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  1. Thank you!! I almost don't want to start putting her in the stroller without the car seat insert... almost. That will be a 12 pound weight reduction. Maybe I should just add weights to the pockets to keep it equal. Probably I should just start doing some strength training instead...
  2. Thank you! Being done before she woke up used to be easier a month ago... I miss those amazing two months of sleeping through the night! Ha! Now we're back to waking up a few times a night, but I'm sure she'll get the hang of sleep again soon... I hope. 😊
  3. SandiBeach

    When Ya Know

    Amazing and so inspiring! You're a wonderful role model for your little ones, especially your daughter! Go you!!
  4. RunDisney races- always early, well-organized and IMO Super-fun! This weekend was Star Wars themed. Now, I used to be a huge Star Wars fan. I nerded-out reading all the published books that expanded on the original three movies and loved it. Then the new movies came out, and, of course none of them followed the books I read, so the world I envisioned was destroyed, and although I was happy to see the new movies, I never became a huge fan. However, I couldn’t object to a trip to Disney for a race, and the original movies are a big focus of the races. Plus, the course should be the same as the last 10K I raced prior to the baby adventure (I thought the course would be the same in August when I signed up for the race – it was not). Dark and early wake-up at 2:30am I usually can get ready in 15 minutes for a race, but this time. I needed time to pump milk and get completely dressed before my brother arrived at 3:15am to watch DD sleep during the race. Everything went smoothly and I was on the bus to the start by 3:30. I like to arrive early to avoid any stress and get in the corral when they open so I can start towards the front without too much of an issue. The 10K doesn’t require proof of time for getting in the first corral, so there is small amount of people that provide the wrong estimated finish time, and then force their way to be on the line at the start. I’m not about to get in the middle of that trampling-pushing-mess, but I like to start in the first wave (where I should with my predicted pace). 5:30 start time – right on time and with a beautiful firework sendoff, and obligatory StarWars music. I started a little farther back than other times I’ve run Disney, about 15 seconds off the start, but in the first wave, so not a big deal. I didn’t want to waste energy, so I tried to keep an even pace and avoid weaving around people too much, and there were a lot of people to weave around. However, it only took less than an 8th of a mile to get by the mess and settle into a comfortable pace. My plan was to pick a “comfortable hard” pace and only look at my watch when the mile buzzed. Mile 1- nothing much to note after finding my place and comfortable pace. It felt like a sufficiently easy pace that I could probably maintain. BUZZ BUZZ- my watch read 7:06 – Well, that’s faster than I thought -cool! I wonder if/when I will crash. Just keep going until you can’t. Mile 2- This is a completely straight road and feels maybe slightly downhill, but probably is just perfectly flat. There was some video screen entertainment and remixed StarWars music, nice to keep you moving along. I kept moving at what felt like a consistent effort, maybe I felt a little more strained, but still “comfortably hard.” BUZZ BUZZ – 6:55 – huh, that’s even faster, and I don’t feel like crap – maybe my watch isn’t working right, but the mile markers are matching up. Just keep going until you can’t. Miles 3 and 4- This is where the hills were located. Florida hills (i.e. overpasses), but still- hills. I felt powerful on the up hills and cruised to recover my breath on the downhills. I guess pushing approx. 50 pounds up slight hills during training was useful! I passed 2 women on the hills but was starting to feel like I was working some by the end of mile 4. BUZZ BUZZ – 7:06 then BUZZ BUZZ – 7:00. Still holding pace, I’m probably going to slow, but maybe 45 is going to happen! Just keep going until you can’t. Just keep going until you can’t. Just keep going until you can’t. Mile 5 – You enter EPCOT and there are a lot of turns through this mile. I was feeling it now. It was starting to hurt, and 1 of the 2 women I passed on the hills was able to pass me back on the flat. I kept her in my sight, but knew I couldn’t reel her in, at least not the way I was starting to feel. BUZZ BUZZ – 7:30. Crap- that was a lot slower but felt even slower than that. If I hold this pace, I will be under 45!!!! Just keep going until you can’t. There’s only 1 mile left…Give it all you got. You can push through pain…do it now! Go, go, go! Mile 6 – Around the world of EPCOT – I’ve run this numerous times. A nice curved loop of 5 - 10 foot slight hills. I could push it-I KNOW THIS LOOP-JUST GOOOO!. It was a new sensation, and a wonderful one at that. Like never happened before in a race for me, I was able to pick up the pace in the final mile. I could feel the increase in speed- So much fun! One-two-three-four, One-two-three-four, One-two-three-four- Just keep going until you can’t. I like to count to 4 over and over and over again when I want to distract my brain. It also serves to keep my step cadence up and regulates my breathing. These were the only thoughts in my head for the last 1.2 miles – Even the loud remixed Starwars music couldn’t distract me. BUZZ BUZZ – 7:14!!!! Only 0.2ish left – PUSHHHHHHH ITTTT!!!! My tangent running isn’t too bad, but I know it’s always going to be more than 0.2. The finish line – I could see the woman in front of me – about 10 - 15 seconds. There was no catching her in less than a quarter mile, and I wasn’t concerned about that – I just wanted under 45 at this