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  1. 50+ pounds - that's good workout!! Some days I struggle with 17lbs. I'm glad kids gain weight fairly slowly. That way you can progressively get stronger with the increase. Every family run is a good run! 😊
  2. Flashback to the end of September 2018 (from memory): There’s a local 5K in the town by our house held by the high school every year. It’s a great race, we live within walking distance the start and finish, it’s reasonably priced, and supports a scholarship for a local high school student, so no excuse not to run really. Side note - the bakery in town provides cupcakes as prizes to the age group winners – best award EVER! This year it was 4 weeks after I was cleared to run- about 10 weeks after DD was born. DH said he would join me and push DD in the stroller, which kept me from trying to race…probably a smart thing. It’s the only organized race I have ever been able to convince him to do, plus, he joined me in the ice cream mental recovery 😊, so no time goal, but I wanted to run the entire thing. We started towards the back of the crowd and took off at a nice semi-easy pace. DD slept for the entire time, waking up at the finish, so I think she enjoyed it! The up hills got a little difficult, but we maintained pace. DH, not having run anything in over a year, and not used to running with the stroller, struggled a bit, which was too be expected, but I’m proud of him for not stopping. I felt pretty good, but I didn’t have the stroller. We finished in under 31 minutes, just under a 10 min/mile pace. Awesome for both of us! 😊 AND a very enjoyable run with the entire family!! No cupcake for me this year, but I hope to get back there again for 2019. (DH did stop by the bakery to surprise me with a purchased one though – Yum!) DD’s first 5K:
  3. SandiBeach

    A return to the Loop!

    Thank you! I am trying to remember what oppressive heat and humidity feels like. Today's run had wind chills in the teens.
  4. SandiBeach

    A return to the Loop!

    I’m Back…running/training again that is! And hopefully as a more active member of this community. I wrote this entry back in September 2018 and never posted it, not sure why, but I think I got distracted by running/walking and taking care of my new little girl. We have been blessed with a fun-loving, smiley little girl that is laid-back, but constantly moving, and very easy to keep happy. I absolutely love being the mom of this wonderful girl! Sept 2018 - I am preparing myself for the hard work of coming back to running and racing. It’s exciting and slightly scary at the same time. Trying to draft a plan in my head has been difficult, along with trying to figure out logistics with a baby. Let’s backtrack first. I ran my last mile at 33 weeks pregnant, which was back in May. My body just didn’t want to run any more, but I did continue to walk every day until 39 weeks. Our little girl was born mid-July (39 weeks, 4 days). A very looonnnngggg hard labor, but that’s a separate story with little relevance to running, except that I might be better at endurance now than before. 😉 Side note- delivering a baby is nothing like running a marathon. For me at least, the marathon is much less painful. For some reason I thought that running a marathon would prepare me for labor, but I was so wrong – Ha! There was nothing very notable about my recovery. I did eat a large (notable) amount of ice cream… good for mental recovery, maybe not so much the physical. 😀 I just rested a lot and did not try to do any strenuous exercise until the 6-week, “your back to being a normal person” check-up with my doctor. I was cleared to resume all activity at that appointment. Yay, running could commence! The week of the appointment I started walking harder and throwing a few “I’ll just jog for the distance between those 2-3 mailboxes” in the middle of the walks. Everything felt okay, but not great. I was curious to get a baseline of where I was starting from before doing too much running, so the first chance I got, which was almost 7 weeks postpartum. I set out to run one mile as fast as I could. There’s a housing development by my house that has a perfect half mile loop, with about a 20-foot change in elevation. I took off starting on the downhill at what I perceived was a hard, but not all-out effort. I looked down at my watch and was pleasantly surprised to see a low 7:XX on the pace readout! I then hit the flat section and the uphill and that pace quickly slowed, and the effort became "all-out." The second lap I was able to maintain a consistent speed for the entire lap, but it was significantly slower than the first, and I was on to the edge of losing my breakfast on the slight incline at the end of the loop. Overall, I finished the mile in 7:59, which was better than I expected, but it felt incredibly difficult. (Pre-pregnancy I did a 7:19 min/mile 10K). I would not have been able to run much farther at a similar speed, and the next day my muscles let me know that they were not prepared for the run, but I am happy with where I am at. Summary of week 1 Sunday – 1 mile time trial – 7:59 Monday – no running, a mile walk to breakfast and a 2 mile walk in the evening Tuesday- 1.6 mile lunch walk, 1 mile run at 9:20 average pace speeding up over the distance followed by 1.6 miles walking Wednesday – evening walk, with intermittent random distance easy jogs at conversational pace Thoughts- coming back from very little is difficult. The heat and humidity (heat index over 100 Monday-Thursday) doesn’t help either. Once I get up to a 2 mile straight run, I think I will try to develop a more structured plan, but for now I’m winging it based on how I feel, but just not increasing anything too rapidly. -END- I have another bloop already written from October 2018. I then plan on posting the short version of what happened between October 2018 and March 2019, followed by training updates and random running thoughts now.
  5. SandiBeach

