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  1. "the girl who was running with me before she even entered the world" what a dear sentiment. wishing you well in 2020
  2. Those pancake medals are fantastic! Good luck with school. The gut microbiome class should be interesting!
  3. Nice race report, cool to see those stats.
  4. Congrats on a strong race. I cannot imagine wanting to jump during a full!!
  5. Wow, congrats on the successful assent! Those alpine starts are killer. Good luck finding the rt boots...
  6. nikkipoo16

    Lessons of the Fall

    Glad you’re ok and thanks for giving me something to read as I sit waiting to get my latest road rash checked out. My fall caught the attention of a driver who didn’t believe “I knee and pride...”. Haha.
  7. Wow, great race and race report. You're absolutely right that there are multiple paths to success. Congrats.
  8. what a boost of confidence from your wife - best of success in your pursuit. NYC is a dream race...all the better for chasing down dreams. and thanks for the inspo to lace up this morning.
  9. nikkipoo16

    To Sub3 Or Not To Sub3

    inspiring stuff, glad the hamstring held out, congrats!
  10. nikkipoo16

    First Snow/New House

    Congrats on the home! And good luck with the steam heat! I read that book 'we got steam heat' to try to understand it better (not sure it worked).
  11. Fun fact...I've had that screen name for 20 yrs an never knew of this!
  12. Good luck with the training. Funny about explaining your run to the non-runner.
  13. I'm glad there is a new loop to be on...i got lost for a while in reading (supposedly) healthy living bloggers and whatever the last RW update was that req'd me to sign in every other click was driving me nuts, but I think its time to come back (even if as a reader most days). Now if only someone can get Remy here? I miss his blog. Also, I'm pretty sure everyone needs a week of zero miles...I'll learn.
  14. Wise words, sounds like you're ready for the full (ha, or not, whatever fits your goals rt now).
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