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  1. doug in co

    The psmPR Streak

    solid training, very nice.. back in the good old days they gave us Coke to drink in races. It has caffeine and many more calories than Gatorade, so really didn't need to think about additional nutrition until marathon or beyond.. I was eyeing these, packets of pure Vermont maple syrup..
  2. doug in co

    Well, it's Monday.

    I am sorry, that is no fun.. ok old-guy talk - don't sweat the PSA too much, there are many not-cancer causes and most high PSA is from non-cancer causes.. I have BPH and high PSA.. Our priest has family history and had the surgery last year, so far all well and clear..
  3. doug in co


    our love and prayers for you in the foster parenting struggle.. Some friends at church adopted two Russian teenage girls and went through similar troubles. teenagers need something to rebel against, and you are conveniently handy.. We have two boys, mild rebellions from both, but we are enduring. The second boy has a girlfriend in a real frenzy of rebellion against her mother. I don't even have a teenage girl but I'm getting lots of teenage girl drama.. used to be a mild regret that I didn't have a daughter but not so much now ;-)
  4. doug in co

    Rambling because I miss it here

    listen to the ramblin' man, sing you the hobo's lullaby.. calms me right down, maybe it will work for you ;-)
  5. doug in co

    Pain of Foolishness

    had a bulged disk since my early 40s, as did my father before me.. he gave me the exercises his PT gave him, added a few from my PT, and do them more often than I go to church (and I go most every Sunday).. so, better than religiously ! Ha. glad you can still run at least, the yoga helps my wife with back pain.. so prognosis is good.. Crossfit is for the young and strong, I look at it and shudder, back away carefully..
  6. doug in co

    Happy Easter I Guess.

    " find that my moods swing more when I can't run. " nope, mood goes straight down and stays there, until I can run again.. ha. still using a Timex Ironman watch to time my runs, so the whole gadget thing just went whizzing by me.. as one Dickens character observes, "even the noise they make in the distance confuses me". I thought Lezyne make good bicycle pumps, but apparently they branched out. Hands-on review from DC Rainmaker, also a 10% discount, https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/09/hands-lezyne-computer.html his watch recommendations, https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2017/11/winter-technology-recommendations.html
  7. doug in co

    just make us look cool

    JC Superstar was banned by the censor in South Africa. My father the rebel got a LP from one of his students, so we listened to it at home in the family circle ;-) Oddly the censor didn't have a problem with Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.. When I first got old, I stopped running shirtless. Now taking Iggy Pop's advice, How old is too old to be shirtless in public? There's no age, and the public can kiss my sweet donkey, bare. except he didn't say donkey. good luck and best wishes to the brothers..
  8. doug in co

    RnR New Orleans Runcation!

    beignets.. mmm.. two things I remember from New Orleans are muffaletas for lunch, and Hurricane cocktails.. actually I don't remember much about the Hurricane ;-) rum, definitely.
  9. doug in co

    The Crescendo

    that was beautiful, thank you.. my Dad's first car was an elderly Chevy from his Dad, battered by years on the farm roads.. he wasn't in the least mechanical, so when a fuse went out one night and the car rolled to a halt, I was the one (age 6) who knew where the fusebox and the fuses were.. This was the model but ours was not pristine like this - I remember coming home with our first puppy in this thing, two boys and a puppy crawling over each other on that giant couch back seat.. Sgt Pepper: on the left, my father's LP, the original stereo remaster which sounded fairly awful. On the right, the remastered version from last year which my sons gave me, sounds beautiful, just the way I remember it ;-)
  10. doug in co

    Rejected Twice.

    loved Black Panther but I'm prejudiced, they used a South African language Xhosa and the English accents were also South African.. so it sounded sort of like home.. plus many shots of Lesotho, where I used to go mountaineering/backpacking.. a good review, https://longreads.com/2018/02/22/how-black-panther-asks-us-to-examine-who-we-are-to-one-another/ my latest insurance story - I have positional sleep apnea, since it's positional the insurance won't pay for the CPAP machine, preferring instead to pay for the diabetes and heart problems that the untreated apnea will cause eventually. US health care, it's wonderful. So I sewed a tennis ball in a sock to the back of a belt. This I wear to bed, so I can't roll over on my back. It made DW laugh and laugh, but at least I've stopped snoring which is a win for her too, right ?
  11. doug in co

    LA Marathon Race Report

    excellent, well done ! handsome family, well done there too ;-) nice to have them along for encouragement..
  12. doug in co

    New Trail Running Friend!

    my utility bill comes with a handy temperature report, last year average temp was 45, this year 37.. Got to shovel snow twice on Tuesday, the second time after the sun came up and the pine tree dumped its load of snow into the driveway.. oh joy. Just going on with the winter routines, swimming at the indoor pool and doing weights which probably is good for me but I'm not really a weight-room guy, too skinny..
  13. doug in co

    Who's this Old Guy?

    every time I work construction for a day or more, Scout projects or the like, I am glad I have a sitting job.. helped to build a wheelchair ramp in a parishioner's house on Sat and Mon. Doesn't sound that bad, but the angle saw to cut the railings was on the ground, multiple squats with the 2x2s to get them angled right.. on Tuesday, ow. These legs aren't working right..
  14. doug in co

    Age Grading, and Marathon Goals

    ha yes, I like to play with the age-grading calculators too.. can't get anywhere near any PR, but maybe can hit the percentage ! says he excitedly.. last time I looked, a 1:50 halfmarathon is roughly equivalent to 1:30 when not suffering from old age, about 64%. Ya know I might be able to run 1:50.. My PR half was 1:14, 78.9%, translates to 1:29 now.. that ain't happening. Best of luck in LA !
  15. doug in co

    Minneapolis miles..

