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  1. doug in co


    that is the sweetest story.. best thing I've heard all year ;-) so sorry about Brady. My poor old dog got cancer, still missing him.. https://dkretzmann.blogspot.com/2021/01/a-good-dog.html
  2. doug in co

    Hello, 2022.

    Happy New Year ! Congratulations to you and T-Rex, that is tremendous news. Well done to all. Our younger is trying college again in a month, we'd prefer to let him have more time to recover his health, but they will withdraw his academic scholarship if he doesn't go back now. We can't afford that college without the scholarship.. so.. praying hard ;-) Meantime he's teaching coding 3 days a week to make some pocket money.. I like Roger Robinson (age 80-plus) on running while old, https://www.podiumrunner.com/training/seven-principles-for-setting-goals-during-your-running-comeback
  3. doug in co

    Who do I blame now?

    The Jemisin books are terrific, recommend..
  4. I wouldn't rely on facebook either ;-) I tell my wife about my imaginary internet friends, it's a shock to us both if we meet actual people in actual life from this..
  5. the bike is very annoying because you can buy speed, which means to be competitive you have to spend money.. every single expensive bit of my tri-bike is from ebay ;-) including the frame, bought it for $500 and then built it up.. A new bike won't do much for speed. Cheaper and faster is to buy a few bits for the existing bike. A disc rear wheel is worth 2min or so over the 70.3 bike ride. That is relatively easy, $100 for a wheel cover from wheelbuilder.com. Real discs are thousands but the wheel cover is about 98% as effective aerodynamically as a real disc.. front wheel isn't so easy, but can be found used for a couple hundred. Another minute or two. Tires and tubes are startlingly important - mostly through rolling resistance. Check bicyclerollingresistance.com for more detail than you could possibly want ;-) I tend to get the mid-range tires that are a bit cheaper and more durable, something like Continental 4000. Then latex tubes in them for race day. Ordinary inner tubes are butyl and slower and less comfortable than latex. Other cheap improvements that give good bang for the buck, - aero helmet - tight fitting bike top with sleeves, and keep it zipped up ;-) A generally good aero helmet is the Garneau P09, though I have trouble paying $200 for a bike helmet. My aero helmet was $100 used from a friend who was upgrading. Position on the bike is the single biggest factor in speed, because of aerodynamics. Aerodynamics is weird and wildly specific to the individual. The only way to tell if a bike fit or position change will actually be faster is to go to a wind tunnel, or do some homebrew aero testing. I used to ride a small circuit on the road out at a state park at max effort, early in the morning to avoid wind and traffic, and do 5 repetitions with each setup. Averaging the times gives a rough idea of whether it is any better. Things like angling the aerobars up, moving them up and down, saddle etc.
  6. well done ! and so it begins ;-) That's exactly what happened when I started tri.. hm wait, I'm nearly on the podium, just a bit more training maybe ? a new bike perhaps ?
  7. doug in co

    Devil on the Divide

    22km (14 miles or so) and 3400ft of climbing, followed by descent again. This was the high point of my day.. I knew this was going to be hard, but it was still harder than expected, more like a marathon effort than a half. Took me 3hr 53min which is longer than any marathon I've (yet) run. To be fair if I did run a marathon now it would be in the 4h30 region. Not much running in the previous months as I'd been nursing a bad knee which my physical therapist told me not to run on. The first commandment of running injury recovery is, Always Listen to your Physical Therapist - you shall have no other desires but what they say.. A bit of swimming since the other physical therapist had fixed the biceps tendonitis, and a good bit of MTB riding on gravel trails with plenty climbing, thought it would be enough. Ha no. Yes, I had two PTs, one for biceps another for knee. Reminds me of the old joke, 'Trust people ? Trust people ?! you sound just like my other psychologist'. Start at the bottom of Jones Pass, near the Henderson mine. Here they mine molybdenum and they're always recruiting, molyjobs.com posters all around the race site even. 2200 feet over 4 miles to the first aid station, cut off at two hours. I think I ran about 200yds total in those 4 miles, the rest was a determined steady plod at maximum HR while panting heartily. Here's the Alltrails.com picture from the top of the pass where the aid station is. We started away down in the woods somewhere. A failure to read the topo map accurately brought a fine surprise, OK we're up the pass now, but there's still a thousand feet to climb along the Continental Divide trail to that high point. More plods, with occasional jogs. This pic from the race photographer @jordanchapell sums it up - a young woman leaping swiftly down the trail behind me, me firmly earthbound grinding along. Views were terrific. The winds howled over the Divide. When unpinning the number later, I found the winds whipping it around had actually bent the safety pins nearly open. Here's a pic I took at one point while panting on the side of the trail, trying to calm my heart down as it tried to leap out of my chest. Runners all across the horizon, a real highwayman's farewell.. Most of this was runnable if you had working legs, which I did not. It seems I overcooked the climb. Staggered on and out to the turnaround above Herman Gulch to get my bib punched. The volunteer asked if I was OK, must have been looking a bit ragged. Assured him I had a flask of Coca-Cola and two Honey Stingers left, I'd be fine. Another race photographer @sohboyum shows the start of the downhill section. I did break from a walk into a sort of wobbling lurch but you can't tell it from the picture.. One of the volunteers said, "it's all downhill from here !" Replied, "even if that's not true I'm going to believe it - lie to me, please". ;-) Lumped and bumped down the rocks and roots of Herman Gulch, passing day hikers who most politely stepped off the trail for us sweaty plodders. The finish at 22k was also the aid station for the 50k runners. I watched them come in and leave again, legs trembling with fatigue. I could not have left again. A bus, masked, back to the Empire ballfield where the food and beer awaited. Sat down and stuck in the chair until they called my name. Turns out I'd won my AG by default, being the only one. (art by idigoddpairings) Now the proud owner of a genuine Norwegian cowbell, made of genuine brass rifle shell casings from the Norwegian military. What a great prize. Beer by Tommyknocker brewery in Idaho Springs, excellent. Drank two without feeling a thing. Said farewell to my table acquaintances, and went up the road to find a little creek for a bit of fishing. Once I get out of the house I like to get full value from the excursion. Too tired to fish effectively and left soon for a nap, still did get a bit of a lower-leg soak in the cold water and a couple pretty miniatures of trout.
  8. theoretically, heat training has much the same effects as altitude training.. so it will pay off, sometime ;-)
  9. doug in co

