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  1. SandiBeach

    The Shoes!

    I like that solution!
  2. Dogs always find the most comfortable positions to sleep. I should try sleeping with my head hanging off a step sometime too! She looks like she should be a great part-time running partner to change up the routine sometimes! Congrats on the retirement!
  3. SandiBeach

    The Shoes!

    I was enjoying being a 6.5. There are a lot more clearance shoes for that size than a 7. However, I just got my first black toenail too, but mine was from dumbly kicking the back of the stroller one day. No need to keep that injury going.
  4. Those tights are awesome! I love how the tops of the pineapple look like shorts.
  5. Oddly enough, I get a similar advertisement (not on this site), but with cat shorts. My dog is worried that I might be a "cat person" in disguise.
  6. SandiBeach

    The Shoes!

    They arrived. So much anticipation. Last year’s style, but hey, updates are not always better. Might as well try the older cheaper model. Green and gold (Launch - St. Patrick’s Day 2020). Cool colors in my opinion (DH thinks they're ugly though). Excitement growing. These might be awesome! They look awesome! I can’t wait to try them! Running will be so much easier in these shoes! I take off my right shoe instantly. Inserting foot into the new show. Hmmm. Seems short. Insert left foot. Ooooo this one feels slightly better! The right foot is always worse. So are the right knee and
  7. I hoping that the guilt of missing such a small goal will keep me accountable. That, and some loop accountability should help! We've got this! 2021 here we come!
  8. Not sure if a kilometer switch will help me, or intimidate me... 3.21869Ks sounds a lot farther than 2 miles. Anything to trick yourself into getting out the door. One mile is still one mile. I got 1.16 miles in last night, but I got out the door!
  9. Hopefully small bites lead to big bites, but to just keep going on the small bites is my thought process for now. Good luck!
  10. SandiBeach


    I hope everything went well and pain free this morning! Good luck with the resolutions! I hope you have a quick recovery and can get back to the running resolution soon!
  11. Hi All! I don't want to see this place go away, and I know that requires contributing more regularly. Thus, New Year's Resolution #1 - (setting an achievable goal) - post something (anything - even if it is to check in with a "no runs" update) at least twice a month. I'm hoping #1 helps with accountability for #2 - Run consistently. Now for the title of this post- I can never run well in December. It is a fact that I know exists, and I don't try to do anything about. In a typical year, I train through the fall and then Thanksgiving hits like a wall and I stop pretty much any
  12. SandiBeach

    A Year in Review

    A whole year in review. Most people would say that Covid was the most impactful thing of their 2020, but really that didn’t affect me too much. I was pregnant again! Yay! So, working from home (was already doing that with my toddler), not racing, and avoiding people really wasn’t a big deal. Pregnancy – not as easy as the first time. Birth – much, MUCH, easier than the first time. Now recovery – so far, so good, but its slow, which is difficult. I waited the recommended 6-weeks to start running…nope, not really, I went for a couple short (like a quarter mile) jogs at 4 weeks, but I was
  13. I do enjoy both, but an earned cupcake tastes better than a purchased cupcake! I really appreciate races that come up with unique awards. There's a local race (faster than I can place in) that gives out cuckoo clocks and other German handcrafted items, which are awesome! It's just that most of the smaller races that I can place in tend to give out the same pre-made medal and I can't even tell one race from another in my collection now and I can't bring myself to get rid of them either.
  14. Delayed write-up and post due to crappy life in the beginning of October. (Subject of another post for another day.) I love running this 5K every year. The start is less than a quarter mile from my house, it’s a certified course, there’s a lot of runners around the same speed as I am, and it supports a scholarship for a student at the local high school. I was nervous about the race, more nervous than I should have been, but I was training well for the AC marathon, and thought a PR (and possibly a sub-20) could happen, so was putting unnecessary stress on myself. In the back of my mind
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