point. You can see the line with about 30 seconds left of running. The announcers call out the finisher’s names at this point since there are not too many, unlike later in the race, when there are so many finishers they could never keep up. I heard them announce the woman in front of me – followed by “she’s a top-ten finisher.” The clock is well under 45, and I was off the start…45 minute 10K here I come! Wait – what? Did he just say she was in the top ten? She was probably 10th – still 11th would be awesome. Yay! - “My Name” was announced! Two male names - sprint! Don’t let them pass! Well under 45 minutes now! Did he say anything after my name – I don’t remember – oh well. Across the line YESSS– the clock is STILL well under 45!! I DID IT!! Wait, I just heard the next woman coming down the home stretch’s name, and she’s in the top ten too… That means I must be in the top ten! Is that right?? Could I be in the top ten finishers?? At this point, I was stopped by an official writing my number down – I guess I am in the top ten – nobody has ever cared about my number before. TOP TEN!!!! Weeeeeeee! Cue the tears and overly large stupid grin on my face. Final official time was 44:28 - I couldn’t believe that I crushed my “A” goal AND came in 7th overall woman (8th by net time) and 2nd I my age group! It was my fastest 10K in over 5 years, and my 3rd fastest ever – less than a minute off my PR! Watch out PR – I’m coming for you! Plus, on the bus and back to the hotel before DD woke up for the day! Now I can’t go to a RunDisney weekend without doing the “challenge” of the 10K on Saturday and the Half marathon on Sunday… stay tuned to see if I “blew up” on the Half or not! Last time with the same training plan but on the treadmill, I ran a 45:32 10K and had a “super-happy” half marathon finishing in 1:44. My goal for the Half was to “run happy” again, and see what time that resulted in. In the back of my mind I was hoping that would result in under a 1:45 since I had done several 10 mile runs during training at around 8:15 min/mile.
  5. Not a joke at all. Best glutes and triceps I've ever had!😀
  6. Running and laying on the floor being a "climbing obstacle/tunnel" take up most of my free time, and it's awesome! I do want to keep a written memory of my training too though- that's in my extra free time. RR being posted now!
  7. Baby jogger is no joke. I love hearing about training successes after babies, it helped immensely as motivation to get back out there and work again! I'm hoping for a good 5K attempt this weekend at my 1st Mother's Day present of a 5K race!
  8. Back in October I was up to running about 10 miles per week, and basically running two runs at “as fast I could” speed for up to 4 miles. Every run felt hard, but I wanted to make some progress, and I had no idea how to judge speed while running with a stroller. My trusty Garmin was saying I was running around 9:30s, which felt very difficult (7:30s used to feel easy). At the beginning on November I ran a 10K I ended up somewhere between 50 and 51 minutes. I was thrilled with this time, but was burnt out. I had no desire to keep running the way I was doing it. It was just too much work every day and it wasn’t fun. Plus, my feet were hurting, and the weather was getting nasty. So, I backed off running and maybe logged 10 miles total all of December. January was filled with walking every day at lunch, but still not much running. During this time, I lost a steady 2-3lbs per month, and by the time February came, I was feeling better, and the weather was starting to turn around a bit. The first week of February I decided to try the training plan for a 10K that I did right before getting pregnant. So I set up the schedule for on my Garmin for an April 27th 10K race. If anyone remembers, I did the entire training cycle on the treadmill with a hope of an under 45 min 10K, and I ran 45:32 in very hot and humid conditions. This time I was going to run the entire plan outside while pushing a stroller (I have a semi-running stroller, and still use the car seat insert so that DD can see me, and I her, the entire time). This set-up, stroller +baby, weighs about 50 pounds, which adds a nice “something extra” to intervals run on a slight incline 😉. My muscles were in a little shock after the first few runs, but it was a nice soreness. Having easy runs and working hard with specific workouts felt good! The times were not comparable to what I ran on the treadmill, but with pushing the stroller and running hills I could feel strength building! With about 3 weeks left until race day, I could feel the training clicking!! There were even a couple of training runs calling for 10K and 5K paces that I ran faster paces than I did on the treadmill! One of the best parts of the training cycle was the weekend long run. I ran approximately 10 miles four weeks in a row. I would run the first 3-4 miles with DH pushing DD in the stroller and finish the last 6-7 miles on my own. These runs all felt amazing with the best company/distraction for the first part and nice “me time” for the remaining miles! Training was going well, but I made a calculation mistake. The race I thought was on April 27th was actually on April 7th. Oops, I realized this with about 4 weeks until the actual race day. I continued with the plan, skipping three weeks at the end, but making sure I did the final race week, so that a week of tapering with some little shakeout runs occurred. I went into the training hoping to better 48min for the 10K, but with those few awesome training runs, I started contemplating the possibility of that 45… So C Goal – 48 minutes (I would be disappointed if I run slower than that), B Goal – Under 47 (I would be happy with this result), and Absolutely ecstatic A Goal – beat 45:32 (my recent pre-pregnancy 10K time). Race report is written and coming soon!
