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  1. I need to take that perspective sometimes too. Instead of focusing being better than others, just being the best me I can at the moment.
  2. RoyalDryness

    I CAN go 55

    You are killing it...as usual.
  3. Are you sure it's not from the imaginary dog that was going to the bathroom on your neighbors lawn a few years ago?
  4. Great job re-framing mid-race to being thankful for what you could do and taking joy in it. That's a lesson that I need to learn more often.
  5. RoyalDryness

    A Look Back, and Ahead

    Congrats on the PR and great 2017!
  6. Have any of the couples from The Bachelor/ette actually worked out?
  7. RoyalDryness

    MIA but Found

    Clear sidewalks are a godsend for pre-dawn running.
  8. Seems like 2017 was a good year for you, hope 2018 is even better!
  9. I'm glad I could provide someone inspiration! Good luck on your goals. I think you can do it.
  10. This is why you are the de-facto president here, always bringing the positive wisdom.
  11. RoyalDryness

    Top 5 of 2017

    That is a truly amazing year!
  12. It's a weird nickname that friends gave me a long time ago because of something I don't like to talk about anymore.
  13. I’m pretty sure at some point I wrote down my 2017 goals, but who knows where they are or what they were. I can probably guess, whatever they were, I didn’t meet them. So that leaves me with the new year. Should I make new goals? Should I say, “screw it, you’re not going to meet them anyway,” to spare myself the shame of falling short 363 days from now? Should I make some goals that are kind of easy so that I can claim victory? Should one of my goals, if I do indeed make goals for 2018, be to stop relying on the crutch of a series of rhetorical questions in my writing? Well, since I
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