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  1. SandiBeach

    Thelma & Louise 13.1 RR

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So much joy and excitement in one post - made for a great morning read! And that is one gorgeous ring! Good luck wedding planning!
  2. SandiBeach

    My Favorite Race of the Year!*

    Congrats on smashing your PR!!!! Oh and now I really want a milkshake...
  3. SandiBeach

    Same But Different - I'm Good Except When I'm Not

    FLY EAGLES FLY!!!! I'm bummed I missed the parade, but I just couldn't make it into the city that day. Looking at those cold pictures though makes me so excited for Phillies spring training and the 70* tomorrow! Great job on the XT and the bench pressing. I am in awe of 70lbs! I guess maybe I should work on some upper body strength some time. Thank you for the inspiration! And that lava cake is one of the prettiest desserts I've ever seen! I just wish I could eat some through my computer monitor!
  4. SandiBeach

    BQ attempt on hold... For now.

    Thank you! Nope, not a tough choice at all! Boston will be there whenever my body is ready for the running challenge again. For now, running is for the health of the baby and myself.
  5. SandiBeach

    BQ attempt on hold... For now.

    Thank you! and thank you for the tip! I really enjoy reading about the experiences of mother runners. It's so interesting to see how every single pregnancy is so incredibly unique. I'm not to hobbling stage just yet, but its coming fast. I've had to go up 2 sports bra sizes already, and I'm not looking forward to any additional increases in size in that dept.
  6. SandiBeach

    BQ attempt on hold... For now.

    I've been lurking around, reading every post, but not commenting much, or adding any of my own. My last post was my race recap back in the beginning of November after 3 months of treadmill training, which resulted in a successful 10K almost hitting my "A" goal, followed by a 'happy" half marathon full of pure running joy! After that success, the ever present, "so I think I should try to BQ again" thoughts crept jumped into my brain. And the planning of which 2018 marathon to make my attempt commenced. Short-lived planning that is. Because four days later...WHAM!!!! - life. Unexpected, ecstatic, over-the-moon excited, LIFE!!!! Four short days after that joyful half marathon, that little stick that women get to pee on showed a wonderful "+" sign, and my DH and I were/are thrilled to be expecting our first child in July! Apparently, I was already 3 weeks pregnant at the race. Can I use that to say I would have hit my "A" goal if it wasn't for the baby? - Ha! So needless to say, I put my BQ training plans on hold until after the little one joins the world, but I haven't hung up my running shoes. Now, at 4 months in, and with my doctor's complete blessing (always find a doctor who is a runner- makes life much easier) I am still hitting the treadmill 3-4 mornings a week. I try to get a 5K in every time, but it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes its 2 miles, sometimes a 30 minute walk. I run by feel, and by heart rate, backing off when my breathing gets labored or if my heat rate gets steadily above 150. This leads to a very boring-to-report 3.1 miles 3-4 days a week at a pace between 8:30 and 9:30 min/mile. My pace keeps slowly declining, but I feel good, and I just felt the baby kick me for the first time this morning! I'm guessing the kicks were because today was my first day not running this week, and he/she missed bopping around for 30 minutes. I doubt I will be posting much except for updates when my running changes, but for now I've been steadily chuggin along doing the same thing pretty much every day, which is quite boring to write (and read) about. Plus, I do plan on a good blooping topic as I again make a running comeback (and possible BQ attempt) when my body is ready hopefully starting sometime in the autumn. Perfect timing for indoor running again! I will be here reading all your running updates though, as they are my mental break from work, and I enjoy every single one of them!
  7. SandiBeach

    It Rained

    Love this! Maybe not the squishy pile of leaves, but the rest is beautiful!
  8. SandiBeach

    Let's Try This Again

    The cold/flu going around this year is an especially nasty one (personal experience of extreme coughing fits and not being able to breathe after finishing a run one day). Glad to hear you are over it and back to running! Hopefully, anyone that has been healthy thus far avoids it the rest of the season!
  9. SandiBeach

    First marathon! Arizona RnR RR

    Congratulations, Marathoner!!!!
  10. SandiBeach

    A surprising result (5k RR and other stuff)

  11. SandiBeach

    Moving East: Another Great Western Adventure.

    That adventure makes east coast travel seem easy. I can easily reach anywhere along the coast in less than 20 hours. I'm amazed at how well you handle so many hours of driving! Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful 2018!!!!
  12. SandiBeach

    The Happenings

    The blingy dinosaur is adorable, and I love the scruffy little tan dog in the center of your group picture. Your running group sounds awesome!
  13. SandiBeach

    Dogs and Turkeys and Grape Juice

    Congrats on the win and great job pacing the Wife!! For Thanksgiving this year, we had the privilege of hearing three different recordings of Alice's Restaurant...it was special! This is what happens when you leave the radio on and don't leave the house all day. At least we satisfied my DH's requirement to hear it at least once to make Thanksgiving official. I thought it was just a Philly-area tradition with WMMR. I didn't realize that it is a national event.
  14. SandiBeach

    Rehoboth is Magical

    I think the suspense adds to the story! I'm looking forward to the rest!
  15. SandiBeach

    Thankfulness: November in Review

    GOOD LUCK! You got this! I'm looking forward to the RR!