  9. Congrats to everyone and have a wonderful time! Congrats also for what sounds like a happy run week! I hope tempo Tuesday was just as good as the rest.
  10. Congrats! FWIW - I love reading your race recaps. They are so inspiring, and it's very interesting to hear the perspective from the front!
  11. SandiBeach


    Congrats on successful training week!! (and finding a new pit stop!)
  12. This was written in October 2018 while I was building my running base after having a baby in July 2018. My feet ache…I think I need new running and/or walking shoes. Sometimes I qualify as a stereotypical girl, I find any excuse to buy new shoes…they just typically tend to be running shoes. Although…I do enjoy a nice colorful pump. Oh, and don’t get me started on knee-high boots. They’re the only reason I’m happy for fall, to start wearing those again. But running shoes, definitely running shoes, are my largest expense, and I haven’t purchased a new pair in over 15 months. My shoe size didn’t change during pregnancy, which I was warned might happen, but I believe my bone structure might have changed slightly, and/or my feet still are not used to carrying extra weight while running or walking fast. Every time I stand up my feet hurt, and it takes a few steps for the achiness to go away. Not sure what that’s about, but since I am still about 20% heavier than I was pre-pregnancy, I think that may be the cause…or it’s the shoes. Really, I just want an excuse to buy new shoes. I’m trying to train smart by only running every other day, or so, and I’ve been increasing a half a mile per run each week. I started with one mile runs and am now up to three mile runs…If you do the math, you’d realize that the increase was faster than my plan. I jumped from 2 miles to 3 miles between last week and this week. But back to the shoes, did I mention I want to buy new ones? I guess I will gradually rotate a new style in every once in awhile to attempt to avoid changing anything too abruptly. As you can probably tell I am trying to be cautious to avoid injury. Although, now that running is starting to feel easier, I’m (probably) dumbly stating to increase distance at a much faster rate than I originally planned. I’ll stay at 3 mile runs for a while now though. I think 10 miles per week is a pretty good goal for now. I might start to throw some speedwork in there if my feet cooperate, which brings me back to the shoes…time to shop and hope that they help with the foot achiness. 😊 2019 UPDATE- I got new shoes! I switched from Asics/Brooks/Adidas to all Suacony and my feet have been much happier- I also lost 15-20 pounds and took a break in December, but I’ll give the credit to the shoes! 😊 It's always the shoes😉
  13. 50+ pounds - that's good workout!! Some days I struggle with 17lbs. I'm glad kids gain weight fairly slowly. That way you can progressively get stronger with the increase. Every family run is a good run! 😊
  14. Flashback to the end of September 2018 (from memory): There’s a local 5K in the town by our house held by the high school every year. It’s a great race, we live within walking distance the start and finish, it’s reasonably priced, and supports a scholarship for a local high school student, so no excuse not to run really. Side note - the bakery in town provides cupcakes as prizes to the age group winners – best award EVER! This year it was 4 weeks after I was cleared to run- about 10 weeks after DD was born. DH said he would join me and push DD in the stroller, which kept me from trying to race…probably a smart thing. It’s the only organized race I have ever been able to convince him to do, plus, he joined me in the ice cream mental recovery 😊, so no time goal, but I wanted to run the entire thing. We started towards the back of the crowd and took off at a nice semi-easy pace. DD slept for the entire time, waking up at the finish, so I think she enjoyed it! The up hills got a little difficult, but we maintained pace. DH, not having run anything in over a year, and not used to running with the stroller, struggled a bit, which was too be expected, but I’m proud of him for not stopping. I felt pretty good, but I didn’t have the stroller. We finished in under 31 minutes, just under a 10 min/mile pace. Awesome for both of us! 😊 AND a very enjoyable run with the entire family!! No cupcake for me this year, but I hope to get back there again for 2019. (DH did stop by the bakery to surprise me with a purchased one though – Yum!) DD’s first 5K:
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    A return to the Loop!

    Thank you! I am trying to remember what oppressive heat and humidity feels like. Today's run had wind chills in the teens.
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