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    Just so you know...

    Time for a century ride, Dave. 😉
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    Comeback 2022 - week 23

    The sure way to get back to running: buy a very expensive customized bike.
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    We only found quartz!
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    May 2022 in review! Total mileage for the month: 340.6 May 2-8: 81.5 May 9-15: 80.5 May 16-22: 75.5 May 23-29: 75.7 May 30-June 4: projected at 75 #marvelousmay Races: May 21: Bill Snyder Highway Half in 1:30:40 for 1st masters female, 5th OAF, and a wonderful mini-racecation. The situation was that I could run my hardest and get 1st masters/5th OAF or I could run 1:30 and get 1st masters/5th OAF and potentially help a friend, and I chose the latter. It was hilarious if you were there Workouts: May 3: Track work of 600 m (2:04), 500 m (1:44), 400 m (1:21), 300 m (1:01), 200 m (0:37), 100 m (0:17) with 300 m jog recoveries. This was a huge departure from recent workouts and seemed like it was good for me! I probably didn't have the strength back I would have needed to do a threshold workout or anything much longer at this point post-Boston. I usually struggle with speed work but I enjoyed this one. Four of my running buddies did the same workout, and we staggered our starts so we would all finish the rep at about the same time (e.g., starting in descending projected time order). May 6: 16.1 miles with 9 x 0:45 pick ups to ~5:45 in the second half. I love putting little pick ups in long runs; it seems to help me biomechanically but isn't tiring. May 10: 4 x 1 mile at threshold effort with 1:30 recoveries in 5:59, 5:59, 6:07, 6:12, with my annual reminder that it's very difficult to negative split anything in 72 degrees and 90% humidity! I kind of expected I'd run them all in 6:10-6:15, so I was still happy with this workout despite the regression. I gave myself 4-6 reps because I wasn't sure how I'd feel, with this being my first real workout post-Boston and not feeling full strength yet, and I was ready to stop at 4 but I think I'd have done 5-6 had it been 50 degrees. I'll get more used to it soon (though I'll definitely still complain about it!) but the first couple of warm humid workouts are really a shock to the system! May 13: 3 mile fartlek of 3:00 on/1:30 off/2:00 on/1:00 off/1:00 on/0:30 off within a 9 mile run. I just ran the ons hard and didn't look at my paces - I ran a hilly route and it was warm and humid, and I am learning that I sometimes feel better about workouts when I don't know exactly what I did. May 16: 2 x 1 mile at threshold + 2 x 0.5 faster in 5:56, 5:57, 2:54, 2:52 with 1:30 recovery jogs. I had great weather for this one so I looked at my splits afterward. My confidence is still wrecked from Boston but this one gave me a smidge of hope. I also did 4-6 x 0:20 strides, 4-6 x 150 m, and light unstructured pick ups several times this month, but didn't note those here. Doubles: May 2, 3, 5, 10, 12, 16, 17, 26. Favorite workout: Probably May 16 because it was relatively short, felt smooth, and went well. #marvelousmay post-workout Long Runs: May 6: 16.1 miles (7:31) for #fifteenonfriday plus one! May 14: 14 miles (7:57) with a great group on farm roads. I gave myself 12-15 for the day and amazingly stopped at 14 instead of the farthest option (I blame the humidity). Ironically I'd also given myself 12-15 on May 6. May 21: 18.2 miles, including the Bill Snyder Half Marathon. I didn't realize I ran this far until I uploaded my runs when I got home that evening. May 28: 17.3 miles (7:44) that felt really good with the group. Favorite long run: None of them were particularly noteworthy, but I'll go with May 28 because the weather was super nice for May 28 and I felt like I could run all day. "I don't know how to be marvelous" - Sean on #marvelousmay Running Highlights: Planning my races for the rest of 2022 has been fun! Mini-racecation to Manhattan with a couple of running buddies, plus my parents met us there. Miles from Mentor bonfire (occurred on 4/30 but didn't make it in my April post!) I found myself on the Hospital Hill Instagram ad Life Highlights: I got to spend Mother's Day weekend with both my mom and mother-in-law in southeast Kansas. We also did Ibbetson family photos, which required coordinating a lot of people. Albani graduated from 8th grade, meaning I have a high schooler. I wrapped up another semester of adjunct teaching at MSU, and have a little break before rolling into summer teaching. We took a mini-family vacation to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas over Memorial Day weekend. Family photos Last day of junior high Crater of Diamonds State Park Ka-do-ha Indian Village Wet sifting Books: Cold Wind (Alaska Wild #2) by Paige Shelton Dark Roads by Chevy Stevens Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls Book Lover by Emily Henry Under the Tulip Tree by Michelle Shocklee Theme for the month: Resetting Lol Pink!
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    That was April!

