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  1. doug in co

    "Chris is the girl that runs a lot..."

    great story, thank you.. "She had no clue I was behind her, especially in the final stretch, because she had earbuds in." this is why not to race with music 😉
  2. doug in co

    Hitting My Stride: May in Review

    drive-in movies, such fun.. can dimly remember being a small boy at the drive-in in Dad's old Chevy with the bench rear seat, I may have gone to sleep on it.. ha. good miles and good times.. very impressive !
  3. doug in co

    Marathon Goals by Billy Joel

    looking forward to these race reports.. 😉
  4. doug in co

    Piling Up the Hay in the Barn

    +1 on Ralph's comment, those are some good-looking splits.. well done !
  5. doug in co

    I remember when I used the weekends for running long.

    a friend of mine took up pipe smoking recently on the grounds that by the time it killed him, he'd be dead anyway (of something else).. been thinking about that, ha. I ain't googling for no procedures.. the description in words was quite enough to send me cringing.. oww. Tried intermittent fasting, skipping dinner 3 or 4 days a week, but it did nothing for me - no weight loss, no mood improvements, nada.
  6. doug in co

    Keep Showing Up. Or Not.

    gorgeous run pictures.. I have canoed that river but haven't run there.. I take walk breaks in my training runs these days, so running a whole 17 miles before taking the walk break seems quite an accomplishment to me 😉 well done on marathon #10 !
  7. doug in co

    Sometimes Random Decision-Making Pays Off!

    I'm trying to remember what my half times were when I was able to run 2:45.. have it written down somewhere but don't remember, it was that long ago. Think it was about 1:18 or 19 then.. so you are definitely in the ballpark, given a good taper and fair conditions on the day..
  8. doug in co

    Steam train racing & staying ahead of cars!

    " run through the beautiful dandenongs" now there's a phrase you don't hear every day.. great reports, thank you. There's a train race here in CO, in Durango, but it is for bikes.. Iron Horse Bicycle Classic.
  9. doug in co

    Orthotics question - need your collective wisdom

    I had custom orthotics for neuromas (tumor of the nerves in the metatarsals) and had just that experience - orthotics were so painful I couldn't run in them, big lump in the arch.. and the solution was the same, cut some pads out of orthopedic felt and glued them to the existing insoles, to take the load off the neuromas. Since that worked I didn't go back to get the orthotics tweaked. I have a roll of the felt so every new pair of shoes gets a custom set of pads.. my trick to get the custom orthotics wearable, was to buy a new pair of oversized walking shoes, and put the orthotic under the existing insole. The existing insole cushioned the lump and those boots were my primary shoes for some time, seemed to work.
  10. doug in co

    Nike Vaporfly 4% Review

    it has been tested in a lab, see Alex Hutchinson's excellent report.. so yes, definitely, it will get you that 2 minutes. I believe !
  11. doug in co

    Four Lap Harmony

    excellent 5:48 ! you know I have nightmares about forced retirement while kids are still in college.. eek. I'd rather run a mile..
  12. doug in co

    I've missed you all

    yay for Denali ! I look forward to that report.. well done ! several guys/gals I run with at Runners Roost Lone Tree, were going to pace Colfax.. nice cold wet weather, like all the other races this spring 😉 climbing books I enjoyed: Feeding the Rat: A Climber's Life on the Edge by Al Alvarez Touching the Void by Joe Simpson Climbing Free: My Life in the Vertical World by Lynn Hill
  13. doug in co

    I Landed on My Head.

    ow. Glad it wasn't any worse.. on my Leadville 100 pacing stint, my runner fell at 1am and bruised his cheekbone.. he was terribly worried that he'd bleed and they'd pull him out of the race.. Also believed himself to be last although he finished top 20%.. I think long trail runs must do something else to the head, apart from falling on it.. 😉
  14. doug in co

    The psmPR Streak

    solid training, very nice.. back in the good old days they gave us Coke to drink in races. It has caffeine and many more calories than Gatorade, so really didn't need to think about additional nutrition until marathon or beyond.. I was eyeing these, packets of pure Vermont maple syrup..
  15. doug in co

    Well, it's Monday.

    I am sorry, that is no fun.. ok old-guy talk - don't sweat the PSA too much, there are many not-cancer causes and most high PSA is from non-cancer causes.. I have BPH and high PSA.. Our priest has family history and had the surgery last year, so far all well and clear..