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  1. mattw

    Week 9

    Smart to take some time off. Definitely too soon for snow. 87 here in NC today.
  2. mattw

    Hinson Lake 24 Race Report: Get Your Banana Ready!

    "This would give me a nice 50K" does not equal "58.82 miles total!" Nice job. Sounds like you played it smart. Less than 4 weeks to NYC!
  3. mattw

    20 years

    Powerful story. So sorry about ALS and the aftermath of that. So glad running found you again.
  4. mattw

    Feeling like a runner again.

    Sweet! Five miles - a great distance to know you're getting there. Fall is slowly creeping in here. Still no mornings below 60 yet.
  5. mattw

    Week 7: Trip to Telluride!

    Nice camping weekend. No mountain bikers on that trail? It looks like that would be a good trail for it. Hope the shin continues to behave!
  6. mattw

    Augusta 70.3 Relay Race Report: Team Thunderstruck!

    Nothing quite like sitting around waiting to run while the sun warms it up. Nice job keeping it under control with those conditions. Good luck at Hinson Lake!
  7. mattw

    FIVE MILES! More on the new watch. Hood to Coast.

    YTBN (Yet-To-Be-Named). There's a city in Colorado called "No Name". Good deal on the 5 miles!
  8. mattw

    Hi. I still run.

    A spring half could be in the cards. Happy base building!
  9. mattw

    an accidental 10k

    A nice, international crowd for a good cause. Next year you could also run the course as a warm-up and get that 15k in!
  10. mattw

    Better late than never - 100 on 100 RR

    Fun trip and good way to fit in that long run!
  11. mattw

    Darien 5 Miles - Welcome Back, Baby!

    "but there was one regular stroller couple who were taking turns pushing it. Cheating, basically." Funny. I hope they're flagged before they try to get into Nationals.
  12. mattw

    Week 6: Diagnosis & Recovery Plan

    Cool place to be sponsored by. Sounds like they offer some good services. I hope the shin cooperates quickly!
  13. Awesome! Awesome that you felt great for the race. Awesome that you had a partner to push with for the first half. Awesome that you got the huge PR!
  14. mattw

    Baby steps.

    Progress is progress. Not interested in nice, long walks for fitness? Audio books are a great way to pass the time.
  15. mattw

    The grass is always greener

    Quite the race schedule. Do be careful with those. We won't scorn you for a DNS.