    April 2022 in review! Total mileage for the month: 259.7 March 28-April 3: 80.0 April 4-10: 81.1 April 11-17: 45.5 April 18-24: 33.6 April 25-May 1: 71.7 I brought everyone rabbit ez tees back from Boston but forgot to bring mine for the post-run photo! Races: April 18: Boston Marathon in 3:13:01. When my choices were DNS, DNF, or a sickly struggle to finish almost a half hour slower than planned, I chose the latter and even though I'm sad about it I don't regret it. The Boston singlet that didn't pass uniform checks Workouts: April 3: 6 miles pacing Amy's MP workout (7:35-7:40) then 4 x 1 MP/1 easy. My MP miles were 6:42, 6:38, 6:04, 5:58 (average 6:20) - which appears to be total crap pacing and kind of was. But! The first two miles were more uphill and the second two more downhill, though it all rolled. I've run the course we were on enough to know I'm usually ~10 seconds slow on the miles the first two reps were on and ~10 seconds fast on the miles the last two were on - so 6:30 and 6:10 would have been more normal. I think residual fatigued from the 50k made the uphill harder than usual, or maybe I just needed some time to get going. The first two felt awful and the last two felt great, so who knows! Better to start slower and finish faster than the opposite. Colin and I ran this together, showing me that one scenario when I can actually keep up with him on workouts is when he has run a 50k 8 days prior. I am better than average at recovering from long races! April 6: Wave tempo of 10 x 4:00 at 6:25-6:30 / 2:00 at sub-6:00 continuously. The time-based workout ended up being 9.72 miles at 6:10 pace total, with 4.3 warm up and 2.4 cool down for 16.5 total. My paces were: 6:20, 5:54, 6:25, 5:42, 6:27, 5:41, 6:17, 5:47, 6:24, 5:57, 6:15, 6:09, 6:24, 5:48, 6:32, 5:51, 6:30, 5:55, 6:24, 5:46. I planned the workout as 8-10 sets, so me choosing to do 10 shows that I was feeling really good! It was a weird workout because it started out fine for the first 2 rotations, then at 3-4 I was questioning if I was going to be able to hold pace for even 8 (and decided if I fell off I'd stop at 6), then once I got to about 6 I felt fantastic. I really felt stronger as the workout went on and finished feeling like I could do a few more rotations. I definitely could have finish a half marathon at 6:10 pace this day - or of course faster with even pacing. April 9: Light fartlek of 4 x 2:00, 1:30, 1:00 on with equal offs in an 11 mile run. I ran the ons moderate, which ended up averaging around MP, because I needed to do something besides slogging but not a hard workout. April 11: 4 miles at MP in the middle of a 12.2 mile run, in rain and wind on hills in 6:27, 6:33, 6:33, 6:15. My plan was to start at 6:30 and work down, but the first 2.5 miles of it felt terrible and I told Colin I was just staying at 6:30! The last 1.5 felt better but still a lot harder than it should have, which is pretty much always what happens to me a week out from marathon day, so now it's just expected and not discouraging...though in hindsight this was the start of me getting sick! April 14: While sick I attempted to run 3 miles turned 3 x 1 mile turned 1 single mile at MP instead of the scheduled workout, but could only manage a 6:40 and it killed me...which did not inspire confidence for Boston. Doubles: April 2, 5, 6, 10, 29. I'm in the lovely rabbit Boston long sleeve & Amy is in her Boston outfit Long Runs: April 3: 14.2 miles (7:18) with a workout, described above. April 6: 16.5 miles with a workout, my main long run between the Prairie Spirit 50k and Boston Marathon. I couldn't decide whether to run 16 or 17 for this one so I split the difference! April 11: 12.2 miles (7:14) via 4 easy, 4 MP, 4.2 easy, a.k.a., The Last Long Run Workout That Always Feels Much Harder Than It Should, which felt even harder than usual. April 18: Boston Marathon (27.5 total for the day)! April 29: 14.2 miles (7:48), which was the first run post-Boston that I felt nearly normal on! I did 8 x 0:30 pick ups to sub-6, one about every mile, starting at mile 6, to put some pop back in my legs. Miles from Mentor fuels with UCAN! Girls' run Running Highlights: My first Boston Marathon, in the professional field, though it wasn't exactly what I'd dreamed of. My running group welcomed me back with champagne-less mimosas (yes, plain OJ) Life Highlights: Boston-related travel and friends, which included Easter in Boston. Albani completed 8th grade ROTC. ROTC awards Best buds looking at the garden Books: The Music of Bees by Eileen Garvin The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls Thin Ice (Alaska Wild #1) by Paige Shelton Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover The Book Thief by Markus Zusak The Whispers by Heidi Perks The Words We Keep by Erin Stewart Theme for the month: No guarantees.
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    Marvelous March

