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  1. doug in co

    Don't Drink and Blog

    can confirm this is theologically sound.. Father Thomas at church was discussing how the disciple Thomas was able to put his hands on the wounds. This apparently means our reincarnations will have bodies much like we have now. My wife was distressed to hear this too.. what, I still have to worry about my roots ?
  2. Just so. I always remember Van Morrison singing William Blake, It is an easy thing to triumph in the summer's sun And in the vintage and to sing on the wagon loaded with corn It is an easy thing to talk of patience to the afflicted To speak the laws of prudence to the homeless wanderer To listen to the hungry raven's cry in wintry season When the red blood is fill'd with wine and with the marrow of lambs But it is not so with me.. Congratulations on the run and squats, sounds horrible 😉 but makes you stronger no doubt..
  3. always wanted to live in Boulder 😉 my dream was to do postgrad mathematics at CU Boulder, didn't work out. 5k on the track is one of my standard tests - can be sure it's the same across the world, so a good metric.
  4. I'm finding it hard to get out the door these days, masked like a bandit and dodging from one sidewalk to another then on to the trails and running a sort of randomized cross-country for most of the way. It's just not appealing.. Sunday was my name day. Douglas isn't a Christian name so I had to find another for chrismation into the Orthodox church, picked Thomas for a number of reasons. The apostle Thomas gets a whole week of celebration beginning on St Thomas Sunday, the week after the resurrection when the doubter felt the wounds and believed. Name days are more important than birthdays in the church life. The Greeks wish one another 'many years' chronia polla ! So, after the church livestream, and paying the month's bills, I was fully ready to do something that wasn't sitting. The afternoon was cool and rainy, a good time to try for a run. I decided to go out to the middle school track and do a 5k. This track is not synthetic but made out of tarmac weirdly, can get the full impact of road running while enjoying the frequent curves of the track.. on the plus side, it's not very popular. Another trick I found is to run along the busy roads, some traffic but not many pedestrians. This will require music - usually I like to listen to whatever's happening in nature but on the roads all you hear is the cars hissing by like the waves upon the beach. About two miles out there to warm up, line up myself on the beginning of the curve, away we go. 2:02 for the first lap, 2:17 second, then a steady 2:14-15 the rest of the way. Lap 12 at 26:55, ok half a lap left, surely I can get under a minute for that ? nope, but made it in 27:55 for a big new PR (worst). Think I'll try to do this time trial regularly and whittle it down maybe. My standard 5-miler from the old house went out past this track, up to the rec center and back again. I hadn't run that loop since 2009 so added it as a warmdown which turned into a long run effort, could barely move the legs up the last hill. Total 90min running, about six miles plus the 5k. Miles.. plus kilometers.. equals.. aw call it 15k 😉 Strava gave up somewhere in the middle of the 5k and took the crow's route home..
  5. doug in co

    not running much..

