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  1. A FREE marathon? Now THAT'S a novelty! 19:47 gets you only 5th in your AG? That's one tough group!
  2. "Yes" to Steps and Plaza, but frankly I have no recollection of the Stadium.
  3. This rekindles memories of my grad school years at UCLA, '66-'70. Hadn't become a runner yet, but was into beach volleyball big time. Did lots of mixed doubles on sand, which is fabulous exercise!
  4. SeniorRunner

    10K goal race

    Whoa! From your title i was expecting a single 10K race, but you nonchalantly tossed in a token half for safe measure! Thanks for blowing me away with that add-on!
  5. Totally hilarious, but also perversely perceptive, in the vein of William James "On the Varieties of Religious Experience." It could use a few "holy men/women" and saints, but plenty are available. "Pre" comes to mind as an obvious choice...
  6. The foot is a dark and mysterious territory, explored by many, understood by few. Through no fault of their own, my two feet look different and have their unique foibles. For starters, I have greatly reduced plantar flexion strength in my right foot, and zero dorsiflexion in my left. No shoe compensates for that, but my feet feel happy in my cushy Hokas. Good luck to all of us!
  7. SeniorRunner

    hobo shoes

    Since those are your "work shoes," I assume that's not the pair with the incurable stench. Hopefully...
  8. I'd call that a resounding success! The walking breaks need to be honored if you're trying to go long, at least in my experience.
  9. Sorry this had to come along just as you were cranking out some remarkable races. Hopefully this will only give you a brief hiatus while you enjoy the holidays. Note to self: Look for "Real Time Pain Relief"...
  10. I confess to an unnatural fondness for a pair of tread-bare ASICS Piranhas which are 10 years old. Wouldn't run in them, even on a dare, but enjoy using them as occasional house shoes.
  11. You sure were busy in those pre-race hours! Probably squandered some energy running around looking for porta-potties and such, but still had a fantastic time!
  12. Over 10 miles a day! Can't wrap my mind around that...
  13. Holy Crap! Beowulf, no less! Stunning write-up, sir!
  14. True, this is indeed a "classic." But if you had posted it in the "Marathon" section, it would have been accompanied by the picture that goes with it, the whole Loopster crew from that year, including yours truly!
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