    The Michigan! https://www.outsideonline.com/health/running/training-advice/workouts/workout-week-michigan/ The standard version has 1 mile tempos, but for heavy marathon training mileage you can do 2 mile tempos instead.
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    Marvelous March

    Sounds great! No 5-star books out of those. The best was Closer Than You Know by Brad Parks. In April I highly recommend The Glass Castle!
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    Marvelous March

    March 2022 in review! Total mileage for the month: 388.0 Feb. 28-March 6: 110.3 March 7-13: 93.0 March 14-20: 88.0 March 21-27: 70.2 March 28-April 3: 80.0 Miles from Mentor Saturday long run crew of 11 Races: March 12: Running of the Squirrels 3.25 mile 5k as part of a long run workout in 19:50 for 1st overall female and a white squirrel! March 19: Havin' a Crappie Weekend Outdoor Festival Crappie Challenge for fun, pacing, and prize money! I coasted through the 1 mile in 5:43, paced Abby to her second fastest 5k ever in 20:17, and ran an 8.5 mile technical trail race in 1:08. I laughed a lot about doing 3 events that I don't even run! March 26: Prairie Spirit 50k in 3:37:05 for a new Kansas 50k overall female state record, a Prairie Spirit women's course record, 1st OAF, and an experience! DST took our morning weekday run daylight - this was post-run 😞 Workouts: March 2: 8 mile wave tempo on rolling hills in 6:44, 6:01, 6:42, 6:09, 6:50, 6:18, 6:39, 6:02. My goal was 6:00-6:10 alternating with 6:40-6:50 (MP-20 and MP+20), so everything was right where I wanted aside from mile 6, but that mile had about 60 ft of gain and I've run the route enough to know that 6:10 effort would yield a 6:20 split, so my goal was to stay under 6:20 there, which I did! Spencer ran this with me, which was very helpful. He hammered his last mile in 5:52 but otherwise we were stride-by-stride. He has Strava premium so I knew my grade-adjusted paces from his data, which took off 4 seconds on average (e.g., we averaged 6:27 pace but grade adjusted was 6:23). This workout is also known as Marathon Pace The Hard Way and I really enjoy it! March 5: 4-3-2-1 mile progressive tempos in a 22.6 mile run (5 easy to start, 0.5 recoveries between most but 1 mile between the 3 and 2 mile tempos due to my running buddy taking a bathroom stop, 5.6 easy to finish). My goal times were 6:30-6:20-6:10-6:00 per segment and splits were 6:31, 6:28, 6:30, 6:26 / 6:26, 6:38, 6:33 (this section was nearly all uphill and all into the 20-30 mph wind, so we decided it was worth 6:20 average) / 6:10, 6:11 / 6:03. I love this workout and my paces were pretty consistent with what I've done before on it, but I've never run such a hilly course so I was proud of myself. The 5 miles easy plus the workout portion was 17 miles total and had 1094 ft of gain per Strava. Spencer and I ran this together except for the last mile when he stomped me! March 9: The Michigan with 2 mile tempos all on the roads. My goal was to match or better the paces I hit for this workout on the same course in January with 1 mile tempos, and I did. It was about 25 degrees with no wind, which felt pretty perfect. Spencer ran with me which also helped! He was ahead of me on all of the 5k-10k pace stuff but we ran the threshold parts side-by-side. My splits were: 1 mile @ 10k in 5:43, 2 mile threshold in 6:01/6:00, 0.75 @ 10k at 5:53, 2 mile threshold in 6:02/6:00, 0.5 @ 5k at 5:30, 2 mile threshold in 6:05/6:02, 0.25 faster than 5k at 5:25. There was a 3:00 recovery jog after each threshold portion and 2:00 recovery jog after each 10k/5k pace portion. 6 total threshold miles at 6:00-6:05 was great for me, then throwing in the faster work really made this a fantastic workout. I don't think I could actually run a 10k at 5:43 pace or a 5k at 5:30 pace right now, but it felt good to press and didn't seem to hurt the rest of the workout! March 12: 5 easy, 3.2 miles at threshold (6:10, 6:12, 6:07), 0.5 jog, 3 miles at marathon pace (6:27, 6:23, 6:16), easy to 18.5. I did the very cold and slightly long Running of the Squirrels 5k for the threshold miles, which was fun - then did the course a second time for the marathon pace work. March 16: 3 x (1 mile @ MGP, 1:00 jog, 1 mile @ HMGP, 1:00 jog, 1 mile @ 10k GP, 3:00 jog) in 6:19, 6:03, 5:51 | 6:17, 6:00, 5:47 | 6:16, 6:00, 5:47. Perfect weather and fast friends made this a successful final big workout! I was happy with my times but even happier with how good I felt running this. The entire run (with warm up, cool down, and recovery jogs) was 14 miles, with 9 miles of work, but