    Thought I'd be able to get a bit of running in the time of virus, didn’t expect working out to be such a challenge. The pools are closed and I miss swimming badly – at my age a workout that escapes gravity is a great help. The trails are insanely busy and it’s not possible to keep physical distancing on bike rides, I’m not willing to ride on the roads due to injury risks at a time when going to the hospital is so fraught. It’s a beautiful spring day and I’m sitting on a bike trainer in the back yard.. Running is sort of possible but have to run way off trail to keep distance. Every mile gets an added quarter mile or so of running off and back again. Tried the roads but everyone's sitting in their driveway with kids running around, or out walking, so it's still a zigzag.. CO state governor suggested that maybe we could all run just twice a week instead of three or four times, to help with social distancing. This may be the most CO thing ever. So I'm running once or twice a week at best, very very slowly.. all my routes have changed, at each fork in the road I take the one less traveled by, and hope it makes a difference. Bodyweight exercises replace the gym. Again I hadn’t realized how much easier it was to go lift weights around other people, as compared to going down into the cold basement and jumping around alone. Luckily I have coach Artie supervising from the couch, that is when he's not licking my ear as I try to do a pushup.. We’re under stay-at-home order but it’s not being enforced by cops, as it seems to be in South Africa, India, etc. Outdoor activity gets an exemption since it’s CO. I’ve been sneaking out to go fishing in the ponds close to home. The pond was stocked with thousands of trout. The local raptors are no fools, and they show up too. On Sat morning early there were two ospreys, two juvenile and one adult bald eagle on the pond. The ospreys did well though the eagles weren’t great fishermen, came up empty most of the time. One of the juveniles dropped his fish as he flew over me, circled for a bit in frustration. The fish either sank or swam away. The sound of a big raptor hitting the water is surprisingly loud, WHAP!!! made my head turn every time. It was Orthodox Easter this last weekend. Usually we have a lamb on the spit and a hundred people over to help eat it. This year it was a sad little leg of lamb and the three of us, bit lonely. Friends from church drove by and dropped off the flowers and wine, so our church family is still looking after us 😉 Church now looks like this, livestream from two priests, a deacon and a chanter, all keeping their social distance.. At work as usual, hunkered down behind a wall of computer monitors, two work and one home. As an IT support monkey nearly everything I do is online anyway, a headset and VPN to talk to customers and get their error logs etc and we’re good. No slowdown in this job. My wife works on the mainframes, most of the US states (and banks) run mainframes with either Cobol or our software, so that’s been busier than usual. I keep wanting to go do some volunteer thing to help, then remember I'm 60 and have severe asthma and a history of lung problems.. donating blood is about as much as I've managed to do. Son #2 was on a gap year, hasn’t been able to do any of the volunteer or training he’d planned. At least he’s getting a good rest. Son #1 is final year of chemistry/biochem and not finding any jobs.. had an interview at Mayo Clinic which got cancelled, spent a couple months working up for the MCAT (med school entrance exam) and that got cancelled. He’s a bit adrift, won’t get a formal graduation ceremony either. His best friend made NCAA swim championships in his senior year, and those didn't happen either. At some point in May or June we’ll have to drive out to MN to fetch him home. But so far all still healthy and that’s a blessing, still getting our paychecks ditto.
  6. ps I'd looked for your name at CIM and not found it, now I know why.. may Mark's memory be eternal God bless..
  7. ugh bronchitis. My son tried to swim at a college conference meet with bronchitis, to help his team score, but looked grim doing it.. and that was just in sprints, can't imagine trying in a marathon.. Bravo ! anyway. We are proud of you and your journey. in a previous life, I needed 2:39 to qualify for national championships in South Africa, ran 2:41:26 on an uphill course (it was changed from all previous years, so the last mile climbed 250ft) and an 80 degree day (low 60s all previous years).. that's still my PR, what with one thing and another. A friend did qualify with a 2:38, said the championships were terrible 😉 running all alone at the back of the field, getting the sympathy cheers. So them's the sour grapes ;_)
  8. doug in co

    5k Australia Relief Run

    In late 2019, the dog and I were out for a run, quietly. My plan (if you want to make God laugh, just tell Her about your plans) was a run focus over the winter, running 3-4 times a week with no goals other than getting the runs in, and no timing. Of course.. came back from that run with a sore hip flexor, the next day could not walk. Not sure if it was torn or just badly strained, anyway that was a good month off. I toughed it out for the last Roost Run Club run of the decade, touring the Christmas lights in the rich folks' neighborhood, very pretty, then gave up and did a lot of swimming, gym work, and hip flexor rehab. Pfui. All that upper-body work no doubt helped make me heavier and slower. After a month tried it again on the treadmill, 30min of 10min miles, and it mostly held up. Another Rooster was setting up an Australia Relief Run in City Park Denver. The idea here is to donate $50 to Australia Red Cross relief in those hideous fire zones, then go run some distance or another 😉 I picked 5k and hoped to survive. At the start it was 22 degrees F. I'd planned to take off the heavy fleece jacket for running but did not. Ha. I usually run really hot so if I wear gloves my hands get sweaty. That wouldn't have been a problem today. I tried running with hands in pockets, a bit clumsy. Tried pulling the sleeves down and the fingers up, that mostly worked until the hands finally warmed up, about mile 2.7. Since we didn't have any permits for this, the start was staggered into several groups. There are enough runners around City Park even in this weather, than no-one could tell there was anything organized going on.. I started in the first group, which let me run away for some reason. Soon Anne from Nuun in the second group caught me, then ran away. 28:40 for a new personal record of sorts, probably could have run close to 26 in less frigid weather, says he hopefully. Here's a pic of the lot of us who finished around the half hour. Me at the back in the middle, organizer Troy bearded in front - thanks Troy.. Australian cattle dog focused on a group of geese, off-picture.. I got some electrolytes from Anne's setup, to replace the single drop of sweat I managed to shed.. I had promised to write up my Australian runs but that whole adventure went bad. The idea was my younger son would spend a couple of months with my brother and family, find a job and work for a bit, in his gap year. Unfortunately my brother has become quite conservative over the years, while my boy is nearly a communist, as well as being a high-functioning autistic. Between all of this they ended up arguing for 3 weeks after I'd left, all of it blowing up on Christmas day (of course), so I spent the next day 4am to 11pm negotiating. Son was beginning to shut down as he does when over stressed. So we flew him home a few days later.. and I really haven't had the stomach to think about the whole thing, at all.
  9. so sorry about the CIM finish, but so glad to hear you are running.. congratulations to your daughter ! I heard the humidity was well over 90% at CIM, one of our Thursday evening runners said she was warm at the start line and then overheated, being used to cold dry CO.. my wife and her mom both get that unexplained vertigo sometimes, there is a medication for theirs that has helped, though I can't recall its name..
  10. I hope T-Rex's finals went well.. our younger son has anxiety issues, I don't like having him on meds but they seem to work.. poor boy. Older son got an iPhone 11 and that was Christmas right there.. he's OK with it, his old 6 was really on its last legs.. a very merry Christmas to you and family too !
  11. doug in co


