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  1. mattw

    Once in a Lifetime

    Way to let the miles go by...
  2. mattw

    It's nice to be here again.

    Good luck and enjoy! I look forward to hearing about it.
  3. Great hiking / Garbo / marathon report! M&Ms are totally worth it. Congrats on another marathon, despite the P-O-P challenges.
  4. mattw

    Grinding it Out

    Those kind of days can mess with your motivation too. Keep at it and do what Dave says.
  5. Love the crazy hair day idea. Funny. Good, solid come back month both physically and mentally given the challenging running conditions.
  6. mattw

    The Park

    Good stuff! But maybe learn to share? Geez.
  7. mattw

    Those were the days.

    I feel like I'm in the minority for having never binge watched any TV series. I've tuned in to some shows when actually broadcast (American Idol, Biggest Loser, American Ninja Warrior), but none of those recently. I hear you on the treadmill. I'm lucky that where I live I am rarely forced to use one vs not run. I would have the same fear of injury due to the different stride, or too much of the same stride.
  8. mattw

    T to the Mill-o

    You've got a poop theme going these days. Just keep them out of your new car!
  9. mattw

    I've Had the Time of My Life

    I know enough to not but baby in a corner.
  10. mattw

    I've Had the Time of My Life

    You can lower a lure in lower lake lure. Or not.
  11. mattw

    I've Had the Time of My Life

    What kind of boats did you see?! Ba-dum-pishhhh!
  12. mattw

    I've Had the Time of My Life

    Super sad for sure. I think when one becomes an uncle they are required to learn how to talk like Donald Duck.
  13. 404 is a great number. In the internet programming world, 404 is a missing page or broken link error. But if you had a good race and didn't get lost or anything, this doesn't really make sense. Congrats on the AG place!!
  14. mattw

    I've Had the Time of My Life

    I don't tweet and don't really follow too many people on Twitter. But I do use the Twitter app to skim headlines. Some headlines are actual news, some are just human interest things. Last week I noticed one about an employee in Toronto who could see a cat in a window of a building across the street. She and her coworkers put post-it notes asking the cat's name. Several weeks went by before a piece of paper showed up with the answer, "Marshall." They were excited to get a response and tweeted it, and it went somewhat viral. She made a follow-up tweet asking what should she say next with a poll. One option was, "Mew?" Many voted and many replied. I tweeted a reply suggesting, "Not just, 'Mew?' Ask, 'What's mew?'" The employee replied, "Honestly I think this is the winner." And so she decided to let Marshall know that he is twitter famous. Love it! Here's a full article about it. Over this past weekend I went with some men from the church to a retreat up at Lake Lure. I didn't realize it until after, but much of Dirty Dancing was filmed in this area, with the lake being where Johnny and Baby first practiced the lift. I did know of a road that was good for a 10 mile run as I had been there before. Buffalo Shoals Road starts at the dam and goes north along the lake shore for 5+ miles. But not at the lake level. It rises and falls pretty significantly. And my pace did too inversely. On an early Saturday morning I only encountered 3 cars during the whole 1.5 hour run and all of those were in the last 3 miles. That was pleasant. It was a twisty turny up and down road. The tight curves would have a mirror to help you see oncoming traffic. I saw the sunrise in one of them and stopped to take a photo.
  15. From what I can tell, you can 'good health' your way past a lot of illnesses, but cancer is not one of them. Sorry to hear the news - but you will overcome! I suppose if you always got a mink after a marathon, you'd probably have too many in a drawer somewhere just like the t-shirts.
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