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  1. Maybe you do know everyone!! Ha! Ahhh, so 2 weeks until another marathon and an angry calf...that explains running a 5K and not a 10K! That was an even more amazing performance given those issues! You are in great shape and you really did look strong when you passed by me, like you were marathon trained! It really is a small world and although I am no longer in S. Jersey - shore town runs are the best, so I am sure to see you at some more. I hope the calf feels better soon!! On a side note - do you know if the Ocean City Police Chase is happening this year? That was always
  2. YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I get to write a race report again!!!!😍😁 My training has been inconsistent at best. There are some weeks I get in 15 miles with 1 workout and other weeks where I get 0 miles. So, I didn’t have much in the way of expectations, but my Mother’s Day present to myself was to race in person (without the stroller thanks to my mom sacrificing racing herself to watch DD and DS). Plus, an excuse to go to Cape May and the beach is always good! My goal was under 24 minutes (nothing like the 21 minutes I ran when I won the race in 2019), and I was partially worried that 2
  3. SandiBeach

    Tidewater 26.2

    Congratulations! Great job training and sealing your hard work with a great race (and an amazing trophy!). That was an exciting race report. I am so happy to be reading race reports again. It is interesting that you liked breaking the race into four quarters. I can see the mental benefit of having 6.55 mile segments to focus on.
  4. That medal is really pretty!! I agree with you that I like smaller, normal-sized medals. A couple of big ones were fun to start, but then everyone was doing it for no special reasons and you can't even wear them after the race. Great job for not-so-great conditions!!
  5. Good news on the anti-bodies sticking around! Hopefully, they stay up as your running returns to 100% My husband and I are planning on staying in our current home forever because moving was so difficult. As said above, moving is much harder than any long run - very nice of you to help someone else do it!
  6. That is a perfectly on-point article. Thank you for sharing! It is quite interesting that there is a running benefit provided by walking hills sometimes because some muscles have to put forth more strength while walking up a hill versus running (they note the calf muscle specifically). I have some workouts in my plan that require running hills, so I think I might run the hills on those days and walk at least some of the hill for keeping heartrate lower during runs where they come in the "warmup" portion. Might count as sort of strength training for some muscles especially with having to pu
  7. That's what I was thinking. This time I started walking from the beginning, but next time, I think I will let my heartrate be the guide, trying to run as much as possible without going too hard and, to address Sara's point, it will get easier with practice.
  8. That's a good way to look at it - both as practice to make it easier in the future and as a stride that gets the heart rate elevated a bit. I'll probably run it next time, or at least run to the point of it feeling extremely hard (if that happens). Thank you for the thoughts! It's always helpful to hear other opinions.
  9. I started a training plan yesterday. Two days in and all is going well. The first workout (4 x 5 minutes at threshold pace with 2 minutes rest) was difficult, but my paces were better than I expected! It was a good boost to get me excited for some hard work! Anyway, that's for a different rambling bloop, here is my workout-related question for you wise people (hmmm - maybe I should have made a poll😞 How would you handle the following situation? A training workout calls for a 10 minute warm-up (approx. 1 mile). There is a large hill about 0.4 mile into the warm-up. Running up th
  10. SandiBeach

    Virtually the Same

    It's so uplifting to read a good race report! Thank you!
  11. SandiBeach

    January Recap

    Success! I ran every day in January (at least 1 mile) and ran a total of 62 miles, so an average of 2 miles/day. I was quite proud of that. Most days I'd get myself outside with saying, "just one mile" and I would end up with more, and even did a day of 4 miles! Other days, the "just one mile" would be "just one mile" typically "sprinted" on the treadmill in 8 minutes to "get er done." Goal met! More miles in January than the past two years! Since January, not so much. Goals are good. I set a goal and accomplished it. Yay!! Now what?? 3.5 miles so far in February. I'd like to rac
  12. I am with you on the need to lose 10 lbs, and it's hard. Good job on the 3lb start!! One pound a week was working well, but now with snow and ice keeping me inside more often than I would like, my weight keeps fluctuating up and down. Just when I think I'm making progress, a hard freeze (like today) comes and I can't get the stroller out in the hard frozen terrain. I just tell myself that once the weather breaks, the weight will again start going down steadily (but slowly) again. BTW - I'd be really interested in reading more about your research for your final paper. That sounds lik
  13. SandiBeach

    What has happened to me?

    Updates are hard when nothing seems to be interesting. I hang on to the fact that we seem to be heading in the right direction with the vaccine (I hope). Maybe implementation is a point of argument, but at least it is happening! I am starting to get the urge to look up some races again with hope that they won't be "virtualized". Good luck with the new - old shoes!
  14. New try with Brooks – Ravenna - half a size up. I like a little support. Helps to prevent rolling ankles, which I tend to do more often than I should. It hurts. These were a little less loud fun in color - blue and an orangey-pink. Insert right foot – feels pretty good! Insert left foot – feels pretty good too! Now for a test run. Out with DH, so a nice short jaunt for a test drive. Everything is comfortable, this is good, not AMAZING, but good! Uh oh. Is my heel slipping? I think my heel is slipping. Hmmm. 1 mile down. 0.5 to go, everything feels good again. Yay! I think, I will
  15. SandiBeach

    The Shoes!

    I like that solution!
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