    argh.. that's a lot of damage for playtime.. funny thing, I have a stylish boot just like that 😉
  12. doug in co

    swartkoppies slowly

    sheesh, I take five weeks off to travel around the world, and the Loop suddenly wakes up ? Loved reading the updates, thanks garbanzo for the prompt and everyone.. Around the world in five weeks went like this, Denver > Boston > Doha (in Quatar) > Johannesburg South Africa. Two weeks there with DW's family. DW came back the same way (an out-and-back), son Christopher and I went on to Perth Australia. 3 weeks there with my brother and his family, then I came home Karratha > Perth > Sydney > LA > Denver. That took about 2 days. I left Sydney at 11am Tuesday morning, and arrived in LA at 6am Tuesday morning - two Tuesdays but wasted them both on planes and trains. There's a 15 hour time difference between Karratha/Perth and Denver, which is taking a little time to work through. Anyhoo here's the running-related content 😉 a short jaunt up in the hills of eastern Gauteng province, on a private farm reserve, along the Swartkoppiespruit (translates to black little hill creek). Otherwise there wasn't much running in South Africa, as Johannesburg isn't safe for running. I did see a couple runners along the main roads during the day. This is the only outdoors run possibility in Jhb, as there are enough people around that you probably won't get mugged for the running shoes and watch. Otherwise the run clubs do have long weekend runs and a rich tradition of weekday evening time trials, which are safe since the groups are large. It surely gives me gratitude for running in the USA. This is the route on a topo. MapMyRun didn't know about the dirt road, nor did the topo, so I had to use satellite view to get visibility. If I was a 21st century runner I'd have Strava on my phone and GPS to map it all, but I'm a dinosaur plodding along with old school online tools.. The house we stayed in is just above the red dot start. The trail down to the road is steep and rocky, more than my ankles are worth to try and run it. In the pic below the road shows up just to the left, on the far hill. That's the goal.. looks a bit intimidating from the bottom. Those odd-looking plants are a kind of aloe. Later in the spring they all turn pink, just in case they didn't look weird enough already. Here's a view of the house from a hike we took another day. Very Out of Africa.. This also shows the beginning of the switchbacks on the middle hill, L on the picture. Back in the 18th century there were pedestrian races over six days. These were known as go-as-you-please events, combining walking, jogging and running. That's the way I do all my runs these days, I go as I please - run until I can't, walk when I have to, stop for a little breather now and again. Sections of the switchbacks had concrete laid down in the ruts to prevent erosion and improve traction. I took these as a walk signal. The spectators were not impressed. Up in 48 minutes after a stern push to break 50, down again in 43. Just below the house is nature's jacuzzi, a plunge pool below the weir. Excellent for a little soak, until the baboons started babarking at me. They sound like an angry dog, rahg ! ragh ! A good morning's run. Notes on Australian runs to follow..
  13. well done ! I love the pic of you all alone on the podium 😉 - very ocrunnergirl..
  14. doug in co

    A Tale of Two (Races)

    wonderful race/trip reports, thank you.. well done on the new career ! Bangle and his brother are scarily alike..
  15. seems like quite a lot you could write about, here 😉 well done on the masters' ! That is quite an achievement. Also, finishing that should leave more time for running (and blooping)
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