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  1. SIbbetson

    The project that never ends.

    This seems just as fun as The Song that Never Ends.
  2. SIbbetson

    March Madness

    She did not get it from her momma. 😉
  3. SIbbetson

    March Madness

    March 2021 in review! Total mileage for the month: 428.2, which is a pretty significant new monthly mileage PR for me (my previous was 400.2 in Dec. 2019) March 1-7: 102.2 March 8-14: 91.9 March 15-21: 100.2 March 22-28: 90.3 March 29-April 4: projected at 100 Races: March 13: Running of the Squirrels 5k in 18:36 (5:58 pace) for 1st overall female. I accomplished the goals I had for this training race and really enjoyed the day, even with the constant rain for all 17.7 miles I ran!
  4. SIbbetson

    Tiny progress

    That's a wonderful feeling - yay!
  5. That was NOT something I'd ever expected to do.
  6. Thank you! It's not unexpected for smaller races to have hiccups, and smaller races are the only ones happening right now, so I'll take what I can get. Definitely work on race excitement - it makes the whole experience even better, and I'll be your run better (vs. when fearful) too. Get out there and enjoy your victory lap after all of your training!
  7. The short: I won a half marathon and set the Oklahoma female masters state record! I had an amazing race trip with my friends! Runners are the best people ever! Everything is wonderful! I didn't run quite as fast as I'd have liked at T-Town, but 60 degrees in March is much warmer than 60 degrees in September. I was proud of my even pacing and solid performance running solo on a course with some tricky elevation. As per usual, I'd have preferred a 30-40 degree day, pacing partners, and an easy course, but given the circumstances I don't really think this could have gone any better.
  8. So much awesomeness here!
  9. I have now learned a lot about white squirrels.
  10. I enjoyed your RR!
  11. Yup, I can only do that by completely disregarding my watch. And, yes, it was nice that the awards were inside!
  12. There are! We even saw one during our warm up. They are albino, and apparently Marionville, MO is one of the top 5 places in the U.S. for them: https://untamedscience.com/biodiversity/white-squirrel/
  13. 30-39 women rock!
  14. The short: I ran a 5k, you know, because those fit so well with half marathon and 50k training. I actually did it for $100 cash and a cute porcelain squirrel trophy, although driving to the race in the pouring rain I had second thoughts. Luckily it was 50 degrees so being soaked wasn't torturous, and I was able to win overall female for said cash and squirrel, with an 18:36 via splits of 5:57, 6:03, 5:57 (5:26 final 0.12). I then ran the course again at marathon effort (6:28 average) and an 8.2 mile cool down, which along with a 3.4 mile warm up gave me a 17.7 mile long run. My ra
  15. Already, March has been MUCH kinder.
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