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  1. SandiBeach

    Just one mile

    Year-end wrap up. A couple of races, a summer of good running/getting out for some miles most days, then a complete loss of fitness/motivation through December. Happens every year. Typically, I get back in the mood to train for something at the end of January, but I feel the call already this year...might be because we hosted Christmas for the first time ever, and everyone in the family brings 50 cookies for 20 people, so at least 100 cookies (no exaggeration) were left here (along with leftover pies and cake). Plus, I wanted to bake a bunch of different kinds cookies with DD, so let's just say the freezer (and my belly) are full of cookies! oh and, working from home (our office closed completely), so no office kitchen to drop them at even. Motivation to get some miles in = feel less guilty eating all of the cookies. Went out for 1.5 miles yesterday. Needed to tell myself "just one mile" to get out the door. Does anyone else get nervous about running when they haven't done it in a few weeks...same feeling as before a race. Nervous about the uncomfortable I guess, but you never regret getting out for a (non-injury) run! The "short" run (plus DH got me the "running dynamics pod" for Christmas - Yay new toys!) got me excited enough to try out a Garmin coach plan with a random target of a half marathon in April (I'll figure a race out later). Today was a "test run" for the program to determine fitness and set up the plan. Went for 2min WU, 5min hard, 2min CD. Just squeaked in 1 mile! Yay! Program set and 3 easy runs 20-30 min set for the rest of the week. Program is interesting in that it sets a range of paces, adapts to how you are doing weekly, and (at least for these first three runs, provides a minimum (20 minutes) and an extra bit (10 min) "if you are feeling good"). Still excited! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wonderful running 2022 to all of you!!
  2. SandiBeach

    Merry Christmas, Loopsters!

