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  1. ya I was kind of stunned.. I'd need a day to recover, never mind fitting in all those other activities before and after.. as my son's football coach used to say 'mental toughness !' (I don't have it anymore 😉 we're impressed.. well done !
  2. I did all that for an outside faucet once, the exact same things - drive around looking for parts, go online, no parts, buy a new one which doesn't fit, and have the exciting new adventure of soldering plumbing. No Bob to fix my leaks though ;-( sorry about the knee.. my bad L knee I thought had scarred over from the meniscus tear but it too is back again like a bad penny.. swam until the outside pools closed this weekend, now it's the bike, at least once the snow stops.
  3. doug in co

    Hello from Idaho.

    good luck to T-Rex ! we were in North Platte on Saturday, driving back from taking our youngest to St Olaf in MN..
  4. is what the cardiologist suggested. Usually in summer I like to do trail runs up to high mountain lakes and streams, fish a bit, then run back. My doc advised that climbing 2-3000ft up a mountain, with heart rate near max for several hours, does not qualify as moderate. Who knew ? Ran a couple of times, easy 3 miler around the park, which went fine except the bum left knee woke up from its slumbers and started paining again. Back on the bicycle it is, then. Instead of the trail runs, decided on a backpack in to the high country. I planned a moderately ambitious hike, just 13 miles an
  5. doug in co

    And there went July

    kudos Dave ! just getting out there day by day is a sort of win, in these times.. been to church once (1 time) since all this started, stream it each Sunday but it's not the same. We did go to a wedding oddly enough, seating limited to 50, each couple/family at opposite ends of alternate pews and everyone masked, outdoor reception with masks..
  6. doug in co

    And there went July

    flyby ? clearly I'm technologically challenged, odd for a Comp Sci major 😉 just got a new phone where Strava actually works, instead of glitching out halfway through most runs.. will have to investigate this 'flyby' thing..
  7. doug in co

    Jumping July

    that's still a PR.. personally I just switched to triathlon when I couldn't PR a run anymore 😉 but that turned out not to be sustainable.. so, swimming ! ha.
  8. doug in co

    the new thing

    the short version is, don't worry too much, this seldom affects runners 😉 mostly what happens is old runners can't keep running due to injury etc so they switch to triathlon or cycling. The problem with these is you need much more time training, than for running. Especially with triathlon, you can train hard every day in a different sport. The upper body gets a rest when it's bike or run, the lower body gets a rest when it's swim day, biking uses muscles differently than running so even there the legs get a bit of a rest - but the heart never gets a rest.. It's a kind of overuse injury
  9. here's another data point - in university I never ran slow, because I was the slowest guy on the team.. had to go hard while everyone else was running easy.. my long runs on my own were also hard, since I figured I needed the extra work.. Left that, went into the army where they wouldn't let me run enough (ha) and got even slower. Out of the army, by this time had run six marathons between 3:10 and 3:06 and thought that was it for me, maybe could get down under 3:05 one day.. started training with a bunch of ultramarathon guys who did long runs of 3-6 hours at easy jog pace. This s
  10. doug in co

    the new thing

    waking up again every morning is pretty good though 😉 rode my bike a mile or so to a pond down a trail, to go fishing. I thought of a radical idea - maybe I could ride my bike, and not go flat-out all the way ? Never tried that before.. ha
  11. doug in co

    the new thing

    went for a bike ride last Monday, and came back feeling quite unwell, chest tight and short of breath. Thought it was just the asthma coming back and used the inhaler, but that made it even worse. My wife heard me panting in the basement and came to see what was happening. I have a pulse oximeter that I used before the asthma was under control, to check on oxygen levels. This also shows the pulse with a visual bar for the heart beat. Tried this and found I had no pulse. A couple of seconds later it showed a heart rate over 200, which I haven't been able to do since I were a young pup.. We
  12. can confirm this is theologically sound.. Father Thomas at church was discussing how the disciple Thomas was able to put his hands on the wounds. This apparently means our reincarnations will have bodies much like we have now. My wife was distressed to hear this too.. what, I still have to worry about my roots ?
  13. Just so. I always remember Van Morrison singing William Blake, It is an easy thing to triumph in the summer's sun And in the vintage and to sing on the wagon loaded with corn It is an easy thing to talk of patience to the afflicted To speak the laws of prudence to the homeless wanderer To listen to the hungry raven's cry in wintry season When the red blood is fill'd with wine and with the marrow of lambs But it is not so with me.. Congratulations on the run and squats, sounds horrible 😉 but makes you stronger no doubt..
  14. always wanted to live in Boulder 😉 my dream was to do postgrad mathematics at CU Boulder, didn't work out. 5k on the track is one of my standard tests - can be sure it's the same across the world, so a good metric.
  15. I'm finding it hard to get out the door these days, masked like a bandit and dodging from one sidewalk to another then on to the trails and running a sort of randomized cross-country for most of the way. It's just not appealing.. Sunday was my name day. Douglas isn't a Christian name so I had to find another for chrismation into the Orthodox church, picked Thomas for a number of reasons. The apostle Thomas gets a whole week of celebration beginning on St Thomas Sunday, the week after the resurrection when the doubter felt the wounds and believed. Name days are more important than birthday
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