    August Angst

    I don't keep much track of reading, but now I read a lot on Kindle and it links to Goodreads, so can see what I read last month ;-) Those giant Wheel of Time novels take a bit of getting through.. wanted to get a start before the Amazon series begins. The casting looks excellent, I particularly like the actor who plays Perrin - just what I'd expect a smarter-than-he-looks careful thoughtful ex-blacksmith, to look like.. 'Why Fish don't Exist' looks interesting.. Faithful Hoffman, Alice The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time, #2) Jordan, Robert The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time, #1) Jordan, Robert Binti: The Complete Trilogy Okorafor, Nnedi The White Mirror (Li Du #2) Hart, Elsa DUKE: Inspector Mislan and the Expressway Murders Noor, Rozlan Mohd Magic Lessons: The Prequel to Practical Magic Hoffman, Alice Practical Magic (Practical Magic, #1) Hoffman, Alice The Fallen Man (Leaphorn & Chee, #12) Hillerman, Tony Under Heaven (Under Heaven, #1) Kay, Guy Gavriel This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity, #1) Schwab, Victoria All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries, #1) Wells, Martha
  10. well done to T-rex ! my PT has just allowed me to start running on the bad knee again, did a long run today, 4.5 miles ;-) Oh well it's a start..
  11. doug in co

    August Angst

    the complaints are fine by me, I can join in on the chorus ;-) find I can do about 3-4 miles at a reasonable pace, after that I'm baked and it's walk it in.. best of luck to you both for 8th grade.. I don't know about girls, but it was a journey with both my sons..
  12. As usual the summer is racing on by with entirely inadequate time spent in the high country. The first trip of the year went up into the shadow of Mt Evans. I'd planned to drive up and hike down to the lakes until discovering the road is now reservation-only, go to recreation.gov several weeks in advance to make a booking. Good grief. So, it's five miles and 1600ft up and in, from the bottom parking lot. This was full by 7:30am on a Saturday. Made myself a parking spot in a pullout a couple hundred yards away, just a slightly longer run then. I say 'run', what this means is 'go as you please', run when I can, walk when the air gets too thin. Photo opportunities make a good excuse to stop and pant. As always it makes me wonder why I'm wasting my life in a city. Earning my daily crust and raising a family, comes the dutiful response. A bit under an hour for the four miles and 1500ft to the lower lake. Most of a mile and another few hundred feet to the upper lake. Down in Denver it was 95deg, up here at nearly 12 000ft a strong cold wind and 40s, with the sun glowing faintly through the haze. Changed out of the sweaty Tshirt into a dry one and a puffy down jacket, went looking for fish. Around to the inlet, still no fishes. No signs of life at all, no bugs, no weed in water, no rises, no shoreline cruisers. The snow looked good though. Back to the lower lake. Tried a side trail hoping to get to the inlet and got cliffed. Thickets of willow defend the lake. There were a few faint trails through them, most with big moose hoofprints and even some scat. Saw midges as soon as I neared the water under the cliff, as well as weed and other encouraging signs. Here there were fish, pretty cutthroat trout, some in spawning colors and some in ordinary. Last cast before the run out was a bright spawner. Legs aching at this point so I foresaw more of a walk than a run. It went OK though with a couple of stops, once to chat to a couple of climbers walking down with their giant bouldering pads. The climbers are often such nice kids, open faces and clear eyes. I tell you, kids today ! they are alright. Another stop to gawk at a huge moose taking his rest in the willowy creek. I tried a picture but it shows only trees, you'll have to take my word for it. Another good day though as my backpacking e-spirit guide wrote recently, in these hazy hot fiery days we do wonder each time if it's the last journey. Having thoughts of trying the Devil on the Divide 22k, climbs up to the Continental Divide trail, gets to 13 200ft, then rattles down to a parking lot on I-70. My competitive goal will be to not be last..
  13. doug in co

    First in a while.

    what is it with the left legs ? mine has bursitis at the heel, a bad knee, and a recurring calf muscle tear.. right leg is fine meanwhile. Between us we have two good legs ;-) I had a good run just the other month ;-) in between, a lot of jogging. Simone got the twisties and this made me think of how I used to have nightmares about forgetting how to run. The dream came true ! Wrong dream though.. really feels like I forgot how to move the legs around.
  14. ya I was kind of stunned.. I'd need a day to recover, never mind fitting in all those other activities before and after.. as my son's football coach used to say 'mental toughness !' (I don't have it anymore 😉 we're impressed.. well done !
  15. I did all that for an outside faucet once, the exact same things - drive around looking for parts, go online, no parts, buy a new one which doesn't fit, and have the exciting new adventure of soldering plumbing. No Bob to fix my leaks though ;-( sorry about the knee.. my bad L knee I thought had scarred over from the meniscus tear but it too is back again like a bad penny.. swam until the outside pools closed this weekend, now it's the bike, at least once the snow stops.
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