    Merry Christmas!! Thank you for continuing to post for us still lurking around here. I hope the left-side starts to work itself out and 2022 is a better running year for you - I want to read all about the comeback!
  3. I randomly read some Mr. Bacon posts at: http://therealmrbacon.com/2014/06/06/literally-all-ive-got-going-on-right-now-its-science/ <-- enjoyed this one again just now! Sadly, nothing has been posted since 2016, but the old posts still make me laugh!
  4. Maybe you do know everyone!! Ha! Ahhh, so 2 weeks until another marathon and an angry calf...that explains running a 5K and not a 10K! That was an even more amazing performance given those issues! You are in great shape and you really did look strong when you passed by me, like you were marathon trained! It really is a small world and although I am no longer in S. Jersey - shore town runs are the best, so I am sure to see you at some more. I hope the calf feels better soon!! On a side note - do you know if the Ocean City Police Chase is happening this year? That was always one of my favorite races. I think that is the one that used to give an entire tub of caramel corn, water ice and bagels/donuts at the finish line (I could be confusing that with the Guts and Glory 5K, they used to run almost the same course at the high school - one in June the other in August and both had amazing food at the end). Sooo many calories to consume after a 5K at both of them! 😆
  5. YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I get to write a race report again!!!!😍😁 My training has been inconsistent at best. There are some weeks I get in 15 miles with 1 workout and other weeks where I get 0 miles. So, I didn’t have much in the way of expectations, but my Mother’s Day present to myself was to race in person (without the stroller thanks to my mom sacrificing racing herself to watch DD and DS). Plus, an excuse to go to Cape May and the beach is always good! My goal was under 24 minutes (nothing like the 21 minutes I ran when I won the race in 2019), and I was partially worried that 24 minutes might not even happen. I run outside pushing the double stroller typically struggling for 9-10-minutes/mile, and I have “sprinted” a mile on the treadmill a few times in the past two months. The treadmill sprints have been a struggle to get a them done in 7 minutes, so I pretty much knew anywhere close to 22 minutes was out of the question. It was a chilly and windy morning. Luckily the rain was gone, and the sun had come out, but it was still cold. My car thermometer said 48 and my Garmin says it was 14 MPH winds. So, definitely not extreme, but cold to me. I wore a “thick” short-sleeved t-shirt, long pants and my detached sleeves (I love those things). For COVID reasons, they planned on starting then 10K at 8:30 and the 5K at 8:40. I stood off to the side while the 10K lined up. I have to admit, I might have teared up a bit waiting for them to start…It’s been awhile, but this felt “normal.” It was AWESOME! The 10K was off! And the crowd disappeared…wait, what? More then half of the participants were signed up for the 5K, where’d everybody go? I walked up to the line and asked, “was that everyone, or just the 10K?” The response was that it was everyone with a little attitude, like “why would you ask that?” Ummm maybe because the last email and the online flyer said 5K was at 8:40, but whatever. I wasn’t the only one. There were several people that read the final instructions and did not get the memo that it was changed on race morning. Did the majority of people not read the final instructions, or did I miss the announcement? I took off “sprinting.” There was a slight incline and some weaving that I didn’t even notice in trying to get back to where I should have been. Good way to not pay much attention to the first half mile or so at least. I had no idea what pace I was running (Garmin wasn’t really ready to go), or where I was in the field. About the time I settled into my pace, a strong-looking woman passed me in bright pink shorts and a tank top (my guess is that she reads instructions and missed the start too). We were clearly running a race in different weather conditions.😆 I did get a little warm as we did the out-and-back mile, where the wind was at our backs going out, but was quite happy that my skin was covered when we turned back into the head wind. There was little to note once I settled into pace. I may have been passed by one guy. I just kept plugging along at an uncomfortably hard pace. We turned around and I counted that I was fourth woman – Why didn’t Pink Shorts stay straight for the 10K? As I said, she looked strong, so I thought she might be going longer. There was no way I could catch her and although first looked like she was struggling bad, she was too far ahead to do anything about it. No worries, I had no hopes of placing overall going into the race. Fourth would be amazing! Maintaining fourth and holding pace as well as possible into the wind was my goal. I had no idea if anyone was behind me or not and it didn’t really matter. With about a quarter mile left, you could see the finish arch, and I tried to speed up. That didn’t really work. There was nobody around to race to the line, so I waved at DD and DS with my mom and crossed the line 23:23! Much faster than my goal and my Garmin (on the wrong settling for viewing, but still captured the data said I went about 0.05 too far), so under 7:30 pace, which makes me very happy! When I am well-trained, I could have probably placed, or won the race, but that’s the fun of winning – it isn’t easy! There’s now a goal for next year! My mile splits do not look good 7:03, 7:24, 7:49 and 7:40 for the “speed-up” – I’ll blame the wind. I was running by effort and am clearly under trained for maintaining a pace for 3 miles. After the race DD rolled around fully clothed in the cold sand and made “sand angels.” She can’t wait for real beach days!! Congrats to Pink Shorts on third place! – I was pretty sure I knew who she was but was too out of breath during the race to say anything, and not 100% sure I was right when I was with my family after the race. Once I saw the results list, I felt bad for not introducing myself – Next time, I will say “hi.” I am almost completely sure we will run some of the same races in the future.
  6. SandiBeach

