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  1. doug in co

    Not the Race Report You're Looking For

    to be fair to Kelly, with that beard you look like you ought to be a semi-famous ultra runner.. ha.
  2. doug in co

    Letter to an Injured Runner

    " I had this fear that I might never run again and then what right did I have to tell anyone else who was injured anything? But I ran a glorious 64.8 miles last week! " glorious indeed ! hooray ! that's what it always feels like when injured.. you'd think we'd get used to it, but. Pushing some big weights in the gym and bulking up my upper body in the pool.;..
  3. doug in co

    RR: Rehoboth Seashore Pikermi

    solid run for the training - outperformed your training, I'd say.. well done ! I'll be in your new AG in 2020.. see you there.. beginning to think my knee issue is some kind of cartilage/tear thing, it's not responding to rest either. PT next week, will do that faithfully for a couple months and see..
  4. doug in co

    Rehoboth Beach Marathon Recap and Happy Anniversary, My Achilles

    " right on pace with my goal, which was to run. " ha. that's my ongoing goal, too..fine race !
  5. doug in co


    yes, I hate/struggle running in the cold.. and most shoes have cushioning foam that does get harder in the cold, so you weren't imagining that part.. good strong finish, very nice..
  6. doug in co

    2018 Wrap

    I'm up to 130 on each leg and my knee is still sore.. this is entirely a new experience to me, usually a couple months of weight room quad extensions, hamstring curls, hip ab- and adductions, will fix most knee issues. So have been getting aggressive about the weight increases, still no go.. yes, as Bette Davis said, old age is no place for sissies.. we'll have to woman up and deal with it 😉 bravo on the BQ ! impressive..
  7. doug in co

    stopping for a bit..

    At some point on one of the canoe trips this summer, tweaked the L knee MCL. It was mildly painful but didn't stop me from doing anything. However it's been five months now and it has not healed at all despite my best efforts at icing/stretching/strengthening exercises. Same continuous mild pain, worse the day after a run to the point of limping some days. So now going to try stopping running for a bit, most displeasing. I suppose at some point I'll have to actually go to the doctor 😉 but he'll just tell me to rest and ice it. We warmed up for Thanksgiving the previous weekend, at a friend's cabin in the shadow of Mt Princeton. Jeff deep-fried a turkey in peanut oil. This is my favorite way to cook a turkey I think. Not only does it taste good, but the bonfire is fun .. ha. Me on L. The good part about drinking beer in the snow, is that it never gets warm.. For Thanksgiving itself we hosted, and cheated by getting a turkey breast from Costco, also the stuffing, mashed and sweet potatoes. We were going to make a salad but had only romaine lettuce, threw it out and just carbo-loaded. I was supposed to take the dog hunting in Wyoming on Friday but the forecast was for winds 45mph, gusting to 60mph. At those wind speeds the pheasants get up out of the grass and are blown into the next county before anyone can react. Instead I took the poor dog for a walk in the snow up in the forest, where we found out-of-hunting-season turkey tracks. Artie wanted to track 'em down and was confused that I didn't want to.. It was a good walk (me) run (him) anyhow. Several of my friends from the local Runners Roost Thursday night run, won their age groups at the turkey trot. My pace would have placed me top 20 (only 20 altogether) in my AG.. ah well. Now for lots of swimming and weight room work, one day the MCL will be well..
  8. doug in co

    2nd Annual Rick Austin Memorial 5K

    expected 8min miles, ran sub-7:30.. sounds like all kinds of winning, to me.. nice !
  9. aw I'm sorry.. but doesn't sound like a good situation, better out of it.. best for the next venture !
  10. doug in co

    Week 8: Aspen to Crested Butte Double!

    a nice walk in the woods.. great pictures, thank you.. catching shuttles from the trailhead just seems wrong.. did it myself a week or so back, though.. even with a little running on that trip. ha. the usual rule of thumb with a backpack is 2 mph, and another 30min per 1000ft of elevation change, up or down.. then you don't need Strava 😉 my son got a $150 fine for not having a bear canister while backpacking up there.. I told him to buy one at REI and I'd pay for it, but would he listen ? not to his old father. I'm such a softy I actually helped pay his fine too, since I try to encourage backpacking behaviour..
  11. doug in co

    Hinson Lake 24 Race Report: Get Your Banana Ready!

    I noticed that too 😉 more like a 100k.. but who's counting the walking laps, amirite ? ha. very impressive, glad all systems seem go for NY..
  12. doug in co

    Week 9

    yes, I hate that CO just doesn't do fall.. from 90 degrees one week, to 20s and snow the next.. would really like some mild 50-60deg sunny days in between somewhere. Looks like we might get a few this week, but now have a bum knee that isn't up for running.. tut.
  13. doug in co

    It's a Race Report!

    was going to say.. I hope you at least beat the showy dude in Beast Mode shirt.. ha.
  14. doug in co

    Week 7: Trip to Telluride!

    the other name for the Grey Jay is 'camp robber' 😉 one took a bite of my wife's sandwich as she was holding it, at a campsite in Oregon once.. thought about doing that BVF hike, but the hiking on a road with cars didn't sound very attractive.. looks pretty good though, nice..
  15. doug in co

    an accidental 10k

    The 5k was intended, the 10k happened by accident.. This was my only race for the year, the church 5k for IOCC charities. This year the money raised went to the St. Nektarios Fund, which builds schools in Uganda and Kenya. When Fr. Armatas arrived at the last school site, he found the children had already made some thousands of bricks, to build their school with.. No-one wanted to stand in front on the start line so I went over and started first, I have no shame. A young Ethiopian passed me first, jogging easily (for him) then a Peruvian. At the 3km mark a young Russian man joined me and we ran together until near the finish. He said 'do you want to sprint for the finish ?' I said no thanks and encouraged him to finish strong. The Ethiopian boy won in about 19min. So, first American ! ha. Well, first American citizen, I'm also an immigrant. One of our boy scouts, now an Eagle Scout, finished shortly after me. This is Pericles, known as Percules in the scouts since he's so strong. We decided to jog back around the route to meet up with our families. My wife was walking very fast, trying to keep up with one of the vigorous old ladies who power the church, so was just a km or so back. We went on to find Pericles' mother but never saw her. By that time we were more than halfway around, so decided to just keep going, and ran his first 10k. His mom found me later and said, "I was worried about Pericles for a bit, but then realized you were here, so if he was doing something crazy then he was probably with you so it would be OK." Not quite sure if that's a compliment or not.. didn't think I was such a wild and crazy Scoutmaster 😉 Here are my times on this race. As a stripling of 50 in 2010, 2010, 20:31 2013, 22:30 2015, 23:37 2018, 24:47 I'm running more distance and more speedwork now than I was in 2010, so that doesn't help either. I'm getting slower faster than I can train harder.. My friend Carl is a sponsored runner so I've been joining their Thursday evening runs from the Lone Tree Runner's Roost. This is my speedwork, trying to keep up with all the gazelles here. It gets a good turnout usually, many of these folks have ultra trail running habits. In the pic I'm the slow one standing diffidently at the back.. I had hoped to do at least one triathlon this year, but in the event wound up driving #1 son back to college in MN the week before the planned race. I took a couple of days off to fish some trout streams in the Driftless area. Never knew that MN had rainforests and tornados, but experienced both in the course of a not-very-relaxing few days.. came home a bit shattered. It seems to take me weeks to recover from a holiday, anymore..