it flew by. I haven't really bombed any workouts this season, so I knew this could be the one, but looks like I dodged that bullet and that the Run with the Wind 25k was my worst workout of the season - worst meaning I ran pretty much my exact goal pace but found it much harder than I wanted it to be. Spencer ran the MP miles with me, and a shade faster than me on the HM and 10k pace work, so chasing him helped a lot. Also there is nothing like 10k pace to make MP feel easy! March 19 and 20: I did the Havin' a Crappie Weekend Challenge as my final tune up workout for my 50k. Saturday afternoon I ran 13.8 miles total (includes a 3 mile morning shake out) with the 1 mile and 5k events. Sunday morning I ran 12 miles total with an 8.5ish mile trail race. March 22: The Race Week Workout That Everyone Runs Too Fast 4 x 1 mile at MP (6:10, 6:05, 6:06, 6:09) plus 0.5 mile hammer (2:48) with 1:30 recoveries. 6:10 or under is my dream MP, but not my current MP, so I held true to the workout's name! I added the 0.5 hammer to help me keep the miles under control, and thinking "I get to hammer at the end" helped but not enough for me to slow down to current MP, which I estimate to be around 6:25. March 31: 4 mile wave tempo alternating MP/threshold, 2:00 jog, 3 x 1:00 faster/1:00 off. My wave tempo half mile paces were 6:26, 6:06, 6:26, 6:08, 6:42, 6:07, 6:37, 6:10 and my 1:00 fasters were 5:26, 5:27, 5:38. I wasn't planning to workout until April 3, but I felt good enough to try one on the short side, plus I felt like I needed to stop slogging post-50k! I felt okay enough considering, but I couldn't dig and starting drifting on my paces towards the end of the wave tempo (I was targeting 6:25-6:35/6:05-6:10). Doubles: March 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 29, 31. Favorite workout: I really had fun with The Michigan with 2 mile tempos! Post-long run #2 for the weekend Those 2 nailed a workout on 3/6! Long Runs: March 5: 22.6 miles, with a workout described above. March 6: 16.2 miles (8:20), for the last big double long run weekend of the season - which made me sad! March 12: 18.5 miles (7:12), with a workout described above. March 13: 12.5 miles (7:58) that felt a lot easier than the last few Sunday long runs I'd done. Turns out there is a big difference between running 18 miles on Saturday vs. 22-26! March 19: 13.8 miles total, although I did 3.3 in the morning then 10.5 kind of split in the afternoon at the Havin' a Crappie Weekend Outdoor Festival. March 20: 12 miles (8:12) total that included my first real trail race! March 26: 31.1 miles (6:58) at the Prairie Spirit 50k! Most mid-week workouts added up to long run mileage as well but I did not double-include them. Favorite long run: I am a huge fan of the long run workout I did on March 5. Our UCAN sample run! Running Highlights: I set a new rolling 7 day mileage PR of 116.1 from February 25 to March 3. I wrote about it here because who knows if this will ever happen again! My second ultra is in the books! I am 7 overall female wins in 7 races in 2022 so far. I'm celebrating this streak before it ends on April 18! My undefeated in the masters division in road racing streak is also going to end (the only race I haven't won masters in since I turned 40 was on the track). Hopefully Boston is worth it! I love this Strava graph more than one should love a graph Life Highlights: Spring break for Albani and MSU + more snow, then spring! Happy St. Pats! Books: The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell Luster by Raven Leilani Closer Than You Know by Brad Parks Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni How to Change: The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Katy Milkman A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager Theme for the month: Keeping it fun. I greatly enjoyed this month of running!
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    Prairie Spirit 50k

    Maybe I need to fuel more for the 50k. I am going to keep working at it!
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    Prairie Spirit 50k

    For me, they have been very different races but I haven't figured out why! I only slow down ~15 seconds from half to full marathon, but I'm slowing down 30+ seconds from marathon to 50k ("only" 5 more miles) and still not finishing strong. I'm going to figure it out!
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    Prairie Spirit 50k

    It wasn't as bad as I expected! UCAN Edge is a lot more doable often than the super sweet ones.
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    Prairie Spirit 50k