    Thelma & Louise 13.1 RR

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So much joy and excitement in one post - made for a great morning read! And that is one gorgeous ring! Good luck wedding planning!
  6. Congrats on smashing your PR!!!! Oh and now I really want a milkshake...
  7. FLY EAGLES FLY!!!! I'm bummed I missed the parade, but I just couldn't make it into the city that day. Looking at those cold pictures though makes me so excited for Phillies spring training and the 70* tomorrow! Great job on the XT and the bench pressing. I am in awe of 70lbs! I guess maybe I should work on some upper body strength some time. Thank you for the inspiration! And that lava cake is one of the prettiest desserts I've ever seen! I just wish I could eat some through my computer monitor!
  8. Thank you! Nope, not a tough choice at all! Boston will be there whenever my body is ready for the running challenge again. For now, running is for the health of the baby and myself.
  9. Thank you! and thank you for the tip! I really enjoy reading about the experiences of mother runners. It's so interesting to see how every single pregnancy is so incredibly unique. I'm not to hobbling stage just yet, but its coming fast. I've had to go up 2 sports bra sizes already, and I'm not looking forward to any additional increases in size in that dept.
  10. I've been lurking around, reading every post, but not commenting much, or adding any of my own. My last post was my race recap back in the beginning of November after 3 months of treadmill training, which resulted in a successful 10K almost hitting my "A" goal, followed by a 'happy" half marathon full of pure running joy! After that success, the ever present, "so I think I should try to BQ again" thoughts crept jumped into my brain. And the planning of which 2018 marathon to make my attempt commenced. Short-lived planning that is. Because four days later...WHAM!!!! - life. Unexpected, ecstatic, over-the-moon excited, LIFE!!!! Four short days after that joyful half marathon, that little stick that women get to pee on showed a wonderful "+" sign, and my DH and I were/are thrilled to be expecting our first child in July! Apparently, I was already 3 weeks pregnant at the race. Can I use that to say I would have hit my "A" goal if it wasn't for the baby? - Ha! So needless to say, I put my BQ training plans on hold until after the little one joins the world, but I haven't hung up my running shoes. Now, at 4 months in, and with my doctor's complete blessing (always find a doctor who is a runner- makes life much easier) I am still hitting the treadmill 3-4 mornings a week. I try to get a 5K in every time, but it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes its 2 miles, sometimes a 30 minute walk. I run by feel, and by heart rate, backing off when my breathing gets labored or if my heat rate gets steadily above 150. This leads to a very boring-to-report 3.1 miles 3-4 days a week at a pace between 8:30 and 9:30 min/mile. My pace keeps slowly declining, but I feel good, and I just felt the baby kick me for the first time this morning! I'm guessing the kicks were because today was my first day not running this week, and he/she missed bopping around for 30 minutes. I doubt I will be posting much except for updates when my running changes, but for now I've been steadily chuggin along doing the same thing pretty much every day, which is quite boring to write (and read) about. Plus, I do plan on a good blooping topic as I again make a running comeback (and possible BQ attempt) when my body is ready hopefully starting sometime in the autumn. Perfect timing for indoor running again! I will be here reading all your running updates though, as they are my mental break from work, and I enjoy every single one of them!
  11. SandiBeach

    It Rained

    Love this! Maybe not the squishy pile of leaves, but the rest is beautiful!
  12. SandiBeach

    Let's Try This Again

    The cold/flu going around this year is an especially nasty one (personal experience of extreme coughing fits and not being able to breathe after finishing a run one day). Glad to hear you are over it and back to running! Hopefully, anyone that has been healthy thus far avoids it the rest of the season!
  13. Congratulations, Marathoner!!!!
  14. Congratulations!!
  15. That adventure makes east coast travel seem easy. I can easily reach anywhere along the coast in less than 20 hours. I'm amazed at how well you handle so many hours of driving! Merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful 2018!!!!
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