    Tidewater 26.2

    Congratulations! Great job training and sealing your hard work with a great race (and an amazing trophy!). That was an exciting race report. I am so happy to be reading race reports again. It is interesting that you liked breaking the race into four quarters. I can see the mental benefit of having 6.55 mile segments to focus on.
  7. That medal is really pretty!! I agree with you that I like smaller, normal-sized medals. A couple of big ones were fun to start, but then everyone was doing it for no special reasons and you can't even wear them after the race. Great job for not-so-great conditions!!
  8. Good news on the anti-bodies sticking around! Hopefully, they stay up as your running returns to 100% My husband and I are planning on staying in our current home forever because moving was so difficult. As said above, moving is much harder than any long run - very nice of you to help someone else do it!
  9. That is a perfectly on-point article. Thank you for sharing! It is quite interesting that there is a running benefit provided by walking hills sometimes because some muscles have to put forth more strength while walking up a hill versus running (they note the calf muscle specifically). I have some workouts in my plan that require running hills, so I think I might run the hills on those days and walk at least some of the hill for keeping heartrate lower during runs where they come in the "warmup" portion. Might count as sort of strength training for some muscles especially with having to push the double stroller up them.
  10. That's what I was thinking. This time I started walking from the beginning, but next time, I think I will let my heartrate be the guide, trying to run as much as possible without going too hard and, to address Sara's point, it will get easier with practice.
  11. That's a good way to look at it - both as practice to make it easier in the future and as a stride that gets the heart rate elevated a bit. I'll probably run it next time, or at least run to the point of it feeling extremely hard (if that happens). Thank you for the thoughts! It's always helpful to hear other opinions.
  12. I started a training plan yesterday. Two days in and all is going well. The first workout (4 x 5 minutes at threshold pace with 2 minutes rest) was difficult, but my paces were better than I expected! It was a good boost to get me excited for some hard work! Anyway, that's for a different rambling bloop, here is my workout-related question for you wise people (hmmm - maybe I should have made a poll😞 How would you handle the following situation? A training workout calls for a 10 minute warm-up (approx. 1 mile). There is a large hill about 0.4 mile into the warm-up. Running up the hill is very difficult. Do you: 1. Run the full ten minutes, including the hard work (definite heart rate increase) of running up the hill at a slow speed; 2. Run to the hill, walk the hill, then run again at the top of the hill to complete the warm up; 3. Run a full ten minutes before getting to the hill and use the hill as a part of the first interval (hard effort is hard effort even if it is slower than the warmup pace); 4. Start the warmup after walking to and up the hill; 5. Find a different route - could be possible, but a hill is required for getting more than 1 mile of distance (I would feel silly running back and forth for 0.5 miles on a busy road to get the full workout in); 6. Another option my oxygen-deprived brain didn't come up with while running today. Then a follow-up question, if you choose #2 above, do you turn your watch off for the walk, or do you count that as part of the 10 minute warmup? These questions occupied my mind for a significant chunk of today's run. I came up with the different options I might try in the future after doing #2 and turning my watch off for the walk up the hill today.
  13. SandiBeach

    Virtually the Same

    It's so uplifting to read a good race report! Thank you!
  14. SandiBeach

    January Recap

    Success! I ran every day in January (at least 1 mile) and ran a total of 62 miles, so an average of 2 miles/day. I was quite proud of that. Most days I'd get myself outside with saying, "just one mile" and I would end up with more, and even did a day of 4 miles! Other days, the "just one mile" would be "just one mile" typically "sprinted" on the treadmill in 8 minutes to "get er done." Goal met! More miles in January than the past two years! Since January, not so much. Goals are good. I set a goal and accomplished it. Yay!! Now what?? 3.5 miles so far in February. I'd like to race a 10K in May... or maybe a 5K, but who knows if any will happen. I have a goal race in mind, so I am planning to start a 12-week training program on February 15th. However, motivation is still lacking. Virtual races/runs do not appeal to me. It's cold out and icy and I can't get the stroller down the sidewalks. Treadmill works, but DH has to be home for me to use it right now and I rather spend time together with the kids when he's home. Once I get the house set up better with some more monitors, I could get everyone to nap and then jump on for a workout, but naptime = work time. Maybe DS will start to sleep through the night, then I could get up early to run... maybe someday, but I doubt before the 15th. But, really, who knows if the May race will happen, so the 15th starting date for a 12-week plan is just a hope for 3 months from now to be more normal. I didn't get outside today... no ability to get both kids around with me. I like snow. It just needs to be on grass only, or not freeze hard. The stroller can handle going over snow and ice, it's just the hard ice when the path is not wide enough that doesn't work and roads are too busy to not be on the sidewalk. Bleh. Spring is coming - 5 weeks left, or so the groundhog said...
  15. I am with you on the need to lose 10 lbs, and it's hard. Good job on the 3lb start!! One pound a week was working well, but now with snow and ice keeping me inside more often than I would like, my weight keeps fluctuating up and down. Just when I think I'm making progress, a hard freeze (like today) comes and I can't get the stroller out in the hard frozen terrain. I just tell myself that once the weather breaks, the weight will again start going down steadily (but slowly) again. BTW - I'd be really interested in reading more about your research for your final paper. That sounds like a really interesting topic!
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