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  1. Wow, that many days off and that much mileage! #runnergoals If ya’ll like Uno, try out Skip-bo if you haven’t played it. Seeing that Ridgerunners plaque makes me miss Springfield! I could go for some Andy’s right about now.
  2. Yes, and in the afterlife shoes never wear out and pets never die or go poop.
  3. Yeah I’ll miss them. Overall, the color scheme of most shoes this season are snoozeworthy.
  4. I’ve heard about these Jen and Angie characters. And the things I have heard have not been necessarily wholesome things. Proceed with caution. Also to the bike lead- you had one job!
  5. running on last Sunday would have been a fool’s errand! 💨
  6. I have a friend and he’s the American Flag short shorts in my old town. Luckily, there was never any wardrobe malfunction to which I bared witness to.
  7. Were you obsessed with the word smoke in those days? 😛
  8. I’m down to my last pair of Saucony Triumphs 3’s. Since last year was a bust I still was hoarding a couple pairs at the beginning of last year because the Triumph 4’s were TRASH. Luckily the 5’s are a better iteration, so while I’ll be disappointed I won’t have another pair, I’m comfortable with the 5’s being the new go to shoe after my last pair of 3’s cross the rainbow bridge. I could tell you how much I loved the 3’s but why take my word for it? “Fact. These are running shoes.” ~ Dwight Schrute “I was once in love with a man who bought a trunk full of these. Who am
  9. Sweet Mags told me to tell you that yer an oxyMORON and that you’re going on the shitlist.
  10. RonSwansonsStache

    Grinding it Out

    Off the front page unless your bloop contained the phrase “ass chafing.” Keep grindin’ old man.
  11. You wrote the bloop I’ve been wanting to write the last couple months, but wrote it better and with less curse words. Training plan? We don’t need no stinkin’ training plan!
  12. Don’t be talkin’ about those heels hurtin’. That’s a big nope.
  13. You’re post inspired me revisit these: https://youtu.be/GzkXuHu-xYc
  14. Wishin’ for turds. You’re even weirder than I thought you were. 💩
  15. Yo, I feel your struggle. I was feeling the same about doing the full pig in May. I saw the schedule and started getting anxious about a plan I hadn’t even started. Why? Cause probably it’s natural to do so. But here’s my question that settled it for me- shouldn’t running conform to my life? Why am I spending so much physical and mental energy trying to fit in this very narrow, specific timeline? And for what? What do I gain by blindly trying to check every box and dot every i if this generic training plan? Injury? Overtraining? Self hate? Run what you want and what feels right to you. I don
  16. Sweet Mags: What in the hell are you doing? Rob: What the hell does it look like I’m doing? I’m blooping. Sweet Mags: Good golly! I haven’t heard you talk about those losers- er I mean Loopsters in like a hot minute. Rob: Well, if you recollect last year was a bust. I ran like 3 miles total last year after screwing up my back. Didn’t even get to go to Rehoboth to spectate in a sparkle skirt cause I was sicker than a dog. Sad times. Sweet Mags: Oh yeah, I remember you whining about that. Well, I know you’re running again because I can smell your clothes. Gosh, I’ll r
  17. I’m bummed that this isn’t a race put on by Jenster.
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