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  1. Coming off a dismal 2015 AND 2016, my 2017 goals were pretty simple: Be more consistent, build my mileage back up, and see if/what PRs I can track down. The goal to be more consistent began November 23rd, 2016, when I started my running streak. I certainly achieved the goal of being more consistent. I ran at least one mile every day since then and finished the year at 404 straight days of running. That consistency also propelled me to a yearly mileage PR of 1,804 miles, beating my previous best in 2014 of 1,662 miles. A few other great adventures of 2017: I was asked to pace
  2. temmett

    I Must Be Tapering...

    First it was the left knee. Then the left quad. Followed by the right hamstring and you get the picture... I'm not actually injured and I'm not usually bothered by the taper. It has been three years since I was truly in good enough shape to set real goals for a race, let alone, a marathon. I want to believe I am ready to achieve the time I have set for myself but the doubt keeps popping up. And now the 10-Day forecast is available and I will be stalking it daily. I used the Bourbon Chase a week and a half ago as a gauge on my fitness. I averaged at the top end of my goal pace at Bou
  3. temmett

    Still running

    Just completed my second Bourbon Chase. It is a great event, just make sure you are ready for some hills!
  4. The rest and recovery in between legs can be tough, especially riding around in the van. And you also have to hope for a drama-free van. We did see a couple of ladies arguing with each other in a parking lot!
  5. Ragnar actually bought Bourbon Chase a year or two ago. The rules say absolutely no drinking along the course. Maker's Mark had samples but other than that, there wasn't much. I think a lot of vans bring beer for after each runner's final leg but still try to be discreet about it.
  6. Mike has done it at least twice and I was on the Ultra team with him 4 years ago. He didn't join us this year. He just had his third kid a few weeks ago so this trip would have been a bad decision for him lol. Not sure if you remember Clynn from the loop many years ago but she was on my team this year and was one of the two ladies that organized it.
  7. I don’t remember the last thing I even blooped about on the old Loop so I’m probably due for a reintroduction. I started running 7 years ago after I had graduated college and needed some kind of exercise. I live near St. Louis, MO and have two young buys that love to go running with me! If you want to know anything else, just ask. I traveled to Kentucky this weekend with 11 friends for the Bourbon Chase (200-mile relay race for those that may not be familiar with it). My prior Bourbon Chase experience was on a competitive Ultra team. While that was still fun, this trip was with a more
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