    Haha, I'm not sure it actually was!
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    Prairie Spirit 50k

    Hah! No mystery, my husband just forgot to put the gel in the pocket when he refilled that bottle, whomp whomp.
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    Comeback 2022 - week 13

    +1 Anxious People!
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    Prairie Spirit 50k

    The short: I now have two data points to tell me that the 50k is not "only" 5 more miles than a marathon! Prairie Spirit didn't go quite as I hoped, as I didn't better my debut time or negative split, but I set a Kansas overall female 50k state record and a new Prairie Spirit female course record with a 3:37:06 on the rails to trails gravel course. I loved this training cycle so much, so I stepped up to the starting line feeling like I'd already won. I couldn't execute as I wanted, even though I had great weather, a nice course, fantastic pacing buddies, and the best crew. Thankful but not satisfied...and I am definitely going to run a third 50k now, once I forget how the end of this one felt! Official results are here, including course records. Kansas state records are here (you have to click on 50k after following the link). Top 50k 2022 North American performances are here, and currently I sit at #5. My Strava activity is here. Race photos are here. Awards at the finish The long: I was more intimidated going into this race than going into my first 50k, because I remembered how agonizing the final 4 miles of the race felt last time! I think I benefitted a lot from the ignorance is bliss thing before I'd run a 50k - not only about how the race would feel but also about what performances were good. I ran fast in my debut but I didn't understand the implications until afterward, some not until days or weeks afterward (e.g., I ended up with the 4th best North American/3rd U.S. women's time of 2021 and was under the time standard of 3:35 needed to apply for the 2021 USATF World 50k team). This time I had higher goals and expectations based on all of that, namely to break 3:30, make it into the top 3 women's 2022 times (the U.S. 50k national champs took place a few weeks before this race so there were some fast times to beat), and net a time to apply for the 2023 USATF World team (under 3:33). Conflictingly, I also was really scared of the end-of-the race pain! Colin and I trained for the race together through some pretty brutal winter weather, including the two coldest races either of us had ever run, but race day gave us nearly perfect weather at 32 degrees at the start. The north wind was 8-10 mph by the time we were at midway, meaning we had a headwind from mile 17.3 to the finish, but considering the race was in Kansas I don't think we could have done any better! My biggest fear going into the race had been a 30+ mph headwind for half of the race. Sunrise start Colin and I planned to run together, and Andrew was joining at the mile 17.3 aid station, which was when 50k pacers were allowed. I was confident that Colin and I would be together at 17.3, so I knew I'd have someone to run with the whole time, which was comforting. It was also great knowing that Andrew would be with me during the hardest part of the race with 17.3 fewer miles on his legs than I had on mine! The rails to trails course wasn't very scenic and much like Frisco looked about the same the entire way - also much like Frisco it kind of felt uphill both ways. My race plan was to run the first 5 miles at about 7:00, the next 5 miles at about 6:50, then the next 21.1 [gulp] at 6:40-6:45, hoping to average 6:45ish. I positive split my first 50k and really wanted to negative split this one. I thought my fitness was similar to where it was for Frisco, so I hoped more conservative early pacing would yield an overall faster time. Colin and I were leading the race before mile 1, tailed by two men who we met shortly after. Hans was an experienced ultra runner and Logan was an Ironman triathlete running his first ultra. We bantered, laughed, and worked together for the first 20 miles of the race. At mile 10 I pointed out that we were 1/3 finished but it turned out I was the only one optimistic about that! The miles flew by, and I was trying to keep tabs on where we were so I could execute my fueling plan of a gel every 3 miles, but many times I'd look down and be further along than I thought, which is always a nice surprise. I stayed on my gels well though, and it felt like I was almost constantly taking one. The race required that you carry fluid so I ran with handhelds that I switched out at each manned aid station. The mile 10.8 aid station We picked up pacer Andrew at the turn around, which we ran past because there was just a timing mat on the ground - no cone or sign or other indication. I knew the turn around was supposed to be at that aid station so I asked "where do we turn around?" after we'd run well past the mat, then someone told us "there!" pointing back to the mat. Jon said he was yelling at us to turn around at the mat but we didn't hear him. He also said that aid station wasn't ready for us since runners from the longer distances had been coming through - they started earlier than us and continued on south to their turn arounds, plus they were more apt to stop vs. our turn and burn plan. We probably lost about 10 seconds there, which didn't seem to matter in a 50k but in the end it did (stay tuned!), especially since we'd also run a bit past the ~2 mile turn around for a similar reason. When we turned around, we also turned into a headwind. We went single