer-drinking song.. here's a tankard..
  4. doug in co


    ow.. Tegaderm is what you need for that road rash.. heals much faster.. love speed but hate skiing.. it's odd, had a friend who climbed Mt Kenya, she loved to climb which terrified me, but would not go on a simple whitewater canoe trip with me, the water terrified her.. can't actually run fast anymore, so have to get on a bike to go fast.. ha !
  5. doug in co

    You may want to skip this one.

    +1 I could not have survived this long, without cross-training.. bike, swim, weights, walking the dog, calisthenics, etc etc.. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanpsy/article/PIIS2215-0366(18)30227-X/fulltext "the punchline was clear: amongst over 1.2M people in the USA between 2011-2015, people who exercised had about 40% better mental health than people who didn't exercise, even after we controlled for a whole bunch of things including BMI, physical health, and sociodemographics"
  6. doug in co


    excellent ! both our boys loved the jog stroller, worked well.. "faster Daddy, faster !" but I couldn't always obey 😉
  7. doug in co

    Mt. Baker Summit Report

    wow - that's truly impressive.. I love mountains but ice climbing gives me the heebie-jeebies.. you are brave 😉 yes, running is entirely different from bucking a heavy pack up a mountain.. I could always outrun my brother, but he would walk me into the ground on backpack/mountain trips. My friend Heather used to load up her backpack with 40lbs or so, for the daily dog walks, just to get the backpack-specific workout.. looks like you are in the plastic double boots, which is what Denali will need.. fitting those can be tricky, hope you can get some good fitter to look at it before then. If your toes are hitting the front of the boot then it's not the right boot for you.. and this can be fixed..
  8. doug in co

    Lessons of the Fall

    been riding road bikes for coming up 20 years and so far the worst road rash I've had, came from taking a dive on a run.. tripping over a concrete slab..
  9. doug in co

    July Ramblings

    +1, I can be the stern Dad here if needed too 😉 probably 3x marathons in the fall/winter, not a great idea I think.. Everest ? wow. The loopsters aren't content with just running, apparently they have to conquer mountains too.. you up Everest, NCAthlete heading to Denali.. I am impressed..
  10. doug in co

    racing but not running

    Big race for the summer was whitewater canoe Nationals, https://opencanoe2018.com/, here in CO on the Arkansas river. As usual all my training plans went to heck, various family and work issues stopped play. So came the day and I had not been in my solo boat yet this year.. oops. We had warmed up with a 3 day wilderness trip on the Rio Chama in New Mexico. The takeout of this trip is near Ghost Ranch where Georgia O'Keeffe lived and worked for many years. My older son cracked wise, "so if you feel a bout of American modernism coming on.. just yield to it !" He was off gallivanting in Maine and PA with his girlfriend. She took him to Rehoboth Beach and I thought of the Loop.. Here's younger son and I at the bottom of Aragon Rapid. We'd camped the night before just above the rapid. Over the ridge a small fire was burning, started by lightning some time before. We had paddled into camp watching the plume of smoke and wondering how close to camp it would be.. right over the hill in fact. We had good rains so chanced it and camped anyway. Several times in the night I woke up smelling smoke, had to go out and check if we needed to hide in the river. Luckily not. DW and I had color-coordinated our wardrobes for the trip.. not. It's a gorgeous trip, highly recommended. After all that, drive six hours back to Denver, unpack, repack, and head out to Buena Vista. DW and son stayed home for a couple of days, but I had volunteered to help with course setup etc for the race. The fiendish ingenuity of the course designer created the most difficult slalom course I've ever paddled, way harder than the other two Nationals I have raced at. Eventually I figured out the first twelve gates but after that there was a sequence of downstream gates which beat me. Coming out of gate 12 was like going into a bad horror movie - terrible things keep happening faster than I can react to them for no good reason and I can't stop them.. This culminated in gate 16, dubbed "the suicide move", had to paddle straight at a rock in fast current and drop in behind it with a quick paddle stroke at the last split second. I did not manage this so usually just bounced off the rock and battled to stay upright. No pictures of me racing, though DW did get a couple of me and #2 son racing in the Citizen tandem class. We won this by virtue of being the only entrants in the class.. ha. We still did have to run at least some of the gates and stay upright, which was not a given on this course. #2 son asked, "so is this one of those medals for participation I keep hearing about ?" I had hopefully packed some running shoes, in case I could get in a run or two, but the days ran from 6am until 8 or 9pm, what with volunteer work etc. Also, note the high rocky banks - carrying a 65lb canoe up and down those banks was exhausting and it sure wore me out. I'm going to start a new fitness program, CanoeFit: Functional strength from lifting and carrying canoes up hills and over cactus on rocky trails..
  11. doug in co

    Progress, of a sort.

    got my dream lawnmower a year or so back - had a Sears mower bought 2nd-hand in 1995 for over twenty years, then got to trade it in on a Black and Decker electric.. best deal ever, $200 off the electric mower, as part of local smog-reduction efforts. The only problem with it is it doesn't mulch very well.. but it is quiet and quick and easy, and I really don't miss the annual spring maintenance rituals on the Sears, oil change, rebuild starter, etc. This is definitely suburban Dad talk I guess.
  12. doug in co

    Into a New Unknown

    that's what I did when kids were smaller.. all long workouts started at 4-5am on weekend days, home by 8-9 to get on with the family day. All other workouts had to fit into a lunchtime at work. It's not optimal training but it gets it done.. The legendary Tim Twietmeyer (an engineer) won Western States 100 on this kind of schedule, there's a Springsteen/Seeger song about the Eire Canal, I'd have that earworm the whole way.. I've got a mule and her name is SalFifteen years on the Erie CanalShe's a good old worker and a good old palFifteen years on the Erie Canal
  13. doug in co

    Ups and downs. 3 miles and some hurt. Other stuff.

    being a Garmin newbie I left mine on auto pause while pacing in an ultra, its measurements were completely haywire.. both time and distance were utterly wrong.. TIL..
  14. doug in co

    Gold Coast ‘18 race report…and proof I’m no Iron Man

    good work hanging on for the finish.. lack of sleep and low iron plus the heat/humidity would explain a lot of the troubles.. iron in blood is an interesting question - definitely don't want to supplement except after testing, high iron is also problematic. Good overview from ex-Runners World columnist Alex Hutchinson, http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/fitness/piecing-together-the-complex-links-between-iron-levels-and-exercise/article12419294/ I had anemia for some time after malaria, ate more red meat and leafy greens and took the supplements, seemed to help.
  15. doug in co

    "Chris is the girl that runs a lot..."

    great story, thank you.. "She had no clue I was behind her, especially in the final stretch, because she had earbuds in." this is why not to race with music 😉