    #1 son's college swim conference meet, MIAC, was at the U of M a couple of weeks ago. It's taken me until now to recover sufficiently to write it up.. meet was very loud, very hot, very intense. Since the torn calf muscle had somewhat healed, helped on its way by foam rolling, the Sacro Wedgy, and not running: it was possible to get in some long slow foot tours of the river. Weather was 26 degrees and breezy, with that fine MN snirt (mix of snow and dirt) on the ground. There's a good river trail all along the mighty Mississippi here but it is not plowed, which kept me mostly on the road. Runner population was thin, a couple of cyclists, mostly students on astonishingly rusty old bikes. Not quite scenic, but definitely historic and folkloric, running upriver from the U of M. Old locks and grain mill sites, neon signs for Gold Medal Flour and Grain Belt Beer cheerfully lighting up the somewhat dank evening. Don't that make you thirsty ? it did me. Later we ate excellent burgers at Stub & Herbs, they had a good selection of beers but I went for the Grain Belt, pretty good for an American lager, +1 would drink again. Running under Hennepin Avenue with roadmelt dripping on my head ew, I realized the location of the Tom Waits song Ninth and Hennepin was just up the road. Then I remembered the lyrics, and ran a little bit faster.. Fifty minutes up and forty back, avoiding the detours into rutted lumpy snow along the trails on the way back. A bit chilled by the end but the Target (pronounced “Tarzhay") run pants worked mostly well. I'm too old for tights anymore. Our friends Carl and Mary were with us, as their daughter swims for Carleton College just across the river from #1 son's college St. Olaf. Carl and I went full dad every day, Carl's also a swimmer and had figured out where to find the Minnesota Masters on previous trips to swim meets. The U of M pool is a glorious deep Olympic-size pool, very fast. We snuck out of the hotel at 4:30am to go meet the masters, ducked back up an alleyway and came in the back way, seemed very clandestine to me. -2 degrees at that hour of the morning ow. About twenty others showed up, including a tiny young woman who Carl knew from previous visits, coxswain of the U of M rowing team. She said as soon as the river thaws they go out, she sometimes comes back with a thin shell of ice coating. A fine swim was had by all, about 3500yds of varied short intervals. The meet hours made eating difficult - 10am to about 1-2pm, then evening session starting at 6pm to 9:30 or so. After eating Chipotle at 10pm the first night and lying there with that cannonball burrito heavy on my backbone all night, we ended up on the two meal a day plan. A large late breakfast followed by a large early dinner, with snacks, worked well. We'd go meet the swimmers as they went for lunch, just to see them and chat. Day 3 run went downriver. Again I was unreasonably optimistic and detoured down to the river path, which appeared open from the vantage of the road, but it quickly vanished into the trees and the same unploughed lumpy rutted snow. The East River road was not busy though, so it was still pleasant. The detour allowed me a short tour around the outside of the U of M boat house, a couple of canoes frozen to their stands out back and the river entirely hard. There was a short section of open water below the lock upriver. Going down this way the houses start just past the U of M, large tenured professor style residences, set well back from the road. As you get downriver so the student housing starts to show up with apartments beginning about two miles out. The city is just riddled with colleges - all of those shown on the map here were at the MIAC meet, except of course for U of M which is Div I. There's a swim meet earlier in the year called the Saints meet, all of the St. colleges, Thomas, Olaf, Catherine, etc. I thought that was kind of sweet. I'm sure it's gorgeous here in the spring and fall but winter is not its best face. Still enjoy being out running in whatever weather, for my daily high-impact meditation session. Just south and east of my turnaround is the Minnehaha Falls park. Minnehaha.. hahahaha.. *slap* sorry, once I start laughing maniacally these days it's hard to get stopped. A little further downriver is the Unorganized Territory of Fort Snelling. I feel myself in a somewhat unorganized territory these days too. #1 son had a good but not excellent meet, improved his PRs in all races, made the 50 final and got on the podium though did not do quite as well as he'd hoped. Given he spent 3 days in hospital with pneumonia and a collapsed lung in December, I called it a significant victory. The four of them got bronze in the 200 medley relay. My young man is the one in the blue/mango speed suit. This is mostly because his Dad's a skinflint and buys the speedsuits on sale for $200 instead of the $400 full price, which leaves you with a choice of odd colors. Left to his own devices he wears a salmon-colored Speedo, so the blue/mango isn't really a stretch for him. All those tattoos are temporary ones of the St Olaf lion, A lion with an axe, what could go wrong ? Last year after this meet there was a big party at the St Olaf swim house, like Animal House but with swimmers finally off the leash after four months of steady training and clean living for the conference meet and NCAAs if qualified. DW got a text while in church, "Mom don't panic but I woke up this morning with a broken foot and my ears pierced". This year we did not have anything broken so that's progress.