file: Andrew, Colin, me, Hans, Logan. I was still in a good place but didn't feel like I should drop pace much, so I told Andrew 6:45-6:50 instead of the planned 6:40-6:45. He's a great pacer and also took the wind for us as much as he could. I could tell Logan was struggling to hang onto us, and I'm not exactly sure when he fell off but it was between the turn around and mile 20. He'd been hoping for a sub-3:00 marathon during the race, which would have been a PR for him, so my heart went out to him. Mile 17.3 aid station bottle hand off Hans picked it up around mile 20, and after we clipped through a 6:39 mile I told Colin that he should go with Hans if he wanted to race for the overall win, but I didn't feel ready to pick it up. Colin didn't feel comfortable speeding up either, so we continued at 6:50ish. There was also a fast man who'd started late, so that was an X factor for the guys' placings; the race changed their start times from past years and some people had planned around the old start times so they allowed people to start late and use chip time. Hans knew who the other fast man was and thought he would be the one to beat (spoiler: Hans won, the other man was 2nd, and Colin 3rd). The final manned aid station was at 23.8, and I was looking forward to seeing my family one last time on the course and getting my gel with 100 mg caffeine. My bottle/gel hand off from Jon went seamlessly, as had the first two exchanges, but when I unzipped the pocket of my fresh handheld my gel wasn't in there! I almost asked Andrew to go back for it, but muling was against the rules. I asked Colin if he had an extra gel with caffeine, but he didn't have any with caffeine. I didn't think I needed the gel - I still had one on me to take between there and the finish - but I sure needed the caffeine! I tried to stay positive, and looked forward to seeing our marathon split. Our average pace for the entire race was hovering at 6:52-6:53, so I knew we wouldn't quite be sub-3:00, which was somewhat disappointing but finishing strong was more important to me in this race. I felt like at Frisco I was really concerned about keeping my marathon under 3 and not having any miles over 7:00, which may have hurt me in the final miles there. We passed the marathon in about 3:00:40 on our Garmins, but don't worry, I am not counting that against my sub-3:00 streak since it was in a 50k - although if I was under I'd have counted it, haha! I felt a little better than I had at Frisco at that point in the race, but also not as good as I'd have liked to have felt, meaning I didn't feel confident about finishing strong. Colin began pulling away from me. Before the race I kept telling him that it was going to be just like Run with the Wind, where he pulled away in the final miles at 6:15 while I stayed at 6:45. This time I didn't stay at 6:45, but he did pull away! I stopped looking at my watch at that point and just gave all I had to get in as fast as my legs would carry me. Pain face final stretch I felt okay enough until a bit after mile 28. When my watch beeped 28 I told Andrew, "Only a 5k to go!" but I was losing steam quickly. I kind of knew where we were at since we'd run the opposite direction on the same trail early in the race. I kept willing us to get to the highway crossing, for my watch to beep 29 and 30, to get to the pavement for the final mile. I could see Colin in the distance ahead of me and I also kept willing him to turn left, because I knew when he did it was only about 200 m to the finish from there. In my mind, the last 5k took longer than the first 28 miles, and I gritted it out but it wasn't pretty, and the final mile was all gentle incline which sure didn't help. I was quite thankful to hit the finish line because I was beyond running on empty! My official time was 3:37:06 - the 5th fastest women's time in North America in 2022. The reason those little bits of lost time at the turn arounds mattered? The 4th fastest time is 3:36:58. I'm more frustrated with myself for my slow final mile, but at the time it was all I had. Clock shot Kansas Record 5th in North America in 2022 Prairie Spirit top times After I took a couple of minutes to gather myself while holding onto the building, the race organizers continued to announce information about my race - course record and Kansas state open female record. I knew I'd hit those times because I'd looked them up beforehand; they were my C and D goals for this race (A was sub-3:30, B was PR...but E was finishing of course!). I celebrated with my family and friends, accepted my awards, and vowed to never do that again. But, of course I'll do it again! After all, I just know I've got a faster one in me! The agony of those final few miles and the pain for the remainder of the day will fade away, and I have very much fallen in love with 50k training. I'm still primarily a marathoner and this race was also my longest long run for the 2022 Boston Marathon on April 18, but there's something about those 5 extra miles that, God-willing, I am determined to solve. More race details are here. Miles from Mentor reps The race asked me to pose for a pic by the finish for their social & I wasn't wasn't quite sure what to do, but this is what they got from endophin-me!
  16. No one has ever said, "gee, I wish I'd started that marathon faster." Start slower and crank it down later if you feel good. For me personally, overall volume is the most influential factor on my marathon performance, so I'd be very conservative early on if I was in your shoes.
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    Comeback 2022 - week 10

