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  1. Runnerguymark

    Weather or Not

    Back in the days when I coached cross country one of the first things I addressed, at the start of the first practice, was weather and the cancellation policy. Basically the policy went like this: If the weather is bad enough to cancel a meet, then practice is cancelled. I left the parents an out (we're talking about fourth through eighth graders), but in five years of coaching I never cancelled a practice, and I only remember ending one early once. The point: I was going to be there for whoever wanted to practice. In secret I always hoped for one bad weather day early in the season,
  2. I can't begin to describe how happy I am for you. You've taught us all a lesson on not giving up on your dreams! Now rest up, start planning for the next one (hint, Glass City, hint) where you will get the improvement you need to make it into Boston.
  3. "It is in some regards far easier to fight the beast if you don't know how hard she punches." Best quote I've seen in a bloop in a long time. Your ability to take those punches and keep going is an inspiration. Keep it up!!
  4. Runnerguymark

    Checking In

    Best wishes to your dad, hope for good news at the appointment. Happy birthday!!! I hope you choose Marshall 2018, I'm planning to be there.
  5. Runnerguymark

    Checking in

    Recovery first, then stories, we'll still be here.
  6. Glad you're getting back to it, wish I could be there, the Pig was a fun race. Daughter's college graduation and son's last show choir performance are that same weekend.
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