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  1. SandiBeach

    I bought a treadmill.

    The outside cutoff at 65 degrees sounds about right for my comfort zone too, and had me laughing. Also, the garage sale comment/joke caught me off-guard and caused me to LOL. Glad I didn't read this at the office, and happy to read that you are back to full mileage and feeling pretty good!
  2. Good job maintaining pace in the heat, especially with all of those possible "reasons" for running poorly ready😀! It was a smaller race than I expected. I wish I could have made it down, but I couldn't pass up a chance to go on a family day trip to Hershey (skipped my scheduled 2-hour long run for that too).
  3. SandiBeach

    Sorta scary.

    So happy to read that the injury isn't as bad as initially feared! Maybe the forced cut-back weeks will be a good thing in the end too.
  4. SandiBeach

    Summer rain

    Huh, never heard of it before, but looks really nice - dinner and shirt included for a fairly low entry fee! 6:30 is going to be hot, but I've always enjoyed evening races at the shore (did the Cpt. Bill Gallagher Sea Isle 10 miler several times, but can't this Saturday due to a life conflict - It's a really tough, but a simple and nice race mostly on the sand). It's a difficult time for us to make it home for bedtime, but I'm considering it now. I'll let you know if I'm going to be there. Have a great run!!
  5. This is not something I wanted to read... hoping that it keeps feeling better with each run!
  6. SandiBeach

    Summer rain

    It was a freaky little cloud...I don't even think it showed up on radar, but it felt amazing! Just hang on until tomorrow!! ❄️ <-- Haha!
  7. I can't believe you ran 10 miles today - 4 was enough for me. I guess it was slightly cooler than it has been the past five days. Awesome job! The heat breaks tonight!! (At least that's what I keep telling myself)
  8. SandiBeach

    Summer rain

    Actual temperature = 99* Heat index = >110* antsy to get outside and move 105 minutes on the schedule = 20 minute short run just to burn off some energy, be smart, and stay safe mile 1 = lots of sweat, but happy to be moving (9 minute mile) mile 2 = one single rain cloud- summer downpour! splashing through puddles, soaking wet, unconsciously increasing speed = joy and uncontrollable laughter = looking like a grinning crazy lady running mile 2.25 = perfect rainbow mile 2.5 = 20 minutes = I don't want to stop, rain ends 21 minutes = sun returns - puddles on blacktop = hot bath water splashing up and running down my legs. 2.64 miles = home, dripping with sweat and rain, soaked to the bone and so thankful for the perfect joy-filled run, even if not the long run on the schedule. Just what I needed.
  9. SandiBeach

    May (yes, May) in Review

    Congratulations on such a wonderful May full of amazing things!! Huge PR and wedding AND business recognition on top of it all! Awesome month!! I can't wait to read about the 5Ks when you get around to writing them up. I know how that is... I have a RR from June 1st that I need to post still.
  10. SandiBeach

    Keep showing up

    I can't wait to see the results!! It's exciting to think about!
  11. SandiBeach

    Keep showing up

    I am tempted by the OC 1/2 too as a prep race, but that one has a bridge...such a mountain for south NJ AND it's run 2 times! HAHA! AC is much flatter! I've been thinking about the weather, its around the same time as when Sandy hit, as well as the one year that there was the snowstorm on Halloween... Hoping for some nice fallness to see the heat training payoff! The tempos/long intervals have been hard, and I'm slowing about 45 sec/mile. After an easy 30 minutes today, I'm thinking anything harder than easy will be a no-go Friday-Sunday. Hoping the avoid the storms and get something a little harder in tomorrow.
  12. SandiBeach

    Keep showing up

    Definitely keeps me from rushing to finish, which I would do EVERY run with distance-based plans. It's especially helpful in the heat to keep me from forcing a certain distance when the conditions just don't allow it.
  13. SandiBeach

    Keep showing up

    When I was 15 I visited San Diego, and I thought I was going to live there someday. It was beautiful! Just need to convince the rest of the family now! Ha!
  14. SandiBeach

    Keep showing up

    I always thought distance-based was better, but I found myself running hard to get easy runs done faster - not really the point of easy runs. With time-based, running faster doesn't make the run end any sooner, so I find it keeps me from "hurrying" easy and recovery runs.
  15. SandiBeach

    Keep showing up

    I've made a commitment! Sort of a commitment that is. I picked a marathon to attempt a BQ, but I have until August 31 to sign up before the price increases. As such, I have not signed up yet, and really haven't made any commitment to the race yet. (Working on baby #2 might come first--we'll see) The commitment part is only that I started a training plan (good training for possible future pregnancy too). The goal race is the Atlantic City Marathon, and my training plan started on July 1st. I'm using the Marathon Advanced plan provided by Garmin, which is time based and starts at around 30-35 miles per week at my paces. So far, I've been pretty good at completing a majority of the assigned runs, but have "failed" at two workouts. The first was a 90 minute long run that I cut 2 miles short due to lack of bringing hydration with me (DUH it was close to 90*), and coming off of a summer cold, The second was a hour-long run with 40 minutes at a "steady pace." I managed two miles of the steady pace before a cramp made me decide that finishing the run in quarter miles of running with walking until the cramp subsided was not worth it. First two weeks = 27 miles per week - not exactly marathon training distances (but it IS only week 3 - I was running around 30 miles per week before starting the plan), and the current week is going better - for now. I'm at 22 miles so far, with completing (yay hydration!) a 90 minute long run on Sunday and a 3 x 10 minute tempo run (5.7 miles total) today with easy runs to fill in the rest. That same "steady pace" run looms ahead, along with a handful of "recovery threesies" to total 16 more miles - big jump in mileage... We'll see about the steady run based on the record-setting heat and humidity predicted for later this week. I might cut it to an hour of easy, or 40 minutes (or 30 - same as last week) with 20 at pace- also depends on whether I can find time for DH to watch DD- it will likely be too hot at the times I can get out for long stroller sitting. I'm getting on the bandwagon to complain about running in heat and humidity. Don't get me wrong, I really do LOVE 90* and low humidity days for living (less happy about the high humidity we've been having, and the almost 100* coming this weekend), but summer is THE BEST! However, I don't enjoy seeing my paces slowing with each hard effort. I keep telling myself, that I will see AMAZING things once the temp/humidity drops, but since I've never before trained outside through the summer, it's hard to convince myself this is true...I'm stubborn-HA! Every so often I miss the treadmill, and its predictability of weather and paces. Anyway, I'm going to quote Des Linden, and just "keep sowing up" and optimistically dream about the zoooooming that will happen in September/October! 😎 Enjoy the sun and sweating everyone!
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