    Yay on the running news! Hope to see you in Boston.
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    Comeback 2022 - week 9

    I'm still here!
  19. February 2022 in review! Total mileage for the month: 402.6 Jan. 31-Feb. 6: 101.6 Feb. 7-13: 86.5 Feb. 14-20: 104.2 Feb. 21-27: 109.5 - new weekly mileage PR Feb. 28-March 6: projected at 100-110 S'no problem! Races: Feb. 12: Cabin Fever Reliever 20k in 1:20:08 for 1st overall female, a new 20k state record for age 41, a PR for the coldest I've raced in (5 degree wind chill), and a decent rust-buster. Feb. 19: Run With the Wind 25k as a workout targeting 50k goal pace, in 1:45:37 for 1st overall female, a new 25k state record for age 41, and a lot of humbling in regards to the difficulty of running half the race distance at goal pace during a 104 mile week. This was Feb. 1 but we really wanted to do one more jumping photo - & we are so in sync! Workouts: Feb. 1: 2 x 0.25 hill reps, 4 mile threshold (6:09, 6:10, 6:10, 6:04), 2 x 0.25 hill reps, with about 0.25 jog recoveries in a 13 mile run. I planned to run this workout Feb. 2 but due to 6-12" of snow in the forecast, everyone in my running group worked out a day early. I only had 1 easy day between a huge weekend (20 mile workout Saturday + 18 mile Sunday) so I wasn't sure how it would go, but I ended up feeling strong. The weather was ideal at 45 degrees, which definitely helped. My threshold miles were almost exactly the same as the previous week's, on the same course, but I was solo on them for this workout whereas I had Spencer pulling me along the previous week (plus I was more fatigued for this one), so I was pleased. My hills rep paces were 6:15, 6:12, 6:27, 6:33 (the 2 after the threshold really hurt!), which was the fastest I've run quarter miles on that specific hill by 11 seconds/mile pace, which also made me happy. Feb. 8: 6 x 0.25 hills + 2 mile tempo (6:17, 6:00) straight off hill rep #6. The goals for the hill reps were "hard", to keep them even, and not to ease up on #6. Those splits were all 1:32-1:35 (paces of 6:11-6:24, which Strava grade adjusted to about 5:11-5:24, though that seems awfully generous), and #6 was consistent with my other splits - which I haven't been able to do on this type of workout before. The first mile of the tempo had more incline and the second mile more decline, so the average pace of 6:08 was probably consistent with my effort across the board. The first half mile of the tempo on workouts like this is always spent trying to get my breathing down to tempo mode from hill rep mode, and does not feel the greatest. I know these workouts are beneficial for me! Feb. 16: 6 mile wave tempo alternating 0.5 at threshold/0.5 at 50k pace; half mile paces were: 6:40, 5:56, 6:33, 6:14, 6:38, 6:05, 6:35, 6:08, 6:46, 5:57, 6:38, 5:53. I was aiming for 6:45/6:05 so got a couple of them right, haha! The south wind was 19 mph so it made pace control very challenging on the loop course we did - though the loop course split up the wind so I was never running more than about 0.4 straight into it, which was nice. I'd be running 6:15 pace into the wind, then turn out of it and be running 5:55 at the same effort. It felt good to nail this workout even in those conditions though, and oddly my overall mile splits were pretty even at 6:17, 6:23, 6:21, 6:21, 6:21, 6:16. Feb. 19: Run with the Wind 25k at 50k goal pace - target of 6:45, actual average pace 6:44. This hilly race wasn't the most confidence-inspiring (i.e., 50k pace felt much harder than I expected towards the end and I couldn't have gone much farther at it), but then I remembered that I typically max out at 12-13 miles at MP in training, often with a little break (e.g., 2 x 6 miles at MP), and it always feels exponentially harder than the first 12-13 miles of the actual marathon. I can now confirm that the same is true of running a 25k at 50k goal pace during a 104 mile week! Feb. 23: 2 miles threshold (6:06, 6:09), 4 x 0.5 (3:05, 2:54, 2:57, 3:02), 2 miles threshold (6:08, 6:09), and a new PR for my coldest "feels like" workout, at 0 degrees (14 degrees air temp + bitter north wind). Overall this went better than I expected based on the temperature and residual fatigue from the weekend. My first 0.5 was against the wind, so that is why it was slow (not sure on #4). I was aiming for 2:55 on those, so I wasn't successful, but my threshold was right on. It's harder for me to shift gears during heavy mileage, plus the cold makes it harder to run fast! I kind of felt like just attempting this workout was a victory. I covered my face in Vaseline so I could take my neoprene mask off for the hard running. Feb. 26: 26 miles via 10 easy then 16 with 0:45 pick ups at the beginning of each. The pick ups were planned to be about tempo effort, and ranged anywhere from 5:40 to 7:02 because we were a hilly course (1365 feet of gain), but most were 6:00-6:15. Doubles: Feb. 