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  1. SIbbetson

    A Year in Review

    You have such an amazing attitude!!
  2. I asked her multiple times if she would instead go backwards and turn 11, but she kept saying no.
  3. My library had books 1-11 of that series and then I read the final 2 as ebooks. I also hope your knee starts behaving!
  4. September 2020 in review! Total mileage for the month: 291.4 Aug. 31-Sep. 6: 71.2 Sep. 7-13: 70.6 Sep. 14-20: 65.9 Sep. 21-27: 76.3 Sep. 28-Oct. 4: projected at 60ish "Races": Sep. 18: 2020 20k Time Trial in 1:20:34 (6:29 pace). Workouts: Sep. 1: 7 x 800 m (track) with 2:00 recoveries in 2:57, 2:58, 2:58, 3:10, 3:16, 3:15, 3:18 (2.1 warm up, 3.6 cool down). I strained my hamstring between lifting on Aug. 27 and my Aug. 28 tempo run, and 3 days of easy running wasn
  5. Since I start every week day run at 5:00-5:30 a.m., it is really not a big deal!
  6. SIbbetson

    Hey, look. I'm running.

    Eh, cross-training is pretty worthless. 😉
  7. The idea to run a 20k time trial started because I was registered for the Dam to DSM 20k race. I'd entered long before it rescheduled then turned virtual (before COVID and even before my hip issue!). The virtual race window was August 31 through September 7 and I planned to run a hard 20k on September 5, but due to being overly cautious with a hamstring I tweaked lifting I ended up just running an easy 20k that day. The hammy was back to 100% just a few days later, and for some reason I still wanted to run a 20k, so Christian and I both asked our coaches to schedule it on Friday, September
  8. SIbbetson

    Starting up. Slowing down.

    This painting stuff sounds exhausting.
  9. SIbbetson

    It's been 6 months...

    Haha, I love finding those perfect phone setting spots. Most of mine are taken with my phone in a little nook where you put your hand to open the hatch back of my car.
  10. SIbbetson

    It's been 6 months...

    Great jumping pic! 🙂
  11. I am reading books 2-13 in that series in September!
  12. August 2020 in review! Total mileage for the month: 294.6 July 27-August 2: 64.0 August 3-9: 60.1 August 10-16: 69.7 August 17-23: 64.1 August 24-30: 64.2 #augustangst - we think we are funny! Races: None yet, but I did two time trials, a 2 mile in 12:13 and a 5k+ in 18:35. Workouts: August 4: 10 x 300 m with 100 m jog/1:00 total recoveries (2:00 recovery after rep 5) in 57, 59, 57, 58, 57, 57, 58, 57, 59,
  13. I saw that one and considered it, but it is in Kansas so wouldn't count for a Missouri record. Thanks for the tip!
  14. SIbbetson

    Hello from Idaho.

    I second the such a good dad comment!
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