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, 28. Winter running vibes #freezingfebruary Long Runs: Feb. 5: 22.3 easy (7:45) that felt fantastic with fabulous company! We had a lot of great conversations on this run, including how our running group would team up during the apocalypse. Colin did all 22 with me, Casey and Spencer did 18, and we had David, Abby, Claudio, and Christian for various distances too! Feb. 6: 15 easy (7:57) that felt surprisingly fantastic. I lifted the previous evening (after the 22 miler) and woke up a bit sore from that, but ended up feeling great. Last year the back-to-back long runs were intimidating, but now they have become normalized. Feb. 12: 20.3 miles, including the Cabin Fever Reliever 20k. Feb. 13: 12 miles (8:10), with some fatigue from Cabin Fever and the low-glycogen cool down that followed it! Feb. 19: 23.2 miles with 2.5 jog, Run with the Wind 25k, 5 jog. We are getting better at death marching after long races, maybe? Feb. 20: 15 miles (8:22) that was one of my least favorite runs of the month, because I had zero pep in my step! Great company made it possible. Feb. 26: 26 miles (7:37) with pick ups described above. I was planning to do 25, as was Colin, but he was a little late to the group run and we did a mile before he arrived, so I decided if I felt good I'd finish with him. Conveniently enough, I'd already been considering doing 26 if I felt good as this run approached, so it all worked out and I felt great! We had 11 people at this group run doing anywhere from 13 to 26. Feb. 27: 16 miles (8:26) for my biggest weekend ever! We kept this one easy enough that I think it could be considered a true recovery run, even though it was 2:15 on feet. I felt immensely better than I did on the Feb. 20 Sunday long run, I think mostly because my during and after run fueling on 2/26 was far superior to on 2/19 (due to the awards ceremony taking a really long time and there being no restaurants in Sarcoxie, I didn't get a full meal until several hours after Run with the Wind). My workout days were 13.2, 11.3, 13.6, and 14.3 so I guess those could also be considered long runs. Boston training 10 on Tuesday Running Highlights: My first two races of 2022 yielded two overall female titles and two state records...nowhere to go but down from here, bahaha! A new weekly mileage PR of 109.5, which improved upon my previous of 106 (I don't remember the tenths). I would have run a monthly mileage PR if February had been 31 days! I was most proud of this mileage because I did it during a crap weather week with my workout in "feels like" 0 and with 4 runs on sleet. Snow. Rebecca trying to make a snow angel in ice cover Life Highlights: We had quite the winter storm hit on February 2-3! By being flexible and running 1.25 runs on the treadmill, I didn't miss anything except some strides. I do okay with easy running in the snow but strides on it don't really work (nor do they work on the treadmill for me!). We then had crazy sleet on February 23-24, but I it was almost like sand so it was fine to run on wearing screw shoes, but made for some slow miles, and a few more missed strides. Albani participated in Science Olympiad which is a pretty great after school activity. She had a competition at MSU on February 26. Morning routines Albani's JROTC uniform Valentines Twosday! Books: The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell Interference by Brad Parks Daniel's Running Formula by Jack Daniels Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah No Exit by Taylor Adams Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosimano The Santa Suit by Mary Kay Andrews Theme for the month: Freezing February! I am extremely thankful for my fantastic running buddies, who make it possible to get out the door every morning in terrible winter weather. I have a lot of pics to share this month! The freak morning when it was 60* but dropped to 30* & sleet by 10:00 a.m. The world will never know who is holding this cake MonYay run crew Farm road distance
  20. SIbbetson

    Comeback 2022 - week 8

    My minimum walking temperature is also much, much warmer than my minimum running temperature - same goes for biking and elliptigoing, and really just for leaving the house in general. 😉 Never give up!
  21. SIbbetson

    Comeback 2022 - week 6

    Hey, meeting your deductible already means you need to do it ALL!
  22. SIbbetson

    Jumpin' January

    I think our winter here has been pretty average, for Missouri. We had a big winter storm this week (as did much of the country!), and I was able to get away with only 1.25 runs on the treadmill: 1 full morning run, and another day I had to finish up just my final 3 miles on it because an ice storm started during my outside run and it got very slick.
  23. SIbbetson

    Comeback 2022 - week 5

    That puzzle is really great! I pray you find answers about the blood sugar levels and hip and rib pain. Patience is hard and you've had to have a lot of it!
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